Nokia Video Uploader Lumia 1020

Nokia’s YouTube Upload app – Hands on and more details

Nokia has published to the store their YouTube Video Upload app that enables users to simply and easily post their video creations to their accounts.

The app loads just fine on the Nokia Lumia 1020, which means this app may be exclusive to that device initially. Though being Nokia, we’re sure that they will deliver for their other Lumia line as they’re pretty good like that.

In playing with the app, we can share a few details, some of which you can see in the video demo above:

The app uploads over Wi-Fi and Cellular, with caveats:

  • If on Wi-Fi, full 1080P is posted (or highest resolution shot at)
  • If on cellular, it needs to be real short (couple of seconds) otherwise it prompts you to trim it down or wait for Wi-Fi
  • Using the native ‘Share’ feature, you can send videos directly to it
  • Background uploading is not supported at the moment

By default, videos are marked ‘Private’ though you can toggle this for each video upload. You can include the title, but no Tag support just yet.

Nokia YouTube Upload WiFi

The app is quite barebones and we’re sure Nokia will fine tune it over the coming weeks, but for now, it works as advertised, giving those with the Lumia 1020 a simple solution to a vexing problem.

You can find Nokia’s YouTube Video Uploader here in the Store. Nokia Lumia 1020 only at the moment.

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Reader comments

Nokia’s YouTube Upload app – Hands on and more details


Speak for yourself.  I have the Youtube AND Vimeo uploader app,

......but it is only available for red Lumia 920s that were made on Tuesdays between 1-5 pm by a guy named Sven.  Look for it in the app hub.

The fact that you can't leave the app while it is uploading is the pits.
Also, a few seconds over cellular? Don't other OSs (namely iOS) allow you to upload up to 10 minutes?
This feature should really be built right into the OS.

Pretty sure iPhone downgrades video quality severely i.e. no HD support. Regardless, this is version 1.0 and I'm sure Nokia will work their magic to make it awesome.

Its unfortunate, at least for me. I used third party apps like Metrotube before the offical YouTube app got a makeover, which made it much, much better. Ever since then, I have used the official app; I like it, and its always nice to have the official thing. I know they are a bunch of people who could care less for the official app, since there are so many alternatives, but I happen to be one of the people looking forward to the return of the better official app. I still have the YouTube app that Microsoft was forced to take down, and refuse to update it, which would get rid of the download feature :)

not only does it get rid of the download feature, it turns it back into the old web browser version
at first they got rid of the download, then they just scrapped the whole thing

My official app isn't the web version and still does everything, including downloads. And I haven't refused any updates from any apps. Maybe they forgot about me..?

Wow, this is pretty awesome. Lately I've been seeing numerous comments asking for something ask like this, so great news!

I believe it also has to do with overall bandwidth. Done on a large scale (lots of people uploading large videos, for instance), it will have a noticeable impact on the network.

Never, the networks would love you to go over your data limit. If people can do this on iPhones and Androids then i don't think the addition of WP is going to knock over any networks.

I tried to create one but the current API doesn't support video. It is in the documentation. I opened a ticket a long time ago

i have unlimited cellular. when will both wp and it's apps finally ALLOW ME TO UPLOAD ANYTHING OVER CELLULAR?! skydrive backup, this app, etc.. fuck this wifi-only. i pay for unlimited uploads, i wanna use them.

Is uploading several giga bytes of data a good idea over 4G? Uploading speed is considerably lower than downloading, e.g., in typical HSPA, though downloading speed could reach several mega bps in real life, uploading speed could vary fron 256kbps to 512kbps, rarely it reaches above mega bps.

If this enables the user to select a video from the gallery then I call BS on the so called WP8 OS limitation regarding the APIs. This changes everything.

This doesnt change anything, Nokia is an OEM with special access. No third party developer has access to video gallery and that is why no messaging app can send videos from the gallery and you can't password protect your porn with locker apps :)

Well I can Share to Facebook without any limits like this, why should they put them in place for YouTube?

If trimming and a YouTube share feature added right in the Pro Camera app, the device would be killer and a must-have for YouTubers.

There's absolutely no reason whatsoever why this wouldn't be available on the Lumia 920.
I don't believe that Nokia will do "1020 exclusive Apps" as they never do that...but if they did, they'll be pissing off many well as NOT helping people on Android and iOS to switch to iPhone (just look at the top YouTubers...none uses Windows Phone and the lack of things like this on more devices won't help persuade them)

I wonder if Nokia gets sick of trying to make up for the shortcomings of the WP platform - this being one of them. Users have been crying to Microsoft for this feature for a long time. In typical fashion, we're ignored and Nokia is responsible for bringing the bacon.

Really wish I could use this app on my Lumia 928. My phone is a month and a half old and yet I already feel like it's being left out...ugh. :(

Well...Nokia's board of directors may not be sick...but some shareholders are getting sick, yeah.
If I were at Nokia I would demand Microsoft to pay me a sh*t ton of money for doing my job and theirs...

Not available on the 920? Oh well, screw it. I didn't REALLY want to upload stupid YouTube videos anyways.

Thanks Daniel for the info on this application. I was just posting on the forums a couple of nights ago about my frustration in uploading HD videos to YouTube in a decent quality, and so this feature will go a long way to solving that problem (provided they bring it out for the Lumia 920, which I'm pretty sure they will). 

Why do so many have to nitpick about every little thing they think of. That app should do this, this app should do that... Makes me think everyone on the net is actually an NSA agent ("bunch of whiny little bitches") and whining is a tactic to draw out undesirables.

Keeping it private by default is a very smart move. It'd be cool if you could choose between multiple accounts, too.

Good on Nokia for continuing to plug the feature holes in WP8; no thanks to Microsoft though, who are doing f*** all up there in Redmond, in regards to their mobile OS.

It would be nice to have this available built-in into Windows Phone. Or at least in the new YouTube app MS is developing.

Having troubles here in VA trying to get this on my shiny new 1020.  The App store states "this app is not avialible for your devce"  Coudl it be becausemysim card came straight out of my L920?  I assume ATT and Microsoft can tell the phone is a L1020, correct?  Any ideas?

I'm getting app is no longer published but my sim came from a 900 to the 1020.  If I try through the web interface it indicated 900 not supported so it can tell some difference between phones, so not sure it's just SIM card.