AT&T shipping out pre-ordered Nokia Lumia 1020 units today - Have you got yours?

Lumia 1020

This is just a notice for those who are eagerly awaiting delivery of the Nokia Lumia 1020 on AT&T. We're currently waiting for our own units to arrive and can relay that pre-ordered deliveries are heading out today to get packages to doors and create some smiles. 

The latest flagship from Nokia is the next best thing in smartphone photography, sporting a 41MP shooter for incredible results. If you haven't yet made an order, be sure to check out our unboxing of the Lumia 1020 and first impressions of the Windows Phone for more information.


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AT&T shipping out pre-ordered Nokia Lumia 1020 units today - Have you got yours?


I pre-ordered mine from the Microsoft store about a week ago and still says waiting for carrier approval. Im getting worried that they might never approve it.

hahahahahaha yeah right..... I'm right with you on this one....  probably the last time I preorder from microsoft.

Awaiting inventory here too.. Everything I have ordered from Microsoft Store has always been late or delayed but I wanted the camera cover deal.

well, its the 25th, if it doesnt ship today... It will not arrive on the 26th... so I'm mad already!! No need to wait till the 27th for that... by the 27th I'd be more calm about it.... Its just a phone.... DAMN ONLY THE BEST PHONE OUT THERE!!!!!!! AAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I decided to have some fun with MS Support:
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you....
You have been connected to Rohit Mehta.
Rohit Mehta: Hi Mark, I'd be happy to help you today. For security reasons, could you please provide the last 4 digits of your SSN?
Mark Arking: ####
Rohit Mehta: Thank you for the verification.
Rohit Mehta: It will just take a minute or two for me to review your order information.
Mark Arking: Thanks
Rohit Mehta: You are welcome.
Rohit Mehta: Thanks for your patience.
Rohit Mehta: I want to inform that Nokia Lumia 1020 Black is Out Of Stock.
Rohit Mehta: Unfortunately, I don’t have a firm date on when we will be receiving that phone in our Distribution Center.
Rohit Mehta: Do you want to stay with that phone model, or would you like to consider a different phone model?
Mark Arking: Was there any stock.
Mark Arking: ?
Mark Arking: This was a pre-order
Mark Arking: The phone release date is tomorrow. Typically with pre-order, you recieve it day of release.
Mark Arking: However...if it hasn't shipped yet...that is unlikely.
Rohit Mehta: I understand you completely.
Rohit Mehta: Unfortunately, I don’t have a firm date on when we will be receiving that phone in our Distribution Center.
Mark Arking: Can you tell me where I am in the que?
Rohit Mehta: Please can you refresh the sentence.
Rohit Mehta: I see, we have many orders for the same phone model and all the orders will be honored together once we have the phone in our inventory.
Rohit Mehta: Unfortunately, we have not kept the orders of our customers in a que.
Rohit Mehta: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Rohit Mehta: I am happy to help you, but you haven't responded in 2 minutes. Please reply to this message to keep your session active.
Mark Arking: If you placed an order for a device that is currently in preorder, we will begin shipping them in the order they were received as soon as we are authorized to release the devices.

Mark Arking: Per your order information
Mark Arking: I would like to know where I am in the '...order they where received..'
Rohit Mehta: Mark, as soon as the device will be available in our stock we will ship the new phone on the same day.
Rohit Mehta: Once it is shipped, you'll receive an email with the shipping information. You may also check our Customer Portal for updated information.
Mark Arking: So Microsoft has no idea when it will receive any product or the order in which it will deliver the product.
Mark Arking: I find that very hard to believe
Rohit Mehta: Mark, it is a pre order that's why we don't have a firm date.
Rohit Mehta: we would be happy to change your phone to a different model that is in-stock so that we can expedite your order.
Mark Arking: You are too funny.
Mark Arking: Thanks for your time.


so i called my local msft store and if i go pre order in the store they will give me a camera grip tommorrow when i pick it up. Im going to go try it the only think online they did not charge me for taxes i hope its the same at the store.

I checked with the local store, they can't waive off the taxes, however they said they can give $50 gift card & $10 AppStore credit.

thanks for the update I am going in tomorrow morning. I did go today but they told me to come in tomorrow so they can play with the computer. if they cant match it (ill take the gift card) then ill just wait if its reasonable. it is sad that MSFT store is behind at&t on getting people phone. heck not one 1020 was avalible in display not even a picture or coming soon poster.

i have been calling them every day since i pre order since waiting for carrier approval has not changed. They will tell me the samw thing at&t has approved your phone but we are waiting for release date to ship. Today they told me the phone is on back order and it might not ship untill next week! I told them if i dont get it on monday to cancel my order since i have one reserved at at&t. I am going to try to ask them to match the special.

I've got bad news for us who preordered from MS Store online... I decided to get in touch with customer service yesterday about my preorder. Well, my order wasn't found in their database... I had to talk to 4 Microsoft employees (2 on web chat, 2 on the phone) to find out that I needed to talk to a DIFFERENT company to check my preorder status. Apparently this company does the selling and shipping of the 1020, and perhaps other Windows Phones, for Microsoft when one orders through the online Microsoft Store. The representative of this company told me that according to her most recent update, preorders WILL NOT ship until Friday. That means that I will be getting my preordered device AFTER the launch day.

I hope you guys have better luck.

Mr P

I'm not American but from the experiene I have with American postal services...no one will get their phone today if they're shipping TODAY. Actually...I don't think that happens with any postal service in the World. Unless you pay a bucket full of money for that, obviously...and no one does that :P

No cause I don't care about the 1020. Its stupid and they released it not long after the 920 and right after another phone. They're turning into Samsung and doing what they did with all the galaxy s phones.

Well if that's the case then maybe they can get the success Samsung currently has.

Lets not be melodramatic. Phone is far from stupid.

920 came out in november
It's July dude, 8 months later lol
They're releasing phones for every consumer out there. Would you have rathered they, not released new phones?

Def.  I still have a 900 and am quite happy with it.  It takes fantastic pics (in well-lit areas).  I will get the 1020 when upgrade time rolls around, next year.  Or whatever is the successor to this.  

And look how successful Samsung is with that tactic. There selling them by truck loads... So ur point u think u have doesn't apply. Lol

The 920 came out almost a year ago. The last Lumia released was the 625, a low cost phone drastically different from the 1020.

Shut the f.... Off lil b.... .... If Nokia don't release new thing is bad if they do is bad ,I call chooses, that phone if for ppl who didn't like the 920 , Iike I didn't and got me a 925 u get the point is call businesses, if u don't like chooses get and iPhone u get to enjoy the same crap for 2 years lol looser

Yeah, stupid Nokia following Samsungs failed Galaxy release model.  Where is the sense in releasing phones for multiple price points and keeping yourself in the news???

If you don't care the STFU or simply don't buy one, it's simple. The phone is targeted at a specific demographic and apparently you're not a member of it!

Nokia always released numerous devices each quarter. Apple is the only one release one phone per year, but that's about to change too. Apple manufactures one phone, Nokia manufactures at least 20 different devices each year.

Why some people think they need to either have every new single phone out there, or companies shouldn't get new devices out there. These are different devices, for different needs, just because 1020 is here, it doesn't mean the 920 is all the sudden crap.

Am I the only person curious as to how much you guys make at WP? I know you're not rock-stars, but it seem like you guys should be comfortably in the six figure area. Just go crazy! Just get it! Do it for me!

Yes, most of us can afford to throw $20 million weddings like the Scroggle guys, so buying a few 1020s is like less than a penny for the 99% of them lazy boys. ;-)

Once Nokia releases the phone in Europe/Asia you can import an unlocked version to run on T-Mobile. That's what I did with my 920, but it was very expensive!

My order from AT&T shipped Tuesday and is currently out for delivery.  Looking forward to playing with it when I get home.  And no more WP7.  Hopefully a good thing. :)

I transitioned to the new phone last night and yeah, so far WP8 seems way better. Some substantial improvements, and it doesn't look like they went backwards in any big important ways. I really like the faster speed, tile size options, being able to browse files from the PC when connected via USB, downloadable maps, lock screen customization, etc. And maybe Skype will be useful now, still need to test that.

Received mine yesterday and I must say the weight and feel compared to my 920 is awesome, but the "other" storage issue is a problem. My phone is eating 2GB out of the box.

I'm in tgr42'd boat. Working from home today as mine is in FedEx out for delivery. Couldn't be more excited. I am as excited or more than I wad for my Lumia 900 or Padfone when they were new. I imagine this will be better than both of those were. Hopefully this will last 6 months as my daily driver.

Until Rogers gets the phone cuz apparently they run similar bands such as T-Mobile USA.. So I wouldn't be stuck on 2g crap service..

I just got mine! Cannot activate it until 5PM CT as I am working and need phone. Its really slim compared to L920 and weight is better too. Its matte and I must say looks cool.
This weekend I will be taking a bunch of pics.

Sigh...ordered from Microsoft Online/Complexity...start the pity party bagpipe march :( was hoping to have it for the weekend...will have to settle for (hopefully) Monday delivery with (hopefully) free camera shell...
That's a lot of hope placed in the wrong place lol

This comment is brought to you by the Nokia Lumia 1020. Just got it a couple of hours ago. Pics I've taken are mind blowing.

Got mine (ordered from AT&T) this morning. It's an upgrade from an HTC Titan II running WP 7.8 so I'm loading it up now. Liking what I see so far!

If you see it as an upgrade over a Titan II, I can only imagine how much of an improvement it will be over my 1st gen Titan running stock 7.0 LOL (whenever it decides to arrive that is)

Just had a quick chat with a rep in this was the info I got :My system is showing that the Nokia Lumia 1020 White you ordered is currently "out-of-stock". The estimated stock date of this phone is 7/30/2013, however, I will not be able to assure you. 

Where did you order from? MS? AT&T? Online? In-store?
Need some details before we start hyperventilating here...<breathe into bag...just breathe into bag>

I got the same speech when I called about my MS preorder. "It is currently listed as out of stock, sir" when I asked about the unchecked carrier approval, she informed me that carrier approval will only happen prior to shipping, and since tomorrow is the launch date, she won't have any further information for me until then.

Can't wait picking up my Black 1020 tomorrow morning at the Microsoft store to get my Camera grip :) I can't wait!

I'm just upset ATT is not letting existing customers take advantage of the NEXT plan until their current contract is up.  At least let us upgrade after 1year of our contract.  

Mine arrived today. No time to play yet though. It arrived with a near dead battery too, and seems to charge much slower than my Note2, on a tablet charger. Trying the Nokia charger now, but I suspect the OS is preventing the battery from drinking as fast as it might.

This is my first WP, so not familiar with the charging habits of WP, but there is a delay after connecting to a charger, too.

Yeah the delay is a bit weird, but you stop noticing it after a short while. And who knows, it might become less severe on a Nokia charger.

I don't know why Nokia released this phone now. I would have included this 41 MP camera with the new hardware  from wp8.1
I rather have the 1080 screen so i can customize the homescreen better with the extra space provided. Maybe they will release a 41MP phone witha 1080p screen and better internals. 

I'm sure there will be few other Lumias with 41MP in the near future. So releasing the 1020 with 41MP now is actually good for business.

Can buy a dev 1020 with xx instead of 41 written on the back... Hmm this or wait till official comes to oz?

I received my 1020 yesterday, and having an issue with keeping my home wifi password saved.  The phone every few hours seems to forget the network, I have had to enter the wifi password 3 times already. 
Anyone else having these issues.
thanks again

I am having the same problem.  Plus when I enter a wifi zone the phone doesn't pick up the wifi signal until a long while if at all.