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Leaked image points at Nokia Lumia "phablet" in the works, but we shouldn't be surprised

Nokia has been rumoured to be planning a Windows 8 tablet along with a "phablet" running Windows Phone. Both products have never seen the light of day, but we could well be getting closer to seeing a large Windows Phone from Nokia, if the above image published on Chinese website Weibo is anything to go by. We know many consumers will be looking forward to see just what could come of this, especially if we're to follow the route of the Samsung Galaxy Note.


It might not be that much of a long shot to see Nokia come to the table with a Windows Phone sporting a 5-inch or larger display, in fact we've heard that a tablet and phablet are in the works. We've just witnessed the manufacturer launch the Lumia 625, an affordable Windows Phone with a massive 4.7-inch display - the largest Nokia has produced yet. Could the company push the limit beyond 5-inches? Definitely.

We've got to remember that Nokia is attempting to cater for multiple groups of consumers. Those who strike bargains, who enjoy superb optics and even consumers who would just like every feature packed inside an attractive shell. The Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 show how Nokia is prepared to release unique hardware that's not what we'd normally expect. From effective aluminium usage to a 41MP camera, the company surely has the innovation to try new things.

The Sina Weibo user who published the photo claims the screen size is around 6-inches, which is evident by simply looking at it. The Windows logo and accompanying keys are present, as well as the Nokia logo and multiple component windows. That's all we have for the time being, but it's safe to assume we won't see this device until the GDR3 Windows Phone update is available, introducing 1080p screen resolution support.

Nokia's strategy we're told is to have at least one high profile release every quarter, keeping the company is the press spotlight in a constant fashion. Not a bad plan. That means maybe tablet next quarter, phablet afterwards (think GDR3/Blue devices).

Remember to take this rumour with a pinch of salt, but we can see Nokia working on something. What would you make of a 1080p, 6-inch Windows Phone from Nokia?

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Leaked image points at Nokia Lumia "phablet" in the works, but we shouldn't be surprised



I hope this is the size of the whole front, cause they used almost everything just for the screen, that is something i like!

YES! Windows Phone Phablets and Tablets...about time! Definitely getting a Phablet, I really want a larger screen than the 4.5" on my 920.

This is great news for me. I've been hoping Nokia releases a "phablet" for a while. I watch a lot of YouTube and do a lot of browsing on my 920. A bigger screen and better specs is all I want. Not too interested in optics, but a beautiful camera is never a bad thing. Hope this is true!

Everyone has a preference in screen size. I personally would like Nokia to produce a flagship with 5" screen. I love the 4.8" of the ATIV S, and after using it, Nokia's 4.5" screens feel small.

I must have a Seriously I can't see these small screens anymore I need a big screen Windows phone

Only way I would consider getting this device, no matter the specs, is if the subsidized amount is very low, the monthly payments are low, and that it comes to T-Mobile.

I'd love to see a viable Windows phablet, and SIV size phones - even though I don't want either. I want viable products so I can find a vibrant and relevant Windows Phone product line when I return from iPhone purgatory in 12 months. I miss my L925.

We need a phablet ASAP to compete with the galaxy note. Plz give us GDR3 , 3GB of ram, Quadcore and a 1080p screen!!!! I will love you long time NOKIA!!

Sign me up for a 7"-8" tablet from Nokia similar to the Acer W3 and running 8.1 Pro on a Bay Traīl platform. In fact, I'll take three and consider my Christmas shopping complete! Before Thanksgiving please....

Im not really interested in a phablet , but im glad they are planning it
What will really grab my interest is the next breakthrough with the introduction of windows phone blue or maybe even windows phone 9
In other words om waiting for the successor of the Lumia 920

+1, I have one year of iPhone purgatory remaining before I can return to Windows Phone, without buying a full price phone. I am looking forward to a robust ecosystem and the succesor to the L920 I owned for 13 days in January.

Why, why, why must it always be about having an even bigger screen that lets you do nothing new, but takes up even more space. Why can't we just have a really nice, small-screen Nokia Lumia (hell, even something the size of the L800 would be good!). Not everyone wants massive screens and enormous mobiles. Please, Nokia, genuinely buck the trend and make a small, decent smartphone. I can only think of one other mainstream, fruit-based manufacturer who currently does this, and they seem to be able to shift a lot of phones, so it can't be too bad an idea...

The holes for the ear speaker and the front facing camera are too big.  Whoever magnified this in Photoshop forgot to account for that.