Lumia 520

The $99 Nokia Lumia 520 now available as an AT&T GoPhone

The Lumia 520 has been making waves all over the globe. It’s doing incredibly well in most markets you can grab it. In fact according to some statistics it is the most popular Windows Phone.

Here in the United States we have T-Mobile carrying a variant called the Lumia 521. Not to be outdone, you can now get the Lumia 520 as a prepaid phone on AT&T’s GoPhone.

Lumia 520 GoPhone

When we reviewed the Lumia 520 we told you guys to take it seriously since it’s a superb phone, especially when you consider the price. Over at AT&T you can get it for $99 straight up. No, you’re not reading that wrong, the phone goes for just 99 dollars. Which is pretty stellar when you consider the phones the Lumia 520 is going up against.

So is the $99 price for the Lumia 520 going to help grow the number of Windows Phone devices out there? We hope so, and so does Microsoft.

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The $99 Nokia Lumia 520 now available as an AT&T GoPhone


It's not for me, but I know lots of people want a cheap phone, and I'm glad to see Nokia filling in all the spaces in the spectrum. Awesome!

I like the high end phones also but the 520 gives you a good experience with WP8 I was surprised. It looks cool too.

When a cousin who lives next house to me said she bought an unlocked Lumia 520 at such a cheap price, I fully expected it to perform poorly. But was surprised it actually is very capable and works great! It also feels good in the hand! Kudos to Nokia for this delightful phone!

Hey man, you're from the Philippines am I right? it's so nice to see that we, Nokia(WP) fans are increasing slowly but surely. I'm planning to buy a Lumia 520 as a gift to my brother. hehe

So... As I feared, it looks like you have to sign up for a plan. Everyone said you don't, but it says it's required.

It is slightly misleading as I believe you have to sign up for at least one month of service.  So, the phone is essentially $125 and it's a bit aggitating that it's continuing to be marketed as "$99".

You only need a "plan" if you are going to be activating the SIM that is included in the box.  If you already have a AT&T SIM, you can just plop it in and go.  I believe the website only works on the assumption that the included SIM will be activated thus you can't get past the "plan is required" thing, but if you just go to a AT&T store you can purchase the phone package there.

Thank you.  That makes more sense.  I went online to buy it and was only given the option to add a plan.  Thanks!

How is AT&T greedy for wanting you to buy a plan for the phone your buying? That's what they sell is their services, they don't make money on the sale of phones, they make money on minutes and data usage...

That's only if you order online. If you walked into my store and said I want it, I'll sell it without plan if you already have AT&T service.

No other colors available except black. grr I will buy 520 and move my number from my old 900 *i think it will still me an upgrade* :)

The T-Mobile version is white.. Looks badass imo.. At least the att 520 can use the same battery covers as all 520's though. The 521 dimensions are off by a bit

For that price, I'm going to snag one of these just to keep in the car as my media / GPS / etc device :D
If ever needed, it's a nice backup phone in a pinch too!

Excellent idea.  With Nokia Drive, you can pre-download maps, etc.  Connect it to WiFi to get the maps of your area, and it makes a much better TomTom and/or Garmin.  $100 GPS with better software, a true OS and a backup phone to boot. 

IMO, a dedicated GPS is still better than Nokia Drive. Don't get me wrong, it's great in a pinch, but until it gets things like lane assist and proper HOV lane handling, it won't replace my TomTom.

I am hopeing Nokia brings the dedicated GPS features to their Navigation app. It would be geat if my Lumia could completely replace my Garmin car GPS.

So how do we go about using this on a postpaid account? Buy the phone with one month worth of $25 service and then just put my current sim card in it?

I heard that with go phone once you put the sim card in the Sim card is locked to that phone for 6 months. But i am not sure. It's been awhile since i used Gophone.

The 520/521 is the best value of any smart phone, by far. WP8 is silky smooth on it, you're getting 99% of the WP8 apps, full fledged Here Drive GPS service (not international), Nokia Music, interchangeable skins, batteries, expandable memory, etc.; it's a steal!

Yeah, I wanted to get my wife the 925 when it finally hit T-Mobile. But I had a hard time justifying the extra cost over the $150 521. Then when hsn had that crazy $80 sale (using the coupon) it was a no brainer. So now she has a 521 and loves it. Since she uses the light theme, you don't even notice the lack of clear black display which I've become very used to on my 920.

One great thing about this is since there is no carrier branding on the front but only on the back one can get an unbranded back cover and replace it. Also since 520 is a global phone and Nokia :D, it can be flashed to an unbranded international rom to remove att's branding

Most likely it will not be unlocked. AT&T's policy is not to unlock GoPhone devices.

Call customer care for verification, though.

Absolutely correct! Bought a cheap back-up Android phone before when I was still in Android, I felt like throwing it on the wall! My neighbour's unlocked and cheap 520 on the other-hand, performs like a premium phone!

So if I buy this and put my wife's existing flipphone AT&T sim in will I be required to buy a dataplan?

Yes, they will probably add it on automatically. What you CAN do is get a data block put on the line first. That seems to prevent them from auto attaching a data plan.

You can do that to keep from using data, but they're still going to add a data plan to your phone when they pick up that you've got a smartphone, whether you want it or use it or not. 

Crap... Really? I was going to buy this for my mom so she could have a decent camera and play games over Wi-Fi. She uses a voice-only pay as you go plan that's like $100/year. So now I can't do this without making her be forced to upgrade the plan.

Does T-Mobile have a payg plan that won't force the data upgrade?

How about they can't afford $100? Right now I was able to, but a couple of months ago when I wasn't serving and making them tips, it would have either been the phone, or something else

Yea early adopters no excuses! You were all dumb for doing it in the first place so sell that unsupported pos and get with the times! 

Just bought one today from Telus since i was still using a WP7. I much prefer the feel of my Lumia 800, but the 520 will hold me over until my contract is a little closer to the end and the 8.1 devices are released.

Went down to the AT&T store to get one and no one knew anything about the 520. Manager looked it up and said it will be released tomorrow, and they will have some available.

At this point I'll certainly consider the 521/520 my backup phone if my 810 were to bite the dust.  Hopefully that won't happen.

Anyone have any luck picking one up today in store without a plan? Would a reseller have these in stock, or should I go to a at&t corporate store?

Tried a corporate store and they didn't have any inventory yet (did say they would only sell with a plan), but they did have a 520 and 1020 on display. The rep that talked to me actually tried to sell me on the 1020. It was nice to not be herded over to the android section.

Tried to buy it att store and they would not sell it to me without a plan, so I ordered it from

For anyone still wondering. Yes, you can purchase this 520 and put in your postpaid AT&T SIM card. I had no problems switching from my shattered screen 900. The AT&T employee even did the SIM swap and phone setup for me in store.