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Does Windows Phone 8 GDR2 fix the ‘Other Storage’ issue? Microsoft says yes, but we’re not too sure

A vexing problem for those on Windows Phone 8 is that of space-filling ‘Other Storage’ found under Settings > Phone Storage. The problem is after a few days, weeks or months of usage, that mysterious area begins to fill up with “stuff” and users really have no recourse to getting it back.

While Nokia and other OEMs have introduced apps to delete Temporary Files, which for some does gain back significant space, it does not touch the other Other Storage problem for many.

Now, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore stated in a Tweet today that at least in GDR2 (OS build 10327), the problem has been addressed. But from our usage of the Lumia 1020, we’re not too sure users will still be satisfied.

Belfiore responds in a Tweet that:

“Don't worry: non-deleted large files (XAPs, eg) that caused 'other' storage issues were fixed in GDR2. on all 1020s.”

That may be true and we’re not going to disagree with the man who “runs the team doing Windows Phone product definition & design” but the changes do not completely get rid of the ‘other storage’ problem either.

Case in point, our Nokia Lumia 1020, which we’ve been using only since Tuesday already has 2.6GB of ‘other storage’ (according to Nokia’s app; if we use the system reading, it’s 3.65GB). That’s about 1GB more than our previous daily driver, the Lumia 920, which we used for months. We should also note we still have 22GB of free space on the 1020, so it’s not because we’re filling it up with a lot of media or apps.

On our Lumia 925, the story is a little better with only 696 MB allocated to ‘other’, which is good since the Lumia 925 has half the storage of the Lumia 1020 at 16GB.

Regardless, we can’t quite say to people that the GDR2 update will magically fix the ‘other’ storage observation. Sure, Microsoft may have improved upon it with the update, but it’s still there.

What is the Other Storage issue?


‘Other Storage’ on Windows Phone 8 includes cached data this stored on your device. Everything from email, games, videos, game info, app info, documents, images synced to SkyDrive, etc. are all items that can fill it up.

It’s been observed by many users that having auto-upload to SkyDrive is one culprit that can quickly fill the mysterious area up. Heck, even just manually uploading files can contribute to it. Over at WPXbox, they give some tips for trying to regain space back including limited syncing of email accounts, not opening SkyDrive folders with loads of images (thumbnails) and other “tricks” that have mixed results.

Another method is to try and use the app ‘Shrink Storage’, which once again, has varied results (we’ve never gained anything back from using it).

We should note that believe it or not, this is really not a bug but rather seemingly a side-effect of how the OS operates. That’s why it can’t just be patched. It appears to be a low-level OS feature that allows app, game and service data to be stored locally on the device for fast-retrieval (and reduce OTA data consumption). It's more akin to having to re-do your plumbing than fixing a leaky faucet.

The problem of course is there appears to be no way to reset it, besides wiping the device, nor a way to help gain space back or know what is causing it. While we still have 22GB of storage left on our Lumia 1020, ergo we don’t mind the lost-space now, others have lost 5, 10, 14GB and more on their devices.

So in conclusion, while GDR2 may have made it better, make no mistake that your ‘other storage’ can still fill up with seemingly little usage. How high will ours go? What exactly caused it? We have no idea but we’ll tinker around to try and find out.


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Does Windows Phone 8 GDR2 fix the ‘Other Storage’ issue? Microsoft says yes, but we’re not too sure



Wow. We are in the exact same situation! I bought my Lumia 920 in November 2012 and my Nokia Storage check says I have 15GB in "Other".

What is the factor that worsens the problem?

a) a large number of installed apps?
b) how often they are updated?
c) their sizes during installation?
d) how frequently you launch them?

From what I've gathered, none of those. Its supposedly "cached" information for quick loading that didn't delete when not needed. Also copies of jpeg files that didn't delete.

I'm sorry but I do have a wp8 a l920 and yes I really don't know anything of this other storage im sorry I've read about it but never looked into it till the other day but never really noticed it till someone mentioned it once again sorry for living under a rock

What Daniel is saying is if u read this article that you commented I. It about half way through he has a subheading saying other storage and goes into what it is

If it hasn't already been said. STOP complaining on this site and go to Microsoft's site to log your complaints. It may make you feel good but WPCentral can't fix it. Only Microsoft can. Or I should say make sure you voice your displeasure at Microsoft as well as here.

Buddy I'm sure Microsoft checks up on the largest WP site so here or there I do t think it matters. If they do t check here too then they are doing the customers and themselves a huge disservice

As the saying goes. You better be safe than sorry. I'm not for one second going to presume anyone from any company will waste their time to come read what some anonymous person has to say on any site. When you have a problem you go to the source.

They could have addressed the issue, they may have set it so that "other" storage only uses a certain percentage of storage.

Call me crazy but I actually don't mind doing a hard reset the odd time , it's sort of like getting a new phone plus you won't reinstall the apps that you never really used

Mine does too the odd time but the power and volume down trick sorts it always, if not it's some flashing which is fairly handy

The problem is it doesn't restore game progress and it is something that's should already fixed. How come after almost 1 year I still have to turn off auto backup photo to Skydrive just to keep my 'other' storage at reasonable size.

WPcentral recently released an article detailing how Microsoft was placing priority on programing for new hardware a la 1080p screens, so that's probably why, but I'm not sure how the WP team is divided so its just something to think about.

Yea but I forget which apps I had even the ones I use constantly, plus its just a chore to manually search each app one by one

Go to windowsphone.com , log-in & click Purchase History, it will give you a complete list & you can download them remotely ... Just follow the instructions

Yea just restore to factory default, hopefully you don't game much cuz ALL progress is lost minus achievements obviously

My Lumia 820 has 3.4 GB Apps, 1,9 GB System, 757 MB Other, and still have 1 GB Free Space..
If You want it, I'll give you step by step to got it..

Normally updates release a week or more after its officially released to the carriers for testing...usually more haha

My 1020 also has 2.6GB in the other storage. Can anyone else confirm a different amount? Maybe its capped at a certain amount?

according to BK-One somewhere up in the comments he/she has 4.6 gb in the other section on the L1020 however he/she doesn't state what was used to verify - either checker via settings or the nokia storage app.

Huawei 4gb phone, The other storage is a bug for me. Microsoft don't release updates at the rate they are needed being the underdog its an requirement to rapidly improve things to keep the user base you've acquired happy. I have unlimited data but can't use the auto upload options for my pictures. They need to pull their fingers out. Microsoft are on a downward spiral it seems but its up to them to sort it out. (windows8,xbox one u-turns, windows phones) Thank god for 3rd party companies otherwise nothing would get done.

I'm HOPING that what Joe means is that the "other storage" will take as much space as it needs, but if that space is needed for app installations, media or anything else that the user needs it for, it clears out the amount of space jt needs. Of course, there's zero indication that it is what he means. But it's the only way I can square what he's saying with what users observe. :)

You my friend have just made a huge point that most people are not mentioning. Has anyone with the GDR2 update not been able to install apps coz their Other Storage was too large?

This just came to me. You think, Daniel, that this other storage is from all the app, message, and photo backups that we do (listed in the "backup" section)? I know that auto upload/ backup of photos contributes, but what about the others? That would make a lot more sense as to why other takes up so much space.

Does GDR2 fix that thing when you play music and the artist is suppose to show up on the lockscreen but it doesn't?

I'm not entirely certain but I believe that could be something to do with Xbox music not recognising the music on your phone due to it not being supported in your country/territory.

I suposse that deleting Temporary files diminishes the Storage "other" folder. That's why there is some difference between the two others. The one in the original storage app shows Maps, Temporary Files, Application Data and "other" (wahtever that means for Nokia) from Storage Check.

This is a huge problem for me on my Lumia 822. Got up over 10GB with only 16GB internal storage after 6+ months of use and finally has to do a hard reset at the end of June. After reinstalling my apps after the reset, my Other was already over 4GB without any real use. However, after a month of use since, I am at 4.37 in Other so it hasn't grow to bad since. I really don't know why there isn't 64GB internal storage options available and/or micro-SD slots on the higher model phones? This would have been a bigger issue for me sooner if I didn't have a micro-SD card for my photos/videos and music.

Does anyone have around 634mb of temporary files. I know some of them are useful and that's why they are not deleted but that much sounds excessive.

My fault I was reading in auto (and sonetimes i read dyslexic so i read other and not temp how that works idk) and yes that is excessive

I have found that going to Settings --> Applications --> IE and clearing out the history keeps the "Other storage" somewhat in check, as well as disconnecting and reconnecting non-MS accounts like FB etc. I've kept it at the same level (around 950MB) now on my Lumia 521.
But unless the fix has been to let other storage adjust itself as needed by apps when installing, by users for media, etc (in which case the space it takes up is irrelevant, as it will let it go when a user needs it), this is a serious flaw in the OS, especially as long asapps can't be installed onto SD cards. And of course, many devices don't even HAVE SD slots to begin with, which is extra annoying when operators seem to refuse to carry large-storage devices (come on, a 64GB 1020 is a no-brainer, AT&T!).
Anyway. Hope it's fixed... it's one of those things that leave a bad taste for especially the vocal group of dedicated users that MS needs...

I won't bother repeating all the complaints about the existing WP8 because they are mine also. I was once very bullish on this OS and a bit of an evangelist even but no more. I truly believe now that WP8 is destined to never gain critical mass to be anything more than a bit player. I will be back to the iPhone when a 4.5" - 5" version is released. MS - wake up and smell the coffee!

Anyone still remember the good old times when WP7 had a terrible notification bug which could only be fixed by a registry hack or a hard reset? It took MS 6 months until they admitted there actually was a bug (when someone posted the registry hack guide and they couldn't deny it anymore) and another 3 months until a fix was available. seems history repeats again. Until mainstream media reports how shitty WP space management is in every Lumia review, MS won't care at all.

Wouldn't know if it helps or not. Still waiting for AT&T or HTC to push it out to my carrier-locked 8X.

Question: Any update on the Bricked phones, cause if Nokia will release the GDR2 for there phones, will they also maybe be bricked? Cause i just have a 2 week old Luima 920 and want to risk getting it Bricked. Or maybe it was only for the HTC 8X phones?

Need a WPH's Cache Clearer type of app on WP8. Worked well on my WP7.8. Still need JB for full access, though. Pity!

Shrink storage worked very well for me, first tome i used it i gain more than 1GB of Space, now i use it one time a week and all the times gain some Space :D

Microsoft don't really give a damn about bugs in Windows Phone. They see only Android as competition, which is worse. Hence the reason they release OS's versions with so many bugs present, and seem on no particular rush to fix them...

i think thats because they were focusing more on Windows. However, Microsoft's gone through a major reorganization lately, putting Windows Phone under the same team as Windows, so hopefully we see faster improvement and quicker updates

And WP8 is more a matter of reclaiming lost features from the switch to NT from CE, from what ive seen. Im guessing they see a buggy OS with features to match competitors is a netter start, THEN they can fix the issues later.

The move to NT was a fairly major piece of work and the progress of features should start to speed up a lot on WP8, especially as the platform continues to unify frameworks with Windows 8.

For people to understand the move to NT, imagine Google taking a full distribution of Ubuntu, porting it over to ARM and then getting the Dalvik JVM to run on top of it, and have it run as faster or faster than Android does. It would be a lot of work and virtually impossible, yet this is what Microsoft did with WP8. (Or another analogy, Apple to get the 'full' version of OS X running on ARM and then run a VM on top of it to run the iOS Apps while hiding the Mac UI.)

Yikes, I have 9GB of 'other' on my 928! I hope they find a way to clean this up before I have nothing left. I don't want to reset my phone and lose all my game saves.

I always wonder what people are doing with their phones that they have such higher other storage. For me, mine is at 1.7 gb. I think I've only seen mine go as high as 2.5 or so.

Actually I do know some things that cause the other storage to grow.
Skydrive (Picture Clone Bug)
Facebook Integration (srsly this let my Other storage grow over 500 MB, additionally!)
Un-deleted app Install packages (common bug in WP8 , which according to Joe has been.fixed now)
Maps (hell I sometimea think people download the whole world onto their phones no wonder they hab 10+ Gigs of other)
Temporary Files (IE)
SMS, Email
Keyboard suggestions (yes! xD)

Thats about that hopefully

Why does Windows Phone Central keep bringing up Shrink storage? Me, as well as some other windows phone users that i have seen in the comments before, seem to have better luck with "Storage Cleaner". Even though with both apps, your mileage may vary. These are based upon filling up your storage to the point that Windows Phone is forced to empty some of the "other" storage, and at least with Pre-GDR2 devices, they seem to sometimes refuse to let go of that storage. I have no clue whether or not there is any factual basis on why Storage Cleaner works better than Shrink Storage. All im going on is mine, and others experience.

I had 6.x gb in Other until the GDR2 update. Using the "Make More Space" app for my HTC 8X took it down to 4.x gb so I'm a little satisfied but there's always room for improvement (pun).

This is based on your carrier and the radio technology it is using to connect to the internet. The connection speed is determined by the carrier, and depending on what carrier you have, you might have no internet while on a call, like Verizon with a non-4G phone.

Am sorry but Microsoft suck. How long have they had to sort this issue out?? And all the time Nokia was trying to deal with it we heard nothing from Microsoft whatsoever. This is another reason I have now left my beloved Windows Phone 8. Barely any issues ever addressed, slow updates apart from Nokia, apps and syncing never working properly anymore and also Chat Feature never connects most of the time with delayed messages. Still IE10 doesn't allow photos upload and never saves passwords. Seemingly crap apps still especially news apps. Oh and the music player issues with songs vanishing and when I had the Samsung Ativ S the memory card saves 4 of each track. The OS is a mess

I've had my 8x since January and I noticed something strange about a month ago I uninstalled a game (can't remember which game it was) but after doing so i checked my other which at the time was around 4GB, and it dropped below 1GB instantly. However since then my other has grown to 7GB which is half of the available storage after you minus the amount taken up by the OS itself. I've tried storage cleaner and shrink storage, both only seem to recover around 10mb and that's if I'm lucky. So now im stuck with a mere 200MB of storage and shrinking. I hope I can regain some GBs when three roll out gdr2.

This is I believe one of Microsoft's biggest problem with WP...and what is even more crazy most people who buy the phone don't even know that there is a problem they just run out of space fast.....how does android deal with space management why don't they look at that??

...not the same problem, but Android has tons of storage management issues, especially with Apps leaving behind crap in area they should never have gotten permission to touch, let alone orphan content.

The 'Other' issue on WP8 is far less of an issue than what the knee jerk response would convey. WP8 even prior to GDR2 does reduce the usage size of 'Other' as the OS notices free space getting depleted. However it is less aggressive in noticing this and also only reduces the amount used back in smaller chunks, so that if it sees 1gb of free space, it doesn't realize this is too small, so when it does reduce the size back, it is not giving the user back as much as they might want.

Keep filling up your phone, and as WP8 trims back the Other space used, you can shove the space it is allocating back down, but you have to keep adding stuff to the phone as it slowly reduces the usage size of 'Other'.

GDR2 is more aggressive and will leave more 'free' space as it trims back 'other'.

Yes,but Android has file management,Windows Phone 8 does not. I have managed to access files that were dumped on my Note 2 in the My Files app and deleted them. That's called access 

That's not what were talking about. Most of the MEMORY management problems are not solvable via a file manager on Android, unless you have rooted it, in which case one could argue that that is out of the question for the average consumer and isn't actually a solution, just a bandaid. As far as memory management, Android apps both access areas of the system they never should, as well as stay running when they shouldn't. Android is bad on both accounts of: A. Storage issues of temporary or unnecessary files, & B. Background tasks for applications that have no need for background tasks (Really? I NEED Angry Birds taking up 15% of RAM in the background, despite not even using it since last reboot?)
Windows Phones problem, even though frustrating, is blown out of proportions at times. All "other" is is a combination of uncategorized files and temporary files. Think the kind of files that "Disk Cleanup" on Windows (x86) looks for. Windows Phone keeps these files, similar to iOS in my experience, for fast retrieval. That email you opened last Tuesday; That thumbnail of your baby cousin on skydrive; You get the point. Sadly, Windows Phone lacks "Disk Cleanup", and instead opts for an automated solution of clearing the files deemed safe to remove when it detects the system memory is full. Even more sad, however, Pre-GDR2 devices have a very lacksidaziacal mechanism, which only clears memory when it is at critical storage (Somewhere around the 100MB mark in my experience), so by time you need that storage cleared, its too late (TheNet Avenger explained it a bit better on that part.) Anyways, I am unsure on how aggressive the GDR2 version of this system works, but in order to solve this, 2 things must happen: A. A Disk Cleanup function similar to that of Windows, & B. The automated system updated to where it automatically attempts to erase a portion of other data whenever you try to do a task that requires more than the system has free (download a game/song/video/app, take a picture, etc...)

ya, it seems more psychological effect, may be they report less other and more free "in advance" as I really dont understand why the hell to free up something from memory until its really needed - far better to dont go over network for resources again; memory consumes the same energy if its "empty" or filled by something eventually usefull (only some self-learning AI can decide what user is only quickly trying and what he is using regulary; WP is all about more "smartness" in device itself, for ex-featurephone customers)...

So, I ususally don't come here to complain. I have been a microsoft user and supporter for years, however, this is getting really rediculous. Pathetic actually. This other storage issue needs to be changed/fixed right away. I mean now. It should have never been designed like this in the 1st place. I don't care what the purpose of it is or was, it needs to be completely stopped from working this way. I am a very proud owner of a 920, I have less than 1 gig in other storage so it is not causing any issues for me. That being said, there is no reason people should have this problem. There is no reason someone should run out of storage on a phone because Microsoft is using more of their storage than they are themselves. For those with an 8 or 16gb phone who have more than half of the available storage taken up by other should never have that happen.
Microsoft needs to make some drastic changes and make them quick when it comes to WP. Whether it is their attitude toward their customers, their slow or incomplete updates, their reliance on Nokia to keep the platform afloat, or anything else at this point, it all needs to change. The fact that they would design the OS to work this way and then also design the OS to not support SD cards the way they should is just asinine. I mean, expandable storage is great but it seems when it comes to the other storage issue, expandable storage doesn't even help with that because you can't install apps to the card. I'm honestly starting to think that there may be something a little more sinister to the "other Storage" thing that they don't want us to know about. Maybe that's why they don't seem to really want to explain it in detail or give us full access to manage it. There is no reason we should not be able to get into it and manually delete what we want.
The excuses are really sad too. Quick access to programs, for what? We're running phones with dual cores and a gig of ram, they are fast enough. And I'm sorry, these aren't the days of dial up either. We can access things plenty quick. Even if all this is completly innocent, they seem amazingly unable to figure out what the hell they are doing with WP. I have never seen a company have so many brilliant ideas over the years and never have a clue how to execute them or how to effectively communicate their message. After all these years with Microsoft I will say this, if they don't change, and I mean change quick, they don't deserve to be the 3rd mobile OS. They don't deserve the growth they are seeing now. And they sure as hell don't deserve or loyalty any longer. In addition, every person I have turned onto microsoft products and WP, I will just as easily turn them off of them. It's getting realy old.
1 more thing. The fact they they finally have a phone that is getting major attention in the press and really exposing people to a ton of articles and reviews and they allow this to still happen. Is embarassing. The press is bad enough. Every article, no matter how positive about the phone itself, still has to mention the "weaknesses or limits" of WP as it is now. If this other storage becomes a real issue with the 1020 as it seems like it might, the press will eat Microsoft alive with it. It will get ugly and it will get ugly quick. And they still have no clue.

Your post is freaking amazing. A LOT of us are up to here with Microsoft slacking on WP8. It's way too much at this point to still keep ignoring all these issues and expect to be competitive.

Read some of thenetavengers comments. There is no reason to believe other storage is broken at this point

The Microsoft YouTube app they put out is the only app that flooded my Other and caused it to fill my Lumia 810 in an hour. Since then my storage actually deletes itself here and there... I'll watch it go from 1.9GB to 2.3 then back down. I perform a phone restart every other night but it seems to be doing alright by itself atm for over a month now and I only have 2GB free of 8GB. Here's hoping it stays that way.

I fail to understand how Microsoft can allow the "other space" issue to continue.  From the article it's apparent  the issue persist in GDR2 despite what Joe states.  A hard reset is not a a viable solution.  After 5 months of use my 8X has more  "other" space used (5.01GB) than that for the OS and all other files combined.  Unbelievable stupid and now MSFT appears to be in denial.  

..and are you running out of space? If  you aren't then why are you worrying about how much space 'other' is using?  If you are running out of space, the 'Other' even on pre-GDR2 phone will shrink itself as the OS notices there is need for more space.  (It is less aggressive in firing off the event to reduct the other space on pre-GDR2, but it still will happen as you continue to use your phone.)

On GDR2 it will fire off the event to reduce the size of 'other' faster as you need, instead of having to wait for WP8 to do maintenance and notice that space is tight.


If the "Other" memory consistently worked as you describe please explain why these Boards a clogged with people running out of storage due to excessive "Other" memory usage?  Would this be OK on a normal PC (Where ones HD had more space dedicated to some amorphous "other" than used by the OS and all other files combined?).
From my perspective this "other" memory usage is a major bug or extremely poor OS design.  It's quite irritating to read MSFT reps saying it has been fixed when, as the article pointed out on the Lumia 1020 it obviously still exists. I'm not here to bash Microsoft (In fact I own two Windows 8 computers and an HTC 8X.)  It's just excaserbating when an obvious problem exists and MSFT seems to dwadle with a fix then claim a fix when not true.  If that's OK with you fine.  I merely stated my opinion.

If the "Other" memory consistently worked as you describe please explain why these Boards a clogged with people running out of storage due to excessive "Other" memory usage?

Are they though? They are clogged with people that have a large "Other storage" size. That's a big difference. The vast majority of posters have not had it effect their usage of the phone.

 It's quite irritating to read MSFT reps saying it has been fixed when, as the article pointed out on the Lumia 1020 it obviously still exists.

​The article mentions that their Lumia 1020 has 2.6GB of other. But that has zero effect on the phone, since it has 22GB of free space on it still. If the "Other storage" is self-regulating, and if that has been changed to be better and more efficient, there is no bug.

Thanks for spreading this. People are freaking out over this when they shouldn't be. At least not yet.

Thank you for posting this. I have yet to see a single post of a user with the GDR2 update that has been unable to install apps coz of other storage.

the 1020 is out with gdr2 and no word on release date for the rest. Here we complaining about other storage.

Wouldn't you rather have a patched GDR2 that actually does what it's supposed to rather than get a version of it that is clearly flawed it?

The point of the matter is, its here, tested, but no word nothing. The 1020 is out with gdr2. There should be a connection.

The issue... MS NEEDS TO SEND SMALL UPDATES TO FIX BUGS!!. Why do we need to wait for "8.1" or even "9". Like holy $#!t MS. Heaven forbid u send out updates on a regular basis to MAKE YOUR PLATFORM LOOK DECENT. Its common sense. My 8X has so many regularly-occuring bugs that could have been fixed by now. I will always use WP but sweet Jesus MS. Get a clue. You have Billions of dollars you brag about. Double your workers and GET TO WORK. Amen

Just got my 1020 today (OS 10327.77), installed a dozen apps, the "other" space shown 2.5GB. Didn't check when took it out of box.

Even if you are using GDR2, WP8 will still use free space to speed things, especially from online sources like skydrive thumbnails, etc.
The cached use of space will be reduced as your storage space fills up.  So if you Max out your phone's 16gb or 32gb of storage, the Other gets smaller AUTOMATICALLY. 

Before GDR2, WP8 was less aggressive about firing off to remove other space, so users would get the 'out of space' type message, even though at the next cleanup event the OS would shrink the other storage area down.

So people seeing 1,2,3,4gb of OTHER space in use is normal, and is a 'feature' so that you are not constantly using tons of bandwidth to browse Skydrive, Facebook, etc.

This is why when you open the People Hub, it is populated with their photos and information and all the good stuff that the OS has cached for you as needed, especially if you have been on an unmetere WiFi connection, so that when you are out you aren't having to download pictures and other content over your 3G/4G connection.
Think of this like System Restore or more specifically Offline Files that also caches content over a network in Windows itself, as the OS needs it will populate and use free space, but as the user needs more space, it will stop using this space and give it back to the user.
This is not rocket science, but yet everyone pretends like it is some crazy bug or something outside of their ability to comprehend.  It is just the way WP8 works to speed up your device and reduce bandwidth. 


Before GDR2, WP8 was less aggressive about firing off to remove other space, so users would get the 'out of space' type message, even though at the next cleanup event the OS would shrink the other storage area down.

This is exactly what I'm hoping is going on and what the fix in GDR2 is.
What's interesting to me is that it's rare to see an example of someone saying that "Other storage" is preventing them from doing something (I've seen a few people say they couldn't install some of the larger apps). While the issue is widespread, the effects of it seem far less so.
Either way, Microsoft really needs to INFORM everyone of how it works and what's going on. If it's NOT a bug, they need to say so, to stop the FUD. And if it IS a bug, they need to come clean about it and tell us what they plan to do.

Eww besides the fact that it's not actually 8GB, it also eats some space with this other storage, in the end I have a ~4GB phone :/

Can someone try filling up there phone that has alot of other storage and gdr2 and see if the other storage restricts you at all or if it starts to shrink as you need it. This would test what other people have been saying

Exactly, this is the only way it can be tested (preferably over a few days of regular use, not just fill up and then try and install something 5 seconds later). "Shrink Storage" would be a good way to test this, since it allows you to fill up the entire storage save for an amount of MB that you set manually.

Or, Microsoft could just TELL us what's going on. But that's too much to ask, I guess.

I don't know what I did on my 920 but 5GB was reduced to 2.5GB after installing and updating apps the past 2 weeks.

820 is still useless though.

My latest expirience with the "other" storage was very FUNNY. One week ago I had 10GB of data in the other folder on my 8X. I spent  hours to gain enough free space for the GDR2 (around 600MB) with Shrink storage. When using it, it, as you know, fills up the whole phone storage and after that prodecure I had only a few KBs of free storage left.
The update to GDR2 freed approximately 500MB more data and the other storage sunk to "only" 9GB and I suggested that Microsoft had improved the storage management. So I tried to free some more space with storage shrink - and guess what happened?! After filling the 1GB of free storage left, I looked up the free space in the settings and there were now 2GBs of free storage, although I filled the free space with Shrink Storage! I repeated the prodecure over and over again with Shrink storage and the OS always freed around 1-2Gb of data and know I have 10GBs of free space! I might be the happiest person on the planet right now :D 
Joe Belfiore was right, Windows Phone frees know some space, when you fill you Storage up ;)
P.S. And I also know now what the other storage is supposed to do. When reinstalling old games I used the play, one week ago, I always had my old save state, but it isn'tworking anymore, after deleting the other files.

so if it is actually fixed .. apart from camera .. lumia 820 will certainly have an upper hand over 92x. if camera not considered :p

I did hard reset 3 times to free my lumia 820. I have turned off cloud back up (no more sync with skydrive), I use shrink storage so many times, I use Sandisk SD card class 10 32 Gb, however my other storage keeps getting bigger and bigger. Everytime I hold my lumia I always check my other storage how big is the size now, how much it consumed my lumia storage. I became paranoid. I have been waiting for information or at least confirmation from MS how to solve this. I bought my lumia on the first day it launced in my country on December 2012 and until last week still there is no clue from MS how to deal with this problem. Now I've throw away my lumia and change to iOS, suddenly I feel free. No need to worry about my storage and I'm free to install whatever application I want plus I got better skype experience :)

Why did it said for Lumia 1020? How about Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820 and 920?
And what date of August the GDR2 update will be released for them? No exact time?

Yea "The Others" storage issue sucks ...
I have 1.64GB worth of others in my 8X ( + 1.05GB of music + 1GB of apps + ~266MB of pictures) .

It seems to get better after the GDR2 update though , it was 2GB , then it got reduced to 1.70GB & then 1.69GB last night & now 1.64GB)

My HTC8X has 2.06 GB in other Storage, in GDR2 (it's international version)
I tried again the shrink storage app, which had not worked for me before, and it was able to clean up 0.06GB, so i now have 2.0
The HTC app for getting more space does nothing really

The other storage is my biggest concern with Windows Phone 8. I would love the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile, but instead I will go with a 920 because I don't want to have to worry about the storage, especially since I'm coming from an 8gb device.

I think one way to get MS / Nokia / HTC to take this bug seriously is to go onto the WP store and trash their storage apps in review until the apps allow users to wipe other storage. Might get some attention

my question is: when the hell will Nokia users get the update? It was supposed to be released mid July, but it's almost Aug already and we still haven't heard anything about the update.

Funny everyone fussing about the other storage fix update when We don't even have AN UPDATE! 1020 out included with GDR2 and we don't even have a WORD from J. Bilfiore or anybody. Exception 8x on Tmo, but nobody is even talking about that. What flubber is going on with Joe B. and gang!

I think Joe B needs to expand on this comment - there's so much ambiguity surrounding the other storage issue that an official statement from MS is in order. His tweet has thrown up more questions than answers.

"Does Windows Phone 8 GDR2 fix the ‘Other Storage’ issue? Microsoft says yes, but we’re not too sure"

- ..then why do I buy your shit if it's ever presented as maybe or maybe not?
See, that's what's annoying with the "other storage" issue. That quote from Microsoft is the equivalent of me saying..
I found a cure for breast-cancer, but I'm not sure it will work on the patients ..pisses me off with BS that is solely for "lets put it out there"

Just give an explanation to what it exactly does instead of "it could be for cloud or photos or settings" and so on...and if needed give the option to open it to make changes. But an explanation would be sufficient.

For $299 it should of had 64gb standard. Every phone these days should have 32gb standard and 64gb should be middle and 128gb should be top. Considering ultravooks come with 64/128gb of storage, I am disappointed. 

Just checked on updated htc8s - looks like the issue where auto. upload to skydrive caused duplicate of photo to be kept forever in "other" is fixed. There was also another problem where installation files were kept in other, guess it's corrected as well. (which doesnt mean everything is ok.

The "other storage" issue is a major issue for WP8 owners. I have a Lumia 822 with 16GB of internal storage and the "other storage" has grown to 6 GB. I have Skydrive set so that it doesn't auto upload. I don't have anything loaded on my SD card so that it doesn't duplicate space. I have a fair amount of apps & games on my phone and I'm down to about 3GB of space. I've used shrink storage with limited results. Storage Check is not available on my Lumia 822. I can say that I wouldn't recommend a Windows phone to my sister who is about to upgrade because of this issue, and the slow evolution of WP8 apps. There's a lot of potential for WP8, but I question the investment that Microsoft is making into WP8. I question the amount of resources and money they are putting towards development, partnerships, and OS maintenance. This storage issue should have been dealt with as soon as they became aware of it. I would be interested to know what their strategy and goals are with Windows Phone 8. Who knows?

MS lacks Transparency. First they let carrier take control of update, then they try take control, now its back to carriers. And if carriers don't want to roll put update, tough luck for everybody. With ATT, 1020 has gdr2. I don't understand wtf MS and ATT waiting for.

I would love to be able to tell you if it helps with the "Other" problem but, due to Microsoft leaving it to the carriers and my carrier DROPPING THE BALL to do "testing" again, I have to wait what seems like forever for a dam update that I am looking forward to...
Thanks Microsoft, Verizon and Nokia....My 928 still needs GDR2 now...not 3 months from now...
Microsoft NEEDs to fix this....

You realize that no US carrier has pushed this update out right? Its only came out as a preinstall on a couple of phones.

Well Holmes, he seems to be upset at Verizon... but the fact is, no carrier has pushed GDR2 or Amber to all their Windows Phones. Its only came out on newly released phones.
You people need to chill out.

For higher price you will better go Android. There are Xperia L, Xperia SP, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. The new Moto X will arrive soon too. Windows Phone 8 is the same when you buy new Lumia 720, no Amber coming. Said that it should be waited till September.

Yes I am. If you can too why you still ask it?
I use Nokia Lumia too, I just give a suggestion. For smooth performance, seldom face lag, I agree Windows Phone 8 is great, but how about other features? How about other files? How about the notification, the WhatsApp, WeChat, or other apps? In Android, those apps are still better.

I've had my Lumia 920 just over 5 weeks now and using the Lumia storage check app, my Other is at 1.4 GB.  I've been monitoring it ever since I got the phone, and the only time I've really seen it grow is whenever I manually save photos to Skydrive, or use the facebook app.  I'm guessing the app cache files from facebook and other apps like baconit contribute to Other storage.  Sad since there should be a way to delete those temp cache files from the app itself.  On my old Android phone, I saw the facebook app use a ton of temp file space if I didn't constantly monitor it and go and delete those files every day.  So lately I have not saved any photos to Skydrive and have been using the People Hub more for checking facebook notifications rather than the fb app and I have not seen Other grow more than 1.4 GB in a few weeks now.  I don't install or play games either if that helps.  Still would like to see a permanent fix soon from Nokia & MS :(

I've had my phone only 3 weeks and I already have 1gb of "other" data. I used the Shrink Storage app but it acomplished nothing. *sigh*. Should have saved more and got an iPhone. 
On Android I can just dive in with a File Manager and bulk-delete everything. Problem solved. 

MS made BIG mistake. He did great managed smart windowsphone, but cant manage dumb customers to be smart too, because of Gauss-curve. Better to hide all the memory diagnostics and report only "you have ALL the memory free for you" (as Chuck Norris likes to say) ......

No one has never been so Nokia Fan as me. I had made about 6 friends buy Lumia.
No one has never deffended Microsoft as me. I always says that because of Microsoft, today, a poor mother of a third world country can afford a computer to his son have internet.
But I am not "fanboy" and I like to improve quality of things I use.
This ANNOYING thing called OTHERS FOLDER are so disgusting and increadible that are making myself re-think all i always had though about Nokia and Microsoft.
I had wrote for both and no answer for that. As well, it seems no solution either.
I just CAN'T BELIVE I can't wipe the temp files form my phone... It seems they start to work as APPLE and if they think i need to have this cache so they know more than me. It's just umbeliveble.