Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020

Quick Review: Moshi iVisor AG screen protector for the Nokia Lumia 1020

Confession: we rarely, if ever, use screen protectors. We prefer the tried and true “just be careful with it” approach with our smartphones but the Lumia 1020 has us thinking differently. That’s because we all know the Lumia 1020 costs a bit more and perhaps we’ll want to take extra steps to protect it.

We picked up the Moshi iVisor AG screen protector from our local AT&T store and figured we’d give it a try.

What’d we think? Head past the break for some images and a video tour.

The Moshi iVisor AG is an anti-finger and anti-glare screen protector. It’s reusable in the sense that you can peel it off, wash it, let it air dry and then re-apply. While that’s possible, you’ll have to be super careful that dust doesn’t land on the adhesive side while drying. Still, it’s a nice option—in theory.

Applying the Moshi was effortless. We wiped down our display with the included cloth, peeled the back and simply aligned the protector. Total time? 90 seconds. The iVisor AG covers 99% of the display, including the capacitive buttons near the bottom. As a result, there are square cutouts for those buttons and it looks a tad odd, but overall it’s not too bad. The AT&T logo was a smidge off center, but we had no bubbles and it was a clean install.

Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020

Touch sensitivity was not reduced and in fact, the Lumia 1020 felt really nice to use with iVisor AG installed. The screen is significantly more matte (glare free) than before and fingerprints are virtual gone from regular usage. Not everyone likes matte screens though, so make sure you consider that before buying. Reduced color and clarity is technically a concern but so far, we don't have any complaints.

Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020

The Moshi iVisor AG goes for $25 at AT&T stores and while that is stupid expensive, we have to admit we kind of like the look and feel of it. Between gaining screen protection, reduced glare and a cleaner display, the $25 doesn’t really feel wasted—and that’s from a screen protector skeptic. 

Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020


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Quick Review: Moshi iVisor AG screen protector for the Nokia Lumia 1020


A quick question: how are you able to get your Instance tile to match your theme colour? Is it a future update that you have a beta of or is it a setting that I'm missing?

when you change your theme color, most app tiles don't update their color. i don't use instance but but if you unpin them and pin them back, most of them they pick up the current theme color.

You don't have to unpin a tile when the theme doesn't update, just launch the app and it updates.

I know it may not be a big deal to you Dani, but it bothers many people. Not me much (occasionally), but my friends when they read articles on WPCentral and there are spelling and grammar mistakes, they go insane.

Daniel, not that it matters to content, it does get in the way of readers comprehension. I write for a music site and proofread every post at least twice. In for a dime...

Is this a statement, a question or what? I can't tell with out the missing PUNCTUATION!! Nazi, geh nach Hause und nimm bitte deine eigene Medizin. LOL.

For the price of that screen protector I'd want it made out of fine gold, then again the 1020 deserves a luxurious life.

The first comment posted actually about the screen protector! Well done Hodgsonn.
I have to agree, screen protectors would seem to be a waste of money. So, Nokia and all other phone manufacturers make useless screens that scratch too easily and cannot be seen without an additional film coating on them?
I think that screen protectors are a throw-back to the days of plastic resistive screens. Are there still people who pour juice from the carton into a glass jug to store it in the refridgerator?

I had one of these for my 920. It was awful. After a week to 2 the edges were covered in dust and funk and it stopped sticking because of it. I spent ~3 months reapplying it every 2 weeks before I went and got a wet shield. The AG coating worked well and when it was freshly applied I liked it but it just kept falling off

Would not recommend.

Dan from Moshi here.
Never fun when you have a bad experience with a product. If you're still having trouble with the iVisor's adhesive, make sure you wash thouroughly and use a little mild detergent to scrub it. Don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any concerns. Thanks for your interest,

I got the Zagg full body on my 920. Took an hour to put on and it was awesome......for 10 days. Then the corners started to peel up from pocketing. Never done screen protection since

They didn't even have the 920 at the Att store when I went today, they had the 1020 and 521 only, no other windows phones at all.

I had the moshi for my 920, used for 4 days washed it cause it got dirty never stuck again 25 bucks wasted, I thought about buying it and looked at the money and told it your good for 10 Heineken's and bought that screen protector.

Just wanted to chime in on my experience with these. I bought 1 in january with my 920, didn't stick real well but I did keep it on my phone most of the time. A couple of months ago, I took it off and started to flex it a little, bend it in my hand to kinda mirror the bend of the curved glass on the phone. After that it was sticking better. However I just recently replaced it with a new 1. (Tried a zagg and it was peeling as well) The new 1 is working flawlessly. Sticks on the phone perfectly without me having to bend it or anything.
I will say this about them, they do dim the look of your screen. It is not as bright, not as clear or colorful. There is a difference. However, they feel much better than a zagg or something similar to those. Instead of feeling sticky or however you want to describe the Zagg's and others in that same category, it feels smooth and dry. I much prefer the feeling of the Moshi protector. In addition, take it off, wash with warm water and soap over the whole thing let it dry and reapply them as often as you want. They do work. It's also nice that on the occasion I want to be reminded of how beautiful the bare 920 screen is, I simply take it off until I've had my "fix", then reapply it when I am ready or when I'm going out and want extra protection. There are cons to the Moshi but there are some pretty nice pros to it as well.

I bought one of those for my 920 when I bought the phone. The store rep installed it. After a few hours it started to come out on a corner.I put something heavy on top of the phone to make it stick better but it didn't work. I went to the store and they replaced it.Same problem again.It never stick. I end up getting back my money and replacing it with a Zagg clear full body.

Spending $25 on a screen protector. For shame. Lets go to BestBuy and get us some $125 HDMI cables. But I digress... I would protect it with bubblewrap if I could resist popping the bubblewrap.

General question?
Where can I get a yellow Camera grip, because it seems that the only color that AT&T see's is black. GOD they are so wack.

My 920 seems to keep clean fairly easily. A quick huff with my breath and a wipe on jeans or shirt clears any smudges. Don't think I need this...

I too went "naked" for months, then I noticed my 920 had very fine scratches. Cant hardly see it when indoors. So I got a screen protector for equivalent of US$7.75. Slightly matt. Doesn't reduce the touch sensitivity. A month later, its still stayed on. Not bad...

I use zagg products usually, the current one on my 820 cost me £19.99, so about $30. I am more than happy to spend that to keep my screen pristine. You get what you pay for at the end of the day.

"Not everyone likes matte screens though, so make sure you consider that before buying."
Why would you buy a screen protector if not for the matte screen?
These things are basically useless on Gorilla Glas screens. They just absorb tons of scratches and start looking horrible after a while. Scratches that wouldn't even have affected the normal screen.
A scratch strong enough to affect Gorilla Glas is a scratch strong enough to just ignore the protector.

I don't know, my 920 has lots of micro scratches. My dad's 920 has a screen protector and it looks great. My last phone had a screen protector and it got beat up pretty good, but when I removed it the screen itself was perfect. I have yet to see any naked phone that is scratch free after a few months.

I use Zagg and Skinomi protectors on all the phones I've owned. When applied properly, they don't peel or bubble, and the screen is crystal. They last a long time for me. I tried a Moshi for a tablet. It worked well, but the wet application type have longevity. Just my preference.

Tried one of these on the 920 "for free" as a demo phone when a rep wanted to see how they install. It did not stay on for two minutes. Hopefully, they have improved the product since then and the flatter screen of the 1020 will likely help the Mophi design. The capacitive button cut outs and framing made go Zagg.

The 1020's Zagg seems to be thinner and smoother than the 920's from last fall. Just using the front one for now...

I've used cheap 1 dollar a piece screen.protectors for several years now and never had one peel off on its own. Must be the curved glass on 920 and 1020 that causes these issues.
Also matte screen protectors rock on lesser displays, but I doubt you'd need one on nokia clearblacks.

Does anyone have the problem with they're Lumia 928 scratching easily? It was Gorilla Glass yet it picks up scratch marks with careful use. Frustrated!

I've got the Verizon screen protector on mine. I've managed to scratch gorilla glass a few times, so don't want to chance it.

Not sure about availability for the 1020 yet, but you can usually get these type of screen protectors for much, much cheaper on Amazon.
I got a 3 pack of anti-glares for I think $5 on Amazon for my 822.

I think I had the exact same one for my L900 last year. My preorder arrived Friday two days before official release and I bought the screen protector at an AT&T store and since accessories were scant, I paid for about the same price. I had it on my phone up until upgrading to the L920 mid-November. In that time, it developed some scratches, but did a fantastic job protecting my screen and after repeated washings over the months, never appeared to loose it's stick. I also appreciated the absence of fingerprint grease with it on.
Considering the nicks and scratches my 920 has accumulated, I regret not getting the same brand or similar.