Nokia: "By the end of the year, there'll be very few, if any key applications that aren't in the development pipeline or published"

Bryan Biniak

Engadget took time out to sit down with Bryan Biniak, VP and General Manager of Global Partner and App Development at Nokia, to ask about app development on Windows Phone. Since today was also the UK launch of JobLens, as well as a new partnership with Entrepreneur First to help fuel mobile innovation in young minds seeking to start new businesses.

Biniak explained how the Windows Phone ecosystem is growing quickly and most-wanted apps are more the question of "when?" and not "if only."

"We're not having a single conversation with anybody, of any material application that's out there, that isn't going to be coming to the platform. It's not a matter of if -- I had those conversations, the "if" conversations, before -- all of our conversations now are "when." It's maturing, and it's time to come in. By the end of the year, there'll be very few, if any key applications that aren't in the development pipeline... or published."

While there are gaps in the catalogue of apps for Windows Phone, developers who support the platform have shown consumers that just because an app isn't official, doesn't mean it's not worth the time checking out. A perfect example of this would be 6Sec by Rudy Huyn, an unofficial Vine app. That said, it's always good to have the backing of larger brands. 

Biniak also touched on Google, who has displayed a lack of will to support Microsoft's mobile platform, ignoring its own consumers who utilise Google products and own a Windows Phone. "They are doing themselves a disservice by not being on every screen," explains Biniak. "That will get resolved over time, but as consumer demand builds, they're not going to have an option."

Microsoft and Nokia have managed to secure partnerships and deals for Windows Phone that have introduced unique experiences for consumers. The Windows Phone Store will continue to grow with official and popular apps arriving, which are already available on other platforms. Many companies and developers are already looking at Windows Phone as yet another screen to get their work published on. As Biniak rightfully stated, it's simply a matter of when?

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Nokia: "By the end of the year, there'll be very few, if any key applications that aren't in the development pipeline or published"



I just want a better ESPN app. It sucks and we only have Scorecenter (plus Nokia's Hub, that's not that good), it would be nice to have a CFB Live & NFL Live app along with new fantasy apps.
And support is terrible, I spent 3 months trying to get them to fix my notifications, until finally I figured it out on my own (something wrong with my ESPN account that I had for 10 years), I made a new account and it stopped sending me unwanted notifications.
Plus, everytime they emailed me they either thought was on a Windows 8 PC, tablet or on a Windows Phone 7. Even though I corrected them repeatedly and every email I sent them had my signature as "Sent from my Windows Phone 8".
If any of you are interested, please bombard them with emails about supporting WP8.

Nokia getting impatient with Microsoft, wants them to work harder to bring apps to the platform...this has been reported somewhere on Wmpoweruser or BGR...it seems true...there has been no lack of efforts from Nokia..looks at the past year and the number of devices..only if those lazy asses at MS had worked harder we could had gdr3 or 8.1 out by now and expecting high res, high spec brilliant devices from Nokia...imagine a sleek 4.7 or 5"HD Gorilla 3 Lumia with quad core Snapdragon, 2/4 GB RAM, expandable memory and a 41 MP camera...it will beat the shit out of iPhones n Galaxies..

Microsoft had no intentions on bringing "blue" out before a year after WP8 initial release, this was established before 8 even came out.

Whenever these apple fan boys and girls come at me with the "you dont have this app" crap. I simply pull up on of my Xbox live games on my phone and start racking up achievements and reply: "you were saying?"

Wrong answer, Nokia. The problem isn't the lack of apps, the problem is that the apps (even those from Microsoft) are too bad.

There sure is a lot of Microsoft hate around here.
You are supposed to be the platforms biggest supporters, instead all you do is complain and belittle Microsoft's efforts. Sure you may be disappointed, but most of you cry about things that are either not Microsoft's fault or about things that are going as planned, like the update schedule (which was eluded to months before WP8 was even released).
So much is expected of MS that nothing will satisfy everyone. It's almost ridiculous how many whine without even knowing what they are talking about or even whine about common sense things.
Sometimes it's like everyone here is a troll posing as Windows Phone users.

2-3 years is "never" because by the time the hot apps arrive society has moved on to something else.
Its not very convincing when you indicate its a matter of "when" because aside from the minor OS updates there hasn't been much movement.

Integrated Printing please or at least the HP Eprint app so I don't have to email directly to my printer. It should be easy to send a PDF to my printer.

This sounds very promising though. WP8 is growing; it will be interesting to see the integration with WP8 and Windows 8 with the arrival of Blue. I see Nokia being as popular and profitable as Samsung's phone division in 5 years.

Everytime a a favorite app maker is asked about WP, the respond with : "we'll make an app when we see the demand...". That's not entirely true. Modern business is about following not leading. MS needs to "rule social media". Windows Phone needs to be relevant wherever people are gathering. Personally, I am not a big Instagram user, but the WP platform would have a LOT more users had MS resolved this back in WP7. Windows Phone 8 should be the Flipboard of phone OSes. Integrate all the relevant ones and users will flock.

I totally agree with you, OSean. It seems as if Microsoft abandoned their primary differentiator when they initially launched WP7 and that was to make the os "task focused" rather than "app focused." You wan to chat? The chat apps will be integrated into the Messaging Hub. You want to look at pictures? All in the Pictures Hub instead of going in and out of Flickr, Picasso, skydrive, etc. searching for where you're holding the pictures. I always used this approach as the unique selling point of WP vs the iPhone and Android phones. As it relates to apps, it's not just about getting EXISTING apps that are popular on other platforms but it's all about developers wanting to work on and launch FUTURE apps first on Windows Phone, or at least at the same time and just as food as on other platforms. Only at that point that the platform reaches critical mass will this whole "lack of apps" story disappear.

I really don't understand some of you ranting Microsoft's lack of support for the Windows Phone platform. If you remember, there was a talk on Talk Mobile about how important software is than just pooling in a very powerful hardware. If it was not for Microsoft's work and effort in order to release as OS which has a shared core and native C & C++ support, we won't be seeing all these killer games and awesome third party apps today. Besides, Microsoft have already chalked out plans for future updates which we will eventually receive. I absolutely do not see lack of support from Microsoft for the platform. If anything, they aren't moving at a fast pace in releasing those updates, but at least we are still seeing a bunch of apps hitting the store.

I think that part the issue for many folks is that MSFT should have had native code support in WP7. It shows a lack of foresight. Developers like familiarity. If the other platforms already offer tools and you're not making it easier for them, it can prevent developer support. It's almost like we'll do the iOS and Droid apps first. We'll even code for different versions of Droid, before we address your platform. Highly annoying, but MSFT really needs to step up their game.

Windows Phone 7 according to me is just a UI makeover with Live Tiles Support running Windows CE, nothing more. Besides, do you know what was the maximum RAM in a Windows Phone 7 device? Is was a meagre 512MB and many of them even ran on 256MB. Many of the apps developed today with their rich content will not work well with such low RAM, let alone games. Native games on a 256MB device??? Everything that MS does is for a very specific reason. There is no point in cribbing about what Windows Phone 7 was, it's about what Windows Phone 8 is today and what Windows Phone x is going to be tomorrow. Upgrade your phone to Windows Phone 8 when your service provider's contract comes up for renewal next. That will settle your frustration.

I have a Lumia 920, which I pre-ordered. My original response was basically noting a negative pattern from MSFT in general, in terms of decision making. For some reason, there seems to be a lack of foresight going back to the launch of WP7.  Common features to other platforms have been ommitted and the 'we'll get you on the next release' is far too common. It's almost like someone with decision making power doesn't quite get it.

I want square for mobile payments. Square has made it very clear they don't want to develop for windows phone.

I need Bluetooth 4.0, the ability to customize SMS and email tones, better bookmark organization in the browser, and the ability to open tabs in the background in the browser more than I need the apps that I miss.

While they are at it please create Windows Phone apps for car systems. We still have no Entune Toyota or HondaLink app. Ironic given Toyota's Entune features the Bing app.

What would be really nice is VPN support. Having that one feature would have kept me from getting a galaxy S4 instead of a 928. It is very infuriating to have to carry multiple phones especially when all I am doing is checking on thing only with one of them. I am having calls forwarded from the s4 to my 920 but need the s4 VPN support do deal with one thing. I am hoping this is resolved soon....

i know its not nokia's fault, but i am fed up with Microsoft not updating the OS fast...they need to make sure what is important a 41mp camera or more features to eat android's share in the market. I have to get a new phone i really want to upgrade my lumia to 1020 from 720, but i am also speculating HTC one just because windows phone is not  getting apps, and not getting features. 

Their update pace is not that slow. Compare it to Apple's. It's better to take time and test things than to release random, buggy updates like Android does.
New updates are always nice, but personally the operating itself is much more important to me than the pace of updates for the operating system, and for me, Windows Phone is easily the best operating system. I will never again buy an Android phone. That operating system is a sluggish mess. If Windows Phone didn't exist, I'd probably very begrudgingly get an iPhone. Thankfully, though, Windows Phone exists and I don't have to do that.

Thee solution for MS is simple, instead of waiting around for developers to release apps for wp just buy them up. MS shouldve bought instagram and should buy snapchat and any other upstart app develer. It seemed to work out pretty well when they had Halo exclusivity for the the xbox.

I dont know about buying upstarts.  Some flake out fast.  Who knew instagram was going to be INSTAGRAM or snapchat for that matter.  Same thinking goes for Zynga.  MS was somewhat interested in Zynga but look at what happened to Zynga now.  MS is supposed to have some type of partnership with Facebook who owns instagram.  The relationship between these two baffles me. 

Everyone talks about how slow MS is, when they've redone the entire OS kernel in the time it's taken Google to add a few APIs and Google Now. And while MS has been slow to add features since Mango, the other problem is that people keep asking for unnecessary features instead of important ones. For example, people ask for a notification center instead of important things like basic audiobook support and xbox video compatibility.

Who owns this OS? Nokia or Microsoft? Microsoft should be ebarrassed that it appears Nokia is pushing the platform more than them. They better be throwing Nokia a nice bone for this.

Microsoft isn't the most vocal of corporations, but believe that they are doing much more than you think. Including being involved with everything Nokia is doing.

Until full OFFICIAL apps like Vine, CandyCrush, Instagram and Pinterest  (I hear it from my wife everyday :/ ) come to the MS store WP8 will continue to be written off by critics and haters, regardless of how nice the 3rd party apps are.

Its the chicken or the egg.
"WP won't be popular until it gets more apps, on time" - "WP won't get more apps and on time until it is more popular".

By the time ish like candy crush comes nobody will be playing it like temple run I want the best new thing not these old fads that nobody will care about 6months from now