Microsoft and Google team up for LGBT InterTech Diversity Forum

Sure, Microsoft and Google may be trying to murder each other when it comes to technology, but the two companies can always team up for a good cause. This week in London, the two companies along with others including Amazon, Dell, and Nokia came together to launch the brand new InterTech Diversity Forum for LGBT+ people (since when did we get a “plus” added?).

The event was not only a time for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) employees to congregate, but for corporations to show off how supportive they have been. Andrew Sinclair, General Manager of Skype, stated that:

“We have a great history of building diversity within our workforce. In fact in 1989, Microsoft was one of the first big global companies that gave same-sex domestic partners benefits and to have diversity policies around gender identity. It’s something that we’re very proud of and something that we have been driving for such a long time.”

Andrew MacApline, the co-chairman of InterTech, also spoke about his experiences while working at Google:

“Being gay at Google is a non-issue because you are given the freedom to be yourself. I would love for InterTech to empower and enable other LGBT+ people to replicate that type of environment in their own work place.”

The event was able to raise €1750 (around $2,683) including an €850 donation from Google.

The next InterTech party is planned for some time in London and while aimed at the LGBT+ community, welcomes all sexual orientations to attend and have some fun.

For now, you can follow the initiative on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Source: IntercityNews


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Microsoft and Google team up for LGBT InterTech Diversity Forum


First off,, anyone who makes a negative comment about gay people is not welcome here.. Keep your opinions to yourselves, and stay focused on how this could benefit WP❕❕
Maybe these guys, and girls, can help to bring the two companies closer together,, and bring down walls that hurt consumers in the long run..

I bet if this was about an official Playboy magazine app nobody would be complaining.. Hypocrisy.. If that ever happens you should be the first to post a comment about how you're not with that... What would be the difference❔

Lol❕.. NIST, you've been giving me a hard time for quite awhile now.. Its Ok,, I've got thick skin son.. I'll get you back soon.. Just wait.. Lol❕

I love how you initally disregard anyone else's opnion straight off.  It really says a lot about you.  
You're entitled to yours, and I mine.  I think this LGBT crap needs to stay out of coroprate America.  Ones sexuality has zero place in the workplace.  I donh't run down the halls at my office screaming I am straight, or make any other reference.  

Yeah, and your opinion is fine, but WPC has said that this is not the time, or place, for those view points, and hatred will not be tolerated❕ When will some of you understand that.. And, just because I stand up for people doesn't determine whether or not I agree, or disagree, with what they do because that's not my business.. Neither is it your, or anyone else to pass judgment or make negative comments.. The fact alone that the first comment had to be about people respecting others, on WPC, just proves somthing in itself.. Why would you want to contribute to that❔
But, I do agree with you about one thing.. The fact that I would disregard anyone's negative opinion about others rights that they should have as a human being does say something about me,,, and I thank you for the compliment.

While I'm glad they're pushing for equality, the fact that they're cooperating just proved one thing: the universe is about to divide by zero!

Yes, that was a really silly comment.

And that's one of the reasons why Russia is considered to be a backwards country.

:-o wtf? I still have the app but when I get my new Lumia 925 or 1020 two months from now...is the app still in the marketplace? I don't see it, and mines still doesn't have ads and it's a little buggy like after you watch a video and stop it and try to go back it won't play and gives you an error....but anyways I know wrong place to be talking about it but since you replied just figured why not...

Well ... apparently, you didn't get his jokes. The app is finished ... or ... rather ... killed ... dead ... kaput ... or anything you want to describe a dead man :)

Why can't they team up to get n official "Youtube" app?? Outside of that, talk to the hand because OMG55 isn't listening to anything Google's selling!!!! OUT

Great to see this companies toghether for our cause! This big companies must fight with us making the life of their employees!
I hope more gay apps will comes to Windows Phone...

No, it's not reverse discrimination. In general society rarely, if ever discriminates against straight people solely for the fact that they are straight. LGBT people often have these events because in a lot of countries, it provides them a safe place to come together and celebrate whatever their interests may be, or to bring about awareness of their existence in different job fields.

This is the most stupid comment I've read so far, I'll keep scrolling maybe someone will manage to best you.

No, it's only discriminatory and hateful when you try to celebrate heterosexuality or express a dissenting opinion. :)

When at least one country starts judging and treating you like a piece of garbage, when people go and punch you in the face, kick your guts and make you bleed cause they hate you, when people point at you and insuls you and more people gather to insult you as well, when you are descriminated and treated as a mental or someone who is dammed to burn in hell... only then maybe you'll have your straight+ event, ok?

Great news! I can't wait until they team up at a pro-life event next! I'm cool with a LGBT event. No problem. But what I do have a problem with is the lack of these companies supporting "right wing" issues. Do we ever see them at a pro-life events or other right wing issues? No! For a group of people that support equality and fairness, they are hardly that.

Perhaps the intelligent people at Google and Microsoft believe the best way to make the world a better place is by backing real issues that will make a change.  Not right-wing crap.  It's hardly equality and fairness if they were to back a view which was specifically against equality and fairness, which almost every single right-wing view is.

Translation: anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda is nothing more than hate-filled, archaic, and expendable.

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with it,,, its when you disrespect others rights that makes it a problem... And, It has been said by Daniel Rubino himself that this is not the place for negative viewpoints about others.. Everyone is welcome here, and you, YOU, have the responsibility to make sure that every WP user is treated in a way to where they feel like part of the team... Are you going to do that❔

what exactly are these so called right wing issues/

you list pro life as one... how about family assistance for that woman who could have gotten an abortion because she just couldnt afford another baby...

how about making it easier for people to adopt children, especially rape babies, teenage pregnancies and those born out of wed lock..

how about supporting family planning and contraception because condoms = less babies...

what about trying to get people out of poverty so that they can afford to have nine babies if they choose to do so...

most right wingers dont want any of this because they are pro birth, as soon as the child is born they say screw them, it is not my fault your poor mother cannot feed you. i didnt send her to get pregnant. if she had just kept an aspirine between her legs she wouldnt be in this situation

but i digress... unless you are willing to help the baby AFTER it is born, you are not pro life, you are pro birth

because she just couldnt afford another baby

Give the baby up for adoption. Why kill?

making it easier for people to adopt children

supporting family planning and contraception because condoms = less babies...
get people out of poverty

I agree.

I love how they support equality and lgbt -rights. But I'm not sure what else the article tried to tell me. Gay apps coming? I am slightly confused ;-) 

It seems to be bragging about how Microsoft is forward thinking, and here to provide products, services, jobs to everyone, and treat all its employees equally.. That's the message I got anyways.. And, that's a good thing.

Sorry, Russia has never been #1, except those two weeks after WWII when America took a vacation and asked you to keep an eye on the place.

That was the "soviet" Russia. No one likes communists. And I'm not talking about war or anything, I meant in the cultural way.

Microsoft and Google prefer to get in bed together to please a minority than to provide their customers from all sexual preferences with apps and services they want.
And what do we learn? 
We learn that the gay lobby is stronger than the wills and needs of consumers in general.

Did I say that? I don't think I did.
I said the gay lobbies have more power than the will of the customers. Otherwise MS and Google would not team up for them either. That and only that.

I don't think you were judging anyone,, and that is kind of a good point,, if you think about it... It just shows how peaceful, and reasonable, some groups of people can be compared to others..

I'm thinking Google requested it be added in exchange for their contribution aka Google+.   It's a marketing tactic of sorts but seems a bit tacky.  If Microsoft followed their example we might get "LGBT+ powered by Bing".    I'm just being paranoid lolz

Because there are so many new made-up sexualities that people claim they are part of, etc.

I don't really understand the point of this thread... being gay is the only requisite for being cool to each other and share tech? What about doing a NO LGBT event?

Every other event is a straight event. Everything that isn't LGBT is straight. Honesty, stop ur hatin'. LGBTs are allowed to have their own events. Or are you going to take that right from us as well?

Then why not label them as "Straight" events, if that's what they truly are? Do they worry about offending or excluding a particular group by doing so? And since when has sexual preference had anything to do with pushing technology forward?

Isn't hate bro, to me and a bunch people is really indifferent having events with straight or gay people , what I don't get is why making an event with only gays.. Seems like go ahead find an excuse to make an event "talk and discuss" about tech then go ahead and try to score with your new friend because that's the secondary goal of the event. That way you won't get discriminated. Which it really derails of the main topic, sharing tech

In a giant part of the country (referring to the USA) , homosexuals are looked at like they are not even human. I feel like most of the LGBT events are there to provide support and comfort for them. As well as, give them a place to be themselves.
In what world is heterosexuality looked down upon or condemned?
I do think that all the parading around is absolute bullshit.

Please tell us more how straight people are discriminated against because of their orientation. Stop acting like you don't understand why this kind of events are held for people who are discriminated.

It isnt LBGT only, it's celebrating LBGT.
Big difference, you're welcome to join the festivities, just like in every LBGT event

you don't get a day, you are just supposed to shut up, work, and pay your taxes and let us shove all of our propaganda down your throat.
At least Russia wised up to this.

Please, stop praise Russia. I live in Ukraine and I am terrified about their new laws. Especially considering that ukrainian government loves to bring here russian bad ideas.

Actually you get every single day for you. And stop acting as if you're the only one working and paying taxes, what does that even have to do with anything? And what kind of propaganda are you talking about?
PS. It will take a while before Russia actually wises up.

Don't you know? You don't get preferential treatment because you get preferential treatment. Every day is your day, but don't you dare label it as such. You'll be accused of being a "hate monger" by simply acknowledging what everyone else seems to know as a fact.

That's what I said the other day❕ we need a "like" button in comments.. I hope the add it in a future update..

Yep, definitely need 'like' 'dislike' and 'report' buttons. :)
Ashamed at some of the ignorant and bigoted comments in this thread, but not surprised by it unfortunately...

Assuming you live in America and are TRULY middle-class, you enjoy all the benefits of social mobility, easier job access, and the ability to perhaps one day send your children to college if you have not already.

:) love that wpcentral posts LGBT stuff like this, makes me proud to be a member of the wpcentral and windows phone community

Some of the comments are really disturbing on a modern website. Joking is one thing, but there's no need for all the hate. And to comment on the article, I hope this means Grindr will eventually make it to WP. 

Lmfao is it bad I don't care about this article as much as I came to read the comments. As a gay male myself I usually don't get offended by stuff people say as people calling reverse discrimination for stuff like this and other ignorant ways of thinking amuse me so much. Lmfao

Yes❕... He gave us both the ability to judge people.. Its that some people are a better judge of poor character,, which is what we should be discriminating against, not things that people can't help...

No GOD didn't. GOD told us to let people know what their doing is sinful. Not to judge. That's for GOD to do.

How could you let someone know that their doing is sinful without judging them first❕.. This is the real world, and if you need it explained to you another way then here you go.. This isn't the place for you to express to other community members that their lifestyle is sinful.. Now, that's in your own terminology... Whenever you are lacking sin yourself, which would make you perfect, then you might be able to go where you please preaching the truth without fault... Religion is a great thing, but it can be used for evil.. I just want you to tell me how you're capable of falling for that part of it.. How❔

That's why Christians aren't suppose to judge. Everybody sins. We're suppose to try not to and repent when we do. It's kinda hard to repent if you know you're still gonna commit the sin. As a Christian we're suppose to hate the sin and love the sinner. Only Jesus was without sin.

We're not to judge but the majority of America are against this. No mater what the media tells you. Everytime it's been voted on the people voted for traditional Godly values. Still I believe just what God says. It's your choice. I'm not to judge you. God will judge us all.

Your problem is the minority is so vocal and the media has an agenda. Anyone who disagrees with this is branded a bigot and numerous other tolerant terms so a lot of people who oppose this sort of thing are intimidated to silence.

If you truly don't judge and leave that stuff up to God, then I see no problem with voting for what you believe in. It starts becoming a problem when people spout off hate.

Just because the majority of people are for something does that make it right❔The majority of people are for Android❕

Well obviously most people prefer larger screens, 1080 resolution, better SD card support, wider app selection, etc.... Myself I prefer Xbox live integration.

Where are you going❔.. You're a perfect human being❔ You do no wrong,,, ever❕❕❓❓..... Who are you to judge the most despicable person❔ Tell me who you are❕

You know, there's a good ancedote here in Ukraine and Russia:
- What's the buzz on the street, Barrymore?
- This is a gay pride parade, sir.
- And what do they require Barrymore?
- Same-sex love, sir.
- Is there anyone to ban this?
- No, sir.
- So why do they make noise?
- Fags, sir.
Sorry if offended anyone.
Now tell me please, WTF is this news story all about at WPC? Did we really get some kind of Google and MS LGBTs team up to develop a native Youtube client fow WP? Or may be there's a word about Google continues to support the Exchange ActiveSync protocol for WP7.x fellows? Or may be just a single word on MS stopping "Scroogled" ad campaign?
NO! We just get news that a bunch of people with a nontarditional sex orientation from Google and MS have a great event  together. And that's it.
Now tell me, what kind of discrimination do LGBTs get when buying a new phone at their local retairler, or buying some bread and milk at the food store or gas at the gas station? NONE! They are treated the same way as anyone else would be. THEY ARE CUSTOMERS!
I'm not a gay hater. Bu tell me please one more thing. If you are a straight do you always walk the streets shouting out that you're straight?!!! So why should LGBTs do that? Why is there news about that on tech web site dedicated to Windows Phone like this one? If you do not intent starting flame on this topic try to stay as much away from it as possible.

Its no different than MS teaming up with others to support the NAACP❕... Its Microsoft news and this is the place for MS news... WPC reports stories about MS helping people in Africa.. They run articles about MS helping out the school system, and its not always about MS providing devices, and technology... If WPC did run a article about black people in the workplace would that ruffle your feathers❔... I wish y'all would say something about that.. So, what's the difference❔

And yes,, gay people do walk the streets saying how proud they are to be gay... Its no different than black people fighting for their civil rights, marching in crowds screaming "I black and im proud".. People that have been denied their freedom, and rights, buy others will at some point stand up for themselves.. Its its obvious that people like you wouldn't understand that because most likely you never had to fight for anything... Instead of being selfish and asking what do I get, you should be glad that you don't have to deal with oppression, and being judged, everyday for something you can't help❕... The problem with your thinking is that it lacks compassion... That's who you are❔

That's a terrible "anecdote" because it's not even close to being funny.
This article is about an event held by Microsoft and Google, which happen to be tech companies and that's why the event is mentioned on a tech website. It's not that hard to comprehend. Also, if you don't like flame wars, why are you starting one by posting pointless questions?

Well, first of all, the beginning of your comment did offend me. The fact that we're referred to as "f*gs" is where I draw the line.

Now let me tell you. You see that little tag on the top of the post? It says "MICROSOFT NEWS", because that is what it is. If it were about an app, it would say "APPS", or if it were Talk Mobile, it would say "TALK MOBILE". Technically it IS news, about Microsoft, so yeah. It's not up to you to pick and choose what goes on the site.

I really can't begin to comprehend why people would be so offended over a news article such as this. I want to be totally clear with you, Artem, NOTHING is good when it comes to Russia and human rights, including your little anecdote. The sooner Putin get's his comeuppance the better. He has done nothing but treated his people like filth.

Right, what on Earth were you were saying about non-traditional sexual orientation? You were joking right? Being lesbian/gay/bi/trans whatever has been traditional for millenia. Just like hetrosexual orientation. It's shown in many different animals throughout evolution. I can't be bothered to source links for you, as you clearly wouldn't even bother reading those pages.

Now your comment kinda startled me:
"Now tell me, what kind of discrimination do LGBTs get when buying a new phone at their local retairler, or buying some bread and milk at the food store or gas at the gas station? NONE! They are treated the same way as anyone else would be. THEY ARE CUSTOMERS!"

Um, well, you are totally wrong there. It depends on where you are. PEOPLE ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST ALL OF THE TIME, not just in the US but other countries as well. People are turned away from shops, saying that "we don't serve your kind in here". People are turned away from hotels. Just look at places like Texas, New Mexico and Kansas. It happens all of the time there. Just look it up online, you'll see what I'm talking about. I may not be from the US but I sure as hell know what does go on with these topics. You think that everyone is treated well just because you are? You're wrong there.

Your next comment:
"If you are a straight do you always walk the streets shouting out that you're straight?!!! So why should LGBTs do that?"

I'll tell you why, because THERE ISN'T ENOUGH ACCEPTANCE. There are countries that jail LGBT people. For life. There are other countries that even kill us. You think that we're doing this because we're trying to ram it in people's faces, for fun? WRONG. (Okay these pride events are kinda fun, but there is still an important message). We are doing this because we still don't have the equality we need, yet. It's getting better in many countries, but for the vast majority of them there is still a long way to go. If we gave up the fight then we would simply end up trodden on. People would see us as even more of a minority and then discriminate even more. Without the right awareness people will still think it's a mental illness, like they do in some other countries.

Oh and as for staying away from the topic? WPCentral has a lot of balls to be able to post something like that. The whole "don't ask don't tell" culture you're referring to sickens me to the core. Why can't we be treated normal for goodness sake? I'll tell you why. It's the right wing loonies and the religious nutjobs spewing their hate that stops us being treated as normal. That's why, and your comment don't exactly help the cause either. An objective opinion is fine, but please try and research what you say first before coming out with trash like "LGBT people don't get discriminated against".

And just like that I get distracted from work hahaha I just spent quite a time reading stuff about/from sarcatsic jokes, comments from ignorant white people, a fight about russia and ukraine?,  the hopes of people for grindr, stupid people asking for straight day (LOL), people wondering what's up with YouTube, people pretending to be LGBT advocates, spammers... Ah gotta love reading WPCentral :)
PS: I'm gay but not that into the LGBT cultural stuff and so but yeah I guess it's nice that they found a way to gather together. Hopefully this helps to ease the relation between both! :)

Lol❕Right❕... At least WPC has found a way to get us all together... The comments really are funny if you think about it, hilarious even.. Especially when someone tries to bring religion into it.. Lol❕... I bet the guys/girls at WPC sit back and have a field day with this stuff... Funny because I think I've been the most defensive here and I'm straight❕... Lol.. I just hate injustice period, and I'm willing to stand up for anyone who is being mistreated for being themselves... I have my reasons. I have my reasons....