Show off your fandom with new Xbox One wallpapers and avatars

Major Nelson just shared a collection of Xbox One wallpapers, backgrounds, and profiles images via his blog. The images portray Microsoft’s latest console in a variety of images, some have mottos attached including “Introducing the all-in-one entertainment system.”

There are a variety of different shots to use on your mobile device or PC desktop. In addition, special content has been created for your personal Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages.

Before the flood of comments begin – yes we know this is marketing, yes we know they are making you a human billboard, etc. If you love the Xbox One and you want to share it then feel free to download the images, otherwise – you are not being forced.

A link to all content can be found here.


Source: Major Nelson’s Blog


Reader comments

Show off your fandom with new Xbox One wallpapers and avatars


Even after they said that it has the same performance as XboxOne? Out of 8gigs only 5 for games? Hmmm I think you should see a Dr.

Well, i belong to your tribe. WP lover but the games for playstation always have been a bit more witty and interesting. However I will give the Xbox a try and hope that we will see better content than before. There must be more than Halo.

Windows Phone was one of the things that turned me from Playstation to Xbox. The main ones being YLOD, copy protected saves being encrypted to console serial number, crappy online and Sony not allowing PSN username changes.

Had the Xbox and still have and use the 360 but I may jump ship to PS4. Although the next gen devices haven't wowed me so until I see price drops I'll stick with the 360.