AlphaJax for Windows 8

AlphaJax now on Windows 8, syncs games across all your screens

Twenty days or so ago, we showed you guys a few Windows 8 games that were in the process of a beta. We had Halo: Spartan Assault, Ty: The Tasmanian Devil, and AlphaJax. Since then, two of those three games became available for you to officially download without being a resident of Trinidad and Tobago. Now, you can grab the last piece of the puzzle – Alphajax is on Windows 8.

AlphaJax blew up early on in the history of Windows Phone. It launched back in October 21st 2010, a few weeks before Windows Phone 7 became available to the public. The word game is a variant of Scrabble, so it quickly shot up to the top downloads lists for anyone wanting a fun game on Windows Phone. It didn’t take long for Microsoft to notice this gem in the Windows Phone Store. They quickly began working with the developers to help get it certified for Xbox Live status and bring in achievements.

AlphaJax Windows 8

Now you with AlphaJax for Windows 8 you can take everything you love about the game on Windows Phone to larger screens. Sure enough after installing the game on our Surface Pro we quickly noticed all the achievements we’ve unlocked on Windows Phone syncing with the Windows 8 version. Yup, everything syncs. All games, scores, and statistics will stay in harmony as you move between games on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It’s a beautiful world.

You can grab AlphaJax for free for all your Windows 8 machines. The game works on all machines regardless of processor and is ad-supported. Grab it here in the Store

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Reader comments

AlphaJax now on Windows 8, syncs games across all your screens


Cool...Now I can get beat by cheaters that throw up 7 letter words 21 times in one game, on both my Windows Phone and Surface!!!!

A quick way to put an end to obvious cheating is to stop playing with that player. Works on every Scrabble-like game.

That is correct. You will *eventually* die. And when you do, you can point to AlphaJax.

Great game, I actually enjoy it more than Words w/ Friends. Just wish more ppl would play. It takes forever to get a game going and even when ppl accept games, they take like a week to play their word

Words By Post has a better, more active community and also works across Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Android.

Agree 100%. Word By Post also has a much better matchmaking system. AlphaJax notifications was a nightmare and one of the worst experiences I've ever had on Xbox Live.

The UI in Words by Post feels more refined. Case in point: number of times AlphaJax has notified me the other player beat me: 0. Number of times Words by Post has notified me the other player won: [censored]
That said, I still play AlphaJax on my phone, and I'll be installing the game on my Surface Pro.

Yeah its windows avatar integration...UI is beautiful...has better and a few more features...

Very cool game. Playing for some time on windows phone. Glad now its on Windows 8. Hip hip hurray for both OS!

Yes they have mate. There was a patch last week. If you played over 200 words on the WP version then you would only unlock one of the 50/100/200 words achievements and this is now fixed. I got the patch, loaded the game and the 50/100 words achievements popped up fine for me.

You can't find it in the store anywhere unless you physically type "Alphajax" in the search bar. Why is this. It is not easy to find new or old apps for that matter in the store. I think they address this in 8.1 but I don't think it's. Going to be enough. That being said I'm not sure what they could do to make it any easier, I'm sure there is something.

Has the dictionary been updated?  There are words, which do not appear in AlphaJax but appear in other word games.

The "retrieving user info" process took forever. First I thought it takes time since I've played a lot on phone. Now it stuck there, nothing synced. WTH?

Have been playing this since I got my Lumia 920 last year. Very addictive and thankfully I found a few players who play their turns frequently :D

The more developers start doing this, syncing across devices, the more appealing WP8 and Win8 will become for the masses. Everyone I've shown the integration between my desktop, laptop, tab and phone loves it

If you launch the game on both platforms, will it create a black hole? And more importantly can you play against someone else locally on each device?

Any idea when or if Scrabble will ever make it to Windows Phone 8? I mean, the damned Nook has it, Kindle, iOs, everyone but us! I'd like to be able to play my folks, aunts, uncles, cousins, wife, kids, etc. (all of whom own the above mentioned devices) and I don't own a Windows 8 tablet, and I don't sit at my Windows 8 desktop to play games. I game on the go with my Lumia 920!

Wait wait mean this game is a Bonafide single SKU release with the exact same achievements as that of the WP8 version?
Has Microsoft finally gotten their act together with this process?

Amateurish version (fuzzy graphics, no keyboard input, no fixed zoom out, tiny board, sounds don't turn off properly, etc, etc, etc) made even worse by the enormous amount of users using a solver to get their 200GS. 
I'll stick to playing Spell-It on my WP8 thanks - not that their W8 client is a lot better but at least there's far fewer people cheating.
And how about AlphaJax using a recognised dictionary rather than the half arsed compilation currently employed?

I like the game but look at the first picture in this post. The ad is almost as big as the board! I mean common! A scrabble type game needs the biggest board possible. It drives me nuts that we have all this screen and get that tiny board.