Instagram actively seeking and destroying photos published through third party apps [Update]

Those of us attempting to use Instagram on our Windows Phones are left with no alternative but to utilise third party solutions. These apps are solid offerings in place of an official app from Instagram, but of course we're essentially going through back doors to get our content published. All was well for a short while with uploads presently available for viewing, but Instagram has evidently had enough.

It would seem as though Instagram is cracking down on content uploaded and shared through third party apps as popular unofficial app Instance appears to have been blocked. We only just covered some issues with Instance, but Daniel Gary, developer of the app took to Twitter to keep everyone in the loop with what's happening:

Gary also states he's been in touch with Rudy Huyn, another Windows Phone developer who is looking to create an unofficial Instagram app. It would appear as though it's not just Instance that's affected. According to the Instance developer, Instagram is actively seeking out photos uploaded to the service through third party apps to remove them immediately.

One could assume that Instagram is tracking accounts that use unofficial apps, including Instance. Unfortunately there's little developers can do except work around the issue. After all, we're talking about reverse engineering APIs, which isn't exactly placing developers and users in Instagram's good books. That said, the service could quit wasting resourcing in battling uploads from third party apps and release an official solution already.

Gary has confirmed to The Verge that he's actively working on a fix, but the issue is affecting all users of Instance. "It’s their servers, their service. What I was doing was not approved by them and was using their private API." We'll monitor the situation, we're sure more will follow. For the time being, Daniel Gary has stated he's hidden Instance from the Store.

Update: An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed with The Verge that they recently made some API changes. They claim the changes are made to fight spam and increase security. The changes aren't targeted at any specific app, like Instance, and instead impact any app using Instagram outside of the official API. 

Source: Twitter (@danielgary), via: The Verge


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Instagram actively seeking and destroying photos published through third party apps [Update]



^^ Here we observe a rare species of human being whose internal organs were formed in reverse, making him speak sh*t and fart words.

No, android gets apps because it has market share, it has market share because it's open source and manufacturers can pump out tons of shitty cheap phones people buy. Google didn't have to buy instagram to get it on android. Apple never spends money on getting android apps to their platform. It would be really unfair and inaccurate to say that MS isn't spending money on bringing apps to windows phone. Just look at all the dev payouts they give for bringing apps to WP.. Chill dude, it's one app, it will eventually come around.

You missed the point. I'm not saying Microsoft has to buy Instagram. I said that they *can* do it. Or at least threaten to do it. iOS was the first, the novelty. Android has the open source advantage (with all the bad things that also brings) which made it grow. Microsoft has nothing. It's not a novelty 'cause they arrived way late at the game, and it's not open source which means the developers have to invest in it. Instagram clearly isn't interested in spending money on WP. And Microsoft isn't interested in paying everything for them.
The problem is, if Microsoft doesn't do that, the apps won't come. If the apps won't come, the platform won't grow and consumers won't come and those who are here will leave. Sure, it's just one app...the problem is that it's a VERY popular App. Put its absence along with the absence of YouTube (and Gmail etc) and you'll have a platform weakened from the start.
Microsoft isn't spending *enough* money on WP. That's why even Nokia directors and share holders are unhappy. While it's a bit harder to get Google on board, Instagram shouldn't be. They belong to Facebook. They have a partnership with Facebook already. All they needed to do was shower Zuckerberg with money and Facebook would command Instagram to develop for WP or in partnership with MS.

Lousy Instagram. Either make an official app or let 3rd party apps be functional. They are so Google-like

I already hated the whole concept of Instagram and thought it was stupid. But now Instagram just made complete assholes of themselves. This is just as dirty and anti-customer as Google with the YouTube app. Screw both those companies.

Ok. Incredibly bad business plan. Investors take note. I am done with Instagram forever. If you had a company wouldn't you want as many customers as possible? It just doesn't make any sense at all. Especially since Microsoft invested in Facebook long ago, and Instagram is owned by Facebook, you would think there would be some pressure to cooperate a bit. Maybe Microsoft should play hardball and dump its Facebook shares...

I apologize for the shouting but action must take place, THE TIME IS NOW!!! @_@

Will this be related to the release of Hipstamatic Oggl. They should have paid Instagram for the upload API. That's reasonable for Instagram to stop any other hacked uploads.

Except Instagram doesn't sell their API. Otherwise Nokia would have bought it and released their already-done Instagram App as an exclusive long time ago.

Devs have begged, pleaded and offered money to use Instagram's upload API but they are forbidding any WP developer the right. This is why we now have reverse engineered APIs and cloud uploads through Android VMs. Instagram won't play so we found our own ways.

Maybe people should stop using a service that so obviously doesnt want you there because you use a specific platform?

This has always been known to be an issue using third party apps. A change in the API or just BOT to watch out for third party uploads they don't want.
MS has to get this sorted with Instagram some time soon. It's a silly blight on WP. Then they have to sort out the Google issue. You'd hope the MS could sway a small company like Instagram compared to Google though.
So are there issues with Oggl? Or is that an official third party app?

You know that MS only has 1.3% of Facebook right? To put that into perspective, they're less than 2 people in a room of a hundred, in case you need help with math.
Facebook lets Instagram run independently. They own it but it is run like it's own business. You know the term subsidiary?

The rumor is one of the heads of Instagram was fired from MS and has never forgiven them. I'm sure MS has tried to sway Instagram straight up and through Facebook (parent company) but to no avail.

See above comment. Instagram is still it's own company for now. Also MS doesn't have huge sway. If MS really wants an app they'll probably have to pay for it. I expect the price to be large.

Sounds like a decent possible explanation. Do you have a link to any proof? I'd enjoy investigating this further.

The only information I have is from Wikipedia. Which can be considered a respected source of information. You look up Facebook on wiki  then Instagram to start with but then look into the Facebook / Instagram buyout by doing a search on the internet. There's lots of information about.
It really is the only plausible explanation. Instagram is a business wanting money for it's services. WP is a small market so it doesn't see the value.
If there was money to be had we wouldn't be having any issues with regards to missing apps. I have very little doubt that Google or anyone else would ignore WP if the market share was big enough. It's fairly logical.

Why are we, as consumers, wasting time with this bullshit service? They already steal your content and resuse it for their own promotional use, and they are openly hostile to working with anyone.
So the question is... there are plenty of ways to share images AND apply creative, unique filters to better services-- Facebook, Twitter, SkyDrive, Flickr, etc. So why are we still entertaining Instagram?

And if I had to bet, I'd say those same friends are on any or all of the other services such as FB, Twitter, etc... so why post across a half dozen services? In other words, why give an openly hostile company support and business?

A Services company should not care what platform is consuming its API .. oh wait .. they forgot that they actually should write an API for other platforms to consume ... I think its pretty obvious how to kill instagram for ever.

I wonder if this is happening on iOS and Android as well? Both have 3rd party instagram apps dont they? And what if you upload through the browser?

Well let's not jump to conclusions -- a lot of commenters here are pretty riled up but Rich, your title makes an assertion against a whole company. We have not heard from Instagram, nor can we verify for sure that this is completely their conscious and intentional doing. Daniel Gary, for one, is saying on Twitter this is only his best guess as to what is happening. To regard this as fact is speculative and damaging to a company's reputation..

No offense but it is fact, WP uploads from instance are disappearing as fast as they are uploaded. Instagram needs to say something about this, you're right.

Sorry, but read the facts. The Verge confirmed through a spokesperson from Instagram that a new API has been put in place and as a security measure the system attempts to block out spam and unsafe input....this is broader than Windows Phone itself as I suspected, not a company's malignant intention to cast us users out of the dark.

Even though I agree that Instagram is a crappy service that is a great way to ruin good photo's and I wouldn't miss it at all there is a principle at stake here. If we all just say "screw you Instagram" and forget them we achieve very little.
If we can somehow scream and whinge our heads off and make their lives difficult to the point where they are forced into doing the sensible thing and creating a Windows Phone app then lots of other app providers might decide its time to bring their app to Windows Phone.
After all it's such a low illogical act that it's indefensible ... we won't release an app because you don't matter, but we will go to the trouble of not letting you use it! Ridiculous.
I suspect that the recent Hippstamatic app is behind this. I have it, but they won't let you use an existing photo to post, so screw that.
Time for some people power!

So they're spending time, money, and developer resources to scrub content from other apps, while not using those same resources to develop their own app? Sure, I understand they want to run their service their way, but at this point, they're noticing the demand and practically going "nuh uh, nuh uh".
People have gone around Instagram because of their unwillingness to create an official app for Windows Phone. So now it's like they're literally sweeping that noticable demand under the rug, still saying "it doesn't exist - there's no demand for Instagram on WP," and what are they gaining out of it? 
Even if Instagram doesn't have an official app, people are using their service one way or another. That's a good thing for them. They need to get off their ass and just make an app already instead of wasting time policing things that aren't their app because they're too lazy to do otherwise.

Instagram has a dev page describing how to use the api.
To be honest, I am one who came late to this game and I find it unappealing. And I am actually quite tired of people who have felt that WP is not worthy due to the absense of this one official app.
And I think if this is true, it is highly humorous that on same page they note that the content uploaded by users belongs to the users. Then they delete? That would be rich, now wouldn't it.
I think it was Paul Thurrott who noted that people would rather take a decent photo and trash it up to look like a poorly filtered polaroid than post a high qualiy shot. With so many social media sites all supporting similar features or at least providing a great forum to share, this might be the most over-hyped site of the season.

Possibly, but people still want to post to social networks that they're friends are on. Posting on FB has the downside that in order to view photos, you also need to get through all the other crud in a Facebook feed, wading through inane comments, spam, ads, pages that other people share. On Instagram it's strictly about sharing photos with your network. No 'quote of the day' or any of that junk.

Just to note: when you don't clearly disclose that you're the dev, it's called "shilling," a practice that doesn't tend to go over too well. 

They can't be because instagraph uses their own servers to connect to an Android VM to upload. The only way to shut it down is to shut down the official Android app.

Instagram is owned by FB as we know.  FB is trying to launch their own platform based on Android.  Connect the dots.  Inspite of what MS is saying, they DO NOT have a good relationship.  In fact, they are business enemies.  Don't expect an official FB developed FB or Instagram app until the WP installed base is high enough that FB accepts defeat and is compelled to support the WP platform

Yes official because it's permitted to exist by FB, but Microsoft developed it.  FB wouldn't even invest the time to develop it themselves or invest any effort in it.  I'm surprised they don't do the same thing with Instagram but I guess they feel its more of a strategic product for them right now and don't want to give WP that advantage.  Or maybe, its a timing thing.  Maybe they simply agreed to let MS build a FB app before they realized they wanted to develop their own platform and compete with them.  Now, with things being different, they may regret it and don't want to duplicate the mistake with Instagram. 
Either way, building an app for instagram would take an average developer about 3 weeks to write.  It's NOT a resource problem LOL.  They are definitely fighting MS at this point and denying them something they know will help them 

Here's the REAL question folks. Since instgram is putting the effort to kick us out and not putting ALL effort in letting us in. Hoe many of you will sign up and use the site when it is available??? I'm taking my 1020 to flikr, the can have their crap hipster make my photo look like ass site.

I get it stumpy I feel like you. I purchased instance and setup a test pic weeks ago as to support the dev first and add +1 to the WP user count. I have no use for insta but millions use it, its growing like twitter did and we need support for it, and more apps like these, if we want any significant growth to the WP platform. I don't think its my job or duty to promote either apps nor platform; however I believe WP can be the best and therefore worth $1.50 and a few mins creating an account. I don't want to go back to iOS and surely don't want Android malware. Just my 2cp :)

Maybe MS/Nokia is doing this so that when the real instagram app is released, it will be used instead of the 3rd party ones. Then instagram later on will re-allow 3rd parties to create apps again. (just wishful speculation, time will tell). Just think, most windows phone owners that want instagram are using something right now so an official app my not get much love if/when it is released. This is called "forward thinking".

Except the absence of an official Instagram App has done more harm to Windows Phone's sales than good. We have to face the facts: people will not buy a phone when they see essential popular Apps like YouTube and Instagram are missing. Sure you have 3rd party Apps, but when you're new to a platform, you don't dive in the 3rd party apps right away. You first want to see the official ones.

Wow. Time wasting corporate-lovers. Instagram developers should be ashamed of themselves, of their jobs.

 So its either instagram removing/banning photos from instance server or thats just some bug of Instance app and instagram is doing nothing!  Lets wait and see. We're all waiting for 6gram anyway

Also. Because not only Instance had this problem, 6gram could have the same issue made by Instagram themselves.

Photoplay,Fhotoroom are good apps,but the big problem is no one I know uses them.Shit, even my grandmother has a instagram page.

Enough of this, Instagram. I'm upset with you who has discriminating us, the Windows Phone users! I'm switching to Path NOW.

But they should not take this step as their option prior the release of their app! They have now made WP users upset.

Photoplay please.

Hell. I used the instagraph, and my photos are only showing to me. It is disappearing all the photos. MY photos. More than 600 photos, dead (instagraph only). Hell hell. I hate instagram and I will not get oggl, cause I have WP7.8 hell hell.

They erase a picture that i upload today... I unistall Instace to reinstall it, but now instance is not in the Store... Where is it?????

Thank´s... If anyone wants to download it again, you can search instace news and read the qr code ... I just did and it worked.

That Oggl Pro app or whatever it is needs to get to more devices asap. That's an "official" solution for instagram, isn't it?

Why is Instagram so important for everyone? Theres hundreds of ways to share photographs. If all WP users stopped using instagram in all of their devices (phone, pc, tablet), instagram will be the loser. How about Internet Explorer blocking Instagram all together? BTW I don't have an instagram ac and I am not even fussed to try it out. There's many things in the internet that we might not be able to live without, but instagram is none of those.

It's because Instagram has become such a huge social network. It's not all about the crappy filters, it's because all your friends with their iPhones and Android phones are already on Instagram. If they released a public API I've a feeling the advertising they're planning under Facebook's stewardship could be hidden. So they're going to continue the douchebaggery approach I fear

Dear Instagram....  I am not a user of your service, but I have an idea for you....  just hire Daniel Gary, re-brand Instance as the official Instagram client for WP and let him continue to develop and support the app for you!  Problem solved, your users on WP will be very happy (instead of pissed off like they are right now), you won't have to develop the app from scratch, and you will have an in-house expert for WP development.  Like it or not Instagram, WP is a growing platform, and even at 5-10% market share, we are still talking about potentially millions of Instagram users on WP.  Let's end this nonsense and move on to something more productive.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Yea, I should've clarified and said other non-pro WP sites like Gizmodo or Engadget if they are still are. I haven't been there in about a year

I'd say that the Verge is one of the sites that is the least friendly towards Microsoft. Actually, that may be why they are sharing it. Showing why and how Windows Phone will fail. I can't stand those guys at the Verge.

Solution: Microsoft should search for an up and coming start up with a social network with tons of potential and emerging user base. Then buy up said start up, create a a social networking platform with an entirely different but much more likeable ad model than Facebook. Load it up with Outlook email, SkyDrive and Skype integration, make all Live ID users members. And let it bleed out up with Twitter and Yahoo! to support it further.

MS has been there done that, even Google tried and failed. The traditional social network trend is slowly receding as more niche networks are becoming popular.

So.. Their spending lot of time and effort to track down and removing 3rd party uploads. Hey, let's all just upload like crazy 24/7 until they can't handle it and be forced to make un official app. Come on! Get them pics on! :)

Chances are that they've automated it. It might have cost them initial resources to build the automation, but its probably running with no effort by now

Yeah, writing a search/remove script in SQL is about 30 seconds worth of time after what's probably a half hour of deciding the parameters to search.

I just contacted mister Stephen Elop about the fact that we want and need a official Instagram app, i hope he can provide me good news :) 
Best regards!

You made me laughed there. If only we know the number of Mr. Elop or the CEO of Instagram whoever he is they will surely be bombarded with calls from irate customers.

No, if an official app was coming, they wouldn't want to piss off their customers. But a truly good business wouldn't piss off their customers anyway, so that just tells you what a crappy, poorly run business Instagram is.

I doubt Nokia would be involded in something this sinister they need Windows Phone to Succeed & have a strong 3r place with a vision of 2nd or 1st 

Just another way that Facebook is alienating their User base. Let Instagram die, there are other places to post to.
It would be interesting if MS sued Instagram for acting to create a monopoly. I wouldn't mind a president limiting this kind of behavior.

i dont use it either BUT that doesn't mean that our small, but growing, WP community can get more momentum but pleasing to the ones who want the app. I dont have an Instagram account but I now have an idea how douchey they are.

Why doesn't someone remove the metadata from a WP pic or use another pic, and upload to Instagram to see if it is removed

Reason is they are a brand. And they want to maintain their identity. So if someone uploads a photo with non-branded app, plus unbranded filters obviously they will take an action.

Question is why they just noticed? Because now Windows Phone is growing. A very good news for us!

They will for sure get their app on WP8!

Vixl ... Apply cool filters on your video -
Pixk ... Flickr simplified -

You wanna see something happen? Go to the founders twitter and take this battle to their faces! @kevin and @mikeyk are the two *** in charge of Instagram, I say we make them SO sorry for their stupid narrow perspective ... >=(

I don't use Instaspam nor do I have any plan to but this lil bit of schoolyard bullying/petty snarkiness without actually offering any official solution is just reprehensible. Makes me ill to think consumers could still use a service that treats hardworking people trying to offer a solution/service like this...

I don't care for Instagram but this??? This is why I'm so upset by the lack of major apps in our store. This is getting out of hand and I'm switching to iPhone as soon as I get the chance. Microsoft is getting to far behind w app development. This kinda crap would not happen if we had all the apps we need...but of course we don't.

Can anyone list 3 reasons of why using Instagram instead of Facebook Photos? (skip the "filters" please)

I like Instagram simply because i don't ahve to wade through political (ill informed) political rhetoric, game invites, ads, 'suggested posts' and constantly don't have to switch from 'Top Stories' to 'Most Recent' to view pictures that my friends post.

2 truths:

1. REAL pictures of true significance are shared more personally, via text or email or such. Posting to instagram is just playtime for people to post mundane junk. When my friend wanted to show friends and family how her son lost his first tooth, she doesn't post that to instagram, twitter or facebook... she sends it out to everyone via email or text. Instagram is just junk. It can be fun, I'm not saying its not, but its not a serious communication tool... its just another time waster. Another friend of mine posts on Instagram and he takes pictures of the DUMBEST SHIT, its not even funny. He's always asking me when I'm going to get Instagram and I PROUDLY say "They don't have that for my phone". Even when he does take a picture of a genuine moment, he ends up re-posting it to other sites AND emailing/texting the same pic out because he knows its worth more than just posting on Instagram

2. Instagram will evolve like Reality Shows and Twitter: 'everyday' people will be crowded out by celeb-reality B.S. People jump on twitter now to follow celebrities, not to be 'heard' and communicate. That's what its evolved into. Instagram will get to the point where people only sign up to see what new pics Justin Bieber or Sarah Palin posted and not give a crap that their friend in Jersey just posted a picture of their french fries.

Instagram is slowly turning into Jack Woltz, and making Windows Phone into Johnny Fontaine(If you get the reference, you know what I mean).

So, are the limiting ALL 3rd party apps or just Windows Phones 3rd party apps?  Are there unofficial 3rd party apps on iOS or Android?

BTW - for those that use Hipstamatic Oggl - is there a way to upload pictures to it that I've already taken/have on the phone?  Or if I want to upload to Hipstamatic and convresely to Instagram through it, i have to use the Hipstamatic Oggl app to take the photo?
Also - At least it isn't Instagram deleting whole accounts that use 3rd party apps like they did a month or so ago...


On the oggl app, you can't upload pictures already in your library. Only the ones you take with that crappy app. Not a 100% sure, but I looked all over the place for the "choose from picture library" button

I can't even log in account thru any app either instagraph or instance.. Or the website What the big fucking deal posers

Nothing new here, destroying photos is what Instagram is all about. They've just switched to deleting them instead of ruining them with rubbish filters.

They are probably spending more time and money limiting their network by hating on WP users than it would cost to actually make an official app. Doesn't seem brilliant.

As a developer myself, the worst thing about this is that it shows Zuckerberg and others at Facebook are not one of us anymore. Money must have gone to their head. They forget they started Facebook using assets and another's system.

He made Billions of someone else idea!! Practically the same freaking idea to be exact. He's such an ass and that's why Twitter will always be #1 or Facebook and Vine will make a comeback from the idea he STOLE from them as well.

Well I just got a picture up using Instagraph (which I bought for the occasion)... it was a Roman Temple, but I did point out that it was posted from a Windows phone and screw them!
Of course I just had an account so a few people could see my holiday snaps and no one follows me, but its the principle that matters.

I say: Everyone who has a Facebook account and owns a WP should disable their account in Facebook until they fix this **** or make an Instagram app for Windows Phone.
I don't use Instagram, but I know that because it doesn't exist for WP people have doubts in changing their Android's or iPhone's.
So... we have power... we just need to start using it.

Where is our leader Microsoft and Nokia? I see an app like Hipstamatic that paid for access and yet our fearless leaders can't do the same for us? In the end, Microsoft has no balls and just sits there and does nothing for us. I guess they thought just because they are Microsoft people would come running to their feet. Anyway, this is getting old and im starting to give up. After all, why should I inconvenience myself when Microsoft won't do anything.

This is such bullshit... They'd rather waste resources on making sure Windows Phone can't use their service at all, than making an official app for us to use.

I Truly believe Apple and Google are paying Instagram to stay only on their platforms. Either that or they HATE Microsoft so much and want nothing to do with them. By the actions Instagram are taking I believe both Apple & Google are fearful of WP taking over the top spot.

Keep dreaming never gonna happen with this slow pacing progress of WP OS. With which Nokia too is frustrated, Nokia VP clearly lashes out...

You know what bother me most about this dick move from Instagram? How about the fact that I had the Instagram app on my iPhone for over two years, yet never actively started using it until I acquired my Lumia and made the switch to WP8...

Oggl will upload to instagram legally. But that app is pure garbage. Photoplay is a great app, but none of my friends have it.

Instagram is being the worst & the bitchiest bastard..!!
However thanks to Rudy Hyun & Gary like developers. Uninstalling Instafuck & PhotoPlay is much better with all size pictures like 16:9 4:3 or square whereas Instagram can take only square pictures.

If Instagram doesn't make an App for WP, Microsoft should find a way to block their instagram page page from web explorers on Windows PC Os ... If they did that, i'm sure that instagram would released an App the next day!!!!!

If this is indeed true and Istagram is actively tracking users and deleting their pics if they don't use the official app, then I don't know why anyone would ever want to use a service from a company like that.
People need to wake up and see some of these companies for what they are, and stop using their services however good some people may think they are. I the only one who finds instagram to be a blight on the field of photography, or no? We've already had picture sharing abilities, the only thing instagram ever brought were sh*tty looking filters...if you want that, get Paint.NET, then upload. Secondly, I never use it, but visit this site often and its a constant game of whack-a-mole with these jackoffs. I don't get why any single person would want to be a part of a company that does this to its customers just because they're not using a certain platform.

I would suggest microsoft to bribe people into using wp. Create a photo sharing app, ms will start sharing the photo to a random user, then he/she will also sjare it randomly, and so on, until the photo reach say the 10000th user, he/she wins a 1000 dollar. Do this for a year. I bet more people will use wp just to win. : )

It seems that the idiots behind the scenes on instagram have it in for Windows Phone. Where is the official app? I say some of these developers here on windows should partner up with Microsoft and create a photo app that will swamp instagram.

How petty!!! Maybe Nokia and D.G. should collaborate on an Instance site and develop Instance as a cross platform app :-) People are constantly blaming Microsoft for lack of "official" apps when often times the 3rd party apps are better due to the creativeness of the WP developers. I say it's time for a Windows Phone revolution. We are the ones being "left behind" being the "minority". I say we hit em where it hurts by recruiting users of other platforms to our cause.

Mark Zuckerberg should fired CEO Instagram immediately cuz of stupid actions.
users are the most valuable asset, why do they even throw???
FUAAAKKKKKKyoouuuuuuu Instagram.
* Please do not ban me because of my words Dan :p

As windowsphone user we should come up with our own photo sharing/video messaging app. We have the best phones or the market worldwide.. Many user are leaving Iphones and android for Lumia. I say fuck them. We are always left behind.. Well lets start some new and make everyone flock to us. And make the app only for windowsphone 7.x and 8.x and 9.x if 9 is in the works. All hail windowsphone users..

-Use Oggl [Sike! that app sucks]
-Not upload from WP anymore [I still have IG on my old Android, so I can still upload pics from it]
-Wait and see if they start deleting my pics, then delete my account

Never used instagram, and never will..... but i hope there are developers who can create good app (even better than that blessed instagram) and build the wp ecosystem up.... screaming here will do us no good.....

Well I got another picture up with Instagraph, and my first one is still up. So all you Instagraph users why not get posting ... and pointing out you posted from a Windows phone.

I say: Everyone who has a Facebook account and owns a WP should disable their account in Facebook until they fix this **** or make an Instagram app for Windows Phone.
I don't use Instagram, but I know that because it doesn't exist for WP people have doubts in changing their Android's or iPhone's.
So... we have power... we just need to start using it.

As much as I hate it and think instagram is immature for doing this, this is what happens when we praise an app too much. They are going to do what we hate most because they can.

What I see here?
I see a under-table conversation between google and instagram... They both are a piece of crap :)

I think the WP platform needs an a good app that we can take pride in and make popular. One that is available to ALL windows phone users not just Nokia or something.

This is one hot topic!
There are more than enough WP8 & WP7 users to justify an official Instagram App but nowhere in this equation is it justifiable to pull rank and block 3rd party devs and limit user experiences.