Windows Phone 8 GDR2 appears to fix low-resolution profile images for Me tile

Me Tile: GDR1 vs GDR2

One of the bugs that some of us noticed on Windows Phone, possibly starting after the GDR1 OS update, was a fuzzy and low resolution image of ourselves for the Me tile. It was particularly frustrating on devices with high resolution displays, as everything would look sharp and crisp except for your blurry mini me. Despite re-uploading the photo numerous times, the service, tied to your Live/Outlook account, would downgrade the image and push back a fuzzy version within a few hours.

We now have three GDR2 devices including the Lumia 520 (AT&T), Lumia 925 (T-Mobile) and Lumia 1020 (AT&T) and all three have high resolution images for our tile. On every non-GDR2 device, it’s the opposite: fuzzy and low resolution. In the image above, you can see the Samsung ATIV S (left) running GDR1 and the Nokia Lumia 925 (right) running GDR2. The difference is night and day.

While this is a tiny fix, it’s a welcome one. Windows Phone 8 build 10327 (GDR2) has started a limited roll out for some unbranded devices and it is expected to go wider in August. For Nokia phones, it will be packaged with their Amber firmware update.

Do you suffer from low-resolution Me Tile images? Has GDR2 fixed it? Let us know in comments.


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Windows Phone 8 GDR2 appears to fix low-resolution profile images for Me tile


You know after looking carefully I think you might be right there, MacDaMachine, despite his over use of smileys in his posts... :P

It depends on from where you set your Me-picture and IIRC it has something to do with the Win8 connection.

This is kind of weird: I have a Lumia 920 on AT&T which, of course, hasn't received the gdr2 update yet. So today I saw the update on the store tile for display and touch and went through with the update as I normally do. While reading the above article, I checked my own phone just out of curiosity and there is a touch heading in my settings list. I checked further and the touch option is still under the display and touch heading too. They both do the same thing and one changes the other and vice-versa. Just thought maybe someone would find it interesting. Is it a mistake made by Nokia? These updates usually don't change a whole lot on my phone. As I understand them, they are usually changes that take effect at the next firmware update.

Totally agree. I didn't really mind it all that much on my Focus S. But once I got the 920 it became extremely noticable. Can't wait for this to be fixed.

I havent had the low res Me tile issue. But i do want GDR2. When will it come for the 8X on T-Mobile?
OS Version: 8.0.10211.204
Firmware: 1532.20.20008.531

It does not load for me.

"Page Not Found
This page could not be found.
You might have followed an incorrect link."

I'm sorry i deleted it myself, seems like only i was able to see it and nobody else ... 
Best regards!

I always had that problem (still on GDR1), i complained so much to WPsupport on twitter and they always tought it was because of the facebook picture.

Daniel, can you change your picture from your phone (only sending it to Live) and see the changes reflect to your Me Tile?

It has to do with using a Windows 8 PC. Mine didn't start doing that until I put W8 on all my PCs. I would upload a new pic and it would be fine until I logged onto the PC. Thought it was fixed though and then I put W8.1 on one of my PCs and it started again. But now, if my wife logs on to the 8.1 PC it will change her pic on my phone from an alternate photo I use for her back to her W8 pic. This only happens when she logs on the 8.1 PC and not the 8.

Thats not possible, cause i change my picture on my phone while not using a pc for a day. Plus i have windows 8 and it still happens. So its not because of the pc, it's the phone.

I never had that issue with the FB picture, but when I changed the avatar on my laptop (Windows 8.1) it happened. Never know why.

Gee, never thought of that! Thanks. /sarcasm

Seriously, you don't think I didn't try that...like a few dozen times? lol C'mon man...

I tried to change my profile picture via the windows phone few days back.... initially the image was fine... but may be after few sync... the image was looking blurred.. low resolution. So your solution is not going to work... possibly if it worked for you, consider yourself lucky!!

Before when I would load a new profile pic to Facebook and my Microsoft account at the same time the photo would become blurry.Best way is to uncheck Facebook or Outlook and download separately.

Until the update, a quick fix is to just upload the picture to Facebook only. Don't syn it to your live/outlook/hotmail account.

Go into the people hub and right above the list of your contacts should be a profile photo...click the photo and it changes screens. At the bottom of the screen there is a thumbtack..press it and it will pin the me tile to your homescreen

What the heck is a "Me Tile" and why would I want to have a (fuzzy or not) picture of myself wasting precious tile space?

Not sure if its sarcasm lol but for those who have social networking set up on the forum aka Facebook or Twitter, when you have notifications the me tile flips over to let you know how many.

And if it was sarcasm, ignore me ha

the me tile is where you can quickly post updates to fb/twitter/whatever, see how many notifications are related to your linked profiles, and quickly see photos you've posted, etc etc etc.  

I see. That certainly explains why I don't have my own picture pinned to the home screen of my mobile phone.
Oldfashioned, I know... OTOH if I want to share private details with the rest of the world and have it readily available for NSA I'd simply put it on my homepage, potentially also with a picture of myself so others will also have the chance to see what I look like.

I don't see what you're upset about here?  It's a quick way to check in on FB or see your notifications?  If you're concerned that someone will see what you look like on your phone....put a password on it? I'm not sure what you're upset about?

He's upset that those damn kids won't get off his lawn and stop listening to that loud rock music.

Funny, it was one of the first thing I noticed when I got my first Windows Phone 8, a long time ago.

Yes, I noticed this as well, but didn't give it much though. Good find!
BTW, Daniel, I often had this problem with contact tiles as well, but I no longer seem to have this issue.

This is good news. This bug affected me and was very annoying. I kept having the change my FB pic just to get the tile to refresh.

If it gets the image from Facebook it renders it fine. Twitter and Microsoft account pictures get downgraded.

Yes, I'm sure that it is a good idea but after eight months of forgetting to use it I figured I really had no need for it and deleted it from my home screen.

Picked up a 520 for my daughter and it does have a different version than my 920. Checked when I was going through settings and saw that she had the advanced color settings. Not sure if it is GDR2 though since the 520s are not getting the glance feature.

For me, this problem was weird. It cropped up sometimes, while didnt some other times. I doubt if it has something to do with GDR1. However, i'd love it to be consistently HD. I hate it when it turns in that fuzzy image. I gave up on that after going crazy for almost a month and not finding a solution.

So how about when someone in your people hub uploads a pic to facebook or something?  It shows up on the tile super fuzzy and nasty too.  Did they fix this also?  That is the main reason I don't use a double wide tile for the people hub, the photo updates looks absolutely TERRIBLE.

I want to say this seems to be fixed too, but none of my contacts have posted photos recently.

All I can confirm now is that the contact's photo is high-res as well.

Lumia 928 No picture problems here.
Great looking phone, No Yellow tint on the screen or underneath scratch on the windows logo.Really lucked out there... However, I do have the annoying viber though

Also happens with contact photos when they call you, my gf is beautiful but hell no on that fuzzy and blurry picture modified at one pixel

I never had that problem and I think it is because what others have said. I currently don't have an image associated with my Live account, so it gets the one I use for Facebook.

What about low res of artists in Xbox Music! Find it cool to put it on my lock screen but the res is soo poor....

I'm practically new to all this...yesterday I bought a 520(AT&T) as a backup phone...does it have the GDR2 update??

WP8 Profile pic sync-ed with windows 8 profile pic looks blury on WP8...will wait for update to see the fix.

I only had this issue when changing the profile picture actually in the Me tile. If I changed it via my pc or phone browser it would not become grainy.  

Does it also fix the low-resolution images pushed to tiles of friends or groups when they post pictures to Facebook/Twitter?

Oh, thank god! Now I can sleep at night. That's the most important feature we need in this update. . . Sarcasm. . .

my me tile is messed up. only has facebook info , even though live is connected, it used to show recent calls and texts. Anyone know how to fix?

So someday in the far away future when GDR2 comes to my Nokia Lumia 920, will this automatically be fixed or do I have to re-upload my picture from the phone after installing the update?

i never had this problem, nor do i have a facebook account connected. However, im using a 521, so that same me tile may not be so sharp under the display of a higher end phone.

The annoying thing is that it seemed to have happened only a few days ago. I've had my phone with me since March and it's only happened now. Color me annoyed.