Microsoft requests itself to be removed from Google searches due to copyright infringement

In an attempt to remove pirated material from Google, copyright holders will submit Digital Millennium Copyright Act requests to take down links to specific pages. Last week an odd request appeared from Microsoft, asking Google to take down their own pages. Microsoft claimed that they were copyrighting themselves – face palm.

As you might imagine, the request was a mistake and Google was nice enough to ignore the request. Although we could imagine the sort of mischief the Mountain View company could have caused to the boys in Redmond if they went along with it.

Google receives over 100 million requests each year and the idea that the company reads and reviews each and everyone is an impressive feat alone.

Just let this be a reminder to the Google and Microsoft fans that the two big brothers can play together and cooperate at times. That being said – the Google campus will be full of jokes for the next few weeks.

Source: Forbes


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Microsoft requests itself to be removed from Google searches due to copyright infringement


The Google campus is filled with jokes every week since Google services are used there.  And some of the employees get the joke when they go home and use Skydrive and Office.

Why did the google cross the road?

To gather information on all of its clientele to further aid its advertising strategies and make money by pinpointing and singling out specific marketing plans for single users and gain money this way whilst also giving Microsoft users a arduous task using any of the services it (Google) provides hahahahaha get it!? :P

Microsoft must be joking....more than 80% of interent user use Google search.
I think Microsoft do not like when users visit their website or may be Microsoft is trying to make their website exclusive.

It's no joke. Once again the Microsoft News editor of this site shows how much he hates Microsoft.
The site he sourced says that the MS guy that filed the complain got confused in the google's submission form. He submitted the same urls for Microsoft copyrighted content vs infringement urls.
Google's submission form could easily catch such user errors. But the Editor chose to write the story as Google being kind and MS being idiots.

Maybe they should "play together" and finish that damn Youtube app. Its a scam for Windows Phone we dont even have a real (official) Youtube app.

Lol that was me until 3days back... Upgraded 920 to 1020 and lost my beloved ms YouTube app but metrotube will suffice for now :)

How did you go about your upgrade? I went from 900 to 920 by sweet talking sales and got contract pricing. Did you buy outright?

Yeah so what I did was bought the 920 outright (seriously 450 for that phone at launch was a bargain) and circumvented using my upgrade a year ago. Then I was free to use my upgrade on the 1020, and pay AT&T 300 for that. So I came out spending 750 without changing my plan, which is $35 a month 200 megs data and a shitton of minutes that I don't use lol. So, in the end I got two awesome phones without changing my original plan and only spending 750 in the process. AT&T Next, however, would have made me pay 450 for the 920 and eventually the full 650 for the 1020, spaced out over months. Saved around $400 in the process. #winning :) btw i tried to get upgrade pricing on the 920 4 months b4 eligibility, but the guy on the line was being really tough about it... called them 12 times but every time they said no, so i just went ahead and bought the phone, still happy with my purchase tho, 920 is a great phone. :)

I'm having a truckton of issues with my 920 so I'm gonna try and sweet talk Phones4U into letting me get a 1020. So far I've got as far as the 925 (1020 isn't available here yet), but I'm concerned about the 16GB storage space...

I played with the 925 awhile ago, beautiful device, but i did notice that the 16gb version at the store had only around 7gb of free space, which is concerning... I mean even my 32gb 1020 when I first got it only had around 24gb of free space... It's a real problem, this 'other storage' bs that's integrated into the OS (Stupid implementation of cache-ing data, MS). The 1020 is lighter, and in my usage, faster than the 920, so if you can definitely get the 1020 from phones4u. Yeah 16gb is not enough on a windows phone if you plan on keeping some games, apps, music, and pictures on your device. Hope this helped u make your decision :)

It would be interesting to know what apps were installed on that 925 in the store. My fresh out of the box 925 had 12 GB after the preloaded apps took their chunk. (I found all but 2-3 of those to be useful.)

Tried it, but other storage increased dramatically :( Idk it was probably saving the vids on my phone for no reason though... Miss my microsoft youtube app so much now 

Official means it won't go the way of Instance. Plus, AFAIK Goog also limits third party apps from accessing certain content.

They thought their own sites infringed their copyrights by using the name Microsoft and listing products. This will be remembered for years. :)

he means the youtube app update. when you have that great youtube app that MS built, never ever update or else you lose it's greatness.

It won't let you update since there is no update, so it doesn't really matter. As long as you don't hard reset you won't lose the app.

If it was April 1st, I would've thought this to be an April Fool's joke. I don't think the person/people who made that request will be with MS too much longer.

Hope some company VERY SOON can start up and compete with Google and Microsoft. No problem with Bing but there need to be an independent part, Google has become too big that they are doing all they can to hurt Microsoft with not supporting WP platforms at all, no apps at all since they are scared of another big competitor of Android and Google Search, well also later Google Adwords/Adsense which is their biggest income source today. Microsoft reacts of course back but maybe they should react harder with no Google Toolbar possibility in IE (very easy to classify it as spyware) and remove Google Search from "Search Providers" in IE. Of course anyone could add Google Search by adding it manually but why shall Microsoft support Google when Google are doing all they can to destroy for Microsoft?

Your examples aren't equal to each other at all. What your talking about is complete monopolistic behavior. The only Microsoft platform google doesn't support is WP, with that in mind, it would make more sense for Microsoft to not support android. That's more equal and not abuse of power.

Funny isn't it that they - Google - do not support the very platform that made them big in the first place. Without access to Windows, Google and a lot of other companies would not be where they are today. And they turn around and want to kill the platform. They didn't make their billions on Apple OS or Linux/ Unix!

You know, I never really thought of it that way. All of my years growing up with Google and their many different services, and it was all introduced on the one platform we all know and love: Windows! And to think that, after all of these years, Google are trying to sweep that kind of relationship under the carpet so they can get a foothold on the markets. Pft, to hell with Google. I don't use any of their services anymore (apart from YouTube). Bing is brilliant btw!

Hmm..... might not be a bad idea....  remove all search content containing MS material from Scroogle.  Hmm... go to bing for that..  Hmmmmm...  Nobody searches for Scroogle content.. cause they dont really have any... hmm.... There is a really good idea here somewhere.... 

Clever move by MS! When people want to search for anything MS related, they'll have to use bing.

Very clever way of directing traffic to bing! Also a little underhand but hey.... Why not!

GGG ignores Microsoft's attempt to remove itself from the internet. Whoever made the call is nicer than me. I probably would have been like, "Well, okay. It's your site so if you say it is infringing it must be." and removed it.