So long SkyDrive, Microsoft required to change name after trademark dispute


SkyDrive, most of you use it daily and love it. It’s the cloud service from Microsoft that offers storage to your files anywhere and anyhow. If you’re using Windows 8 or Windows Phone it’s also the service that backs up a lot of your settings to create a coherent experience. Unfortunately, you won’t be calling it SkyDrive for much longer.

Over in the UK, a court has ruled against Microsoft in a trademark infringement case. British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) claimed that SkyDrive infringed on the “Sky” trademark. Microsoft will not be appealing the court’s decision and BSkyB will allow them to continue to use SkyDrive for a period as they transition to a new brand.

So long SkyDrive, it was fun while it lasted. Before you guys and gals shed a tear, the service itself won’t be going away, just the name.

What do you think Microsoft should rename SkyDrive? As long as it’s not something like Microsoft Cloud Storage Cloud Edition 2013 we’ll be good.

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So long SkyDrive, Microsoft required to change name after trademark dispute


Aetheric Library Index. ALi.  ALi will help you with all cloud storage needs, and will be available anywhere and anytime thanks to the aether. 

all you need to do is keep an eye out for who Microsoft is following on twitter. if you see a new unrecognized name then you probably have it.

I would think that Microsoft would have invested time in looking into trademark before the name.....also wouldn't it be world paying for the name after spending all this time and money to market it.....put a number on it and negotiate that...

Didn't think you could trade mark a word in the dictionary. Must pay money to SKY everytime the weather reports clear skies.. Stupid result.

I think its time they fully integrate SkyDrive with Office. They should have all the Office web apps available @ Office.com along with Office storage where you can store and share files...the name for Office storage should be something related to actual storage in an office, but catchy.

Wow, what BS.  Did MS even hire good laywers?
How in the hell did anyone have a case that the company called Sky, which is such a generic word anyway, could claim that SkyDrive was confusing. 
What about SkyMall? SkyMiles? or god knows you name your kid Sky. 
Come on Microsoft, you are seriously nuts. Now you'll lose all the branding you've created with the name SkyDrive. Oh, lets just throw away mindshare and millions in advertising. Smart.

How about ChiveDrive?  Just kidding.  I would name it Drivesky (Driveskee). 
A brewsky for my Drivesky

It will be Microsoft Modern Storage, MS Modern Storage, or MS Most(most modern storage), or just simple "Common Storage" because it's now common.. 

SeaDrive™ :D (hey dude where's all your porn at, its all saved to my SeaDrive™,WHAT!!?? what if your mom logs on and spots that shit!? Chill dude, i said SeaDrive™ not C: Drive you absolute dick for brains)

How a conversation might look in 3 years time; Hey iRis™ where ® Wii? iDunno™ where you are, but I'm @home.net

How about "365 Drive"? Let's move toward branding everything in a more consistent manner with platform that's becoming synonymous with the Cloud. There's a home version and several business versions... So where do we save data in those platforms? In our 365 Drive of course! It rhymes, is an established brand, and it rolls off the tongue!

call it "Drive 365" after "Office 365"
they can also reuse Office 365's tagline "Your complete Storage Solution in the cloud"

Just call it "Mesh" I'm pretty sure they have the trademark (they own mesh.com). It's simple, short and catchy. The problem before is they added a bunch of crap around it "Windows Live Mesh".
"I uploaded it to the mesh"
"Sync your files to the mesh"

I'm actually glad that Microsoft will be changing the brand name. I never really liked the name "SkyDrive". Most people don't even know it exists even though they have a Microsoft account. Maybe they should take a page from Google's books and call it Microsoft Drive.

Nothing. They should fight it. Microsoft has promoted SkyDrive for 6 years, spent billions of dollars on it and put it at the center of all their products. Giving up on it is dumb as hell.

Well Xbox seems to work well so how about Xdrive or Xcloud. While we're at it lets change all the names! XPhone, XMail, XPad.

Are you f... Kidding me? In some time we would not use words like apple , blackberry. Etc due to trademark. This is ridiculous. Its sky ... The word sky is a trademark? WTF?

One thing I can't get after reading a bunch of comments - how the hell BSkyB wants to use SKY as a trademark?? How does it connects to SkyDrive? Sky is an english word, which has a meaning. Acording to the article, I will have to pay BSkyB for using word sky. This is a huuuge WTF.

Screw SKY TV UK, it is only in the UK so give the Brits a different name, Microsoft has SkyDrive. How about Microsoft sue BSkyB for infringinf the Skype brand?
Damn idiots, another company I will forever despise.

How about renaming SkyDrive to 365Drive or 365 Drive, it would tie in well with the Office 365 brand or even WinDrive 365?

Hope part of the deal not to appeal will be Sky developing Sky Go. Really don't care about the name change, it will still be my primary cloud storage

Um, I think I am registering the domain name FUEUDrive.com.   That is exactly what MS needs to tell them  F U E U.
And for the record, I have heard of SKY,  They are famous for lousy satalite security signals that were interceptable allowing people to pirate TV shows and put them on the internet before they aired officially.   I think I was 3 months ahead of the show STARGATE SG1 air dates at one point thanks to Sky   I could go to firends houses and ruin the plots :)

really, i mean REALLY!!!! next thing you know no supermarket will be able to advertise apples in case of a trademark lawsuit.

I like some of the suggestions so far, best I can do is "Avenue" which is something you can 'drive' on, fits in with 'Metro' and could also be taken to mean an avenue to your data/files :)

Probably they will call it Live Drive or Live Cloud to keep with the "Live" brand. Microsoft has more than enough brands to manage currently. SkyDrive is part of Microsoft Live accounts. They could choose to call it something else. There's Xbox branding, but that doesn't make any sense. There's Office branding... ehh... There's Windows...
but Live is already there and makes sense. cloud.live.com

The funniest thing will be to read all these comments AFTER microsoft gets the ne official name for it. WPCentral could give some prize for the winner :)))))

Second thought, call the service Halo lol. Or Halo drive, or Microsoft Halo. "oh, let me upload that to my Halo!" lol

What happened to Microsoft's balls? They need to start fighting back instead of becoming that company that gets pissed on and takes it.
And I like the suggestions I've seen for "OneDrive."
Or how about "SyncLife"?

One Drive, accessable from anywhere. One Drive, on every device.
One Drive, working with OneNote. OneDrive, accessable from the Xbox One.
One Drive to rule them all.
Please Microsoft, make it happen <3


Microsoft cloud Partition? everyone who works on a computer knows what this means and in most cases its used for backing stuff up. trying to keep sky or live in it makes it difficult.

How in GOD's green earth can a company patent an english language word and claim it as their own. I would think the creator of the English language has a case against BSkyB if he were alive. Maybe we should file a class action lawsuit against BSkyB for stealing a word to themselves that was not theirs to steal in the first place. I would think the english language holds the highest patent on a word and that nobody has any right to tell anyone they can't use a word. What... If I say; 'What a beautiful "Sky" today!" Am I now open to a lawsuit for putting "Sky" into a context and speaking the word without refering to BSkyB? This is absurd and something really needs to be done about these patents. Apple suing Samsung because Apple thinks it has the right to rounded corners? Everyone who makes a trapper keeper or binder lookout because Apple can sue you even though you have been making them since the 70s. You had the original PIM and now Apple thinks you are violating their PIM style. Someone needs to stand up and say flat out... if your patent is absurdly trying to corner a market on a generic look or word it will flat out be denied and thrown out of court. Patents are for inventions and original ideas to protect the person who thought up a legitamate idea from having his idea stolen, not looks or general words in a language. If you invent a new color, OK call it what you want and patent that color great. If you invent a new word never used before by anyone "NarfleGator" then great patent that! If you invent a new shape never before seen or used in the history of mankind, OK patent that, but if it's nothing new or a standard word, your a moron for even filing a patent.
It is stiffling progress if anyone who has an idea is afraid to pursue their dreams out of fear of being sued using a generic word or design.
For me, I love SKYDRIVE. And I will forever refer to Microsofts CLOUD services as SKYDRIVE. So take that BSKYB!

Microsoft Outdrive...just like Microsoft Outlook. Outlook will be for e-mail and Outdrive will be for storage.