Bell rolling out Windows Phone GDR2 update to the Samsung ATIV S

Samung ATIV S

Bell Mobility is rolling out the GDR2 update to their Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone. A leaked internal document from the Canadian wireless provider notes the update will improve battery life, add Data Sense, improve the camera and photo viewer, as well as improvements to the Maps application, SMS and Bluetooth performance.

If you are a Bell Mobility customer sporting the ATIV S, you should see the update notification by August 5th. Not sure if you can use the "check for updates" feature in the Settings and see it sooner but it's worth a try.

If you're a Bell user with the Samsung ATIV S, let us know below in the comments if your seeing the GDR2 update.

Source: wmpoweruser via: mobilesyrup; Thanks, Bernnutz, for the tip!


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Bell rolling out Windows Phone GDR2 update to the Samsung ATIV S


Well it has the bands (Rogers and the rest), but I really suggest waiting for the next version, which will probably be a S4 variant.

I'm using an unlocked ATIV S from Rogers on T-Mobile US and it works near perfect including 4G LTE. The thing is in the 'about us' section, my Carrier is listed as Rogers, is my phone "really unlocked?"

You can't change the carrier ID of the phone, its still a Rogers phone. 
It is unlocked but it still recieves updates like any Rogers phone would.

So, to confirm, as soon as Rogers releases an update, a Rogers phone will have access to it even if you're not currently using their network?

Theres a difference between unbranded and unlocked. unlocked means a device will accept any sim, but Windows Phones make sure not to forget their roots. the "about" section on your phone details what carrier the device was designated for (especially considering some devices get variants with more frequencies supported for certain carriers, its good it shows that, so the update you get doesnt break anything.)

Its either you get a really good plan with a mediocre provider or an over priced plan with a top provider. Rogers ripped me off for to long so I left. Unfortunately only they have the 920 so I'm stuck with a 520

Well all their wp devices last i checked were open market(partially branded but unlocked. But it seems MS stopped listing that on windowsphone.com)

Of course!! AT&T 920 is last. Makes perfect sense. It's a no brainer. That's what I would do. In fact lets wait another month just to make sure everybody gets it before us 920 owners. I think we should just get a G2 update not a GDR2 update. Yeah, yeah makes sense. AT&T always makes all the right moves.

Oh my god how can you be calm? My world is caving in, that's all I think about. This update means more to me than life it self. I am so wound up over this, I called AT&T 120 times today. I'm driving over there tomorrow and Saturday I'm flying to headquarters. I'm writing the president to see if he can get a presidential order for this thing. I hired 4 private investigators to get to the bottom of this. I'm camping out in front of headquarters until I get it. I'm passing around a petition. This is INSANE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!INSANE I SAY

I'm also curious to know if they will release it for other Windows Phones they used to sell.
The 8X is not on sale anymore, so it would be extremely frustrating for me if they decide it isn't worth their time.

First, they aren't exactly the same.
GDR2 of coarse is an OS update, but it will also contain updates specifically for each model, manufacturer and carrier. So they are developed and tested separately. Which means that one may get ready before the other.

I unlocked a Bell ATIV S and using it on Fido, this Bell ATIV S update still applies to me, right?

Lol you unlocked a bell version just to use it on fido? Since the focus came out rogers has configured their own phones to work with fido oob all you need are the relevent data settings configured & your set

Long story short, it was the only store willing to sell it to me. Rogers were being idiots.

my guess is they werent a 1st party(corprate) store as it seems 2nd party stores tend to do anything for a contract including turning away customers who dont want to sign with them. i would have personally went 3rd party(eg. bestbuy) if they didnt match the $0 down that some 2nd party stores were offering. as it is lucky you didnt go with telus as it seemed they wanted more for it without a contract just because they offer operator marketplace billing

Amber is holding it up.  Once it's tested/approved, then the carriers will push GDR2 along with Amber on the Lumias.

Personally I don't mind waiting to make sure they get this right. I don't need my phone broken again because they rushed an update that wasn't ready.

I love it how everyone is so uptight about this update when there are very little changes made.  Sure the Amber stuff is good, but it's nothing to stress out over.  I'm more excited to see what comes out in 8.1 Blue next year.

I have a friend who can't go anywhere without FM Radio. As a matter of fact, he still carries his old LG Optimus One just for this functionality, so you can see how this update can be very important for some folks.

I read that gdr2 fixes the wav file nonsense...the biggest complaint of our users is the inability to play voicemails in wav format...so yeah, it'd be nice to have it.

improved battery life? i thought the battery life was good as it was. but boy do i need GDR2. 6GBs of other storage is annoying, and at one point i had 200mbs left...did a reboot and got 1GB back.

You guys are all whining as if this update is actually rolling out anywhere, and is is really that hard to wait a few weeks later than other carriers? Talk about impatient.....

I do have to say this is awfully familiar to when everyone was waiting on Nokia belle feature pack 2 to be rolled out and the made a bit of a **** up on that, everyone wanted to go back to feature pack 1!! Anyone else remember??

Not for Nokias, Samsung and HTC had started the rollout but HTC has stalled it temporarily due to it bricking phones

The ativ s is an amazing phone. Had a iPhone 4s switch to the ativ s in April and im glad I did. Can wait for the update, just checked and nothing so far.

Awesome! I just checked for updates and nothing yet. Improvement to battery life is interesting, as my battery life is already excellent. Excited for data sense as I've had data usage issues.

I find battery life is hit or miss & ive had mine since new years eve. So it depends on how many charge cycles you have went thru or background processes you have running either way it can help to see improvement on that front

Here's food for thought...http://mobility.telus.com/en/ON/Samsung-ATIV-S/index.shtml
Telus' ATIV support page says that as of July 26th new software is available.
HOWEVER...it still says Ver. 8.0 and update details remain the same as they have since the Portico update.
It goes on to say that Microsoft is releasing the software in stages.  So I don't know what to make of all that.
Probably just poor page maintenance....but July 26th?  Does that mean it is availble to some, or perhaps that is just the day they received the update/began testing since there are NO reports of it showing up in the wild?

It's a joke that Samsung and HTC have their GDR2 updates out before Nokia gets out Amber. They can claim that Nokia adds things to the firmware but the 920 and 928 have almost identical internals to the 925 and 1020 so should have taken no time at all and you can be guaranteed that Nokia gets a hold of updates earlier than the other manufacturers. Funnier still was Nokia having the audacity to accuse Microsoft of moving too slow when it comes to OS updates recently when they themselves move so slow.

Slightly disgruntled 920 owner.

Extra features, extra time. Seems your complaints are based on assumptions.
Nokia just cleared the certification with Bluetooth for 4.0 LE about 2 or 3 weeks ago.
Patience Daniel-son.

i'm using an unbranded samsung ativ s. still no gdr2 update here in the philippines. samsung where are you?!!

I have just installed the GDR2 update for my simlock free Lumia 925 in The Netherlands, Europe.  
Software/ Hardware Information
OS version: 8.0.10328.0
Firmware Version: 3047.0000.1326.2001
Radio Software Version: 3.2.04028.1
Chip SOC version: 8960 

Just a heads up...updated my Samsung ATIV S with GDR2 through Bell. Update requires to reset the phone for features to appear. Once completed I had issues with the Bluetooth in my vehicle and tried to downgrade the update but no luck. At first I thought it was an issue with the phone's BT. Luckly I had a second (spare) Samsung ATIV S with orginal OS. Phone worked great so I decided to update the Phone to GDR2 thinking the BT was faulty in the first phone and once again the BT connection "failed". Now I was faced with 2 phones with the same BT issue (not holding the connection). I went to the New walk-in Samsung Service Center in Mississauga (apparently the only ones capable of restoring to factory settings). Within an hour the phones were restored back to their orginal / factory settings and both phones now connect with the BT in my car. BTW, my vehicle is 1 year old. I spoke to the guys at Bell and they will look into the issue. It's definitely a Microsoft problem.