Deal Alert: Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset now under $20 at the Microsoft Store (US)

Nokia Luna on sale at Microsoft

If you're looking for a neat Bluetooth headset for your Windows Phone, the Nokia Luna Headset should be on your short list. Especially seeing that the Microsoft Store is offering the Luna for $19.99 (regularly $59.99).

The Luna features a unique cradle that doubles as a charging base and portable charger. When docked, the Luna's maximum standby time jumps from 35 hours to 60 days. Additionally, the Luna has NFC support to let you tap to pair the headset with your Windows Phone. Granted your Windows Phone needs to have NFC as well.

Sound quality is great, fit and feel is comfortable and the only downside to the deal may be that the Microsoft currently only has the Luna in green and magenta. We found the Luna to be a solid Bluetooth headset back when we reviewed it and the $20 price tag makes it all the more appealing.

You can find all the details on ordering the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset here at the Microsoft Store (hint: use that link on a PC, not your phone).

Thanks, Omkar, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset now under $20 at the Microsoft Store (US)


They would be awesome if u could have two at a time and play like headphones its 2013 they'd be a hit if it were 2005 still

How are they never seen in looking for some more, trying to sell my studio beats so I can get some Nokia purity pros but I want some in ear for running

I think I saw that cat this morning ran it over for purring to hard at my frog because he balling out with that horseshoe, before he went howling at the sun to get it rise

Does anyone know where I can purchase the Nokia Luna BH-220w (the one with wireless charging) as opposed to these, BH-220. I've been looking everywhere for them, but I can not find them anywhere They come in all the colors as the Lumia 920. From U.S. and cannot find a single U.S. vendor.

Surprised any of these are still available. This was posted on a deal site yesterday morning. MS must have a ton of these. All colors were available yesterday.

I would like to know why theses offers are only for US. There are a lot people in other countries that are Windows Phone users. -.-"

I hope the quantity won't be the reason, because all the people of the world should have the same opportunity :)

If I buy this item and I pay the shipping cost, it will be cheaper for me :) legal system? Yes, maybe but ... I think nowadays this issue should change because it's a obstacle to buy by internet.

Most of the reason is the legal system. Almost every country on the face of the planet has different standards when it comes to products, especially technology.

Great deal if I didn't hate it. Had one and never could get it to fit right in my ear. It kept falling out. I had a hard time locating the buttons too.

If you want an awesome set. Look at the LG HBS-730. I absolutely love mine. Phone calls, speech to text, texts to speech, awesome sound, Bluetooth..

LG are too big for me the battery life is nice but after comparing I like my pantronics better, just big enough yo fit around head yet I can stuff them in the little pocket of my pants, the LG too bulky for me

Daniel says turtles, I have a set of pantronics pretty good value with mix and sweat proof I love em for my morning jogs

LG HBS-730. Awesome!!!! Search Amazon. I had one already and then went to a Verizon store, every employee had one on. I asked of it was part of their uniform, they said no, everyone just loves them.

comon man.. find a good bluetooth for this price with good charger. i spend 25$ for crappy samsung bluetooth. this is good deal

I was hoping for cyan, i have cyan l920, bought nokia purityHD.. I would have bought it only of there was cyan. :'(

I own one of these and was seriously disappointed with it. The one I purchased has no ability to play music, battery life is not good any more (have owned for less than a year but not much less) and the recharge from base thing never really worked as advertised. Love my Lumia 920 and wife has a 900 but was not impressed with this headset. Just my 2 cents. Edit: purchased jawbone era very happy with it.

With those colors, you don't have to worry about losing it by misplacing it or by theft. lol.  I'm tempted to grab one just because its Nokia but it wouldn't go with any shirt I own.  lol.

With those colors, you don't have to worry about losing it by misplacing it or by theft. lol.  I'm tempted to grab one just because its Nokia but it wouldn't go with any shirt I own.  :)

Thanks George for the tip! Just completed the order. Don't know if I badly need a headset... but you can't go wrong for $20. As a heavy Nokia investor, I'm buying back my own product I guess :-)

I'd like to buy it, but:
"This web site ( go.redirectingat.com ) has been blocked because it has been determined by Web Reputation Filters to be a security threat to your computer or the corporate network. This web site has been associated with malware/spyware."
I get the need for redirects, but man, do I hate redirects...

Thought seriously about getting one, but no music support is a deal breaker for me. Great bargain though. I'll stick with my old BlueAnt Q2 for now.

Is there anyway to use voice commands with this? I'd like to have my phone on my dashboard use this (or any headset) without having to touch the phone. To be specific, what I would like to be able to do is initiate calls, and start Here Drive input and address and start navogation

I recently purchased one.  Pretty cool looking.  One would never know it's a headset without removing the earpiece.  I can't et my Luna to connect to the Nokia Lumia 920. I've tried all kinds of ways.  Really would love it if it worked.  Looks like it loses its charge very quickly.  Maybe I have a defective unit.  Nokia support has yet to respond to my inquiry.

I have the Luna headset, green from Amazon (it was the cheapest color, which may relate to this promo - trying to clear out inventory?).
Anyway, it works great (sort-of, read on).
The charging station can be unplugged or lose power and can still recharge the earpiece 2-3 times from completely drained. It must have its own battery, though I don't see this promoted much. They do mention wireless charging, which I think people assume relates to the Qi charging, but that's not it at all. It's just that the base can hold a charge and recharge the earpiece without plugging it in. This is also how they get to the total talk time of 6-8 hours -- that's really ~2 hours, with 3+ recharges in the base. This is perfect for commute-length trips in the car -- 2 hours is plenty of talk time and when I leave my car, even with the ignition off, it still recharges in the base. And while I'm driving and talking on the earpiece, the base is still plugged in and charging.
However, people on the other end don't get very good audio. It's scratchy -- loud enough, just extra static and distortion. My wife says it hurts her ear when I try to talk with her on it. I've done tests and the audio at the other end is definitely not as good as the built in microphone in my Lumia 928 or my other BlueTooth headsets. It even sounds clearer at the other end if I put my phone on speakerphone (assuming my mouth is under 3' away from the phone) vs. the Luna. Sounds great at my end though. I've tried different angles in my ear, and even just holding it right in front of my mouth, but the audio problems remained.
Has anyone else actually used one and had this experience or did it work well on both ends for you? Maybe I have a slightly-defective unit, or all they all like this?