Nokia updates their video upload tool, drops YouTube references

Just over a week ago, Nokia pushed out a new app to their Collection with the title Nokia YouTube Upload for the Nokia Lumia 1020. While it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, it is admirably descriptive of its sole purpose: taking videos off of your Lumia and directly posting them to the popular video site. In a hands on demonstration, we noted that the app would upload the full version of your video over Wi-Fi though cellular connections would require a shorter video or waiting until Wi-Fi was present.

Today, Nokia has pushed out a minor release that as far as we can tell does one thing: remove any references to YouTube (except the account login screen). Much like many third party apps on Windows Phone, using “YouTube” in your app title is considered verboten, as it technically infringes upon Google’s name. Nokia either forgot that when they rushed out the app or they got a warning, because now the app is called ‘Nokia Video Upload’.

Version is now live the Store as we mentioned, we’ve seen no other additions for functionality besides the rebranding. But being Nokia, we’re sure they have a few tricks up their sleeves yet for this app with future updates.

Pick up Nokia Video Upload here in the Collection. Nokia Lumia 1020 only. Thanks, Al, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Video Upload


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Nokia updates their video upload tool, drops YouTube references


Lol Google. Pouting ass kid. Guess they mad cause WP8 dipping they hands in their cookie jar

You can use the word "verboten" in english? Well, from now on I'll visit this page for educational purposes only :P

Love my Lumia, love Microsoft services, love Bing.  I haven't used anything Google related for a long, long time.  My online life hasn't changed one way or the other because of it, except I don't feel like I have a creepy company following me around.

Love my Lumia, and hate Microsoft services, hate Bing. I always use Google related Service . My online life hasn't changed one way or the other because of it, except I don't feel like I have a creepy Microsoft company following me around.

No, I think RayWall had it right the first time... Google is the creepy one. They're very... invasive, even where you wouldn't want them to be.

Haven't you read.............................Privacy is not possible on internet..
There is always someone watching you.
and I don't mind if a machine is watching or tracking me.

I'm guessing you haven't been reading the news lately (Prism, Snowden, NSA and every single tech company's cooperation, including Microsoft, who was reportedly the first to lift their kimono for the government snoops).

Why are they keeping this L1020 only? Make this an exclusive app for that very small minority of customers who got the L1020 is pathetic.

Anyway, I'm glad they changed the name. I like that apps made by Nokia are named after Nokia. It was bad enough when they changed Nokia Maps, City Lens, etc to that stupid "Here" brand.


Maybe it's just be a convenient way for them to do a staged rollout.  1020 users get to help them work out the bugs before they distribute to a wider audience.

Way overdue for a WPCentral article on how to remove google from your life forever and ever, do not pass go, do not give google any more of your info.

Nokia to MIcrosoft:
"OK, now we understand the delays and legal issues on getting certain apps ready."

Well now that it's more generically called Video Upload, I'd love it if they expand it to include uploading to Vimeo as well so that I can continue to distance myself from Google services. :)

I didn't forget. I upgraded to a 1020 from my 920 and MISS the 'new' YouTube app!
And for those people bemoaning the fact that the app is only for the 1020, I think the fact of the matter is that it's only for Lumia's running GDR2 and Amber - which all phone will be receiving.

No, it was available to all WP8 devices (idk about 512MB). They pulled it in May or June and said an update would come in a few weeks. But now it's freaking August with still no official YouTube app. Not that it was better than MetroTube, just it annoys how they haven't released it yet. My theory is that when Google and Microsoft were going to work together to make the app, Google did that so Microsoft would pull the app, then Google ditched Microsoft and now there is no YouTube app. Or they maybe got in a fight? :O

They should add the ability to upload video to Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, Vine, etc. It is dumb to limit the app upload to only YouTube. We need to break the YouTube dependency especially now that Google refuses to support Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Are others able get the uploaded videos to play on Youtube. I'm able to upload a sample video using my L1020 but the youtube gives me an error saying the video is unavailible.....   The video didupload something as the title and thumnail of th video exist.....Odd..
Anyone else having issues?

I don't get this trend  where apps force you to use Wi-fi. Unlike in the US, we here in the Philippines have access to true unlimited data plans, including LTE, without data caps or bandwidth usage limitations (I admit, LTE isn't expansive yet but at least it's available in some areas, and at least one carrier has that stupid limitation when it comes to LTE). When I'm not at home, at the office or a coffee shop, I turn on my internet sharing all day to use the internet on my laptop. And I still pay the same amount monthly.