Nokia shows how the Lumia 925 camera is better than the iPhone 5 in new ad

Nokia has pushed a new video to their YouTube account demonstrating the strengths of their PureView camera found on the Lumia 925. But instead of just rattling off specs, they take the fight directly to Apple, challenging the notion that quantity does not equal quality by pitting it against the iPhone 5. While the video is sure to ruffle some feathers, it's a valid differentiator between the two phones and one worth highlighting to consumers.

The commercial shows various side by shots between the two devices for everyday events with users snapping away pics while a voice over talks about what makes the Lumia 925 so special. Highlighting such features as OIS (optical image stabilisation), sixth lens and PureView technology, which gets name-dropped, can go a long way towards building a brand name around this significant selling point for Nokia.

No word if this ad will actually air on TV, where it can have more of an impact for sales, though we’re sure hoping it does. It’s a good ad, even if it mimics Apple’s commercials just a tad. Clearly Nokia has a lot riding on PureView for the Lumia brand. And with the 1020 getting a lot of attention, it’s good to see them spreading that coverage towards their other devices as well as they deserve it.

Our sister site iMore will be doing a shootout with the Lumia 925 and iPhone 5 soon. We’ll keep you posted on what they find.

Here's the iPhone 5 advertisement that Nokia were using for their own marketing video above:

Source: YouTube (1) (2), via: UKMobileReview; thanks, James, for the tip!


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Nokia shows how the Lumia 925 camera is better than the iPhone 5 in new ad


A friend of mine has an iPhone 5, and my Lumia 920 take better pictures than their phone, not marginally.

Same here. A friend of mine said she wanted my phone after taking a few pics, and comparing them. She owns an iPhone 5

I have only one complaint sometimes when I send pictures from my L925 they have a pink or black bar almost like the image is double exposed so if i send the same image a second time its fine

Mms got a problem. I think When I send photos, recipient gets a messed up photo. Incoming photos come up fine.

The ad has two mistakes :D
The skater on the 925 has direct sunlight on the iphone not(making it kind of uncomparible). The girl under the bed using flash but the pictures show no-flash.

The 925 uses a focus flash even if you turn off flash, unless you also explicitly turn off the focus flash.

That's what Apple just does so well. They give the impression that what they're selling you is magical. Just look at the ad above, it's just people using their iPhones in various situations like you would in real life with light, whimsy music in the background. The problem is, MS have no idea how to capture that same emotion these adverts give and a lot of people now, form emotional attachments to their devices.
Despite the hardware war within Android, the advertisements you'll see for Samsung or HTC don't really go into specs and are much more about the device inself. For example Samsung have an entire advert just based around attaching sounds to photos for the GS4 and HTC have one for their front facing speakers on the One. Nokia's most recent ad for the 925 here in the UK is all about taking great photos at night but right at the end compares its own photo to the GS4 and the iPhone 5. 

Yes❕.. Microsoft doesn't know how to do it, but isn't that what advertising agencies are for❔... I mean, the reason why the Wedding commercial was so good was because they brought in Roman Coppala, who obviously knows what he's doing.. This guy should be hired for every WP ad.. IMO the wedding commercial is the all time best WP ad, and they should do a part 2 for the 1020..

Haha love the commercial! Great play on Apple's commercials. Wouldn't be surprised though if Apple files a lawsuit though for "stealing their commercial ideas"

Ecosystem is the key here.only camera isn't gonna fetch you anything substantial.microsoft,i think you are losing it here.you are too slow and lagging enormously.most of the people still don't consider you anywhere near android and ios.its not only about apps but basic os requirements also are so outdated.i love my Lumia but its painful to say we are way behind and progress is too slow.and i know most of you also think the same.i surveyed handful of apps on playstore and was amazed to see many of them were free while on WP they were not only paid but also outdated.we have waited too long and we are disappointed.

To a point I do agree. However you also have to realize the MS ecosystem is only a few years old, while the iOS and Android ecosystem has been around for a lot longer and was already very strong when WP entered the market. Will that explanation make up for the fact that the market isn't as strong? No. But the progress the WP market has made is amazing compared to the slow progress of the iOS and Google markets at the same place WP is now. Just wait a year or 2, we'll be caught up with or even past iOS and Android

Actually, MS ecosystem is not young anymore. In fact, MS has been changing the service names number of times. I don't think that's a good excuse why MS is so weak with windows phone. And the main problem is, will developers have the time to develop for another platform which is 3rd in place and still having such weak user bases?

A smartphone with a 41mp camera...its revolutionary.but the response???disheartening for any WP lover.just a little talk here and there.a thing as massive as this didn't succeed in stirring any waves for WP.what do you think will turn it around for WP??mainstream appps..games.??people are bored of these apps being with them so long on android and ios.and WP is yet to get them.time is running out for Microsoft.

I saw an article on my local news channel that was boasting Android for now adding a feature that basically allows you to track via gPS a lost phone, ring the phone,and also remotely erase all the data. I was certain iOS has this already, and WP defintiely does, but the news (9News Denver) made it seem like google was doing something revolutionary.
Disappointed as I love 9 news lol!

Time is not running out you halfwit. Stop being such a drama queen. WP is the fastest growing os on the market. The only reason its "taking so long" is that it takes a while to get into the zeitgeist, most people don't realise that windows phone exists.

There is a perception that wp lacks apps, but its really a non issue. Almost all of the major apps exist on the platform or have alternatives. Its just perception. A misperception at that.

So can we drop the doomsday act please, its getting old.

Flatter yourself mate.i love WP more than you can ever assemble.so stop giving me shit.the truth is you are just flattering yourself.i can see how dissapointed and frustrated you are with this "slow progress".you are waiting for DDR2 for months now and still not complaining.forget the "amber".android just rolled out 4.3.you sure time is not running out...

They rolled out 4.3 for all handsets did they? News to me. Explain please why time is running out?

IPhone is just about to hit the lower end market with their new product.i don't have to say anything about google here..go through VERGE or ENGADGET or etc.you will find out by yourself.be it updates,products,services they are taking giant stride.at a much faster rate than WP.if you don't count nokia how many times Microsoft has come up in the light and showed some real urgency or talked about their future plans on WP?as a developing platform you need to reform yourself at a faster rate than the speed the developed ones are strengthening themselves.

I knew you'd be an Android lover Visint. You try to sound neutral, but you can't.
Only Android nerds spend their time in WP forums trolling. Its rarely an iUser.
I've got a link for you:   www.slashdot.org  (they will love you over there, good luck :) )

Every thread has one pos(t)er who "loves WP" (and never fails to mention this in each post) but always seems to be unable to find apps and is disappointed at the lack of progress.  They also seem to otherwise have a poor grasp of English grammar and punctuation.  Hmm.

I hate when WP "lovers" like you come in here saying how WP is missing so much. Its missing few things yes, but you guys act like its unusable. Like really? Is it missing a camera? Can it not browse the internet? Can it not install apps? Does it freeze and lagg alot? Can it not play media files? Can it not make phone calls? Like seriously, if it can do those things, then it can't be all that bad. Sure there's room for improvement, there always is, but dont act like its missing something essential for the average user, cause its not

I think that's the point I've always tried to make.. The AVERAGE user.. WP is almost perfect for the average user.. With the exception of a few apps,, that the majority of smartphone users expect, everything else is in place already.. I do agree with visnit14 in a way... Even though I don't think that WP is running out of time I do think that Microkia should speed things up a bit.. My only concern is quality.. If Microkia acts as though time is running out will quality take the back seat❔

Except in this case, it's actually NOT "knock-e-yia" just because the Americans pronounce it that way.
The same way the Swedish furniture company is "Ek-ya" NOT "Eye-kia"

And most Americans pronounce it "No-Key-Ya" as well. This commercial is the first time I've ever heard it pronounced that way, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say the narrator has it wrong...
I definitely don't feel that Nokia has corrected me in the pronunciation of their name here.

Kate Pulaski: Datta, look at this.
Data: DAY-ta.
Kate Pulaski: What?
Data: My name. It is pronounced, "Dayta."
Kate Pulaski: Oh?
Data: You called me, "Datta."
Kate Pulaski: [laughing] What's the difference?
Data: One is my name. The other is not.

nice. creative/competitive spin. they need to trim this down, though. pretty sure a 1:21s advert won't fly here in the US.

Most iPhone owners want small, thin and light. The 925 is better for those moving from an iPhone.

Om my 920 my colors are washed out most of the time. Highlights are always blown out and I see some weird things on the sides. A faulty camera or something?

Are you able to use a store phone for sample picks to compare with your phone. Just from my 920 yours sounds broken but no way of really telling till you can see for yourself or have a tech look at it.

Mine does that if I have a case on it, the light signs through the case onto the lens, but its fine without.

Good ad but in real terms the iPhone 5 camera will satisfy 99.9% of users. As a former iPhone 5 owner and a current 925 owner I can see that the 925 is better although the iPhone is capable of taking good photos. As an overall package though the iPhone is ahead. The Nokia hardware is why I use WP. Unless MS start living up to their end of the deal ads like this are just hot air.

Have a quick look around the forum. I'm with WP for the long haul and have brought family members and friends onto WP. People here need to stop being so zealous and look at this realistically. Even Nokia are pissed at MS and the app/update situation.

Well that was nice and concise. The only apps i would like are from people like ars technica. And its not ms fault they haven't made one.

So whose fault is it? You might be happy but most of us aren't. Banking apps, credit card apps, TV apps all missing for me. WP could be great but it's not, not yet. Apps matter.

Open your eyes and stop being so blind.

I'm not blind. I don't have ars technica, that's the only app i miss. If you are missing more, explain that.

Ms cant make everyone's apps for them. Ms are marketing and marketing, they are making improvements to the os to put it in more hands, what would you have them do that they are not already doing or trying to do.

Please list the steps you would take, or at least, what you think needs doing.

I use an RSS reader for all my news! that includes ars t, wpcentral, bbc, guardian, all into one place! I can't argue about the other apps, but there is always a browser if your bank doesn't suport it, mine natwest does.

I've gotten a substantial amount of updates for my phone, most bug fixes and new features every few months is a good pace.. And I'm nit even using a Nokia and. In satisfied. And NS can't do much more than offer cash for apps, which they did on multiple occasions and still do I would assume.

...oki, can it show us that it has faster and better updates? Or maybe better notification center? Or that they listen their customers better than apple?

Yes, the camera ad will most definitely show that, as you know, that's massively relevant to the camera.

And both Nokia and ms have utterly failed to bring any enhancements in the camera department or updates focused on the camera.... oh wait no, that's not right is it, they have brought the best mobile camera to market.......odd.

I don't understand why ios users think the notification centre is so important. The iPhone was around for years before it got the notification centre... In fact it was around for years before it got most things... It didn't even have downloadable apps for months, mms for a year, COPY AND PASTE for 2 years, 3G for a year, or even any signal for years and years (lol).

I switched from the iPhone to the L920 and don't miss the notification centre at all... Especially when you consider that the entire home screen is one massive notification centre with live tiles.

As for listening for the customers, apple certainly don't care about their customers, I upgraded to the iP4 when it first launched, of course it broke down after a few months, when I took it back they told me the warranty had expired... Even though the phone had only been on sale for 9 months, because his computer said it was bought 13 months before that had to be right and there was nothing he could do... 3 hours on the phone and I then went back to the store (1.5 hours drive away) and it was eventually replaced. When the replacement broke down I just chucked it.

That could be a one off system error and serious customer service failure on the part of the "genius" (haha), however there is no explaining why in Italy they were only offering one year warranties and charged thousands of customers extra for an extended warranty to have a second year... Even though the law in Italy requires them to provide a 2 year warranty on every sale!

Even after they were taken to court and fined over not providing the required warranty they still refused repairs from people over 12 months.

I does not matter when ios or android got the features. It only matters what features platform curently has. And at the moment WP is behind competition.

Good ad, but one more time WINDOWS PHONE 8 DOES NOT HAVE FULLY WORKING INSTAGRAM APP and iphone and android do and that is the conclusion of the matter.

Conclusion of what matter? Are you somehow saying that instagram is the only thing that's important?

For most users yes, i bet beside your WP8 you also have an iphone or an android or maybe a tablet that can run your flipboard app, your ''instagram''app etc. Am i wrong ?

The sheep want an official app, and we're trying to increase market share here.. So, it does matter.

*sigh* It really doesn't matter how good your camera is if all you're interested in doing is posting to IG, since it only supports square web-resolution photos anyway. 

What's so good about instagram? This reminds me of the kardashians...one day they were famous and I couldnt understand the obsession. So yeah, Instagram is like the kardashian of apps...

Whatever it is, or if you or I like it, doesn't matter❕ That's what a lot of people want, and expect.. And, the bottom line is that if you want to sell somthing to a lot of people then you better find a way to give them what they want,, or they will find it elsewhere.. What don't you guys get about this❔

Whoever said that Microkia is trying to only appeal to camera enthusiasts❔... Those millions of Instagram fans are going to relate great cameras to what they use them for now, and that is mostly posting pictures on social networks like Instagram.. Surely this is why Nokia introduced its own SDK that has camera filters, and helped bring us oggl, which post pictures to Instagram.. The fact is that Instagram is very important to have on a smartphone if you want to appeal to a large audience.. One example is My GF, who bought a 8X.. She doesn't give a flip about apps, so she claims.. She was just impressed with the WP OS, and the 8X hardware... I didn't think Instagram was important to her, heck,, I didn't even know she used it, so I didn't mention to her that it wasn't available. When she found out WP didn't have Instagram she was heart broken.. Luckily, she had me to point her in the right direction.. The fact is that everyone doesn't have Rodney to point them in the right direction, and 90% of store associates don't even know what a third party app is... Until store associates are forcefully trained to know what WP has to offer it is important for official apps like Instagram to be available on WP,, because sheep are the majority... Regardless of whether we want them they need to be available,,,, or WP will always struggle for market share, and developer support.... WP fans start thinking outside of WPC land... Look at the reality of the situation.

Yeah, but do 5% of store associates know what Instance on WP is❔ No, probably not even 5%.. Now, does over 75% of store associates know what Instagram is❔... In terms of increasing WP market share our third party apps don't matter because store associates don't know they exists.. Official apps, while not always better,, get much more attention.. It doesn't make any sense for me and you to sit here and talk about how great WP is.. Where does that get the platform❔Not far.. Microkia has to play by the same rules of the market as iDroidBerry,, no matter what their current position is..

WP doesn't have instagram! Oh noes, its doomed. All other features are pointless!!!!!!111111!!!!!eleven;!!!!!!!!

Somehow you interpret what I said as Instagram is crucial for WP success.. Or that WP is not good without Instagram, and that is in no way my message... You forget that you are talking to a WP user who has been here from the beginning, like WinMo beginning❕❕... I know what WP has to offer, and that eventually the Instagram fad will blow over.. The point is that WP needs to be known for having the apps that people want while they are popular,, not known for the platform that misses out... It's not about what you, or I, know about, or want, because we aren't the majority... That's what some of you guys will never understand... It's really easy for WP to accelerate growth... All WP needs is a quality, consistent, marketing strategy, which WP does not currently have, and a few key apps that keep perception of the platform in the negative... That's in the negative by the majority of store associates, not by your opinion... WP most likely will survive without popular apps like Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest, but not in the way Microkia needs it to.. Personally, I would love for WP to stay in the "niche" category because right now it feels more exclusive IMO. But, the reality is that in order for Microkia to continue to provide us with a better, and better, experience they are going to have to have these phone adopted on a higher level... At some point Microkia is going to have to turn a profit, and the sheep are where the money is.. It's sad, but the world works mostly on reality not principle... This is basically why it is so important that apps like Instagram come to WP ASAP... In all honesty, WP is at risk of forming a irreversible image of not having the apps, and features that a smartphone should have, but there still is time to keep that from happening... If progress accelerates now, not later.

You guys should also do a photo shoot comparison between a Lumia and iPhone. Compare the findings between the two sites

If you're suggesting my test will be biased to the iPhone then I can tell you you're wrong :-) All the images will be posted for everyone to see.

In the low light category the Lumia is already a clear winner

I hate to say it but the iPhone commercial still has this "magic" to it that no WP commercial ever has had... Whoever does advertising for Apple just gets it right everytime... It doesn't matter how good our WP devices actually are if Apple keeps attracting the attention of the public the way they do... Until WP seriously gets its marketing game strait this will always be the case... To be honest,, our WP commercials would be great if Apple didn't exist, so that means they must be magical... I was really disappointed by the corny camera foley added to the ad.. Nevertheless, it's not a bad ad, and I would say it's great, but since others are better I would have to insists that Microkia keep trying... The good news is that all WP advertising is dramatically better, and the Wedding ad was perfect IMO... But, that's just my opinion.. What's yours❔

Adults believe in magic....? I find Apple commercials annoying, but then again, I do love my BB Z10 and my new Lumia 925, I'm probably not their target demographic. They offer nothing I would ever want to purchase. I just find in comical that people talk about magic. Smoke and mirrors is what sells smartphones? That right there is sad to me.

Well, maybe its because Ronald McDonald sold us so many happy meals back in the day.... Smoke and mirrors sells burgers and fries... Yes, that was a pathetic reference to that song.

Prob already mentioned but kinda reminded me of the lumia 925 ad here in the UK for Vodafone where they compare both iphone 5 and Samsung s4.

kinda bad ad for iphone considering "more pictures with iphone" just means all of them not just iphone5

So much potential that has yet to be tapped. Ecosystem.ia fine and improving weekly. Complainers complain because that is what they do.

Was I Tue only one who didn't know that Nokia is pronounced "Knock e uh" and not "Know key uh".

I'm just getting over the whole "Jiff" file thing, and now this!

I really hope they air this on TV. As much as YouTube is a good way to get ads out, not everyone is going to see it unless they're subscribed or if they make banners for the home page.

I only wished Nokia would scream their Pureview tech off the roofs here in the Netherlands. People here are still living in a world where they believe nothing is better than an iPhone. Oh the ignorance... Driving me mad sometimes :P

iPhone 5 was released when Nokia just started to "think about" about a Lumia 925. It would clever to compare with young flagship phones (as S4 or One) and not to the grandpa' flagship phone (although iPhone 5 camera quality is still good)...

I'm curious to see if the iMore site can stay neutral in their tests and give an impartial review when comparing an iPhone with another device...

@Rich Edmonds - Let us know (post it to one of the front page headline article links) when iMore does a camera comparison :)