GDR2 update for Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 show up on Nokia’s servers, can be flashed now for the daring

For those of you who are super anxious to get Microsoft’s latest OS release, Windows Phone 8 build 10327 (GDR2) along with Nokia’s highly anticipated Amber firmware update, there’s some good news for you today.

Users in our forums and on other sites have noticed that the files are now available on Nokia’s servers for the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. The files can be downloaded and you can flash your device directly. The bad news is you need to flash your device, which means wiping out your current data and starting fresh as you install this new ROM. That’s opposed to the carrier-sanctioned method that will preserve your data. In addition, you are likely going to miss any custom firmware for your carrier, including possibly Data Sense, should you go down this route. [Note: checking under Settings > Phone Update won't yield any results]

Because of those reasons, we don’t really advocate you go ahead and try this method. It requires some instruction following and some software installation, but we know some of you are tinkerers who don’t mind losing all your saved games and app settings. If that’s the case, head into our forums to get started or follow the instructions on the fan site Nokia Views, who have links to the ROMs for the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 (no other devices are available yet).

Windows Phone 10327 (GDR2) is a minor OS update that brings FM radio, some enhancements to Xbox Music, WAV file playback for voicemail, fixed Other storage, and other minor bug fixes in addition to enabling the new hardware found in the Lumia 1020. Nokia’s corresponding Amber update, which is what is causing the delays for release, allows the new Glance screen, flip to silence, Lumia Color Profile and an improved camera experience, making the combo of an update quite interesting for consumers.

Carriers are expected to release the update in August directly to customers, which will also feature custom firmware for that carrier, enabling such things as Data Sense in select markets. Now that we know that the final base OS and firmware package is on Nokia’s servers, it’s a safe bet that the update is nigh, though as previous experience has taught us, the update will be staggered.

Thanks, willysocks2222 and Vincent G., for the tips and vinumathew, for the screenshots


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GDR2 update for Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 show up on Nokia’s servers, can be flashed now for the daring



There are fixes to that definitely! Daniel keeps mentioning them too. Reviews for 925 and 1020 may not have it because nothing changes on those phones. But WP8 without any GDRs should see these differences! All I want is lag free hub opening even if I have Xbox cloud turned on!

That doesn't seem right, reviews and user feedback should pick up any new features as they won't be the same as on phones without the update so it should be obvious. For example, fm radio is an obvious new feature not on current devices so it's mentioned. Same should apply to any other improvements if there are any.

Last time it hit the servers I wiped the phone and installed, only to have the update pushed out a couple of days later.
This time I think I may wait.

Can someone please confirm if I can get rid of my AT&T ROM and replace it with a normal ROM. AT&T settings suck.

Lol, seriously you don't feel the presents of ladies in this website, although I'm sure there is, and they are hot too, because they understand phones :P

How us it that its available to so many but not for other like on att like me. I'm seeing that being on a carrier device takes longer to get updates etc than those who buy the phones of contract im wondering if this is the way to go ,no contract just buy the phone because if not you'll be last to get the cool stuff

Then you will have to buy unlocked carrier-free phones, so you will have to either import or buy from other websites with no warranty.

Its not technically available, this is just people flashing with the actual ROM update, most people are still waiting for the official roll out.

Carriers have to test the updates and make sure it's compatible, unlike unlocked phones who depend on Nokia to release the update.

are there any major improvements(more sharpness), in terms of daylight photography for those who made the upgrade for Lumia 920??

This is incorrect, the lumia 928 was not GDR2 out of the box.
Currently no ETA for the update. Im assuming with the speed of verizon pushing out updates. Early sept.

Yup. Just as I thought. The update will only come in September at best. October for some people, even.

They need to work on taking the carriers out of the picture completely. Enough with this "the carriers release the update" and "the carriers decide what comes in the update".
For example, while I deliberately bought my L920 to Deutsche Telekom because of the Grey tiles, I bought a L620 in Belgium at Media Markt. It was supposed to be unbranded. Except it's tied to Proximus. Meaning I will have to wait for an update from the carrier, even though I have absolutely no relationship with said carrier, never had and never will.

Your fault for buying a carrier-branded phone, nobody except Apple has the clout to defy the operators, so from next time buy unlocked phone with no carrier branding or just flash your phone with a carrier-free ROM.

And here comes the moron, again.

Read again what I wrote. I bought it at MediaMarkt. You know what that is? No? Google it.
It didn't had ANY mention of branding. It is unlocked. I only found the tie with Proximus when I went to "about" to see if it had already received Portico or not. So yeah...the phones you buy outside of carriers also come branded for some reason. Which is why they need to remove the carriers out of the picture. If Apple can do that, perhaps it's time other OEM's start to grow a pair and do the same.

Its your fault asshole for buying a carrier branded phone, you should have returned it if it was an issue. Everyhere in the world people know how to buy carrier-free phones except idiots like you who first buy a carrier branded phone then cry like little girls.

This idiot "Etios" has already been reported to Daniel Rubino. Daniel decided to do nothing. So from now on, it's fair game.

You first call people moron in the comment section and expect to get roses in return? LOL at your reporting stuff, everyone can see who used foul language first.

Well, maybe I will the next time I get to Belgium. See...there's the difference. There's the people that actually can travel outside their backyard like me and to whom these things happen...and there's the poor 'murican trolls like you, who can't leave their trailers because they're too poor for that.
But don't worry. Next time I decide to buy a phone just to use it for one week like I did with the L620...I'll think about you. And your trailer. And I'll smile, knowing somewhere there's an lonely virgin troll crying over the fact that they're tied with contracts to carriers and can't afford more phones, unless they go put out...except no one will touch them...let alone pay for it.

LOL Poor portuguese people like you have to travel to Belgium just to get a phone, poor you, hope you make more money and shift to a better country so that you can atleast buy $1 app instead of crying everytime :)

Oh look at you, the tough guy. 
Easy to talk down to people on the internet, I bet you're so clever in real life. 

First read the racial, flaming post to which i have replied, In real life that person will be on the floor after facing a solid punch.

I don't have too many games and apps, and all my personal data is synced over Exchange. So I'm highly tempted by this...
Will wait out a bit though. Let's see if Nokia releases it OTA soon enough. (Not bound to a carrier)

So, Daniel that means if I flash my 920 using this method the only thing I won't get is data sense which anyways AT&T haven't enable on their 1020. If I flash and AT&T later enable the app Do you think that people who flash the phone using the manual option will get it?

I'm wondering the same.. The AT&T L920 is the RM-820, and the ones that they have for download are RM-821, which is the unlocked/unbranded L920.. I'm wondering if it's possible to flash it to an AT&T Lumia 920, as that's what they show in the pictures above...

I bought mine unlocked and unbranded, flashed 1314 unbranded.. but never known why is there a carrier section in the store?

Because of the sim you have put in. if you remove the sim and then restart your phone, it should not show a carrier in the store. Mine does the same.

The update works for some countrys only yet. Most europe. Using NCS 3.0.0 and Product Code 059R0H0 you can get it. Tested and Working! Good Luck!

can someone tell me the steps how can i update my lumia 920 to the so called amber update :( i am a beginer and never tried flashing the device.What software do i need .(os version 8.0.10211.204  , firmaware version 1232.5957.1308.0001) btw its a black unlocked indian lumia 920.

Sure! If you want to update your Lumia 920, please contact with me. I'm from Spain and my Lumia 920 is Amber now. :)

Data sense wont work on ee/Orange, what the heck!? Is this because ee/orange want you to go over your allowances so they can charge additional fee's, jerks!

I'm from the Dominican Republic, but I always use English language in my Lumia 620. Do I have to pick a country in specific or can I grab the update from any country available? I'm waiting to take the plunge. 

@ Daniel - Any idea, whether 822 will be getting this????? we didnt receive the 1308 update yet.. Also, lot of users outside US are having the sms issue in 822. Hope the GDR2 have a fix for tht...!!

I just checked NSU - Still only current firmware is available to flash for the 928. I'll keep checking, but will more than likely be to no avail since VZW is the only carrier with this device.

I just want better battery life on 3g. Cant cry enough over it. All the wireless charging in the world isn't gonna help me when i am not anywhere near any of the chargers, for example in my marathon lectures. Please Microsoft, nokia..improve the battery performance..make my life..!! :'( :P

Data Sense, is that only available to those who are bound to a specific carrier? My phone is not locked to anyone. And I'm sure the carrier I'm using won't alter anything.. So will that give me Data Sense, or will I be losing out?

No hurry for my 928 through Verizon. Interested in the color enhancements though, dunno if more colors were mentioned. And mine came with DS already.

If I download and install the firmware from the polish site will I be able to finally tether with the AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan?

I recommend people waiting for the official release, we already waited this long time, a week or so won't kill you.

man oooh man isnt this guy stupid, this crap is on polish y evern bother posting links to how to do it when we cant evern read the crap.post it in inglish so we can all read it. lame!!!!!

What about unlocked phones? These phones should get the update faster, because no carriers are involved. Right?

nice little feature added in the wifi settings, you can search for nearby wifi with data sense, it's tied into here maps, pretty sweet!!!

Unlocked nordic version, flashed via NSU. Amber, data sense, the works. Not worth the hype folks... Camera button can be set to launch Smart Cam or stock cam. No 3rd party app.

When call comes in, flip the phone over to turn off ringer. My hd7 had it and I rarely did it. Pressing volume key is just as easy.

I dought it works as you described, i think the sensor should change its state during ringing for it to work, if the sensor was detecting an object while ringing it will still ring. at least i would design it that way if it was for me.

I hope GDR2 resolves basic things like Lock portrait mode, volumes segregation, Proper multitasking, portrait video play option, copy dialing number... :) Also, some good updates for 7.8 as well :) :)

the vodafone ireland one has been taken off the servers, it's back to the old one again.. odd !!!
EDIT..it's back on for now, it's prob the server being bombarded lol

I haven't seen any comments by those who have downloaded the update regarding Bluetooth 4.0.  Wasn't Bluetooth 4.0 supposed to be included in Amber?

Is there an update calendar that is followed by Nokia?
I mean... periods of time to make the updates available...
Something like that:
1 - Release update for carriers
2 - 90 days later release updates in Nokia servers
3 - 20 days later release updates OTA for unlocked phones
It's very annoying having an update released and nothing new when u check for updates on the phone.
They always give the same excuses: "It depends on the carrier"
Well and what about unlocked phones? Why we can't check on Nokia servers and get the update too?

In the article it says GDR2 is OS version 10327, but the screen shot shows the version is 10328. What's the difference?

Running Lumia 820 with GDR2+Amber update. Flashed via NSU and restore from backup. Almost as easy and fast as via OTA. Very nice and with lots of goodies. Looks like love at first sight for glance and 'double tab to activate' :)

Lumia 820 from T-mobile SK/ CV CZ-SK
Unbranded, updated by NSU.  Data sense and 4G/LTE network support added. All works :).
L520 branded by Orange have not tried yet.

Now all the remains is ProCam coming to the rest of the devices (920, 928, 925). Does anyone have any idea when it's coming?

This is one of the crap things about windowsphone compared to ios, when apple release a new ios its available to everyone the same day, none of this trickling it out over weeks or even months.

Be patient bro, there's difference : another windows phones gets ordinary GDR2 update.
But in lumia series, there's special : amber update and GDR2.
So MSFT and nokia must prepare this update first. So thats ehy always late.
#sorry english

Available for Malaysia too. Updated mine! Working great! But the glance is kinda useless for TFT

LOL! dude, go check out what's IPS and TN TFT if you don't know...
You are like telling me a duck egg is not an egg while a chicken egg is an egg, while both are actually egg! HAHAHA

Huh? Isn't TN technology pre IPS technology? IPS is based off of TN technology but it is not the same thing. You could have been right in your first comment when you said it was a TFT display but in your second comment you added TN. It is IPS not TN technology.

Anyone know how to update (no flashing) via PC? in indonesia, wifi area is very rare. Just like nokia suite, can download apps or maps or updates to my old E71. Now i must OTA :( #sorry english

It took me some times and translation to get this update on my Lumia 820... Send me pm which phone you are using and I'll send you instruction on how to so it. P.S I live in Indonesia too

Oh, oh, I am with Amber now;
oh, oh, I am with Amber now (the new Status Quo remix)
used finnish product code 059R0B4 for my Lumia 820)

HI guys, Can someone please explain to me what each 4 digits in the Firmware Version stand for? I read this once somewhere but I can't remember which represents what :(
I'm checking for new ROMs and I can't firgure out which is the newer one. So confusing  -_-
Thanks in advance guys :)

I swear I never get it right! I had the GS3 for T-Mobile, and international versions would recieve updates wayyyy before the carrier versions. Then, I get the developer edition Lumia 920, and AT&T gets the updates first. Then I sell that, buy an AT&T variant for half of the money, and now international versions are getting the Amber update first! Oh the injustice!

Seriously though, hopefully AT&T won't be far behind (if they are, I'm going to hate them even more than I do now).

How will the battery life be with a non-AMOLED display and an "always on" clock (I know you can have it turn off when it's in your pocket. I wonder if there will be a signififcant battery drain for the IPS display of the 920. Nobody has seemed to really bring the topic up...

someone please answer this question please!!!!!!!!!

Since the 920 doesnt have an amoled display will the always on screen feature work or not? or will it not be there at all ?

i also read that FM radio will not come to 920? why ?

i own a 920... need to know....

FM radio is in music+video app, the glance is working even its using IPS, its uses battery but I observed its very minimal, my 920 battery now last longer after my update. You need Lumia Pusher app to update all other thins after installing amber.

 WP8 is third in the market share holds 5% while microsoft is showing a beta OS version's till now WP8 misses too many featuers but still in compitition , 2014 is a promising year for microsoft #with WP8.1_BLEU update

My Lumia 820 isn't bought from carrier so will the update even show in settings-> phone update or I have to do it manually. I'm checking "phone update" almost every day but ... nothing :/