Flipkart eBooks launches on Windows Phone for India to enjoy literature while on the move

Flipkart eBooks

Flipkart (www.flipkart.com), one of the largest online retailers in India, has launched an eBook service on Windows Phone 8. Titled Flipkart eBook, the app will enable you to enjoy a large collection of books while out and about. Offline storage is supported for commuters who head through dead spots in signal coverage, as well as those who enjoy long-haul flights.

Books can be purchased on the main retailer website or through the eBook app itself. If you're unsure whether a particular title is worth the investment, you can enjoy 10 percent of each book before making the purchase, just in case you hop on past the front cover and it turns out to not quite be what you expected. 

Flipkart eBook App

Content downloaded to any device can be synchronised and accessed from the central library. Much like other eBook readers on the platform, it's basic in functionality, but Flipkart eBooks gets the job done and we've got yet another official app. Multiple features are present, including day and night settings, font size configuration, bookmarks and more.

You can download Flipkart eBooks from the Windows Phone Store (please note that you can only download full books using the app if you reside in India). Thanks, Mika, for the heads up!

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Reader comments

Flipkart eBooks launches on Windows Phone for India to enjoy literature while on the move


Flipkart used to have an app on Windows pHone .. an official one at that ..don't know why they removed it

I even got a response for a complaint I made. They seemed to agree that the app was in fact rubbish. Their mobile is much better though. Especially after the recent overhaul.

I agree. I buy a lot of stuff from flipkart. Bought this very phone I am typing on from them. Books? I would rather buy it from Amazon. Kindle has a better collection and their windows apps are awesome.

Nice to see support from Flipkart, they are the largest online retailer, even  bigger than Amazon in India.

Good stuff!! I love buying stuff off flipkart!! Now only if B&N came to WP and i got to synchronize my stuff across platforms..