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Microsoft announces Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8, bringing News, Weather, Sports and Finance to the small screen [Updated]

Update: As of 7PM ET, all links are now working. Please try now to download the new Bing suite for Windows Phone 8. It's not restricted to the US.

Today, Microsoft has pulled the sheets off of a new suite of apps based around the Bing search engine. Simply called Bing Apps, the collection of four apps includes Sports, News, Weather and Finance, including Live Tile support for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Based off of the same suite of apps for its Windows 8 OS, the new applications bring all of the latest news right to the Start screen, continuing the “glance and go” usability that Windows Phone users have become accustomed to. Indeed, this is the first time we’ve seen some real parallels between the desktop and mobile OS drawn and it should make using the two systems more seamless than before for new customers.

Watch our first-look video of the new apps in action and enjoy the gallery of screenshots after the break.

Video Tour: Bing News, Weather, Finance and Sports


Bing News

Bing News

“Want to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world? The Bing News app for Windows Phone has you covered. With the new app, you have one comprehensive experience to keep tabs on the latest headlines and videos of breaking news.  And the app is customizable so you can track specific story categories, topics, or news sources that matter to you.  You can even rearrange the headline clusters so that the news that matters most to you is at the top.”

The Bing News app is a straight port of the Windows 8 client and is well optimized for Windows Phone. Users can adjust the font size to their liking, enable the Live Tile, and restrict background data usage to only Wi-Fi. Wide tiles support is included with HD level graphics for images.

The app is relatively fast and fluid to use (data can take a moment to download) and with optional Breaking News alerts, users can stay abreast of all the latest happenings. The app lacks any lockscreen support or the ability to share an article, which is something Microsoft will hopefully build upon in later releases.

Download Bing News for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing News


Bing Finance

Bing Finance

“Keep tabs on your portfolio and gauge performance of your stocks at a glance with the Bing Finance app which include financial news, market info, watchlists, timely US stock updates and customizable interactive charts.”

Like Bing News, Bing Finance acts as market hub on your Windows Phone. The Live Tile (wide supported) shows the latest DOW and NASDAQ numbers (one on each side) with a graph and numbers for a quick view.  Users can customize the Watchlist with specific companies and the News section is similar to the Bing News app with font control.

Download Bing Finance for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Finance


Bing Weather

Bing Weather

“Want to know to know whether you need to grab an umbrella? Now you can stay a step ahead of the weather with an overview of conditions including temperature, precipitation and wind.”

Everyone loves weather apps and Bing Weather is a solid port of their desktop version. The app features a live tile (sadly, not wide) with the latest temperature, current conditions and the day’s high and low. Launching the app will show more in-depth information like “feels like” temperature, humidity levels, wind and more. Swiping to the right reveals daily, hourly and a collection of weather maps, including Temperature, Doppler, Precipitation and cloud cover, optimized for regional and national views.

The app is well designed and while it can’t compete against the more full-featured pay apps on Windows Phone, it’s a really well done weather client. Once again, no lockscreen support in v1.0 is a bit of a letdown but we imagine such a feature could come in later updates.

Download Bing Weather for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Weather


Bing Sports

Bing Sports

“The Bing Sports app is your personal sports companion letting you stay on top of the sports and teams that you care about.  You can swipe through to see the recent scores, top sports headlines, game videos, photos, schedules, standings, extensive statistics and much more across most major sports.”

Like Bing News and Finance, Bing Sports brings you all the latest in world competitions. From the scoreboard (currently MLB in the US) to News to slideshow to videos, the app is sure to keep the sports enthusiast busy. Like Bing Finance, you can add your favorite franchises to the ‘my teams’ pivot to easily track their latest happenings.

Download Bing Sports for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Sports


Quick thoughts

Bing Weather

Overall, Microsoft has done an admirable job with these well-polished apps. They serve as a reminder to consumers of the similarities between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and represent a sign of things to come as those two operating systems begin to merge in 2014.

We can envisage many of these apps coming pre-installed on forthcoming Windows Phones and it should provide a great out-of-the-box experience for new customers who want core apps at their fingertips.

When to get them?

Bing Apps are now available with their respective links and QR codes listed above. Note: these apps are very "fresh" to the Store, so if it says "Not available" for your device, try again in a little while until it hits all servers.

More information can be found on the Bing Blog.


Reader comments

Microsoft announces Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8, bringing News, Weather, Sports and Finance to the small screen [Updated]



Daniel maybe you should not be so good at your job and informing people asap. They don't understand that these apps were just published and might take a little time before you can download. Geez.. patience ppl
Update: MJF posed the same question to BenThePCGuy and they are investigating the issue.

I love WPCentral, I hope you guys get some kind of financial support from MS because seriously you are one of the main media group that play a very important role in expanding and exploring W8 and WP. Great job a thousand thumbs up.

I totally agree 100%!!! Besides, it's a sin having a Windows Phone and not having WPCentral app installed. This is my most used app by a great, great margin. Thank you WPCentral staff and community.

When will these be available for download. Says my phone (Lumia 928) is not supported yet. Can't wait to have a visually appealing news reader. I hope there is some offline support as well.

No wide tile or lock screen for the weather app? Boourns! It is a step in the right direction though.

People must learn to read:
Note: these apps are very "fresh" to the Store, so if it says "Not available" for your device, try again in a little while until it hits all servers.

I think that "This app is no longer published" is a little different to "Not available for your device" don't you?

Yeah,not the same, but I'm reading both sides, and the article is clear with the "not available for your device" issue.

almost EVERYONE here whining and crying how its not available on
<instert your device> in <insert your country> /optional <insert your firmware update>  !!
for fucks sake....give it time !!! or try again......(it says not available...might need updating in the US too)
when apps get released its the sole responsibility of users to come to wpcentral and cry !!!

Gorgeous apps. It's a little sad that I might never have a use for any of them, though. Also, then link on my browser said that they were no longer published...

This is awesome! i love those apps on my Surface RT, and now on WP8, gotta love microsoft commitment to thier users :D

Couldn't wait as well. They make windows 8 great and I had a hard time not having sports on my phone. A happy Lumia 1020 owner here!

Wait. Microsoft had also released the Weather app way before this (Bing Weather), will they merge them into one?

Yeah, I'll stick for Bing Weather, it's way more intuitive than the old one, and hope they will be merged ;)

I hope the news and sports apps aren't like the Windows versions which mostly just redirect you to a sometimes poorly formatted web page, complete with ads. Main reason I don't use them very often.

I just wish they would have created one BING app instead of 5 different ones. One app to get your weather/sports/news, etc.

But then it would only add +1 in the race to a bejillion apps that android and ios users like to so smugly tell us that WP sucks for. This way they stack lol (jk with this comment of course)

I actually agree with this. Since news, local deals, movies, etc are part of the Bing search (button) it would be even better if that was customizable, and allowed you to pick what you see. News, Weather, Sports, etc.

Here's something interesting. Take a look at the splash screen for Bing News in the screenshots posted on the store. The word Bing isn't in its usual font. Could this be an early sign of the rumored logo change?

Tweet from the official Bing account:

"Thanks for letting us know. They will be available shortly - they're making their way through the windows phone store system."

This is AWESOME! Thanks Microsoft 
I remember seeing someone tweeting MS asking for these Windows 8 apps to be made available on WP8 too and I tough: "that would be cool!" 
I'm happy to see that this wish came true for us WP8 users 

LOL the whole "WHADAFUQ!?!?!? IT ZAYS NOT EVAILABLE ON MYYY DECIVE" for every major app release on Windows Phone is classic, unique to this community and none other.

You'd think that by now, people would have caught on and relized that the download isnt available to hardly anyone yet.

In my opinion, these apps should be shipped with all Windows Phones. New users of WP would find it helpful. Personally, I feel it gives a feeling of belonging to a very professional OS.

Listen everyone....although these apps are for every market bt right now they are nt available for downloads so plz wait for time...until its available

The 8.1 preview is also available in English...but not in England. It's not the first time Microsoft does this. And it's not restricted to England. They also have stuff in "portuguese" but only available in Brazil (they should call it "brazilian" or "brazilian portuguese" actually, since in Brazil they don't really speak Portuguese as it is spoken in the rest of the World from Portugal to Macao).

I call this "revenge of the colonies". lol

What do you mean? I got England on mine. All news are UK based and you have selection of sources from UK as well.
Update: If you talking about that it's not available then I'm using them since yesterday.

I agree with texatony, but think this is such a duuuuh that they will be already installed on most phones, just like they automatically load to the start screen of a pc.
btw, here's what I see when I go to download (web site)  "This app is no longer published"

Yes absolutely. For me Weather Flow displays 'Haze' most of the time and I have never seen 'Clear' on that tile. Also hate the fact that the lock screen and the tile updates separately at different times.

This is what the bing blog says "Today we are bringing many of those experiences to Windows Phone users around the world" So I think they will come to all markets, just need to have a bit of patience..

I'd like to see the Health/Fitness app that comes on Win8 (not sure if it's specific for 8.1) - it woudl be quite nice, especially since it syncs with HealthVault and actually lets you log items.

Why can't they be integrated into the Bing search, I don't think we need individual apps for this

Live Tiles. Cant have live tiles with the built in search. Not to mention, cramming a sports score app, news/rss app, weather app (with forcasts and maps), and finance app all into the built in search would be a mess. I only use Weather and News on my tablet, why should i be forced to use finance and sports on my phone?

With a separate app you can get live tile updates, choose which sections of news you want to see and even choose your sources. I doubt all that would be possible in the Bing search page.

As separate apps they can be updated more often. Since MS only gets an OS update out once every four years it seems for Windows Phone, the app route is a much better decision. Truth be told, they should split almost everything out into apps like they do on Windows 8/RT.

Ok they can make it customizable then, when u click on the search button, u can choose what categories are included

Every 4 years? You're way off, first the integrated Bing search has been updated and is current being rolled out, second, WP8 will be updated annually and patched nearly quarterly according to Microsoft.

None of you read the fine print...if I can read it says:
"Download requires GDR3 and Windows Phone 8.7 and a device baptized in unicorn poop."

Unicorn poop!?!? Really????
What's so special about the unicorn poop? Is it because of the shitstorm?

Holy crap. 200+ comments about it not being available yet. Maybe you guys should have waited.

Looking great, but have they finally made the News app work in Denmark? On Windows 8, it has no content in Denmark. It has in Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK - but not in Denmark, which makes it rather useless. Otherwise these apps are great - but Microsoft really needs to work on expanding their services! (I'm beginning to feel a bit like a broken record on this topic).
And I notice they conviently disabled comments on the Bing blog - probably to avoid comments on this issue...

I'm getting "This app is no longer published", I wonder if they found some showstopping bugs in them and had to pull them from the store as a result.

Hopefully it will let me pin my favorite teams from the sports app...I love that feature from the Windows 8 version.  Oh and btw...if I hear one more person complain about availability I'm going to turn this car around!!!

Click the link in the article for the Bing Blo. It has more information and I'm pretty sure it said that you can pin your team.

You mean the link for Bing Sports right?  Did that and all it does is show a screenshot of the "my teams" page.  No clue as to if the indiv. teams are pinnable or not.

You can still install them manually, download them from web links and install from the SD Card.

getting app is no longer wonder if not all markets are updated or a bug was found and it was pulled from store?

Been waiting for Bing Weather to come to WP8 for a long time... I wonder how it will perform/function against Amazing Weather or WeatherFlow...

Hit the search button on the right then hit the "eye" icon on the Bing search page also on the right and point your camera to the QR code. Hit the link hat comes up after scanning.

Use search key on the right to windows key...u vl get bing search and at the bottom of it u will find scan qr code button..very unusual for a newbie to b here on wpcentral and that too with a comment...

Use the search button on the lower right then the "eye" and bring the camera phone up to the QR code. Select the link when it is displayed on your screen.
Happy hunting...

Time to get BING NEWS and get rid of all these other news apps I have installed. THANK YOU MS! Freaking excited. I know its not available for the 925 yet as I just checked but man-o-man am I happy to finally see this! Thanks WPC for the tip!

So is it just safe to say now that WP7 support is dead. Almost no new app has WP7 support, only WP8. I kind of expect more from first party apps—I know it's an API thing, but still annoying to no end. 

As a WP developer here's my take on it
In the US, WP7 holds only 27% at this point and shrinks every month. Any new development makes the most sense to be done using the async pattern in WP8 SDK. You have to take the long way to get something cross compatible.
Now, while WP8 has 73% of WP market share we onlky have a small percentage of market share of the big piece of the pie. It just doesn't make sense to write target 7 in most cases unfortunatley.
That's my two cents.

Agreed.  It's unfortunate, but I also think it was a very neccessary changeover for Microsoft.  The new codebase will allow them to move forward, and some users had to (temporarily) be left behind.  Hopefully they will pick up WP8 phones at some point and be able to enjoy new apps again.  The Lumia 520 is pretty damn good for under $100 in the meantime, though I understand not everyone is on AT&T.
Another unfortunate side effect is that shiwtching to the new platform also cost MS about a year of feature updates... making them look like they have positively stood still for the last year.  All their work went into recoding eveything for the new codebase, rather than implementing the many new features that are needed to make this OS truly competitive.  I really hope that WP8.1 will show that they have not been idle... but I am concerned.

Weird. I downloaded the XAP files (yep, you can download them no problem) and put them on my SD card. Go to install them, they are marked as unsupported/unavailble.

No Problem, I use these apps on Windows 8 and the 8.1 Preview so I'm really interested in having these on my phone as well.

I had a feeling these apps would make it across to Windows Phone eventually and I'm pleased that they have:)

Can't download the app right now, but I am pretty damn happy they finally released this.  A good way to tie all the OSes together even better.  I wonder if the X1 will have a Bing app. 

You can't expect people to rely on half the BS comments that are down here.  If it truely is a bug, it should be updated in the article.  Too many down here spouting off for everyone to read every comment.
Personally, I would like to see articles come out AFTER things are live and working...

Maybe, if there wasn't a technical issue preventing everyone, GDR2 or not, from downloading it!!!!!

For anyone that already has the apps, do they use their native app colors or the accent set for your phone? I'm hoping for the former.

From the source article:
[Editor's note (12:00pm): The new apps will be available for download in the Windows Store soon.  Updates will be posted as they become available.]

FINALLY. Weave is the only decent news aggregate app I've seen on WP, and that app is too heavy for my taste. My #1 complaint about Windows Phone 8 has always been no Bing News. I'll have to find something else to dislike about the OS, but it might be hard.

I like it a lot on my Surface..... Will probably also like at my Lumia, waiting to be available here.....

I really wish MS would synchronize the releases on their Servers. Honestly, us it so hard to load them all up and THEN announce the software's availability. I'm in the US, and since I'm apparently not in the same VIP Express Server as WPCentral writers are ;-) I'm still told I can't have it (stamps feet in childlike frustration)

Thats's strange, I can't download the weather app on my Lumia 920, yet. But I can download it on my iPad with dropbox. Now I have bing-weather.xap in my dropbox folder :-) 7,4 MB.

Any update on these getting on the US servers? Seems odd that the source had an update at 12 noon and nothing sense...or maybe that was noon PST? Wish that was stated on the blog.

So excited by Bing Weather. None of the 3rd party apps are as gorgeous as MS's own apps. Love the look of Bing Weather!!

Downloaded the xap files and tried to sideload but they are "unsupported" and therefore greyed out (Lumia 521)

Same here and they are really good apps, missing a few features that the Windows 8 and 8.1 versions but those things like sharing can be added.

They really need to work on the live tile for the sports app. When I pin my team the three things I care about, What was their previous results? When is the next game? And what position are they on the ladder? Stop using flips and a heap of text and just shove it all on an image. 2 minute mock up -

That's why I use THE Football App as well, it gives me toast notifications for goals and matches :)

I have it too but the live tile is useless (unless I'm using it wrong it's just a static image, maybe with a flip). MyFootball has a great live tile (what I based the mock on) but it's pretty unreliable.

Hrm nice but I figured the whole point would be that they would sync to my other Win8 devices, was hoping they would at least.

I would assume that will be added at some point, possibly when Windows Phone 8.1 is available.

Replace ESPN Hub with Bing Sports? Check! Replace Accuweather with Bing Weather? Check! Ok let's see how it goes

YES YES YES, thank god man! now I am not so scared about jumping to WP from my Evo LTE.

I gotta leave Sprint regardless :/ and that Tmobile Lumia 925 is a hot piece of ass.

These apps make me so happy lol cause I wanted their News and Weather app from Windows 8 I think they're great.