Nokia updates Display + Touch and Extras + Info apps for Lumia line

It’s been a busy day for Nokia today as they have released dual updates for their Display + Touch and Extras + Info system apps for their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The two updates are now live in the store, but are very fresh meaning it may take a short while before you can grab them.

Display + Touch, which controls the super sensitivity, Lumia Color Profile (GDR2 only), double tap to wake (GDR2 only) and the Glance features (GDR2 only) and more does have a change log, though we’re not sure it’s up to date exactly. The update notes that it adds “support for quick mode in Glance Settings” though under ours, all we see is the previous Off/Peek/Timed/Always On options, so we’re unclear is this is refining the feature or we’re just missing something.

Regardless, it’s always smart to have the latest version, which is now version of Display + Touch.

Likewise, the other big update is with Extras + Info. That update of course is the big one for devices with GDR2 (OS build 10327 or later) on board as it enables the much ballyhooed Call + SMS Block feature, which we covered in an earlier article. That addition, which was enabled by Microsoft’s new API extension in GDR2, allows OEMs to create this feature on their devices and evidently, Nokia was the first to roll it out on a grand scale.

Even if you don’t have GDR2, it might not hurt to have the latest, which is now version, since it does affect other system settings.

Those with Nokia Lumia devices and Windows Phone 8 can pick up Display + Touch here and Extras + Info here in the Nokia Collection. Optionally, you can scan the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Display + Touch
Display + Touch


QR: Extras
Extras + Info


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Nokia updates Display + Touch and Extras + Info apps for Lumia line


I'm in New York City, and I'm a Verizon customer. Proud owner of the Lumia 928. My update was available as of 9:00am thank you very much!

The Death Star will get it out. Just like they shocked everyone how fast the Portico update was, everybody just likes to b!tch. In due time everyone, the amber update wasn't ready, that isn't att's fault, and I'm not gonna blame Nokia either, sh!t happens.

got extras info and another update..i dont rememer exactely but i think was touch today without amber on 720

On extras +info, next to "software release", my Lumia 820 just shows a black space, nothing on it. Am I the only one? I supposed there should show "Lumia portico" or something similar.

@Daniel... I believe "Peek" is the new setting. Because it makes it where its off until you wave your hand in front of it or pull it out of your pocket (Glance mode).

When I bought my Lumia 925 on the 4th it didn't have that feature. I got these updates your speaking of a couple days ago and I seen "Peek" for the first time.

I could be wrong? Maybe there's another update after the one I had gotten a couple days ago? Maybe that one was old?

well i suppose we all waiting for that amber update... i need the radio on my L920 badly. vocations starting tommorow 

this is frustrating not having app updates working.
I had a crack that started to develop on the back of my red 920 so they gave me another and now ever since I've restored the back up to this new phone I don't get notified of app updates.

Um, dumb question...
I updated the apps, but where can I find them. (Excuse my naivity, I've my 928 for 3 days.)

extras+info won't update for me; I keep getting "There is a problem completing your request. Try again later. Error code: c101a029"
Still don't have GDR2 anyway; T-Mobile 810.  Don't know why everyone complains about AT&T being slow with the updates; I've always seen the complaints stop and the rollouts begin on AT&T long before my T-Mobile phone is updated.

The article would seem to disagree with you there:

Even if you don’t have GDR2, it might not hurt to have the latest, which is now version, since it does affect other system settings.

In any case, my phone just downloaded and installed it on its own, so I guess it's all good now.


No updates from Vodafone as well. Branded phones suck, my 800 was unbranded, and I always had the updates almost immediately, after they were made available.

Lumia 1020 here. It installed but after rebooting instead of Call+SMS Filter I got some strange

I really love the fact that Nokia/Microsoft has consistent updates to the apps... I only wish that there is a way to manually check for updates for my apps as opposed to waiting for the Store tile to may or may not pop out a number to signify updates...