Xbox One will require an Xbox Gold subscription for almost everything

Microsoft has always been a fan of charging their Xbox customers a premium to access features including multiplayer gaming, entertainment applications, and Internet Explorer. The company has announced the list of additional new features for Xbox One that will require a Live Gold subscription.

Xbox One will require a paid subscription to access the console’s OneGuide (TV Guide), Game DVR service, Skype, and new SmartMatch service. We aren’t extremely surprised about the news, but now we can confirm what we suspected.

This announcement doesn’t exactly boast well with customers who are debating between Microsoft and Sony’s latest consoles. The PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play games online, but it won’t require one for many other features including the Game DVR.

In the end - most users will have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold anyway, but for most this idea will be a battle of principle between the two companies.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft charging for essentially… everything?

Source: Microsoft via The Verge


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Xbox One will require an Xbox Gold subscription for almost everything


So, I'm German and thus won't get half of these features.
I also tend to dislike any kind of subscription service and would definitely not pay for XBOX Live Gold. Especially after witnessing the breakdown of GFWL.
So I guess the Xbox One is out for me.
On the other hand, I wanted to get it for the new Kinect. Well, at least Sony finally upgraded their damn controller...


WTF? Well, too bad the benefit of doubt was the only thing keeping me in support. I hope they pay on Day One.

Honestly, if you* just* want to watch Netflix and Hulu, and you don't game, then you shouldn't be buying an Xbox One anyway.
A Roku or an Apple TV is probably a much better buy, and costs 1/5 of the price of a new Xbox.
I don't see why people should be paying their monthly Netflix sub, *and* pay for Xbox Gold.   What value add is Microsoft providing for streaming media?  Zero.

I agree, MS adding a pay wall for streaming services is crazy! Its why I don't use their music service! I have a great job and don't wanna be nickled and dimed just for extras. Dvr'ing games to the console or cloud shouldn't be behind a pay wall either. I'm a xblg subscriber and want more for my money in the form of discounts on games and dlc. Apps should be free to use from any account, especially if they already have a fee attached to them!

A few too many people seem overly comfortable with yet another monthly subscription. This is a big problem with American consumers, they're way too comfortable throwing away money on every little thing. Sure, it's only $50 year, on top of all the other subscriptions we're already paying for.

And that doesn't even mention the principle of the thing. $50 a month to access features I can get for free most elsewhere, or paying for features that have their own subscriptions. Microsoft is providing nothing for Netflix on an Xbox, so why is it behind a paywall?

If this is the model coming to Windows Phone some day it's a guarantee I won't be sticking with the platform.

Can we stop trying to justify and make excuses for MS and its users with gold? The decision to keep apps and IE behind a paywall vs your competitor who offers it for free at a cheaper console price, is idiotic. MS isn't going up against some new company in console gaming. Playstation is a well established respected brand. If MS is wanting to succeed they need to match services while also offering things that Sony doesnt. Which they are doing, but if there are people out there that dont care for mp and like singleplayer games,movies,internet,etc the playstation is the way to go. Plus it's cheaper with the option to pay for plus down the road if need be. I'm a huge MS fan. I dont use anything else (phone,Xbox,os) but it's idiotic to justify some of their decisions. Especially when you're wanting them to succeed. Why they're not making the console more accessible to silver members is beyond me. With basic services even! Ahh well, maybe they'll change that too before launch?

How is this even news to anyone? Same old thing in XBOX land .. and at $0.16 a day or $1.15 a week is it really going to kill your pocket book for a quality service? And who in the hell pays 60$ for a Gold Sub?
Who has actually paid more than 40-45$ for a 12 month gold sub?  .. You can get them right now on amazon for cheaper lol ...

I will continue to use my PS3 to play Netflix, Amazon VOD and blu-ray. I don't plan on paying $500 plus $60/year to continue using those services! I may upgrade my PS3 to a newer, quieter model though. Or if I can do those things on PS4 without a subscription, I'll get one of those.

I wouldn't have a problem with this if they would allow multiple consoles on the same networks to remain signed into the same account.  I run a multi-console house and my wife uses the media apps quite often but doesn't play games.  So if I want to play games in one room and she wants to watch netflix in another, I need 2 Gold memberships.  And this is the problem you run into.  If you could have multiple consoles activated by a gold account user to allow the premium features when not logged in, that would solve my problem.  I think most Xbox households have at least 1 Xbox Live Gold account.

If that picture is from a Microsoft site, it really shows some seriously bad marketing on Microsoft's part. So, you have to pay for features on the new console while they are free on the old one? Makes you wonder exactly which console they are trying to sell.

Doesn't the 360 require gold to use all those features anyway?  Anyway... at this point if you can spend 3 digits on a console 60 dollars a year shouldn't be that big a cost.  

Some people send that amount on game, so if you spend that much on a game.. I guess xbl sub cost should be trivial. However having said that, you shouldn't have to pay for internet explorer when its free on your windows phone or pc. Also xbox services i.e. Music and videos free in windows 8.. If they start charging for ie, Netflix, xbox music and videos usage on phones and pc People are going to go ballistic.

 voice control isn't totally free.. i don't understand why one has to pay to surf the internet or use xbox apps or to watch tv .. such a rip off . better MS should just charge users that actually want use xbox one for hardcore multiplayer gaming and stop being greedy