Official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone gets substantial update with bug fixes

The official Tapatalk app just got some solid bug fixes

The official Tapatalk app for Windows phone got updated yesterday to version The app, which centralizes communications to various online communities, was released back in June for Windows Phone 7 and 8, and saw a fair share of connection issues to different sites. This latest patch resolves many of those issues, as well as some other minor bug fixes.

Windows Phone Central has also confirmed that, barring any major problems after testing the newest version, Tapatalk will see a reduction from its regular price of $2.99 to free soon. There is no concrete timetable for the planned price drop, as it is contingent on the conclusion of testing.

If you don't feel like waiting, you can get Tapatalk for $2.99 here.

Thanks for the tip, Garrett!

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Reader comments

Official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone gets substantial update with bug fixes


They added voice and picture uploading to posts!!!! I was so excited to see that. I'm glad I bought this app. It also loads forums a little faster.

Exactly. I don't mind paying $3 to just support the development and that was why I did it. There are still a lot of issues with the WP8 version of tapatalk compared to iOS and Android versions though but this is atleast a start.
If this app saves me 15 minutes in browsing a forum, it has more than paid for itself. I would still want to see all bugs get fixed though!
I bought the MetroTube and MetroTalk for exactly the same reasons although they both have a unlimited trial version with all features in the free version as well. A couple of dollars is not much for something that you actually want.

I know everyone likes seeing it go to free...except people that have already bought it. But the more the developers that make money the more apps we'll probably get.

I'm not sure I understand their pricing strategy. They're charging people $3 essentially for beta testing, and then those who didn't have to suffer through the testing phases get it for free? Doesn't it make more sense to make the testing phase free and then charge for the final app? It doesn't affect me either way because the app doesn't really interest me, but it seems strange.

I guess that makes sense. I feel like early adopters should be rewarded with a free app, and the late comers can help recoup the costs. I suppose I understand wanting to make the end product free for the general public though.

Blast it. I've been waiting for them to fix this app before I bought it. Now they've fixed it and I have to wait because it might become free in the near future?

they first said it would be a month...i guess when they saw how many suckers bought it they rennegged those plans.