InstaWeather Pro has arrived for Windows Phone 8; log your current temp with a photo

InstaWeather Pro for Windows Phone 8

Today, the popular “weather documenting app” InstaWeather Pro has been released for Windows Phone 8 devices. We gave you a sneak peek of that app, which is coming from iOS and Android, back in July and now you can have it too.

InstaWeather Pro is one of a new class of popular social apps where you take a photo, presumably outside, and then overlay the current conditions and location info over it. The photo is then ideal for sharing to social networks so friends and family can see where you are—think of it like a virtual postcard.

InstaWeather Pro for Windows Phone 8

The app says it has the unique ability to share your creation directly with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and foursquare, though we were hard pressed to find that in this release. Instead, the app uses the default Share option for images, allowing you to hand it off to your other third party apps, including 6tagram (beta) or Instance.

InstaWeather Pro has improved substantially from our early look, as it feels more fluid and responsive than the beta version. That’s good news as the app does cost $0.99 with no free trial. That lack of a free trial is a bit of a letdown as we know many of you will simply look for an alternative, like the free Ciel.

Hopefully though the developers behind InstaWeather Pro will add a trial feature in an update. (We should note though that InstaWeather Pro costs $1.99 on iOS and Android, making the $0.99 price point a little easier to swallow for Windows Phone users).

You can pick up InstaWeather Pro here for Windows Phone 8 devices. $0.99, 7MB

InstaWeather Pro for Windows Phone 8

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