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Joe Belfiore accidently leaks a future version of Windows Phone. Is it GDR3 or Blue?

There’s a handful of you out there rocking with the latest GDR2 update on your handset. If you bought a Lumia 925 or 1020 it came with it onboard from the unboxing. While the rest of you folks with devices from the Windows Phone 8 launch are slowly getting it. What’s on the horizon for future updates? We have GDR3 and Blue (aka Windows Phone 8.1) coming within the next 6 months. We also now have our first look at one of those courtesy of Joe Belfiore.

Earlier today, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted a screenshot of his Windows Phone Start screen. He was trying to show off the new official app for baseball fans called At Bat 13. What he didn’t realize was he also accidently shared a future version of Windows Phone.

Look down at the status bar on your device. This is the area where you see icons indicating things like signal strength, battery power, time, Wi-Fi connection, and more. If you look at yours right now you’ll see them spread out fairly evenly across the top. Or at least they would be if you had all icons on at once. But you probably have signal strength on the far left, time on the far right, with probably Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the middle.

GDR2 vs Blue

Now look at the screenshot above that Joe Belfiore tweeted. You’ll notice all of those icons are grouped to the far left of the status bar with only time on the far right. Yours shouldn’t be like that, if it is contact us right now because we want your phone.

Some other sites and blogs are saying that’s GDR3. It could be, but we don’t think so. We have it on good information that what you’re looking at is Windows Phone Blue.

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Joe Belfiore accidently leaks a future version of Windows Phone. Is it GDR3 or Blue?



What is up with the negative comments in here?
Have you even considered what re-positioning of symbol actually means?
They wouldn't do that without good reason. And there's a variety of possible reasons.
The most obvious one would be to have room for new kinds of content on the notification bar.
Use your brains a bit before you cry.
The re-designed bar also carries the implication that the 8.1 update for WP will likely be as strong as the Windows 8.1 update, which basically re-designs half of the interface and fixes about 90% of all issues with the OS.
We already know that WP is getting orientation lock, so Blue will likely include lots of basic features that the OS still lacks, in addition to some stuff that no one asked for but that no one will want to miss once they got used to it.

For use Samsung owners GDR2 may not have added much but I'm still looking forward to what the later updates, GDR3 and beyond, will add :)

Who cares.  It would make sense that he would be running Blue. Status Icon placement is certainly not earth shattering by any means.  Pretty much a non story.  

Same old same old ... yawn !  
After owning 2 windows phones , I'm not getting another windows phone until they do something about the UI. It's getting boring, heck even Apple is trying something new. 

I'm glad huge things are planned for Windows Phone "Blue"--though I'm sure this new status bar icon alignment will require a new generation of hardware, so beware Lumia 1020 users, you might be 900-ed.

Reading this article makes me wonder why the wpc app doesn't support the status bar drop-down in the app. I've been told it's up to the developer to implement whether or not a user can swipe from the top to see the phone's signal, etc. Personally, I think ALL aps should allow for this behavior. Any plans to support it in the future, perhaps?

And what about additional column of tiles? It was said to come with GDR 3/WP 8.1, and it's not present here.. It looks like modified GDR 2, I wouldn't be surprised if it is just a minor modification introduced into unlocked OS. Surely he does have an access to OS registry, so he easily could have modified it, as he knows WP8 as his own pocket. Am I wrong?

I think it shows 'always on' status bar. If not, why would he tap the top area of the screen before taking picture of his homescreen

All of you have good fun here but for sure i think is my big mistake to get lumia 920,only just microsoft and nokia can do thing like update but no update. Some idiot from microsoft by mistake shows gdr3 but give me you idiot gdr2 first,what piece of s... Why google has no problems like that. Nokia and Microsoft can try catch but not google maybe some insects first,idiots.

Nokia Lumia 920 but with minor bug called microsoft windows phone 8 and Big Joe on the board. Now i just discovered that i can't download some apps because of what... Just only lumia needs to be up to date,oh man great,i love it.
Better i going update something else.

Is it just me or do those bar screenshots look exactly the same? I'm struggling to see the difference

The sreenshots are not to show "the changes", it is because the second screenshots show a different arrangement for top icons, and that mean it is not GDR2. Thats all.

To me it seems just a, poorly made, rendering or photoshopped image: the status bar is overimposed... in the middle of the screen. if you check carefully you will note that the signal bar is placed over the word "Pictures" and the barely visible tile, above the status bar is the "Picture' one.
The only explanation would be that now the status bar is always visible or there is an option to enable such functionality.

The change of placements for icon could mean a pull down menu of some sort, if you're a UI designer you would definilty want that area to be clear for a swipe down.
Then again perhaps they found the icons distracting in the middle on 5" screens :)

The point of Windows Blue is to improve seamless integration of data between your various Windows 8 devices i.e Desktop PC, Laptop/UltraBook, Tablet (both full W8 and RT), mobile handset, and even Xbox One console. When finished, the experience should be similar to what google is doing with Chrome, only better.
$hitty cosmetic changes like a "notification centre" are pointless if the mail client sucks; I would rather see MS put more resources into making Outlook a better experience than have them waste time and money on something that is essentally already there on your home screen. By all means, simplify the process of changing settings like wifi, GPS, NFC, BT etc.. but don't make me carry out an extra step to do it ( 'a la' a useless "pull down menu" such as the ones found in android and IOS)

Both my old developer models N900(maemo) and N950(harmattan) have ALL icons crammed to one side of the screen either top left or right where as the retail models N900 & N9 have the icons spread over the screen just like on my L920. Iam not saying that Joes phone is not gdr3 but keep in mind that it could actually be an early build of gdr2 with aspects differing to the final version.

Does anybody else think it would be nice to have your live tile start screen turn to landscape layout like the RT instead of being locked to portrait? Also I would love the capacitive keys to only light up whilst navigating the screen and stay off when playing media etc, bloody bright backlighting and they are always on, the windows key could also be utilized as a notifications light, just my thoughts on a couple changes I would like to see by gdr3

It was probably more like "I wanna show this app but my ver. is still on the dark side.......ah fxxk it!!!".

Jk def a tease

Look, if joe tweeted a pic of his start screen,  and only a screenshot, how did the wp central guys get it on an ativ s? If it is a mockup, then hats off to the guy who created the mockup.

If you think you need that then please leave the WP ship and board iOS or Android vessels.

I was holding out buying WP8 but this...this is my tipping point...this is what I've been waiting for! This completely blows Android out of the water!!

Two comments. 1. Ugh, Samsung, Nokia has much better phones this Gen (and I had a Focus) 2. Spotify, really, I'll give you Pandora but Xbox Music is better than Spotify.