Nokia teases Lumia 1020 Australia launch date? Speculation suggests October release

Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 has to be one of the most unique smartphones available on the market today. Slowly being launched and teased, many markets are still waiting to see the smartphone made available at retailers and other sources. Today we've learnt that consumers in Australia shouldn't be waiting for much longer.

According to WPDownUnder, the Nokia Australia Facebook page has teased that the Lumia 1020 could well be coming within the next 2 months.

The Facebook post shows a full moon with the tagline, "Get excited Nokia fans. The first ever Lumia Moon is making its way to Sydney. Only two moons to go." Going by what happened with the PureView 808 in Australia, WPDownUnder speculates that we could well be looking at a media launch in Sydney sometime in October.This could mean we'll be able to pick up the device by November in stores across the country.

via: WPDownUnder


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Nokia teases Lumia 1020 Australia launch date? Speculation suggests October release


Wait what? That's only been a year. I'm with Telstra too; are you saying I can upgrade my 920 after only a year too?

Yeh you can but, you'll need to pay about $300 on the phone repayments. The contract repayments you'll likely won't have too.

Awesome! I'll be able to sell my 920 for a couple hundred and I'll make up the rest :)

Paying out $300 to cover phone repayments doesn't quite sound like 'free' to me. Blake can you please elaborate a little more ?

I got a Telstra 920 on release week (loaded the generic Nokia software on it). I also can't wait for the 1020 to come here, I'll probably upgrade through Telstra's MRO repayments. I'm not 100% sure on the workings but I belive I can get it without renewing my contract but I'll have to just play an extra $20 or so per month for the 1020 mobile repayments. That'll be one year since the 920 so I can probably pay out the remaining MRO for my 920 by selling it on gumtree

Well, i suppose it's gonna be an unlocked L920 for me. (Unless if the L925 in 32GB can be purchased unlocked.)

A customer rep. From Claro in Puerto Rico told me that they will receive the 1020 in December if true at&t only had 3 month exclusive.

Why they take soo long to release.... At least unlocked version should be available in every country Nokia has a office or is officially represented....

Brazilian date will be what? March 2014....

I guess they can't make enough phones to simultaneously release them in all markets?
I hope the Canadian launch comes soon...

I just don't get why they just don't sell their devices at all the Microsoft popup stores, in all markets. I would likely have bought one full price, and living less than 5kms from the American border, it just seems incredibly silly of them. What's the point of a store that doesn't sell all the products that you are trying to sell....!?!?!

"In all markets"? Those MS stores are only in the US, and perhaps 1-2 other countries near the US - none are in EU, AU, NZ, Asian countries etc

I want this for the camera, but no microSD is still a sore point for me. I didn't buy the 920 as it was capped at 32GB, and this one will be even worse with hundreds of high-res photos.

Yea you'd have to make good use of cloud storage for a phone like this. Hopefully as a self respecting WP fan you still have your 25gb available through Skydrive.

Why the hurry? Who cares about the new flag ship? Lets release 920 at first, then 820, 720, 620, 520, and then, all of a sudden a catwalk 925 out of the blue, I feel sorry for Nokia, they have been releasing phone after phone and try to push there phone out to the world I understand, but here we have low end phones being available in many countries and this latest flag ship is not getting attention at all un like when the 920 was first released....Meanwhile.....MS sleeeeeping in the back ground, I can't believe I had the 920 for a year now and no heavy update from MS yet, if WP dies one day, its certainly MSs fault, thank you Nokia for trying hard, but I care about flag ship and don't tell me we have something new and make it available for sale after 4 months.