Microsoft makes company statistics interesting with the new "By The Numbers" website

Microsoft By The Numbers

Microsoft has launched a brand new website to show off some figures about the company. If you've ever felt like knowing exactly how many minutes are accumulated through Skype calls (hint: 2 billion), this new resource is the perfect way of finding out, as well as figures and details for other Microsoft products and services. It's essentially a portfolio highlighting the company's success, but what about the losses and products that haven't taken off?

Billed as "a collection of visual statistics about Microsoft products and services," the website sports a beautiful Windows 8 interface and visitors can select each tile to learn more and even check out services or products that the tile covers. Windows Phone also makes an appearance with 170,000 apps highlighted on the Windows Phone Store.

Some figures are rather interesting, such as 554,000 pizza slices consumed each year by Microsoft employees on campus, while other tiles show notable achievements, including the $1 billion donated to charities through the employee Giving campaign. The website also highlights the likes of Bing's marketshare (at just 17.86 percent - nothing to get excited about, but it is progress), however we're missing out on some details, including those surrounding Surface Windows tablets.

Check out the website for more information and all the figures.

Source: Microsoft, via: Kid_Jenius (Twitter)


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Microsoft makes company statistics interesting with the new "By The Numbers" website


Anyone fancy having this feature (Landscape mode)available to our WP? Will look like a W8... Dunno, I find it little bit frustrating when I read things In landscape and find myself have to rotate the phone to do other things and then rotate it again when I open IE again.

18% Bing marketshare?
Which market are the statistics based on? I remember reading that Bing had about 2% in Germany, for example. And Microsoft generally tends to forget non-American markets.
Edit: Yes, it's US market share. That's boring.

So there are over 170,000 apps and games in the Windows Phone store at present. It seems that about 10,000 apps are added each month. With this rate, the total apps should pass 200,000 by the end of this year and 320,00 by the end of 2014. The rate could accelerate with the increase of WP unit sales.

Smart author. Why the phone there's no link to the site? Another gaffe along with the fact that this site about mobile devices doesn't have a ... mobile version.