Xbox transitioning to local currency - will continue to accept Point gift cards at "equal to or greater" marketplace value

Xbox Local Currency

We’ve known it for a long time already, but today Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer for Xbox, Marc Whitten, officially announced that local currencies would be brought to Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles to replace the soon to be defunct point system. The change was stated as being made as "a direct result of customer feedback."

The change allows customers to purchase content without the need to calculate how much an item actually costs in its default point listing. Microsoft states that you will still be able to purchase content from the Xbox store using current forms of payment presently available in your region. In addition, the new Xbox gift cards will be available for purchase online and through local retailers in late 2013.

If you currently own any Microsoft Point Cards, they will continue to be accepted until further notice. Until that time, the points will be added to your account in "an amount of local currency equal to or greater than the Marketplace value of those points." Once switched across, the Xbox Store will then be on the same page as the Windows Phone and Windows Stores.

We will continue to keep you updated on the transition here at Windows Phone Central.

Source: Xbox Wire


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Xbox transitioning to local currency - will continue to accept Point gift cards at "equal to or greater" marketplace value


Makes sense now, at least I don't have to calculate these points equal how many dollars...The funny thing I have a premium membership but I don't own an Xbox.

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I have the beta & they convered all of my points into money (with my permission, when you first make a payment it asks if you would like it to covert eveything but you don't really have a choise, as *Spoiler Alert* the store longer accepts Microsoft Points even on arcade games or music) but for me it is a good thing as I did have 8,880 MP (I have expert zone & they cost next to nothing, probably the only perk of working in retail lol) & I got £75 for it, so I was able to buy an Xbox game instead of one of them arcade games or a Windows Phone game...littrally it is just credit on your Microsoft Account that is used by default...it is perfect.
I am hoping that Microsoft Points will be even cheaper soon when shops try to get rid of remaing stock =P

Yes it did that for me when I joined the beta. I'm talking about everyone on the beta who is in the rewards program who hasn't had the final rewards balance transferred on 7th Aug because of a glitch in the system.

Good riddance. Using points instead of actual currency has been one of my biggest gripes with XBL since day one.

When converting points to real currency it says that you can also use those to pay on Windows Phone 8. I don't have a WP8 device so I can't test, does not work on WP7 though. Also converted points expire in 12 months.

I can confirm that the converted points are available to use for WP8 app purchases. It even shows up in the Wallet app. Unfortunately it doesn't work for Windows 8 yet, but I'm hoping that that will come soon.

Even more unfortunately the new payment method (confusingly called Microsoft Account) doesn't work in Windows 8.1 Preview either.

It is not enough. They need to ease purchase on local markets using other methods instead of credit cards. You want sell WinRT/WP/XBOX apps on country that most off the people don't have credit cards? That is laughable. They sure can buy the machine, but never the apps.

+1020,928,920,820,720,625,620,520. I am waiting ages for Microsoft to allow debit card option for payment. My points exactly

I have a Visa debit card and it has always worked with WP and Xbox and Win8 and PayPal and every other online service too.

I've tried mine(and my friend[s] too) not working. Paypal need credit card. It would be very helpful on purchasing apps if Microsoft also sell physical voucher on their retailers outside US that can be used to redeem Microsoft Points.

I did call Microsoft service & they are still sticking to credit card here in India. So exasperating.

PayPal does not need a credit card either. You just need to enable the network payments option in your bank's website or local office and after that your card works with PayPal or with Microsoft's services. In fact I have a Visa Electron which is even more limited than Visa Debit and it works just fine.

Also, in Finland those Microsoft Point cards are in nearly all stores with the games.

Not yet try that Paypal method. Though, that workaround is not easy, and maybe very few know and works. Well it's good to be in Finland, amazing country! Here, every Xbox is play from disc or harddisk. It is futile attempt to go online, you can only browse(online game also, that if your connection not dropping while playing).

The implication here is that there's nothing wrong with Paypal.
Paypal is as evil as a credit card, just for different reasons.
For me, it's buying a gift card in a shop or nothing. It works with Steam (via third-party cash card system) and I heard that Microsoft will soon introduce it (first-party version, though) as well.

Will be patiently waiting for that to happen! I hope i can buy Microsoft Points via UGC(Ultimate Game Card) or Cherry Credits. It is a shame when you play Age of Empire online without points (can't really team other ppl, cuz you REALLY weak). I play Dota 2 so yeh, Steam.

As I said in the comment above yours, the new Microsoft Credits will work on WP8 too and possibly on WinRT, not only on Xbox.

Very correct, i understand. Though that is not my point. The problem is the method to acquire Microsoft Points, which not easy outside US. You can buy XBOX, Office 365, Windows 8 here, but never a Microsoft Points unless you got credit card.

Here's the thing about the points - I've been able to give point codes to my friends across the Pacific and Atlantic and the codes work and they receive the points. Now the question is this - if I give them codes for $20 USD, will the code activate and convert to the other country's currency? That's why I like the points. Unfortunately, only one way to find out...

Well, for some reason I've been able to let my Scottish and Korean friends get the MSP without problems. Same with 12Y subscriptions.

The email I got stated that when the points convert to currency that the currency will expire in June of 2015 I believe. Also this will now not allow you to change region to purchase content in other regions and they also have no plans to allow split payments so I think the move is only good as it allows you to use the same for WP8 and Xbox and PC, otherwise the move would only be for the worse as you will still have money left over since can't do a split payment.

I've been on local currency since I signed up for the new dashboard beta. The converted money shows up in my WP8 Wallet under the name "Microsoft Account." It's been MUCH nicer dealing with real money values!

And it actually makes WP games cheaper as you can buy MS Points below their "market" value and Xbox converts them up to their MS price :)

I'm in the beta aswell but this is affecting everyone in the rewards program as we can't get our final balance transferred over!

My account still shows 9400 MS points, so it's not converted into cash yet.... Then when I get my 1600 MS points for pre-ordering GTA5 fro MS (yea, I need that game ASAP, even going through to beat some games so I free up time to play it)....