Deal Alert: Get a Nokia wireless charging plate for 50% off from AT&T (US only)

Nokia Charging Plate

When we aren’t giving you news or reviews we love saving you money. Here’s another deal on some sweet accessories for your Windows Phone devices. Is your phone capable of charging wirelessly and you don’t have a plate yet to go with it? Time to get one.

The Nokia wireless charging plate (DT-900) is one of those basic accessories that anyone with a phone that can wirelessly charge needs. There is something so futuristic about just placing your phone down onto a surface (no, not that Surface) to begin charging. If you have one you know how great it is, if you don’t already everyone in the comments below will let you know you're in the future.

So you’re ready to get in on this wireless charging craze or you want to add more to your current collection? I mean you do you want a charging plate for every table in your house, right? AT&T is currently selling them for over 50% off. One charging plate is normally $49.99, but you’re going to save some cash. Here’s how it works.

  • Buy 1 and save 50%. Normally $49.00 but you’ll get it for $24.50
  • Buy 2 and get an extra 10% off. Get two plates for $44.10
  • Buy 3 and get an extra 25% off. Get three plates for $55.14

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

Not a bad deal at all. Of course you’ll need to be in the United States or know of a clever way to get AT&T to ship abroad (it's web only). And topping it all off? We’re seeing all colors available – black, white, red, yellow, and cyan. Dan will probably grab another baker’s dozen of yellow chargers to go with his quiver of yellow devices and accessories.

Anybody going to pick these little chargers up? They’ll work with any Qi-enabled phone like the HTC 8X (on Verizon), Lumia 920, and the Lumia 925 (with wireless charging shell).

Source: AT&T Via: SlickDeals

Thanks for the tip Sean!


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Deal Alert: Get a Nokia wireless charging plate for 50% off from AT&T (US only)


The charging pillow is also available for $55, I got 2 charging plates and the pillow for just over $84 shipped with tax.

black fatboy charger is 49.99 on amazon
but of course extra 25% on att if you buy more :)

According to a Nokia rep the 920 will be EOL real soon. So expect another Nokia device soon to replace the 920 at the $100-$200 range and keep the 1020 at $250+

Yes, it will work with the 928.... I have 2 (a while and black charger)
and your right, WPcentral pretty much blacklisted the 928 for some reason.... Not even a little review for it...

I always wonder why most WP blogs never mention 928. The 928 is what made me jump ship to WP. It doesn't get any love like the 920 and 925s.

928 is a US only/Verizon only model whereas 920 and 925 are worldwide models that is why you get less press and reviews on all the websites regarding 928.

Yes it is US only, but the article is about wireless chargers from ATT and only available in the US.

Yea, just like in the US... the 920 and 1020 is LOCKED to AT&T and the 925 is LOCKED to TMOUS but, the 928 is not SIM locked and is a world wide phone. Learn your facts before telling stories.
Also the 928 is on the largest carrier in the US....never mind that WPcentral is based in the US....
WPcentral gives NO love to the 928....

You can scream 'Murica 'Murica 'Murica all day long BUT its doesn't change the fact that 928 is a US only/Verizon only model and USA is not the centre of the Universe.

I know it works on the 928. I have one. I was commenting as others have below that the 928 doesn't get much love in most articles.

Yea I agree, love the look of the black wireless charging cover on my yellow 1020. Tones the yellow down plus the contrast is distinctive and more mature looking. That said it still reminds me of the Transformer 'Bumblebee' for some reason :D

Has anyone seen the 920 on sale? My buddy is on ATT but can't spend the $99 right now but wants to move to WP8. I've only been able to find used and refurbished on the cheep. Thanks in advance :)

I just purchased a cyan 920 from the Microsoft specialty store 2 weeks ago. They were selling the 920  for $49.99 and they had a promo where you got a $50 Microsoft Store Gift card with the purchase of a wp 8 phone. So not counting taxes they paid me a penny to get it. I'm not sure if the promo is still running but I think the $49.99 is their normal price.

Can't be. The more wireless charging pads out there the more exposure it will get.
Idk how compatible the 1020 is with those plate chargers even with the wireless cover - it might be because of a new design or NFC compatibility with new models.

The Qi standard is what all Nokia WPs use.
However, it is not an industry standard. AT&T has not adopted Qi either and has stated that they are researching all wireless charging options... and some of the others have big backers.
The main decider will be which standard iPhone and Android choose. Rumors have been that the next iPhone will support wireless charging (I'm guessing they don't go with Qi).
Could AT&T be unloading inventory before it becomes obsolete?

I wouldn't mind buying another wireless charger. I just don't want to buy one because the one I got isn't compatible with my new phone (1020)

Works with my 1020 but it seems to charge slower. I think its because of the volcano on the back and I'm experimenting to see if proper placement will help as it has varied.

That's what I'm afraid of. I wanted to eventually get the car charger from Nokia but if I upgrade to the 1020 will it fit? Will it charge? Will it work?

Well I just bought Three the other day from Att over the phone and they had a sale buy 2 get one free for any accessories so I got three wireless chargers

Microsoft store online says "out of stock" and their closest physical store is 2 hours away...

This in conjunction w/ the $10 off accessory promotion from the new AT&T Saver Beta program nets a wireless charging plate for a little over $14. Noice!

Apparently it's a private beta being run by AT&T in select markets.  AT&T sent a text to my wife and I asking if we would like to take part in a beta program that sends you text alerts when you are nearby a participating vendor.  These texts consist of various promotions and advertisements.  As a thank you for participating in the beta, AT&T sends a promo code that can be used for $10 off any one wireless accessory from their online store.  Perfect opportunity to grab the DT-910 wireless charging stand!

It is. I was one of those who was waiting when the store opened... :-) Damn my carpet could have been cleaner!

can I buy one even though I'm not an AT&T subscriber? I always think that if I walk into a store then they would say thay don't do busniess with non AT subscriberbs.

Just bought a Lumia for myself and one for my wife over the last week.  Just ordered two chargers - now we will each have wireless chargers!  Thanks Windows Phone Central for the heads up!

Damn you WPCentral! Just got two plate chargers and one stand... $75. Nice!!!
Went for cyan and yellow for the plate chargers... And the white one for the stand.

Not to diss on this or anything, it is a great deal, but I would recommend the stand over the plate. The stand is rarely on sale though so...

Still too expensive. Additionally, if you buy a "pillow" for a phone, you are a complete pushover

Would take advantage of this offer, if I had a wireless charging case for my 925 :/ still waiting for Amazon to get it in stock... Sure would like to see it in real life before I decided on a color, but no one seems to sell it! (Houston TX)

You have to be a customer of AT&T to purchase these...just called and they will only sell to AT&T customers. Seems so dumb to limit 1/2 of the people.

Not sure what you've been told, but you do not have to be an AT&T customer.
Of course, if you think about it, if you buy one--you're a customer!

Try going online and order one it will ask for your account number and your AT&T cell number..so then call them and they will tell you that you need to be a customer...

People who don't reside in the US also love saving their money just as much, if not more. I really hate it when i see discounts on stuff that i want only valid in the US. Nokia, be fair. Give a global discount. We paid full price for our lumias too (and i have a couple of them 620 & 920..just saying :-/).

I just got an email saying they cancelled my order because they cannot verify my information. I am not an at&t customer but I didn't see that requirement when I ordered. I think BKs is right :(