Deal alert: Verizon HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 928 free on contract (US only)

Lumia 928

What do we love here at Windows Phone Central? A handful of things like reviewing new apps, learning secrets about the future of Windows Phone, and saving you money. Earlier today we showed you guys the deal over at AT&T to snag you some wireless charging plates. Now you can grab two free phones from Verizon that take advantage of those plates.

Right now over at Verizon the Nokia Lumia 928 and HTC 8X are free on contract. Yup, you won’t be spending anything to get the two best Windows Phone devices on Big Red. You can’t go wrong with either handset since both come with their own benefits over the other. You might prefer the more svelte profile of the 8X or the exclusive apps on the Lumia 928. Either way, you’re getting them for nothing.

Free Lumia 928 on Verizon

If you’re already rocking one of these bad boys you best pass this deal onto your friends and family.

Hit up Verizon to grab the 8X or Lumia 928 for free.

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Deal alert: Verizon HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 928 free on contract (US only)


Problem with 8x is the memory to small....i have it....with Microsoft having to other storage issue it really is a bad

Yeah with 7.56gb of "other" storage on my 8x, it takes up more than my pictures, videos, and games combined. WTF!? To those looking to get either one, go with the 928.

I have the 928 and had my other storage hovering around 4GB.... I went and deleted all my photos that were already synced with Skydrive and now my other storage is about 1.1GB.  It's worth a shot.  Worked for me.

Is that a Verizon only issue, or a WP issue? I don't group message much, but it is annoying when responses come back in separate threads.

Verizon only. I bought out my contract and moved to AT&T because of this and the fact that they charge 20 cents for each international text message RECEIVED.

Text messages are always charged based on sent AND received. They get their fee on both sides. Same with calls... I'm always amazed how many people still think incoming calls are free like a land line. Not saying it's fair. Just saying I've never had a cell line in the last 20 years where that wasn't the case.

Maybe that's only in the USA & Canada. Alot of other countries, like here in Dubai, incoming = free.

Yes, speaking from US perspective. Assuming explosive0 is from US as he uses Verizon and AT&T.

I have unlimited incoming and outgoing calls on Fido (Canada). I even have unlimited SMS (local and international). So it's not country related but operator related.

Well, sure... I am in the US and have unlimited SMS and calls (excluding international) in and out.  The only limit is on data.  But this is definitely more expensive than the more traditional call/SMS/data limit based plans.
I think the point is, in the US, if you are on a minute/SMS budgeted plan, incoming and outgoing count the same.
It is technically up to the carrier, but I imagine that the carriers for the most part have a standard that they follow in each country.  They do this to stay competitive with each other (or collude with each other to not compete on this issue, as the case may be in the US).

That must hurt. I have never before heard incoming calls costing anything, or receiving SMS's costing money!

Microsoft does not tell the manufacturer, "Hey guys, nothing above 16GB". It's a manufacturers choice. Not defending MS, but accepting the fact that HTC chose to make these units in 8 & 16GB variants as I too own an HTC 8X (16GB).

That's not the issue we didn't know when we bought the phone nor did HTC that other storage would be such a huge impact on the storage space, for example I have 5.5 g in other storage and 2 g of music and only 97meg of pictures.....and the software uses 2 g.....the other storage is a software issue...other storage should only be around 1 gig max on my phone

While I understand what you're saying as well, you still must know that manufacturers get the builds for testing while their hardware is in prototype, meaning they should have seen this and worked with MS to have it corrected. If HTC knew about this, I believe they should have released at best 16 & 32 GB versions only.

For The 8X, it was time for the pricing.  
For the Lunia 928, it shows again that Nokia still needs major work to convince the CDMA community they can be trusted.  Perhaps Nokia needs to add more carriers on the CDMA side (meaning coming to terms to all non participating CDMA carriers, especially Sprint, even if it makes some people upset here).

Yeah, its lack of trust in Nokia by the CDMA "community" (who the heck are they) that caused the price drop. /s

Sprint, US Cellular, C Spire, Bluegrass, Appallachian Wireless, Alaska Wireless, Premier, Open Mobile de Puerto Rico (which has not carries a single Windows Phone device), United Wireless, Next-Tech, Blue Wireless, Carolina West Wireless, nTelos, Cellcom, Eclipse, and about more than a dozen more....

And that does not include all of Sprint's MVNOs and owned prepaid companies like Virgin Mobile USA AND Boost, as well as the CDMA side of MetroPCS, Credo, Cricket, etc...

Hopefully this means a new Lumia is coming this fall (i.e. 1028)! Although it might mean that Android users considering WP like having micro-SD slots and replaceable batteries on high-end phones and don't like that these features are missing from the 928. I know I like those features in my 822, although I would learn to live without them for the 928. Just not paying full price for the phone.

Subsidized/Unsubsidized. All down to the carrier. All that matters to them is getting lines of service open/renewed.

still mad at nokia for a) not releasing a high end lumia when the 920 was released and b) not any colors for 928

Whoa Nelly! Hold your horses! It looks like a great deal, but Verizon wants $30 for the upgrade fee now, and its online only, or pay for the phone and the fee at the store and get a rebate. BUT! Why do this when the new plan coming up at the end of the month lets you upgrade WITHOUT THE FEE? I decided to wait for the new plan and see how that works.

That $30 isn't for the phone. It is for THE PRIVILEGE of a new phone. A stupid as cuss "activation" fee which entails Verizon making stuff up and charging you for it.

The old CDMA phones where someone had to manually enter your phones information was one thing. With LTE and SIM cards it's automated.

But now it's a free $30 that Verizon and their endless lust for nickle and diming won't give up.

Who would have thought that a Verizon deal would be US only? Do you not even bother even proof your titles?

This can't be a good sign. After 3 months, the phone is already free. Windows Phone is really struggling in the USA.

Struggling?  Maybe, maybe not. The 928 is out of stock on the Verizon web site.  It is the best smartphone deal on the market right now.  A free flag-ship phone w/contract.  Provided they can keep stock I think this will help WP in the long run.

Same here.  I do like the 822 though.  And something even better will be available when my contract ends!  :)

It's not the $30, it's the why do this now, what's the deal, Verizon? My son says bite the bullet, pay the thirty now cuz the new plan will cost more in the long run, based on what other carriers have shown. Bit I haven't seen what Verizon is going to charge for their plan, so I wait.

Just tried to take advantage of this deal, but my upgrade date isn't for 2 weeks and they were not able to bump it forward for me. Hopefully this deal is still in place in two weeks. Although I am going to try again next week.