Require ideas for wedding invitations? How about Windows Phone?

Wedding Lumia Invitation

Windows Phones aren't just used as mobile phones, they can also be used for unique and interesting ideas. The photo above shows exactly what we're talking about today - wedding invitations. The editor of a Chinese Windows Phone website has used a Nokia smartphone as the design for invitations to be sent out to guests.

They're absolutely stunning, taking full advantage of the iconic Windows Phone Start screen. The level of detail is flawless too, with a camera hole acting as a means to connect the ribbon. So which Windows Phone was used?

Wedding Lumia Invitation

Yep, you guessed it; the Lumia 1020. So if you're ever stuck for ideas on your big day, be sure to think outside the box.

Source: Digi-wo; via: WeLoveWindowsPhone.hk


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Require ideas for wedding invitations? How about Windows Phone?


No, i agree... This is nothing short of retarded. I mean seriously, I know this is WPC, but can we avoid being fanboys who think anything to do with our chosen brand is amazing!

My boyfriend would probably not care for this idea either. At the same time, he probably wouldn't be surprised if I suggested it because he knows I'm a smartphone geek/addict, lol!

Man, if Window's phone had been out when I got married, I'd have been tempted to do that and my husband would probably have let me too. :-)

It looks cool but it's also quite stupid. It's a wedding, not a place to show your fanboyism.

Actually, I think someone already did that last Christmas...I could swear I saw a picture of that on Nokia's facebook or something...

If Nokia had paid for my wedding provide the 1020 for recording and pics, hell I would had done this made a 1020 cake and live streamed it on Nokia YouTube.

But it ain't that serious.

If Nokia would pay for *my* wedding and provide the 1020 for recording and pics, I would do this, make a 1020 cake and live stream it on Nokia YouTube.
At the moment I don't even have a girlfriend - but I'd Bing one fast!

My girlfriend would kill me if I did this (first because it's way too nerdy and second 'cause she's an iPhone girl).

haha! then make a duet version of your wedding invitation, one with the Windows Phone, and another one with iOS.

I used a photo taken with my Lumia 920 as the front for a postcard-style invitation for my wedding. Camera on this thing is so awesome...

It's easy dude. Just make the design, and send it to the creative publisher you know to print the design out.

I'd like to make a Windows version of that. No, no, no, not the Windows Phone version, but the Windows desktop version.

That's cool you should have sent out before showing her. I was given the task of table cards. I posted a link above. My wife asked me to take her to Redmond for our honeymoon.

I woulda sent real 1020's. With the cost of wedding invitations, you might even save some money. Then when the big day arrives all your guests are armed with best in class cameras.
Get some custom apps developed to make the whole thing completely integrated and voila!

I'd just buy a whole bunch of 520's and put a wedding invite as a lock screen on them and send out. As opposed to the 1020 idea it's economically feasible at least. :)