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Video Tour: Official YouTube app for Windows Phone

Today saw the surprise (yet anticipated) reappearance of the Microsoft YouTube app for Windows Phone. This time the app evidently has the consent of Google, who took issue with some of the features in the app and had asked Microsoft to pull the original. The bold move by Microsoft though has evidently paid off—Google has finally agreed to what looks like most of Microsoft’s requests for the app.

Our readership requested a video tour of the app and since we’re here to serve, we have obliged. Granted, we’ve only had the app for less than 60 minutes, but we can show you the basic functionality and even a few changes from the previous 3.0 release.

The good news is the majority of the previous features, including account management and high quality streaming are still on board. In fact, we now have the ability to upload via Wi-Fi or even over cellular, which is a great feature. Videos with ads though will display a pre-roll commercial, something that was missing from the original release that surely irked Google. Likewise, users have lost the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

Overall though, the majority of Windows Phone users, including those on 7.x who can join in, should be pleased. And since this app was released with Google’s approval (though not endorsement), it means we can expect updates when necessary.

Another feather in the cap for the Windows Phone platform, even if it took some cajoling. 

Windows Phone users can download the official YouTube app (v3.2) from the Store by following this link, scanning the QR code below or swiping to the right in our app.

QR: YouTube


Reader comments

Video Tour: Official YouTube app for Windows Phone


I cant download it. It says not available for my region(India changed to USA) i tried searching it in the store n download it but that doesn't work. I guess they pulled out the app. :'(


I noticed when signing into YouTube on my PC they tried to do that. Some new settings bull with Google, you don't have to use your name though.

Daniel you actually consider this an official app? I would call it an app with the good blessing by the store its not published by google (companys of official apps in android and IOS stores are actually listed as the publisher).

MyTube > MetroTube > YouTube.
MyTube gets my vote because of the ability to play video/audio in the background.

Wow - Microsoft manages to make Youtube happen super quick, when several third party alternatives are already available. Meanwhile a WP8 notification center is forever away and international Bing is still a POS

hmm wonder what the official upload limit is, tried uploading a 100mb video and it tells me that the file is too large and cannot upload. 

Upload feature is severely restricted. App uses Background Transfer API and has all limitations inherent to it.
Upto 5 MB over cellular, upto 20 MB over WiFi and upto 100 MB over WiFi + external power (device must be charging). Any file over 100 MB can't be uploaded.

It's never gonna be enough for some people. Taste is something very personal. If you like MetroTube, then use MetroTube. If you like Microsoft's version better, then use it. If you like MyTube, it's available for download. Appreciate diversity and stop the stupid brand (choice) wars already!

I wonder what's the length of Google's capability of spying on what you outside the app when you log into it. Given it's made by Microsoft I'd guess slim to none.

Just downloaded the app on my LG Quantum (7.x device), and it works so good. Wish I could download videos to watch offline, like Supertube, but this is a great step in seeing Microsoft and Google working together. Hallelujah! :-P

I think I'll pass on this one and stick with the previous version that I still have. I've also got Metrotube and Mytube and I like all three. I'm not really bothered about the ability to upload so this new"official" is of no use to me. Only problem now though is I have to be really careful when updating my apps and not accidentally update to this one.

Today it seems broken, it was working this morning but now when I launch the app I get a message from it saying, "something happened and were not sure what"  Funny error message but otherwise not funny!