Phototastic for Windows Phone updated with a new user interface and more


Phototastic is a feature rich photo editor for your Windows Phone that is primarily focused on collages but has some rather nifty effects filters and editing tools to help make your photos stand out.

The Windows Phone photography app was recently updated to version 2.4 and gets a refresh on the user interface, changeable collage aspect ratios, text options and a ton of new collage templates.

Old Phototastic
Old version of Phototastic

While the old user interface wasn't bad, the new user interface is a lot cleaner. Your main page has options to create a collage, add frames to photos, design Facebook collages, and create collages sized for your Windows Phone lockscreen.

Phototastic has nearly 150 collages that can handle from one to twenty five photos. Images can be rotated, flipped and over thirty effects filters are available to give your pictures that unique feel. You also have the ability to add text to your images and a wide assortment of aspect ratios including a Facebook ratio suited for creating a cover image for your Facebook page.

Phototastic New
New version of Phototastic

Images for your collages can be pulled from your Pictures Hub or captured with an in-app camera application. The Phototastic camera app has a burst mode with self-timer that can be set to take multiple photos and a single shot mode.

Phototastic was already a quality photo app for your Windows Phone and the update builds upon that foundation. There are two versions of Phototastic available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  Even if you don't mess around with Facebook, the Facebook aspect ratio can come in handy for panoramic edits.

Phototastic Facebook Aspect Ratio

Phototastic Free (left QR Code) has a few feature limitations and can be found here in the Windows Phone Store.  Phototastic is running $1.99 with a free trial (right QR Code) that can be found here in the Store.  Take note... the update is live for the paid version of Phototastic.  The version 2.4 update for Phototastic Free should be live shortly.

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Phototastic for Windows Phone updated with a new user interface and more


yep.  Very strange to hear people talk about $.99 or even $2.99 like they are talking about buying a car.   Your big mac and fries cost you $7 today.   I heard people agonizing over the cost of that new Flight tracker (which is $4.99).  Said it was a deal breaker.  but these people evidently fly aroudn the country on business regularly    
I don't think its so much the "cost" as this perception that everything like this should be free.   it' would make a good research project for a psycology paper :)

Exactly Jose. Some people are just born thieves I guess. .99 cents? 2 bucks? wow.  I am convinced this is why android is so big. Not just because the OS is free but everything else is too and the developers lose. Ties in with the BGR story about who is least likely to pay for apps. On top of the list, google android.

Just reinstalled it on my 1020. Very nice. Much improved over the previous version on my 7.8 WP. And the text support is on par with Fantasia Painter. Real nice.
Also the Facebook templates are a very useful touch for cropping.

I love this app. The new UI just looks amazing. WP developers are finally getting their design on point.