Nokia Lumia 1020 Wireless Charging Cover now shipping in black from Amazon.com for $40

Lumia 1020 and charging cover

It’s been weeks in the waiting but it looks like Amazon.com has officially received stock of the all black Nokia wireless charging cover (CC-3066) for the Lumia 1020.  In fact, according to users in our forums the item has started shipping already, so a few of you will have this handy accessory in the coming days (even faster if you have Prime).

The wireless charging cover will run you a not-so-cheap $39.99, plus you’ll need a wireless charging plate (if you already don’t have one). That extra accessory can be ordered from AT&T right now for $25, giving you a $65 bump in costs to not have to plug in any wires. While that may sound trivial (the plugging in part), you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone on this site lamenting wireless charging as a gimmick.

Unfortunately, the yellow cover is MIA. Amazon did have it listed earlier but not even Microsoft Stores have that rare bird in stock. Perhaps Nokia has run out of yellow (gasp!) but for whatever reason, yellow covers and yellow camera grips are hard to come by. So for now, you’ll have to settle for black and only black.

Source: Amazon; via Windows Phone Central Forums


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Nokia Lumia 1020 Wireless Charging Cover now shipping in black from Amazon.com for $40


And it seems the yellow is currently available for $27 (lets you place order, and says will be available Aug 16)

Yup. I've had one on backorder for a while and just got an email telling me the yellow would be in stock on 16-Aug. Sweet!

I ordered a yellow one back about 10 days ago when they had a couple "backordered" but listed. I just got the shipping confirmation yesterday afternoon. I am a prime member so I am getting it tomorrow. Can't wait!
Shipping Confirmation for Yellow Wireless Charging Back Lumia 1020 http://sdrv.ms/1cE0JQ5

My yellow shipped today. I ordered about a week ago. I suppose there was a large backorder that they had to go through first.

I ordered the yellow when it was listed and I got a confirmation Monday from Amazon with a delivery estimate of 8/16-8/18.

If Nokia wants people to get on board with wireless, it needs to be built in or cheaper. I can understand the charger being $40, but the damn cover shouldn't be that high.

This is why I'm considering the 920. It would seem new phones will require one of these lame shells for wireless charging in order to appease the "thin and light" phone freaks.

I got the 920 because it's not PenTile, but the built-in wireless charging was a big plus. 920 is much cheaper and comes with wireless charging.

It didn't when I posted it! :-) Clicked the link from My Orders and it showed the page with yellow and an alternate choice of black.

I just got confirmation that my YELLOW back has been shipped by Amazon. Expected to arrive on the 22nd. So I guess they got some in. Luckly I got mine for $28!

I am thinking about modifying this cover to sit on top of my wireless charging plate. Trimming some of the corner grips to make it fit in easier. Then super gluing the cover to the plate. So I could just set my phone on it. Anyone know if doing this would constantly keep drawing power even though no phone is connected? Wouldn't want that. But I also don't want this cover on all the time but love me my wireless charging

That's a great idea... I use manly for overnight charge / when I'm at home so this would work very well here.... I have both the stand up charger and the horizontal plate... Will see which one is better....

I actually ordered a yellow one from Amazon a few weeks back, just got the email today that it would be arriving tomorrow, so they do have Yellow in stock.

I luckily ordered my yellow for 26.43 a few weeks ago. Just got a email saying I will have it on the 19th. 40.00 is too much IMO. 25-30 is the most I would spend.

Per the email from Amazon today, expecting my yellow (for $26.43) charging cover on 8/19. That will go nicely with the yellow and black charging plates AT&T will be delivering on 8/16.

Got mine through amazon about a week ago. Glad to be utilizing the wireless charger again. Its well worth the investment.

Not having this cover ready in all colors is embarrassing. Would love to get the cover for my wifes white 1020, but as you can see in the pics, black looks horrible on the wrong color.

Nokia never seems to have accessories ready with the phone. Combine that with very limited distribution of official accessories in the states and it's a bit of a disaster.

I keep asking WPCentral why they don't carry them in their store but they never answer... would think they would make a killing if they could actually get stock. Instead they only carry third party crap.

I think black cover on yellow phone looks super sexy.  also the camera hump blends in bettter that way.

Really wish they just put it in. I'd rather take the extra girth than have to buy accessories. They should be trying to make wireless charging standard. They almost did it with the 920 with giving charging plates away. Its a shame to see such a useful feature not become a standard in their phones.

THIS. 1,000 times this. Build it in and take the 1mm hit... stop cowtowing to idiots who want to pay an extra $40 and make their phone much bigger.

especially with the buldge of the lens being there anyway! how ridiculous for not including it! makes the lumia 920 the more attractive phone for me despite the lack of the awesome zoom.  

A wireless charging cover defeats the purpose of wireless charging in the first place. It makes an convinient feature inconvinient to use. 
If i have to stick a cover everytime i have to charge it, i rather haggle with wires and cables.