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Report: HTC “drifting away” from Windows Phone as market share dips below 5%

HTC is in trouble. There’s little disagreement from industry experts on this as the firm is under fire from Samsung (with Android) and Nokia (with Windows Phone), squeezing the manufacturer from both sides.

In fact, a recent IDC report exposed how far HTC has fallen dropping from 8.2% of the Windows Phone market in 2012 to just 4.6% in 2013. That’s after the critically acclaimed HTC 8X and 8S were made available. Today, Samsung is now the number two vendor on Windows Phone with nearly 12% and one million shipments. You read that right.

In a vaguely worded article from DigiTimes this morning, it cites “industry sources” as noting that HTC is “drifting away” from Windows Phone, instead focusing on Android where they recently dropped out of the top five vendor ranking.

IDC: Windows Phone Market share and device shipments Q3, 2013

Two things should be noted here: DigiTimes is right just about as often as they are wrong, so we should take their industry sources with a grain of salt. Second, it’s not clear if the implication means that HTC is giving up completely on Windows Phone or rather focusing resources on Android.

Regardless of the answer, the choice may not be HTC’s, at least with respect to Windows Phone. Nokia now dominates with over 80% of the Windows Phone market and even with strong releases with the 8X and 8S, HTC has ceded ground allowing Samsung (who looks to be barely trying) to take the number two spot.

HTC: Lost in a sea of Lumias

HTC most likely won’t abandon Windows Phone. Their relationship with Microsoft goes back too far and patent agreements run too deep for them to be able to shake off the Redmond company, even if they wanted to. However, with only three phones released in the last year for Windows Phone 8 (8X, 8S and 8XT), it’s clear that number of devices the firm will be releasing will probably continue to drop (as will their software offerings). That means we may only see one flagship phone from the manufacturer in 2014 and the company all but giving up on low-end phones, where Nokia is thriving.

The problem is, even with this strategy HTC is getting slammed hard by Samsung and its Galaxy series. It’s not at all obvious that the company can continue to compete in what is an increasingly volatile atmosphere. And did we mention that the iPhone 5S is coming next month?

Source: DigiTimes; via VR Zone; Thanks, Stefan K., for the tip!


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Report: HTC “drifting away” from Windows Phone as market share dips below 5%



I wonder if this is another step on the way to a Microsoft phone. When Nokia is finally the only WP manufacturer left, it would make sense for Redmond to just buy the company and have full control over the whole Windows Phone universe.
But maybe chinese companies will replace the korean. 

sure HTC has a history of making a topnotch hardware but they just can't seem to back it up!!.. shame shame.

HTC should have hit hard in the budget windows phone space. Look at how well the 520 and 521 are doing.
Pet peve: showing off the 8X in cool colors like the lime green and the verizon employee grey that you could not get yourself on most carrirers.

agreed - HTC's just for "SHOW" who can't back their own S*** up.  I just don't get it.  They're very capable of dominating both platforms all around... they really do need to work on that LACK of software support that everyone knows their FAMOUS for.

HTC had the biggest head start to be the "IT" phone manufacturer for Windows Phone but squandered that opportunity away. Cry me a river HTC!!

A shame I wish there was more manufacturers making WP handsets. Would love to see a Sony WP8 handset for instance 

to gain more market share and traction - WP needs more manufacturers to produce low to high-end devices in general (preferrably mid-range) with feature specifics such as expandable storage, removable batteries etc.  HTC and other manufacturers should learn from NOKIA on how they've strategically go forth with this plan to release low to high-end (capable) WP devices... 

HTC sent all the wrong messages, they needed to release the ONE with a Windows Phone variant at the same time. As it was it came across as we're an Android shop first. So customers head to Nokia knowing they're a windows shop first.

I alwasy had a place in my heart for HTC... my first ever smartphone was the MDA.  Had a Shadow... then a G1... then an HD2.   All were pretty good in my book.
They need to do physical keyboard again.  I know WP8 doesn't really need it, and most of the time in portrait mode doesn't bode well, but there's lots of users who still want one and HTC was really good at physcial keyboards.
Also... what's the possibility of a dual-boot, dual-sim phone?  The HD2 is lauded for being so versatile that one can dual (and in some cases, triple boot) different OS's.  Why not make an OFFICIAL phone that officiall dual boots WP8 and Android?  It would a niche product, but I think you'd get a lot of techie's interested in such a thing.

How long have I been saying that a Nokia HTC merger would work wonders... As it would allow for more focused marketing and Nokia would do WP and HTC Android, they could serve more markets and carriers. Not to mention the savings on component purchases.
I was saying that Nokia should go Volume and HTC high end, exactly that is happening.
HTC sold 1 One for every 10 S4, maybe a little more. They announced that the 3Q2013 might be the first Q ever they might loose money, up to $230mio.
The One Mini and Max are only coming out in September, October. The Desire phones are going down market, which makes sense.
The OneX+ is still selling and fetches a higher price than a S3.
What hurt HTC was all the mid range devices that no one wanted as they lacked microSD and a removable battery and where otherwise unremarkable.
Especially in the low and mid range market, you need microSD and a removable battery as people have less income and want a device they can sell or gift to a family member down the road.
I mean, I have a 8X, but use a One and a Samsung Ativ-S. The 8X lacks that removable battery, microSD and apps.
Selling 400k a quarter of the 8X and 8S is surprisingly good, but obviously Samsung sells the Ativ-S for $10.- more than the 8S... in Europe... For the consumer it is a no brainer.
The only WP8 HTC could make profitably would be a derivative of the One, same design, few changes to adapt to WP8. For that HTC needs GDR3.
So, it is not doomsday for HTC but an expensive re focusing away from me to products to premium quality devices. Obviously, taking on Samsung head to head for market share was a big mistake, soon to be repeated by Apple with the iPhone5C.
But yeah. If no profits in the 4Q 2013 and 2014, then HTC is finished.
But, not looking too bad, the One is great and the One Mini is getting good reviews in key HTC markets.

Captain Kirk here, sending my last message from "The Flagship 8X Windows Phone"......Beam Me Up Scotty

 i think whats even more impresive is samsungs growth and number of shipments 11% without even trying ive never seen an ativ comercial what if they started pushing there line trouble for nokia 

That's a shame. Regardless of other issues, I actually liked the design of their phones. They LOOKED like they should be Windows Phones. What they need to do, is wait until GDR3 or WP8.1 and release a quad core beast of a device with a vengeance.
I personally think there's plenty of room in the Windows Phone market for more than just Nokia and Samsung. Now that Samsung is apparently throwing a new device to the US (Sprint) market, things look to be improving!

I don't understand HTC (and other smartphone brands).
They see how Nokia focus not only on good hardware, but also on good software.
A lot of people (including myself) feel attracted to Nokia because of the excellent apps and services available for Nokia devices.
A good hardware is nothing if it is not paired with good software, and this is why Samsung and HTC are not getting attention in the WP8 world.
And yet, these manufacturers launch new devices, and they just hope for people to run and get them only because of brand love. That only happens with Apple and their loyal iFollowers, but everybody else need to work hard to make customers fall in love with them.
I remember when HTC created the best Windows Mobile devices. These smartphones were the sleekest devices on the market with amazing exclusive software additions, and that helped HTC to become the #1 WM manufacturer.
But now, HTC is not only failing on WP8, is failing on Android too, and the reasons of these failures are exactly the same.

In q2 Nokia lost on average about $30 with every Lumia sold according to their financial report. So how can anyone expect that other companies jump on WP when even Nokia that are highly sponsored by MS and don't even pay license fees makes a loss with every phone? That's the big dilemma WP is in. Companies cannot earn money with it.

I have been with HTC from my last three phones(HD2,HD7,8X) but they put no effort into the the WP sphere. Quality phones but as far as apps they don't even try. Of course they are getting slaughtered by Nokia. I for one am ready for a Nokia, love my 8X but I get no support.

This reminds me of the endless debates a year ago. Get a Nokia it HTC. And what I said back then still rings true. HTC makes a capable phone and it looks well built, but after a couple of months you realized it was cheaply made. And, they refuse to up date software. I loved my G2, but the finish wore off, and I had nasty random resets that I never really found out what caused it. I had that phone for 2 years and only got 1 update.

Compare that Nokia, and I already got 2 updates, plus awesome AP support. Nokia earned my loyalty and love

They're gonna be slammed even further with other rising Android OEMs like Huawei, Sony, and especially LG. LG been getting alot of press lately with their new Android device.

Which is WHY i brought a Nokia. Obvious choice. A htc one without that dreaded android would be nice but whatever Lumia 925 is nice enough on t-mobile. Btw DUH!

I have 8X for 2 months and sometimes I regret, that I bought it. Bad updates, no extra app like navigation or photo app, bad battery life and much more. Maybe I had to buy some Lumia, because they are better in many aspects.

Oh god. I'm so sad about HTC. Man, they are trying. they just don't have much money right now.
I hate The fact that The HTC One is far better than the S4 and still the S4 sells more because of the advertising. It's sad. It's a great company.

I'm kinda confused here. What do people expect? New from the ground up phones ever 6 months or what? All I see is people complaining about this phone is old or that phone is old and they haven't been out very long. I don't get it.

In fairness, I probably would have gotten a Nokia phone if any Canadian carriers actually had any at the time, but HTC's phones were really slick and capable, and they could have really made a splash if HTC was willing to get these into people's hands. Instead they just kind of showed up, hung around for a bit like they were kind of embarrassed to be there, and then just disappeared. You can't blame Samsung for ALL your problems, HTC. :P

owner of trophy and 8x, both solid phones. but no support behind em. i wanted to live with my 8x, but i will soon be leaving....for nokia of course. htc better try and pick up ubuntu

HTC is doing it to them selves. HTC One can not compete with Galaxy 3 or 4... As for the HTC windows phone, I feel that HTC make no real effort to advance a Windows Phone version. The HTC sence is nothing to write home about and they don't put any effort in pushing the phone. They leave it up to the cell carriers do to it for them. I own an HTC 8X, I love the phone, I think the camera could be alot better. The speakers could be alot better and a larger screen would have been better. I had an HTC HD7 now the 8X, I feel that HTC should make a Windows Phone that will compete with Nokia, stop trying to fight a batter in the Android world, It crowded there. There are way to many cell phone providers. HTC should make a kick ass Windows phone to rival anything they done including Nokia. Show those Android fanboys what a great OS and Phone is capable of in a less crowded OS.

And Huawei.  Can't forget the low cost options.  Personally I think that both Huawei and Samsung are not going to surpass Nokia ever, or even give it much worry.  Both those companies are too invested in other OSes to give the WP OS a real effort.  For the time being it appears the ATIV is just a retooled Galazy S3.  Great phone, but hardly native WP8. 

Here is my crazy idea: Microsoft and HTC should buy Blackberry together.  Shortly after the NSN deal I suspect Nokia doesn't have whole lot of resources to make a bid anyway.  To the small number of HTC Windows Phones that was released in the past 12 months, I personally see it more as a general company strategy, that HTC also did not release a whole lot of Android phones either.  It would be sad if Nokia becomes the only Windows Phone manufacturer though, although it kind of already is. 

Shame HTC makes the best designed phones in my opinion.....problem with HTC 8x is storage and lack of marketing.....most people don't even know what an HTC 8x is and how great it looks.....lacking storage.....suck

Microsoft just needs to make their own phone. I know they won't, but they should.
I love Nokia's offerings for Windows Phone, but competition is good, and both would benefit from it.

imo, the problem with HTC is that they are not platform drivers, they do not innovate. They just seem to be content at taking a piece of whatever established pie there is, but do no try to make that pie larger.

I have already decided that I will NEVER buy a Samsung device. Their cheap quality plastic and gimmicky software don't appeal to me at all.

I'd love to see Sony or LG make a Windows Phone.

Renewed my contract with the 8X and honestly it was my biggest upgrade regret. Bought an ATIV S a bit back and its leagues ahead.

I think HTC have problem in Android to. Atleast here in Europe I think Sony will surpass HTC and come closer to Samsung in marketshare. I have my doubt if HTC will be around in the long term perspective.

damn I had the hd7 and my mom is rocking the titan.. She loves it,imagine a WINDOWSPHONE without nokia?? It would've been dead by now...

What do they expect when you install a GDR2 update and then it bricks your HTC 8X phone (or not)
Updated to GDR2 it killed my phone until the battery ran flat then a day later it magically revives itself.
What a great handset........
I will never touch HTC ever again, not even with yours ;)

MS should just make it easy and just have Nokia as its sole vendor of WP's. Nokia is the only viable option. Samsung really isn't trying and they're #2 HTC is screwed on both android and WP. Its a Shame they made really nice phones. Maybe they can make blackberry's.

If true, it's a pity. When the 8X came out it looked like HTC was really considering changing from an Android Manufacturer who also makes Windows Phones to a Windows Phone Manufacturer who also makes Android Phones. But even if this article isn't true, it's clear that HTC aren't thinking about making Windows Phone their primary platform anytime soon.

I still like my 8x, just hope they don't refuse to update those who still have the device to gdr2 or future updates.

I prefer durable, quality hardware over gimmicky software. That's why I'll NEVER buy a Samsung device.

HTC makes some quality hardware, and (from what I hear) Sense is much better than Touchwiz. But Sony's new Xperia phones look amazing.

I really wish Nokia had more presence in the smartphone world. Their hardware quality is WAY better than Samsung, and their Lumia phones look very stylish.

And to the people who say Sony will never support Microsoft, VAIO PC's say hi.

Maybe HTC will be bought out. If they do, I hope either Sony or LG buy them.

All the women in my family love the HTC 8X (there 2 blue and 2 lime phones)... None of them liked the Nokia 920 a year ago, because it is too big for them and heavy.
The 8X is not build for us the Nokia fans...  Most ladies out there (based on my family experience) don't care about memory and fancy camera.  The 8X hardware fits perfectly in their tiny purses, the battery last a whole day and its thin enough for a ladies with small hands.  A year later they are vey happy with thm...  Its perfect for the right demographic. :-)
If HTC markets the 8X for his light weight and thin body to the right audience, they could make a huge sale.  The problem is that they are trying to win and trying doesn't count.

That's sad, I expected a new phone from HTC this year. If Microsoft doesn't do anything soon then I'm worried, even Nokia (that does everything they can) has trouble. Android is Windows, Apple is Apple, Windows is Linux ? I expected WP8 to have 8% of market share by the end of 2013 but with the lack of updates…. :(