Feedback to Nokia and Extras + Info get system updates today for Lumia devices

Nokia Extras + Info

Yesterday we saw two app updates from Nokia including HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps. Today they’re bumping some system apps. But no need to rush as these are for the more benign Feedback to Nokia and Extras + Info sections, not bringing anything too new or exciting to the table as far as we can tell.

First up is Feedback to Nokia. This little guy allows you to rate your phone and send your thoughts about your Lumia right to Nokia for their consideration. With version of the app, we noticed that when compared to our older iteration it now has a pivot for the Nokia Improvement Program and the option to opt in or out along with an explanation of what it is (you can find more info on their website).

Nokia Feedback

While not a thrilling update, it’s kind of cool to see how much Nokia prioritizes your feedback and opinion of their devices and the Lumia experience. They’re obviously inventing more and more ways for you to stay in contact with them. It’s one reason why we like Nokia so much when compared to other OEMs who don’t have such options in place.

The other update is for the vague Extras + Info. We say vague because this app actually does a lot of little things, but it’s often hard to show you them directly. Nokia describes it as "fine tuning your Nokia Lumia experience". Now, version 1.12.01 (9MB) is live on the Store and it carries along with it two changes:

  • General fixes and improvements
  • Enhancements for Accessories application

What does Accessories do? It’s where you can manage your Nokia-connected addons, like the CR-200 car charger, the DT-910 Wireless stand or the Purity Pro headphones. It basically allows you to configure the NFC portion in addition to gaining device feedback e.g. on the Purity Pro area, you can see battery life and the buttons configuration—kind of neat.

We don’t see any enhancements with this new update, but if you’ve seen the hidden Desktop and Car app’s that Nokia has, you know that Nokia can sneak in new accessory pairings for future releases. Could Nokia be prepping for a new Bluetooth addon? Possibly.

Regardless, you can pick up the latest Feedback to Nokia here and Extras + Info here in the Store. Thanks, Skynetz, for the tip!

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Feedback to Nokia and Extras + Info get system updates today for Lumia devices


This is what I'm talking about... Nokia keep it up. That's why u gained a customer out of me. Keep supporting our phones. Thank you

I hate Nokia , they make it difficult for me to switch, may thats the reason  have been with them for 10 years now..

Do I dare say not all but most on here use an ATT 920. So it's relevant to us. thanks for trying to find out!

The only enhancement I want to see is the ability for the car app to select system apps, i.e. Xbox Music.

Really hope this fixes all the bugs I've been having since the last Extras+Info update (which was released a couple of days ago, along with an update for display+touch).  Ever since using "Lumia pusher" to get those updates, Internet Explorer has been slow/not loading pages, and the overall OS/system has been really chugging and acting weird; it has been frustrating to say the least. 
I have had to perform multiple soft resets (usually to no avail) in the past couple of days due to a lot of bugs after this update, and it feels like my prayers could've been answered today with this update (still downloading the update, so can't say yet).  I'm trying to be really patient for GDR2 and not flash, and this update may tie me over....

The only difference I noticed is that you can pay .99 to unlock some features (create instant NFC tag and remove welcome screen).

Yeah I have that, was wondering was there any improvements as when someone rings that's blocked they hear a ring for a split second

Hmm it downloads ok, then fails half way through install.. cleared cache, restarted and same deal.. Guess I will wait for GDR2 for my 920 (unbranded).

Actually, I just got the GDR2 update on my Lumia 920 (I'm in Lebanon, on a UAE model). You might have to do the above app updates updates first before you can get the GDR2 notification. At least that's what my friends had to first. Enjoy!

Thanks for these updates, i'm from México, dan, do you know something about gdr2for my country?? I'm getting tired