As suspected, Google is the culprit with the YouTube app errors

Official YouTube Windows Phone app confirmed as being blocked by Google

It was just 24 hours between the time that Microsoft re-released its revamped Official YouTube app for Windows Phone and time that it became virtually unusable due to crippling error messages.

We surmised that the "revoked developer key" causing the error was the result of Google blocking the key being used by Microsoft's app, and it turns out that that was indeed the case. Despite collaboration efforts between Google and Microsoft, Google has told The Verge that they are responsible for the revoked key.

War: Google pulls the key for Microsoft's YouTube app

Google said in a statement that the HTML5-based YouTube app still violates Google's terms of service, and therefore cannot be permitted to remain active.

"Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service," says a spokesperson. "It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines."

Even though the two tech giants were working together on the app, either the release into the Windows Phone Store was premature or Google somehow failed to realize the breach in terms of service. Either way, Microsoft has released a statement of their own:

“Google is blocking our updated YouTube app for Windows Phone," says a Microsoft spokesperson. "We are working with them to resolve the issue.”

In the meantime, we can only hope that this latest collaborative effort yields better results. Stay tuned.

Source: The Verge


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Official YouTube Windows Phone app confirmed as being blocked by Google



The really funny thing about all this is that you don't even need an app to get a great YouTube experience on Windows Phone.  Just use the browser.  Even on WP7 it worked great.  Personally I prefer YouTube on my 27" monitor, but a small screen is sufficient when in bed or travelling.

I can't pick the quality beyond sd and hd and can't scrub and can't keep videos playing while the phone is locked and it doesn't integrate with the music and video hub and i can't watch playlists
The browser is so poor

You want to upload videos to YouTube directly from your phone?  What a radical concept.  Too bad IE on Windows Phone doesn't support uploading files from a browser.  Actually Windows Phone itself barely supports files at all.  For good reason, right?  They're too complicated and dangerous, these file things.  Can't they just go away?  Bad files.  Bad!

1) There is an HQ button you can use to pick the video quality.  2) You're right, not being able to scrub is poor.  A critical problem in some cases.  I agree with you there.  3) You can watch playlists, but it's not as nice as on a computer, I agree.  4) The rest of the stuff you mentioned does not seem very important or even useful.

Let's see a new scoogled commercial for this Bullshit.

"Google also locks out their own fucking users"

Ordering iPhone 4 now. I'm sick and fucking tired of how things are being handled about things like this. YouTube is a major app that should come standard to wp8....doesnt matter who's to blame. The fact of the matter is that we can't have it. Goodbye WP8. I've had enough.

This is like when that kid Boone likes or hung out with announces he is moving and he is glad to and noone gives a damn

Good luck to your iP4.., wait till you can't do anything but force update your phone to the latest device-supported OS version or else no apps update and you'll realize how slow it'll become that you'd rather have YouTube straight on upon unlocking the screen instead of navigating your way to the app because you'll face a huge sluggish experience on a small boring screen all the time and you'd realize how smooth and wonderful WP is even more... Go on, no one's stopping you..

Oh fuck Google.
MS made a valid work around, it worked. It isn't HTML5 based as that is shitty, MS wanted a truly native one. 
Yo know what is funny? All the other arguably superior YouTube apps on WP7/WP8 are still up, why is that? something smells funny there.
MS should just throw up the old YouTube app and tell Google to piss off. MS can play the strong arming game as well.

When are we all gonna stop using Google services... just delete my last Gmail account.....SCREW GOOGLE.

PS once again the consumer pays the price for an overrated phone and company. WE (consumer) paid money for these phones and services and don't get a whole lotta love in return. Again, goodbye WP8 and Microsoft

Have fun waiting between 8 month intervals to get a MINOR update on the OS and not having major apps as well (relying on 3rd party developers for major apps is ridiculous) WP8 should have a great experience with major apps done professionally (although I appreciate and respect a 3rd party dev. hard work)

I usually don't have a problem with any vendor and actaully use Gmail and Google Voice as my primary personal accounts. I am even onboard with Google openly saying that they will not develop any of their apps for Windows Phone - it is their decision. But Google throwing a fit about Microsoft developing this app and revoking it just plain turning me off. And I dont even use YouTube on my phone more than once a month.
This makes me think twice about what rules Google want to play with and seriously make me reconsider my decision of using Google Voice and GMail. Who knows they may yank out support for GMail and block MetroTalk some day. Switching from GMail is easy - Google Voice not so much. How much I wish that Skype adds support non VOIP calling like Google Voice does.
Feeling right now - Scroogled! 

You know what I think? I think this "collaboration" thing was BULLOCKS!

Look at what's written in the App:

"This Microsoft developed YouTube App and its creators are not associated with or sponsored by YouTube, LLC or Google, Inc."
If they were cooperating, they wouldn't need this. They could have written "This App, while not of Google's responsability, was created in cooperation with Google".

A true Youtube experience is one where google gets all the financial benefits. The moment I heard Google was buying YouTube, I knew that it would end up being bad somehow. I avoid trying to use any google services at all, unless absolutely necessary..and this just gives me a further reminder how much I hate them. They just SEEM like they want to dominate the world and control can tell by what they develop and who they hire as bigwigs (former DARPA Chief!). I cant understand why people are still so drawn to's to your lack of privacy in Gmail!

How about they make incompatible with all versions of Windows? I'm not trying to say petty jabs are the way to solve the problem here, but I'm tired of all this.

nah, just divert all the search to Bing. I still like my Chrome syncronizing bookmarks between my personal and ofice laptop.

At least make it so there's no auto check box to install some stupid toolbar or browser.  Hate that.

Wow! I'm starting to realize we may never have popular official apps on WP.Their is no way WP can compete without mainstream apps that most people want.Love WP but this is becoming exhausting.

Everybody should start to boycot google and chrome. I did a month ago because of the way google is acting.

It sounds to me like Google is only open to MS making an app to represent a skinned browser version of their site...lame.

I have the YouTube app installed on my 920. Never used it, but reading stuff like this makes me want to just say f**k it, uninstall it and install MetroTube (which I have on my 810) instead. Stupid Google.

I think Microsoft should create their own video website just like youtube.....maybe BingTube. Google is such a bitch and Microsoft keeps on releasing beautiful apps for them. Sometimes I blame Microsoft for all this.

This is the best comment thread I have ever read! Thank you wpcentral :D I have never seen a group of people scream fuck you google until today, and I read this site 3 times a day lol

My fucking gmail account and everything else associated with google is closing as i write this...going to convince friends and family to do the same

If not for this reason, at least for the reason that apparently there is NO privacy in Gmail according to the reports I heard

Am. Not. Surprised. My first damn guess. Sigh. Its a perfect way to give MS a black eye with WP users who don't understand difference between apps, the APIs they leverage and who to blame when something doesn't work.

wtf why would Microsoft re release a blocked app without first checking with the blocker whether it's okay.

still Google could've opted for a better way to do this instead of just directly blocking the app

i can't believe a giant like Microsoft will allow Google to just bully them. If I were MS, I'd threaten google and not allow them to make an app for windows 8...or better yet disable all google services on MS products.. That would be awesome so that google will know who is boss!

It's not just Google...  Metro.....  SKYDRIVE>?!?!  Microsoft seems pretty impotent these days.

Looks like the app didnt steal enough information on the users using it, so google blocked it. Google spyware ftw!

I guess back to pinning YouTube webpage on my start screen again. It's ok, only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't look that cool w/ the other tiles. EvilGoogle strikes again.!

@WPCentralStaff: screw those dickheads at Google. I think it is time for this site to move on to Vimeo. They have better video quality anyway.

Fuck you google, resistance is futile.
windows phone will surpass you, it's only a matter of time. you can block microsoft all you want fuckers... God unbelieveable.. I can't believe I applied to work there and have an interview scheduled for monday. damn it

Should show off your windows phone if you get a job. Start a windows phone underground within Google!

That's not a bad idea honestly. I'm sure of a lot google employees would dump their laggy, clutter, always crashing apps, evil, ugly phones for a windows phone :)

According to Engadget, Google wanted to collaborate on an HTML5-based app for Windows Phone.
Microsoft didn't want to use HTML5, and so instead they reverse engineered Google's YouTube ad APIs to release the version yesterday instead of working with Google.
Sucks for users, but I can see where both sides are coming from here.

Would be cool if articles talking about Google not supporting windows phone with official apps would have links to your guys recommended alternative 3rd party apps for Google services.

Even after being a fan boy I'll say its so funny of Google to give them a hope to MSFT to look up in the Sky for YouTube and they Slap MSFT and run away!! :D

For the time being FUCK YOU BUNCH OF BASTARDS AT GOOGLE, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for not creating or not letting create an offical WP8 apps. However, Unofficial apps of all 3(FB, Instagram & Youtube) are better than official as they allow us to *Download* the videos or images! So in a double meaning Fuck you!!

Why shouldn't we have bad feelings towards a company who recently stated in the news that "Gmail users shouldn't expect a right to privacy". I'm not surprised Google would pull this sort of shit on Windows Phone users!!!!

I'd imagine this is because Microsoft did not enable support for YouTube advertisements (due to IE10's incomplete HTML5 support) - and ads are the only thing Google really cares about.

Ahh fucking cunt!!MS just stop supporting their fucking chrome on Windows 7 or 8 by any means available.

HTC One X with Sense 5 update coming soon is looking good to me now. Hopefully lack of apps will be fixed in 2014 when 8.1 is out. I'll still have my 2 windows phones

Microsoft should just drag their nuts across Google's face in court, just for being assholes. F*ck Google, go Microsoft!

Please also tweet your frustrations,opinions using #growupgoogle #windowsphone tags. Lets make our voice loud and clear.

So every YT app for WP is HTML. Doubt it, so why isn't mytube working and metrotube. They blocked the whole platform.

As far as I had chance to look at the app, MS has neither disabled VEVO videos in their YouTube app, nor any videos prohibited from playing on the phone (at least on WP7); they've just added the ads. So technically, MS is still violating YouTube's Terms of Use. No need to blame Google where the arguments are not well-founded.

Never again would I use anything google. Ever. This is just ridiculous. They suck, android sucks, YouTube sucks, Gmail sucks, they suck, they suck, and oh, they suck.

Blech. Metrotube still seems to work at least, for now. It just seems small and petty of Google to make their services incompatible with windows phone.

It has been several times I saw comments like this in this article. Well, users are now mad at Google...

Ah, crap. Then why must I download that blocked-by-Google app? It will be much clearer that Google is playing dirty with us, with such irrelevant reason. HTML5 issue? Nah, then should Microsoft support Flash in Windows Phone? It would be major security issues. The desktop one is fine for Flash, but NOT for mobile one.

Fuck Google I have started clearing my Gmail and moving to outlook can't wait for the day to delete it. C'mon WPC stop using YouTube, make use of some alternative service Vimeo may be.

+920 Stopped using Google's various apps a month ago because of this. Thinking of blocking them from my work domain & push IE with BING.

I'm confused, what browser updates? If you go to you can play the videos just fine with the built in video player. I thought the only "full YouTube" experience was on Android because they had flash, unless I'm mistaken IOS uses the YouTube app when you click on videos on

MS, learn your lesson - stop "cooperating" with Google and re-release the original app from 2 months ago.

It still wouldn't work as ALL Youtube apps on Windows Phone are blocked at Scroogles end!!!!

had'nt google approved just yesterday when the app released? and today it violates some shit? -_-
dear google, the G in GFYS now stands for GOOGLE f*** urselves -_-

What a childish act for google. Microsoft wont do what google did. They will not go to that kind of level that google has.this is ridiculous! WP8 is obviously a threat for google, thats why they are doing this act. WELL FUCK YOU GOOGLE! sorry for my manners, but fuck you!

Youtube is the only thing I miss from Google. I use Internet Explorer. I use bing. I use I use SkyDrive. Fuck Google.

What about if Microsoft release an update to Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, to block the users to enter on any Google Service, how could they react to it? 

That will be the day Google will cry about losing the biggest user base for Chrome as Windows is still the dormant OS of the PC market.

Google, i swear to god there's being competitive and then there's just plain anti consumer bullshit. God I used to have so much respect for these guys..

Hmmm, after reading through 311 comments on this article I'm a bit surprised as to how reserved the WPC community is on this topic, I would have thought we would be all really vocal on this subject, come on guys and gals, tell us how you really feel LOL, oh and by the way F**K GOOGLE

Microsoft needs to stop being so nice about the situation and start playing hardball. Block all Google services from running on Windows platforms for a day just to prove a point. Sure, Google would threaten lawsuits and all, But it would be nothing new. Show them just how much money they lose out on without providing services for Microsoft systems.

Just you wait.  Slow and steady wins the race. WP will take the #2 position, and Google will be ON ITS KNEES BEGGING Microsoft to have its apps on WP.

And then, Microsoft comes back, "Sure, we thank you for considering developing for Windows Phone. We've put together an SDK package that provides deeper access to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 architecture, with more tools to help you create better apps. The license is slightly more costly at $99,000,000.00 per app."
Then Google complies and develops its app library for Windows Phone.  Then three days later, Microsoft revokes the licenses, citing "App certification issues" that plague all of its apps.  They either work with Microsoft to bring all their apps into compliance, or they can't re-publish their apps.  Google complies and reworks their apps.  Then Microsoft takes three months to re-certify those apps.

I guess it is time to Balmer show the MS claws. How about deny the use of their technology (patents) on android? Deny office and other things? How about that? Deny Skype. Deny Office. Google is a kindagarden compared to MS when we talk about patents and know how.

Sad thing is most people love google and trust google. They should be loving Microsoft and trusting Microsoft. Not Google. I hate google. The only services I use from them are search and YouTube and that's it. Google is very evil.

Fu** you copycat Google. You ain't making friends this way. You are nothing but a thief and spy by yourself. Acting like this is dirty.

I tweeted this to Daniel, but is there any way we can start a letter writing campaign to Google about how this doesn't make us want to switch to an android device, if anything it makes us want to switch off google. I stopped using Gmail, I will stop using Google and switch to Bing permanently, and chrome is now uninstalled.

Actually when Chrome came out, it killed Firefox and IE soon after because it is speedy and has very good GUI. Google is good at designing tools.

But unfortunately, storing data with Google has some inherent risk due to its business model. It makes money from information.

Microsoft makes money from tools.

Screw Google. This is a blatant attempt to discredit Microsoft. This needs to get in the news somehow.

Microsoft block all google content and application on all windows opertion systems.
Google thinks what he's doing.
fuuckle bad boy. Close all google accounts.

Use metrotube people. Its beautiful. I didnt even bother downloading the youtube app because I had complete faith in google that it'd resolve to such petty tactics again. There's no such thing as a healthy competition. *sigh* I wish people supported WP just because its being thrown into a battleground without a weapon, its the underdog. Its like google already has a Nissan skyline gtr to race, yet its messing with the turbocharged ford focus that MS drives. No sportsmanship.

Its pretty evident google is getting scared of the potential of WP8.  Trying to criple the platform before it gains legs and runs. I expect a long dog fight between apple google and microsoft for complete supremacy. Microsoft along with their partners are the inovating companies right now. The faster they roll out apps for their platform, the faster people will switch. Hampering essential apps like google is them admitting the power and potential of WP8. Let the battle begin and lets take this as a good sign that the big dogs are taking us seriously.  

I don't exactly trust Microsoft, but I trust Google even less these days. Google is quickly becoming as bad as Apple when it comes to some things.

What's funny is that I'm still using the first official youtube app (downloaded it before it went down) and it works! Also, fuck everything about google. Im out.

Welcome to the real world, people running after money and growing in pride.
Company claiming "no evil" playing evil ways is 1000 worse than those who openly admit that its all business and all we are trying to do is to make some money.
I have reported to Google that they are breaking competition laws. Don't think they will listen but someone will know what we think. Android has grown too quickly and as quickly can be replaced by something else. Google will fall.

I have a Lumia 800 and been trying to access any youtube video and getting 'can't play on this phone' error message.
It's not the end of October and still we have no youtube video's because google has blocked our access, so why doesn't Microsoft play the same game and during the monthly update, add something that blocks all access to every google service and let them see what it feels like.  Most computers use windows and so do quite a few mobiles and tablets now, so imaging how much google would lose out if MS played the same games as them.  I have used google search engine for years, but now I just don't like the way they are trying to rule everything and I changed to Bing search and will never purchase any android phone or tablet because of there tactics.  Come on Microsoft block them and quick, people will support this because because we keep getting warned about google accessing or allowing others to access our details and browsing information.

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