GDR2 and Amber updates have started embarking on their Nokia Lumia 920 world tour

We are getting reports from the Windows Phone Central faithful around the world that their Nokia Lumia 920s are starting to receive the eagerly-awaited Amber and GDR2 updates from Nokia and Microsoft. So far, we have heard from readers in Denmark and India who have received the Amber firmware update on their Lumia 920s. There is also word that Microsoft's GDR2 update has made its way to Sweden and Spain. Lumia 920s in Australia began seeing GDR2 earlier today, and we expect that others are en route as well.

Microsoft's GDR2 OS update promises to add new additions like FM radio, call and SMS filters, improvements for Xbox Music and Internet Explorer, Data Sense, and more. As for Nokia's Amber firmware update, it will bring new Nokia-based features, like Smart Cam and much more.

Here's what you can expect to see

If you haven't received your update notification, don't worry. These updates get pushed out in waves to make the process more efficient. Just keep and eye out for a message like the one above.

The countries listed above are just the ones we have gotten reports on. If you've gotten your updates elsewhere in the world, please let us know in the Comments section below.

Thanks to flyingbathtub, Sarang, Erik, and everyone else for the heads up!


Reader comments

GDR2 and Amber updates have started embarking on their Nokia Lumia 920 world tour



Does this depend on the country where the phone was bought or the country where's it being used ? (unlocked device)

Telenor Norway, but I am getting a 8018830f error code stating that the update was downloaded but could not be opened. Hmm

NetCom here, getting 800710fe error code. However, I believe it is because I have too little storage left.. Gonna delete some pictures and try again!

Yep, that worked smoothly. Although I had 2,3 GB free for the second attempt, I believe there was 1 GB free the first time that failed, so glad I'm not on a 8GB device...

Apparently I'm not authorized to edit my own comment. This update isn't happening for me today it seems. I have restarted and confirmed that I have 15GB of free space.
The downloaded update cannot be opened it says, so I don't think anything is wrong on my end. Maybe the file has the wrong checksum or something.

While those of us that waited in line to get Lumia 900 the day it released, and can't upgrade for another 8 months thanks to AT&T no-early-upgrade policy get... NOTHING!

Does the update need WiFi  or data after it has been downloaded? (the preparing to install and the installation phase) ?

you need to be connected to WiFi... using your data will take much longer and will take a hit on your data usage.

Shit, mine's been on the gears for 10 minutes now .........
starting to panic..
still on gears after 20 minutes.... I hope it's because I'm using about 24 gb on my l920... Nothing else! I'd be really worried if it got stuck I don't wanna hard reset/flash :(
'Almost done' page... migrating data :D

My 810 is on spinning gears for several minutes now, and I don't remember that happening when i updated to Portico (1250) back in Jaunary. Worriesome. :-/
After 10 minutes, my phone restarted again and now it's on the "Almost Done" page. Won't be long now!

My Lumia 920 is stuck since last night :( Nothing happening except the spinning wheels...
Left it like for 10 hrs and nothing is happening... Is there any solution or way around?

Im new (2 days) to the 920, with the update do you loose all your apps/settings? Is there an app to reload it after the update? sorry if these are dumb noobie questions

Uhhh I beg to differ @Amritash... This is a consumer update, one is not expected to back up files. It would be very unlikely you would loose any files @36dbldz but they (nokia) always add a little sentance at the end of their articles saying to back up just to cover their arses if something were to happen... Don't worry about it.

is there an app to back it up, or what is the correct way to back these up. Coming from BB and Apple its super easy. Just still trying to learn how these work

Rolling out in waves doesn't make it 'more efficient', it just means Microsoft doesn't have to invest in decent server capacity. If WP8 ever gets decent market share, they'll be screwed

Yeah I'm going to concour on this one, they roll out Windows OS updates at the same time to the entire world, why not to the phones which are a HUGELY smaller number.

Could someone please say how long they waited on the Gears screen? mine's been on 15 minutes and I'm starting to panic!
After almost 30 minutes it restared and on the almost done page! I'm a happy man.

Nothing in UK yet. Will this fix my Xbox notifications. I have turned them off in AlphaJacks and on the Xbox live area. They still appear. Drives me mad. Although they don't update the front tile much. Very rarely infact.

Updating now. I have 3 Microsoft and 1 Nokia update. I run a Lumia 920 on Swedish carrier Halebop/Telia.

Update complete,
Datasense just popped up. it seems the OS has been tracking my data usage in the background.

Just installed it on my Lumia 920 here in Norway :-) Also installed the Pro cam, Smart Cam apps that were made available alongside the Amber update :-)

These updates get pushed out in waves to make the process more efficient.

They really need to sort out how long this stuff takes... esp for unlocked network free handsets :/

Did anyone in Jordan get it yet? The Nokia website says it's available but I'm not getting anything when I check for updates

I have download the update here in Norway. Everything goes great until I start installing it. It says "THE UPDATE HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED, BUT CAN'T BE INSTALLED AT THESE TIME (8018830f)... Anyone?

Independence day gift from Nokia, got the amber update on Lumia 920 in India. Technically, i am in US now, but the phone is unbranded bought in India.

I don't understand... I thought my Lumia 920 was unbranded, but by typing the firmware number on the Nokia support page, I just found out it matches T-Mobile Poland. WTF!!! I bought the phone on Amazon France (from a Belgian seller) and have been using it in Belgium. Additionally, if I go to "extra and info" the Mobile Operator says "SWI-CH", which makes me think of Switzerland. Can anybody explain this? Does this mean my phone is branded? Or do I just have a branded rom and depend on T-Mobile Poland for the update? Help please!!!

Do you see the T-Mobile logo when booting up the device? I'm guessing no. In any case, you're still one of the more lucky as the 920 from T-Mobile Poland is getting the updates as one of the first. Well, provided that "Coming soon" is sooner than "Waiting for approval" :)

No, I don't see any logo when booting. However, I just realised in info that customer care is directed to Swisscom (and indeed the rom number is the same as a Swisscom branded phone). I really don't understand how this branding thing works... in any case the update status should be "coming soon" which I believe should come quicker than "waiting for approval"...

Received it here in Norway.. yay!.. wait but how do I know if I recevied amber update or Gdr2 or both

As can be seen on the second image added to the article, the updates have their numbers and also names. If it is a "Microsoft Update" we're talking about GDR2. Amber is from Nokia. Hope this helps :)

I am using Lumia 920. So I guess I should get it too. How do you know if you got amber update, I mean what is the difference before and after amber update.

I guess I do have amber update coz I can download all those camera apps and I do have glare. But, what about radio I don't have any radio app, do I need to download it?


Waiting for approval? Pah! Absolutely ridiculous state of affairs. Do Apple faff about waiting for carriers to approve the latest version of ios? Of course not. They just press go and the next day iPhones are nicely updated (for multiple versions as well, before that old chestnut is rolled out).

With the advent of WP8 we were promised an end to the months of delays for updates that plagued 7.x (some folk still haven't got 7.8). Just because things are more fragmented still on Android isn't an excuse either.

Come on Nokia, show some gumption and just release it to everyone. The technical reasons just don't stack up.

ATT needs to take their lips off the dirt pipe and finish the job. They were the first to get the Lumia 920 and the last to push out the update, they're even behind ATT HTC 8x. This is BS.

SPAIN DOWNLOADING! Just read this 02:35 local time, check and there is! My actual Firm 1232.5957.1308.0003. Now downloading new one GDR2

i just manually checked for updates on my phone and guess what :) currently downloading the update on my Lumia 920 (India)  as i write ;)
thank you nokia & microsoft 

Why flash your phone now, losing all data in the process, when the update is almost on your doorstep? I would wait for a little longer if I were you.

How is the battery with the "always on" clock on the lock screen? The 920 isn't amoled, so not sure if that will have a big detriment to battery life or not...

Read some articles on the topic and they mostly agreed that there is a very small difference in battery life, if at all noticeable. Then again, haven't tested it myself yet, but I still believe it won't eat the battery that much.

Although amber update for L820 and 920 was spotted on nokia servers almost a week earlier , I don't understand why unlocked 820 users have to wait .....what does comming soon mean when they said earlier "920 and 820 will be first to get update "
idiot nokia

You will still get it as one of the first, when the users with branded handsets will have to wait for their carriers to prepare the update. Plus, sending those to all users is not such an easy task.

All I've found during a quick search was "Restart your phone and try downloading the update once more", so can't help you much :/

Isn't amber the same thing as gdr2? I have never heard anywhere it would be two updates, the wp8 update history page lists only one, gdr2

Amber update is from Nokia and adds glance view, some tweaks to photos and allows for use of Pro Cam and Smart Cam. GDR2 comes from Microsoft and includes updates to the WP8 OS. 

Amber update is only for Lumia users while GDR 2 is for the Windows Phone users... Amber update is combination of GDR 2 and some Nokia features

Got the update in Norway, but it crashed my phone. had 80% battery, used my cabel for charging and still it got empty. now it want start up again anymore. tested hard/soft resett, still dead.

Am surprised by the amount of comments with people whining that they still don't have their update and that it is unfair "cause everyone else got those". Really? So many kids in here? Waiting a couple of days (hours maybe!) won't hurt, will it?

What's this bullshit, in the Netherlands it's out only for KPN and Vodafone branded phones, but not for the Country Variant. Shouldn't non-carrier specific phones just get the update first?

does amber update on L920 allows to play radio via speaker ??? i m nt able to play in on speaker after update

I'd suspect not, as the fm radio requires an antenna to get a signal and uses the headphones as the antenna.

He just said that the radio needs an antenna to catch the signal and, as there is no antenna in the device itself, it uses the earphones for that purpose. When those are plugged in, how else is the device supposed to act? It plays the sound via the earphones. You won't get over that.

Plus, how come using speakers when earphones are plugged is a "basic functionality"? Never saw anyone doing that.

Updated to GDR2 + Amber - Nokia Lumia 920 India.

few more changes i saw (in addition to the major visible changes):
Nokia Tune and Nokia Message Tone Updated

After the phone restarts, Volume is reset to 13/30 (earlier it used to be 19/30)

Playing with the newly updated Lumia920 with GDR2 and Amber. Will post if i find such basic new things.

I am in Liberia and have my update on my Nokia Lumia 920 yesterday July 15, 2013 but surprising I have not observe the changes like the FM radio but anyway I am still going through the phone.

If you have the "Tell me when updates are available for my phone" option enabled in the settings, you will get a notification when the update will be available - there's nothing else you need to do to get it.

Hey can anyone tell me this , my lumia 920's manufactured from eu-Italy , its carrier - IT country variant , when will I be receiving the update???

It has a "Waiting for approval" status, so it might take a day or two more. There are no definite dates though. Hope you'll get a notification about it soon ;)

Uhh The wait !!!! "Still waiting for approval", if it said "coming soon" would it mean I'd get it quicker ?? Hopefully will be a well worthy wait :)

Received the amber update today for 920, everythings seems cool, RM Radio / Smart Camera / Nokia Pro Camera / Glance screen clock / Data sense all are working fine.
Thank you.

Only Vodafone branded handsets have anything else that "Waiting for approval", so you'll probably have to wait a bit more for the update.

I wish it wouldn't say "your phone is up to date" when I check for updates. My phone is not up to date, it's just that MS and Nokia allow carriers too much control over updates.

I was wondering..
My Lumia 920 is unlocked from Italy, but I'm living in the Dominican Republic.
So, should I expect the update when the "waves" come to Italy or DR??

Three uk update, customer service team haven't been given any information about its availability from Nokia, apparently either that or its not being discussed

925 tmobile USA, I installed Procam and video trimmer! Its already on Amber.
810 unlocked device I just finished upgrading to Amber :-)  feeling the love from Nokia on an almost forgotten device. I wonder if locked devices at Tmo are getting the updates.
710 locked to Tmo still is on 7.5 software and not even on 7.8 :( no software update seen.

Nybody with an 820 in India has got the update????..I don't know why but it seems to be the only thing I am waiting for.