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Nokia details Amber rollout schedule for remaining Lumia 520, 620, 720, and 820

Earlier today we’ve seen a dizzying amount of updates rolling out for a variety of Windows Phone devices around the globe. It started with the Lumia 920 beginning to roll out GDR2 for our friends down under on Telstra. We then pieced together this wasn’t going to be an isolated occurrence once reports of more Lumia 920s around the globe began seeing the update.  Then Verizon and T-Mobile joined the action and started pumping out updates for the Lumia 928, the Lumia 521, and the Lumia 810.

It’s been dizzying to keep up, but what about our friends running devices like the Lumia 620, 720, and 820? When do you get your update?

Over at the Nokia Conversations blog they’ve informed the world that the GDR2/Amber updates for Lumia devices indeed is beginning a large rollout. The rollout is starting for the Lumia 920 and 820 in selected countries. But they expect the update to reach your Lumia before the end of the September.

That means if you didn’t see a post from us earlier today about a device you haven’t been forgotten just yet when it comes to GDR2/Amber. Although it certainly would appear that the priority is to get the update to devices with a larger install base first.

Nokia’s set up a support page where you can view your region and see the status of the rollout. For example, Nokia Lumia 920 users on AT&T here in the United States are currently listed as “waiting for approval”.

Source: Nokia Support, Nokia Conversations


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Nokia details Amber rollout schedule for remaining Lumia 520, 620, 720, and 820


Funny how you're both ragging on them when they were the FIRST to get GDR1. If you don't get the preferential treatment from them every time, they're suddenly awful? People are WAY too fickle and impatient.

I agree with both of you. While it isn't a major update, that call blocking feature is something that I have been waiting for since Windows 7.

ATT probably has the biggest stake with your best interest in mind, otherwise they would have opened the floodgates already... Better yet, not even have floodgates. How quickly we forget that the last update broke 4g for people. This is them probably being cautious and testing since they probably have the biggest Lumia WP8 user base.

Really hate to break it to you but in the USA ATT does have the biggest and best WP8 user base and WP selection.

I hate to break it to you, but the USA is a minority compared to the rest of the world. The absolutey absurd ATT situation of the last update was totally farcical and unfair.

Don't whine. I'm pretty sure you'll get your AT&T update for the 920 before I get my 720 update for unlocked+unbranded.

No problem bro, its an understandable knee jerk reaction after reading that you tube article lol

*810. T-Mobile rolled out an update for that. Typo in the article.
I'll keep on top of an update for the 620, which is the Lumia my mother has.

At&t is being stupid they should of been first to be releasing this since they in the USA they are the first to sell but the last to update Windows phone users a set of a$$holes @at&t

Or, perhaps, idk -- maybe they have a large base are going to see if the SHTF on other carries before they rollout on their network?  First or last, who cares, as long as the update comes along.

I don't feel like I should be one of the first person in the USA to own a 920 and be the last person to be getting all the goodies comprehend ok no fuss just don't make me switch to Verizon lol.

So, which one is closer to release? Waiting for approval or Coming soon?
Is it that "Coming soon" means it's just matter of moments and "Waiting for approval" taking some more time. Or is it that Waiting for approval is coming as soon as someone presses a button and coming soon means it's coming in some days. Confusing times :P

Good question, I thought Waiting for approval is closer to Available than Coming soon, but that's just what seems to be more logical to me.

Well I started thinking more about it, isn't Nokia's plan that they release the updates in bunches so that others get it first and then they move on to make it go smoothly. So if there's like 95% of "Waiting for approval" and rest 5% "Coming soon" I'd take it Coming soon is closer?

This is why Samsung push Nokia behind,still Nokia not realize.Gdr2 already installed on Samsung window phone,Nokia keeps it in freeze. Similarly Skype a Microsoft product gets video messaging update in IOS & Android but not in his own window phone. Shame Microsoft. & Nokia.You are calling your own death.

I would say Coming Soon is closer than Waiting for Approval. Assuming that the software is finished for all devices then the only things we are waiting on are A) approval, and B) rollout, and Approval comes first in that timeline, with Coming Soon likely being waiting for the rollout.

The point is.. What is the difference between waiting for approval and coming soon.. Think over it for sometime and u'll realise its really confusing..

Yup. In case of Unbranded phones, Nokia reps/engineers themselves test the update on all available carriers. 

So given that Nokia surely test carrier versions before giving them to the carrier, how can it possibly a) take so long and b) mean that "coming soon" means sooner than waiting for approval.
In most things i can think of, "coming soon" means "we havent finished yet" and "waiting for approval" means "were done, just waiting for QA to give it the OK"

The software is usually tested and approved by the regional Nokia technicians who test the device on all the networks regardless of being locked or not.

Rogers is coming soon... God damn Rogers always taking their damn time. I wish there was a carrier like Telstra in Canada.

While I am no fan of Rogers, they are much better than the others when it comes to WP. Telus has been a disappointment (with WP, not service, I have a decent plan and always seem to have good service).

Yeah, I think that goes across the board for all Canadian carriers. Blackberry has all the carriers in their pockets since they're a Canadian company. Which sucks because in the end the consumer doesn't get that many choices for a phone as down south.

What a joke, I first heard this to be rolling out mid July, now its mid September. So slow its unbelievable, they what to compete with android + apple then windows/nokia gotta pull the finger out. Woeful.

Be happy we get updates. There are android devices that never see a single update. It is bad to tease the release this long, just enjoy the wait because it might be a while for the next update.

Sorry not good enough, sister got a s3, dad got a ipod and mom got an iPad, they all get regular os and app updates. So I'm bemused with your statement

IOS is ALWAYS a special case. First party updates from the OEM. Try owning an HTC android phone, good luck ever getting the important rev updates. Is an update on your phone really worth this much anxiety?

Well, when i only have 250mb of memory left, then yes, this is why I want this update, can you understand my frustration?

Wait since the at&t 920 is just waiting for approval does that mean once at&t approves it, the update will immediately start rolling out?

None of this means anything. "You'll get it when you get it" can sum this whole pile of shit up.

Whatever on this update. Nothing ground breaking to be too jazzed about. The next update will determine what phone I get next.

Done. However when they asked for an authorization I just started spouting 920820520. They may have seen through my ploy.

Bought an 820 unbranded and unlocked, to have the latest updates, and now every career pushes out Amber while I get nothing! This is really stupid!

I believe that even though it's unlocked updates are tied to a region. My 820 is unlocked but the availability of my past updates appear to be in sync with the schedule for far east phones/ Hong Kong. My phone registered as a being from a Hong Kong operator/ manufacturer.

I don't think the priority is to get it to the largest install base. If it was than the 822 would already be seeing an update. Every thing I've read points to it outselling the 920, 928, 820, etc. here in the U.S.

Like most people in the US, you appear to have forgotten that the US isnt the only country in the world. The 822 is only sold in the US, the other models you mention are worldwide apart from the 928, and hence have a much larger install base considering the US isnt that big a market for WP.

I would say Coming soon. Because Nokia's plans were to release them in bunches to make it go smoothly, and currently like 90% of them are waiting for approval and 5% coming soon and rest available. It wouldn't make sense if they are releasing in bunches but 90% of them comes in matter of time.

Just downloaded Nokia ProCam, even though I don't yet have GDR2!!! Is there a possibility that my L920 automatically updated itself?? How would I know if I already have Amber update??

When you turned it on it Would have said, hi Adelregh, you now have a device with the gdr2 update on it. Please use with caution.

Can anyone confirm that the USAA app is still working after this update??
I am one of the att 920 users"patiently" awaiting gdr2 and amber......

Apparently only Lumias 920 with number 1326/1328 in firmware string are getting update now (everyone else with 1308/1314 have to wait for now).

My Lumia 810 is getting a huge update right now. Had to uninstall to get the 500M storage space to download and install. Very slow on the corp network, but it is progressing. C'mon T-Mob, push! I think this update needs to attend LaMaze classes

I would think Coming Soon would mean more like it's coming close to the end of finishing the coding/Nokia's own beta-testing. And awaiting approval is where the package is complete and it's ready for everyone already just the carriers are now the ones to finally release the finished product

Yep my Vodafone 920 updated today (forced with 'check for updates') and all seems really good....loving the 'glance' and double-tap, see what the cameras like once i can peel myself off the couch ;)

STOP THE PRESSES WE ARE GETTING AN UPDATE.  The world has ended.  TMO remembered they DID sell a Nokia between the 521 and the 710.

Lumia 920 (white) from Orange Switzerland is updating! :)  (Spain version of the phone...thanks to

Woohoo, Bahrain has the update as Available and it just started downloading on this 920. Let's see how well it goes.

Can someone tell me what the size of the update is for Lumia 520? Hope I don't have to uninstall my purchased and much loved Asphalt 7 which takes up a major chunk of the space.

Perfect. Thanks for the link to that support page. I don't mind waiting as long as my phone is guaranteed to get the update.

920, Norway, Telenor.
Can download the update, but not install. Getting an error message that says that it can't be opened (8018830f)
Anyone else with the same message?

Fear not my fellow NL822 users! Our phone lies within the great book of support! We shall prevail my friends!!

Amber in my 521 FTMFW. Ran a little slow at first, but realized it was still loading call block and audio settings into the menu. Still have 1.1gb in other.

Update finished, got datasense but that about it. No glance. No radio. Cant use Smart or Pro cam..firmware version doesn't match what it says on support site as being available...disappointed. VodaUKNL920. Anyone else seeing similar ??

Did you update display + touch and extras + info as these need to be updated for glance and such to activate. If you did, redo them as that's what I had to do and now I have everything. :-)

Downloaded onto my Lumia 521 and 13% into the installation process. Better then my last experience with T-Mobile with Windows 7.8 on my Lumia 710 (subsequently sold on eBay). Let's hope they continue to support their products this time around.

By the end of September. Oh Wow that make me feel so much better. At least I can give up my anticipation for it and just get it when it comes

Guess the roll out is going to be slower than I thought. Looking at the support page, 90% are in awaiting approval. Nokia just needs to man handle this and do their own testing. How is Apple able to just bypass carriers, but everyone else has to go through them? Kinda lame.

Thats exactly what i was thinking, its a firmware update no doubt (content in it same)... why it has to be carrier or country specific?

I have the Amber on my 521 I don't see the FM radio but Data Sense (Which I don't need I have unlimited) is there. I don't know what else the 521 is slated to get in this update?
lol, I found the FM Radio

They start the update in phases. Seem, the desire to roll out Amber update for all countries without deciding what country the first never come. What customer wants the first country is all country, not need to be waiting approval, just enter "yes" for all.

Got the update on my 810 I wish Nokia would fix the stupid volume defaulting to low everytime I turn on the phone. I keep missing calls because I cannot here the phone ring if I dont remember to turn it up when I power it up. My wife got so annoyed by it that she went to the Htc. she power it on and put it in her purse and she can never here it ring because it defauld to 13. Why nokia think everyone want there volume so low is beyond me. I work in a noisy place and if the phone is not loul i wont here it .

i have a unlocked at&t nokia lumia 920 with a diffrerent sim so....does that mean i will get the update along with other at&t users???  becuase i haven't got any update yet. 

Just updated my Lumia 521 for T-Mobile and although the update made thigns faster and brought some cool features like call blocking the phone is practically useless now. It dies in like 4 hours no matter if i use or if its in idle it dies within like 6 hours or so. I already have charged the phone twice already and its on the third time. I know the battery cycle needs to get used to it but damn i never expected it to be this bad!

When update release for lumia 720
really nokia call his death because most of the games and good app present in windows store are paid

I'm tired of waiting. Flashed my 820 (austrian country variant) yesterday to software version 3047.0000.1328.3001. ;)

its being a long we are seeing this 'coming soon' tag....
Lumia 820, India.....
please Nokia, Lumia 920 owners have already enjoyed the update.....
provide it to the rest of us..... 

Yesterday i was upgraded my lumia 620 to GDR2.I have not seen xbox music app and FM, i am not happy with this OS

For a phone that is described as the most popular windows 8 handset, not much recognition is given to the Nokia Lumia 520 by this article's author who speaks of the 620 and upwards! By the same token, I think that Microsoft should begin with or at least give higher priority to making the amber update available for its most popular handset, the Lumia 520.