Microsoft responds in detail to Google’s blocking of YouTube; cites HTML5 and unfair treatment

Last night, Windows Phone Central broke the news about the new Microsoft branded YouTube app essentially breaking. We investigated the problem and concluded that it was due to a revoked developer key. Such a scenario could only happen if Microsoft forgot to update it or if Google yanked it.

That latter situation implies that Google did not authorize the app and was taking direct action of their own by disabling the video player on all Windows Phones. Indeed, just a few hours ago this was confirmed when Microsoft said as much in a note to the press.

Now, David Howard, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft, has taken to TechNet, Microsoft’s blog on legal and public policy. Needless to say, the nearly 1000 word statement is chock full of information and more details on the matter, making an excellent read.

HTML5, branding and unfair requests

Presenting Microsoft’s side, which of course is expected to be biased towards themselves, Howard finally gives the details behind the current situation with Google.

It’s noted that for a few years now, Microsoft has been striving for a comparable YouTube experience that is found on the iPhone and Android—something for which we see as reasonable. Redmond reiterated that claim earlier this year soon after Windows Phone 8 launched. Google, however, was reportedly not willing to share certain data with Microsoft on to make that happen. As a result, up until April 2013, Microsoft had a much inferior YouTube experience.

This past spring, Microsoft released their version of a YouTube app and it was very well received by the community. However, Google took issue with it and asked that it be removed. Microsoft obliged with the condition that they can work with Google to release an app of comparative performance with their competitors (iOS and Android).

Microsoft agreed to Google’s terms and in version 3.2 of the YouTube app, released earlier this week, they had enabled Google’s advertisements, disabled video downloads and eliminated the ability for users to view reserved videos.

But there was evidently one more thing Google wanted: the app to be coded in HTML5.

"It seems to us that Google’s reasons for blocking our app are manufactured so that we can’t give our users the same experience Android and iPhone users are getting. The roadblocks Google has set up are impossible to overcome, and they know it." - David Howard
Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft

Microsoft notes that this was an unusual request since iOS and Android are currently not encoded in HTML5 and moreover, after investigating whether it could be done both companies agreed that making an HTML5 app would be technically difficult and time consuming (and perhaps that was Google’s intent).

This was the breaking point as Microsoft decided to release the non-HTML5 version of the app with the intention of returning to the matter later with Google.

Other lingering issues

Other problems that Google cites are ads “based on conditions imposed by content creators” aren’t always displayed. Microsoft claims that they need more data for this, something for which Google reportedly won’t share.

Finally, Google evidently now has a problem with the branding i.e. it seems like an official Google app when it’s made by Microsoft. Another reason is that according to Google, this new app provides a “degraded experience”, something for which most users have not objected too, making it vacuous.

Where to next?

It is clear Microsoft is ratcheting up the PR war by releasing this statement. From their perspective, Google has set prejudicial requirements for Windows Phone that iOS and Android are not obliged to meet. To that end, especially the request for the app to be in HTML5, it does seem that Google here is behaving rather dishonestly.

However, we should note that Google has yet to go into as much detail and surely they have their side as well. Regardless, this dispute has clearly crossed a line and Windows Phone users are suffering at their expense.

Source: TechNet


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Microsoft responds in detail to Google’s blocking of YouTube; cites HTML5 and unfair treatment



Well they could buy one like google bought YT. But nothing really compares to YT...except.. daily motion?  :-/

They did make one.  It was called Soapbox.  They pulled the plug in 2009 after less than 3 years of operation.

One more reason i refuse to go android.  Cannot stand google.   Youtube is the only google service i care about. 
- Typed in Google Chrome.

Well, I actually have a host file blocking all ads on Youtube. I'll just browse around and play eating their bandwidth without them getting any revenue from me!

#boycottgoogle Microsoft should officially remove all google apps from windows 8 n should not allow any user to use any of Google's products n the search engine through anuly of the windows computers

Completely ridiculous. If Android and iOS were HTML5 compliant I could understand it, but this is just anti-competitive.

Even after being a fan boy I'll say its so funny of Google to give them a hope to MSFT to look up in the Sky for YouTube and they Slap MSFT and run away!! :D
For the time being FUCK YOU BUNCH OF BASTARDS AT GOOGLE, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for not creating or not letting create an offical WP8 apps. However, Unofficial apps of all 3(FB, Instagram & Youtube) are better than official as they allow us to *Download* the videos or images! So in a double meaning Fuck you!!

Windows Phone's Facebook app is made by Microsoft with Facebook's collbaration so that there will not be a need for a real Facebook app for WP.

Instagram did not wish to release or approve a app for a still immature smartphone platform and I can respect that but WP Blue is still months away. But Google revoking Microsoft's YouTube developer's key after a agreement with them? That's just pure nonsene and a underhanded tatic and there was no such HTML5 restriction for the iOS version of the same YouTube app!

For a company with the fan-biased slogan of "Don't be Evil", Google's actions is not only anti-competitive, it's also considered that Google broke a sealed non-restricted agreement and also placed restrictions after the agreement was sealed.

So, to your knowledge, are any of the 3rd party youtube apps working now? I'd like be able to use one in the mean time.

my supertube app appears to be working ok, just watched 5 vids in a row with no problems, haven't tried to download a vid yet but playback seems ok as of right now
Update: just tested the download feature and its working as well, so ya, as of this posting supertube seems to be fully functional, which is good since its my favorite you tube app

Update2 my mytube app will only play 1 vid, then error after that

I wonder if its possible for Microsoft to disable Office, Outlook, Hotmail & SkyDrive for just the Google Nexus series of phones

Microsoft can disable all windows service's in any platform but they probably just lose money by doing that so don't wait for that to happen.

Does anyone honestly believe Microsoft would be that childish? Do you think they'd treat their customers that way? Google yes, but Microsoft?

Google just seems to be moving the goal posts. Why do they feel they can dictate how the app is coded, if it fulfills the other objectives? And if they DO want to dictate this, then they should just release their own app.

It sucks, but Google's tactics are working on me.
I use Gmail. A lot. I like Gmail. A lot. I also use and like YouTube a lot. However, I also like Microsoft and Nokia a lot. Google has set it up so that I can't properly use Google services on Microsoft's operating system or the phones that Nokia makes for that operating system.
I can, however, use a lot of Microsoft services on Google's mobile operating system Android. Microsoft is currently supporting Android in a way that would let me switch to Android and keep using a lot of the Microsoft services that I love (Skype, SkyDrive, etc.)
I love WP. I really do. But Google's tactics are working on me and I think my next phone may be an Android phone. I don't want to switch to Outlook.com. I don't want to miss out on YouTube and other Google apps. I want my phone to work properly and I want services like Gmail and YouTube to work properly on that phone.
Honestly, the only things keeping me on Windows Phone right now are Xbox Music Pass and Nokia. However, it's starting to look like the Nokia phone that I really want (the Lumia 1020) might not even come to Canada any time soon. That's yet another issue for me.
There are just so many roadblocks and difficulties that I'm facing as a Windows Phone user right now. Switching to Android just seems so much easier. I'm sick of battling.
Sorry for the long comment.

For me is working in other way. I used to love Gmail, Gmaps, Google Earth, Google Music and even the G+.  I went to WP after a long period on Android and iOS. I switch back to iOS and now I'm back to WP.  I never liked the Scroogled campaing. But right now, I don't care. I deleted my earth, my chrome, I am using Outlook, just in a week. Hate google more than ever.

I went the same way. Used almost all their services, but since this all started, I've quit using everything except gmail (my WPDev account is bound to this, and not possible to change) and youtube (the only channel I actively follow is only available on youtube, no videopodcast)... Left everything else.
Sadly, my workplace only allows searching with google, all sites related to work (gsmarena, retail stores, manufacturers) and wikipedia + google are allowed, everything else is blocked by proxy. Sadly, bing is included in all that blocked stuff.

That highlights the problem. Google services are popular and almost everyone uses at least one of them. Even if you try to quit their services, you'll find that other people use them and that  you'll need to use them from time to time. It's starting to feel easier to give to Google than to keep fighting.

I'm currently waiting for a response from the support on anyway to change the bound account. And at work, I do all the searches om my phone instead.
Only "basic" thing I want MSFT to improve now is desktop IE (ModernUI works fine). At work, our main system (Oracle Siebel) crashes 90% of the time, works fine in all other browsers except Chrome.

What really pisses me of is that I updated to this version without thinking about it, I had the previous version with ability to download. Damn u google....

Google would be wise to just make the app and get this over with.  Why the hell should WP be the only platform to be coded with HTML5?!  This is really getting old.  

google really  turned me off over the past couple years. i only have one thing left with them, adsense. might be time to cut the last thread.

S'goin' on scroogle,

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We all need to boycott Google. They don't offer a single thing that we can't get somewhere else, and without being Scroogled.

I agree. First order of business is to abandon chrome. Uninstall it and don't use it. Its spam anyway. Make sure you remove it from that HIDDEN directory it installs in. It will continue to do its dirt even if you uninstall it. 
Get your friends and family on board. Start a Facebook / Twitter / Instagram movement.   Use Firefox, IE Opera, Safari on the desktop ANYTHING but google chrome.

If Vimeo didn't limit upload sizes like they do I would have no use for YouTube or Google. As a former Android user I hate Google with every ounce of my being.

So as suspected it's not about the ad revenue or the content providers, because if it were google would be jumping at this, html5 or no. This proves it is some petty anticompetitive vendetta against windows phone. If this doesnt cause infinite bad press for google then microsoft is doing something wrong.

And this is EXACTLY why I'm rocking with Metrotube. Ridiculous that these companies are acting like children fighting over M&Ms . For Google, more people using YouTube will only HELP the company they bought. To alienate those who willingly choose a different mobile platform, surely wouldn't have me running into the arms of Android. Its about choice and my choice of WP as my platform should not be used against me. If I was MS I'd just forget it and make it very public what's happening to them and their consumers.

Move the WPCentral youtube channel to Vimeo. This in all honesty is ridiculous. I can't believe Scroogle is allowed to use these types practices. If this were Mircosoft a few years ago this would be on every tech site, but since it Scroogle it makes it ok for them to do this. Complete bs.

Just modify windows 8.1 to make it impossible to use chrome,gmail,youtube and google services on computers.
Remove all the office,skype and other support from android and chrome os

Dont need to remove office and Skype... but give error while installing chrome, while using gmail, and google services.. just say it is OS bug. lets seee what happens.

Well google, you effin suck. Will officially be migrating from Gmail back to my old hotmail for good. W.e way I can hurt them, I will

OmG, what a bloated pile of self indulged kunds ;) has google become. I thought that only the movie sucked!!!

If Google was playing Fair they would hand Microsoft an HTML5 Client and say "Here: modify the backend APIs for Windows Phone. The Web Service Calls and Look and Feel are complete and uniform across all our platforms.". 
The answer is to create a better platform than youTube. It's so over. It looks and smells like it was designed in the MySpace. era. It demands replacement.

That answer only works if you can get YouTube's CONTENT. Without that, you can have the best interface in the universe and you still have nothing.

WRONG!  Here in China we've had a Google-free zone ever since they ran away squeeling like a stuck pig when a little Chinese company beat the crap out of them.  You don't "need" all that content.  In fact you don't "need" anything from Google.  But I'll bet somewhere in your life, school or office you'll "need" Microsoft.
So if we all have to choose, there's no point in choosing Google. RIP.

Where you miscalculate is that most of society could not care less what Google is doing or not doing to Windows Phone.  Asking them to take a stand for an operating system they don't own and most likely don't want anything to do with is pointless.
What is their incentive to stop using YouTube?  Why would they NOT watch all the content that is on YouTube?  Why would they even TRY something else, when all the content is on YouTube already?
I don't specifically know the situation in China you are talking about, but it wouldn't surprise me if the government had a hand in it one way or another... but in the US I don't see any way to stop YouTube unless they introduce something that is so unpaletable to the average viewer that it drives them to alternatives.

Best thing Microsoft can do is ramp up a competing service. In the mean time they should release the old app and tell google to stuff it.

I'm not suffering. I love WP and am happy to have resurrected my old MS email. Down with Google's fancy spam!

just launch a new video platform to compete with youtube or buy an existing one and make it better! im sure azure servers can commit to that ;)

Who's right ... who's wrong ... who killed Roger Rabbit....
The only FACT here is that Google is clearly biased against Microsoft...kinda nice to see that Google views Windows Phone as a big enough threat to resort to such shameless tricks...

How does html5  makes any difference to google as you tube app is running on windows phone. For accessing youtube api, it does not matter whether you are using html5 or flash

Just advised my IT department to implement a complete Google block for my company. No more chrome allowed on any computer, google blocked, Gmail blocked, YouTube blocked and I will replace all current android phoned with WP devices. The reason is simple: if one of my vendors forces me into exclusivity, I will go exclusively with the one who doesn't. And I will happily tell my customers about the reason, should they ask.

You mean like Microsoft with Exchange? Windows Phone can't sync with my Cal/CardDAV accounts (the open standard).

Google is giving us more BS as WP marketshare starts to grow however slowly.. More will come peeps, that's to be expected. It's almost like a war..

Sure glad I took the stance I did... I decided to avoid this app BECAUSE they were "working" with google on it.

Instead of squabbling they should work together. My 3 year old and 8 year old nephews get on better than Microsoft and Google do and that's saying something!!

While I get your point, your nephews don't have billions of dollars invested in keeping their world-leading platforms alive.

Unless they do, in which case they're totally awesome.

Not right now, but if Microsoft adds the YouTube blocking in the recent case against Google and win, Google will be kissing Microsoft's backside to unblock their YouTube develpoer key and not slapped with a heavy fine. (Google knows that US Dollar's higher than the inflated Euro)

Me too. Apparently that road leads straight to hell.
#pureevil needs to be started as a label for Scroogle. Just like Larry Ellison said they were.

Google are starting to release that windows phone is going to become a threat to them! Bunch of ***kers! I done work in their building in Dublin a while back, sorry I didn't do a shit job !!!

Google can go fuck themselves. Not fair is an understatement! Why does Android and iOS get YouTube but not us? Pure c*nts.

Google today is what Microsoft use to be......that is true.........with market share comes a lot of corporate thugs always trying to one up on another company but not through fare competition but through greed, laws, loopholes and excuses.....these type of act do not create innovation but create only copies

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure the previous app didn't use a developer key, and I have seen people saying that the old one still works.

Damn. This is fucking retarded instagram. Vine google. Wtf. Lets all block windows phone. Lol

Just deleted my Gmail account. I can live without You Tube on the internet, there are plenty other options!!!

It's bad enough that Youtube is basically the only useful video plattform. And it sucks that it still doesn't support more than 30FPS and that the GUI is getting more and more idiotic with every iteration, not to mention the atrocious touch support of their video player.
But this just makes it plainly retarded.
I really wish there was an alternative to Youtube. A GOOD alternative.

Except most people read things like this and think "shit, I can't even watch YouTube on WP? Forget it!"

Finally. It's nice to see Microsoft taking the initiative here and sticking up for their users. I wonder what Google's response will be.

Microsoft doesn't know how to fight a war with the likes of Google, so here are my suggestions.
1. Buy up some up and coming EA and Gameloft titles, I'm thinking, the most hyped up games -- e.g. Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, Real Racing 4, etc. Release them on Windows Phone, Windows, iOS, Xbox One -- skip out Android.
2. Stop updating the Android Skype app, beyond basic repairs.
3. Try buying up Flipboard Inc, and take it off Android (except for Kindle, let's just F with them).
4. Stop licensing Windows Phone, make it free to all OEMs, but be extra aggressive about patent fees on Android.
5. Identify start-ups with lots and lots of potential and promise, buy them up, the next FB/Twitter/Flipboard/Vine/Instagram will be among them.

Some old timers at google hate Microsoft....from the time Microsoft came out with Bing.....that was the end of there friendship....

Actually, MS has more OS marketshare than Google if you add in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/RT, so I think it's a move MS could take, with most of their services, but the smartest thing to do would be to make native apps (Office, Skype, Skydrive, etc, etc) unavailable to Android and Chrome OS, and force them to be HTML5 apps.
Or, preferably, Microsoft could totally continue doing it this way and make a statement that says "THIS is how you treat your users! Not the Scroogle way!"
That would hopefully do some difference if that would spread to all major techsites.

You took the words out of my mouth, I couldn't agree with you any more. I was thinking that Microsoft needs to fight back by blocking Skype, Office, Skydrive & block Outlook integration on Android/Google/Motorola devices. Enough is enough & this Google versus Microsoft nonsense needs to end. This will only lead to bad press for Google that they want to monopolize the market.

Does anybody know how much Facebook or tweeter is worth....hey Microsoft buy one of them and then change the API or whatever so it doesn't work on android....lol....oh wait that would be a law suit.....

“degraded experience” Caused by your luck of support for Microsoft's app, much less an official app from yourself, Google!  Get over it.

Whilst Microsoft has clearly broken the rules Google put in place - something they openly accept - those rules were unnecessary in the first place.
Google has no reason to insist Microsoft develops the app in HTML5, when their apps are native. No HTML5 app on any platform that supports it has comparable performance to a native code version, a point proven by Facebook last year when they ditched their HTML5-based app on Android and replaced it with a native code version. I used Android at the time and, needless to say, the performance difference was night and day.
The advertising issues are beyond Microsoft's control. They've had to reverse engineer the APIs as it is, if Google just gave them the data it would be fine. Plus bear in mind that even in its incomplete state, Google are receiving ad revenue via the WP app, something which Microsoft implemented at their own expense!
As for the trademark complaint and performance... the old web bookmark with vastly inferior performance was okay, then?

Google owns youtube service so is their right to make a native version for iOS and Android. This is normal if so is stated in TOS. The problem is there are lot of apps not using those terms and google only chooses to go for MS. If they insist for the TOS to be respected Metro Tube or whatever other apps and services must be brought down as well. Otherwise is proof of bad intent and is anticompetitive

What about all the third party youtube clients on Android that are native code and let you even download videos for offline. Google plans to revoke their developer key too??

Well i had enough, I just deleted my Gmail account & YouTube, I'll take my stuff on other services

I used to dream about working at Google, and I really looked up to their way of doing things. That time has passed.
Bye bye google.

To be honest it was pretty stupid from MS to release a client called YouTube which looks like it's something official without getting the consent from Google first.

A company that sued Lindows over name infringement has no right to complain about Google now.

Not surprised, it was expected after so much time has passed since MS pulled. 
I think ms figured the app would be ready to go weeks after, but google pretty much just bait and switched them and forced their hand to release. 
I dont think google had any intentions to make this easy for MS at all. 

I'm sorry, but what's the need for a YouTube app? I mean, you can always go to the mobile website and play videos from there, right? That's what I always do.
Still, I agree, Google is evil and we really need a Microsoft replacement.

Same here. It just that most people still want them, and google know this. That's why they cripple this.

+1 reason why i don't buy android or iphone (iphone NO more :) ) or scroogle search. Windows phone 8 is amazing. And Microsoft Bing is amazing now with perfect result. Maybe all customers see NOW what going on.

I think Microsoft needs to start screwing with its Skype app for Android!!  Give them a taste of their own medicine.

That just means there will be few Skype users, which is bad for Microsoft. Android has a huge marketshare that Microsoft doesn't want to lose. Windows Phone has a small marketshare that Google is apparently fine with losing.

I still say screw 'em. I wouldn't be surprised if Google is around the corner of releasing their own Android, Google-branded video messaging service of their own. It's probably near. But in the meantime, screw 'em.
Google = #pureevil

Google has become the Microsoft of the 90's... Time for the goverments of the world to start antitrust claims against Google. #googleassholes

That's it guys. This was the last drop. I will now officially end my business with any google service. I will never use any of its services from now on.

If Google keeps this up by the time I upgrade I might just swtich to Windows Phone and Microsoft's services to stick it too them. I know it's one drop in a giant ocean but this crap makes all the great stuff from Google I love feel really fake. As much as I love Android I won't stick with a Google that breaks the "no evil" policy.

Microsoft does not have numbers in mobile to make a dent by removing their apps on android or removing google apps from windows phone. Where they dominate is desktop. Make Chrome break in the next set of windows update and Google will play ball!

Yup, that's a great idea. Block chrome from all versions of windows until it is rewritten in html5!!
That would learn them.

People can still use it on Chrome books (all .000000000000000001 % of people out there)

Seriously MS should throw their weight around. Block Chrome from windows, block gmail, youtube from IE because it isn't written in HTML 5. Just cut that crappy advertising company out.

no blocking means it is open to law suit.. just introduce a bug or a virus which makes chrome dead slow and die in 2 minutes. or something like that..

How annoying. People want to use your service, Google. What do you really have to lose by letting them? This is the same kind of crap we're getting from Instagram and Pintrest. Twits.

This is a bit pants, but to be fair the old mobile app on wp7 wasn't to bad, it was just so many videos were unavailable. I've got youtube on my Sony Blu ray player, a Tesco tv, Playbook, laptop etc. Still got metro tube on my 920. It will do until they both get their act together, had a youtube account using my hotmail account for years. I was given a gmail account but had never used it.I never knew I'd had any gmails until I bought my wife a galaxy tab 2. She isn't set up with email so I set it up has me then saw loads of mails from youtube and google, Haven't read them yet.

Just deleted chrome from my puter and having my Gmail forwarded to my outlook. I used to like google... Now its history for me. I have no issues dumping the two services I used from them. My partner has agreed to dump his android and get a Nokia 1020. I'm jealous.

"it does seem that Google here is behaving rather dishonestly."
LOL this must be a joke. Everyone knows, that Google itself is a dishonest company. It is a thief and spy. It uses "a stolen product" and offers it for free. Not everyone knows that Google tracks everything you do. Your whole life in internet will be saved and sold for anyone who is willing to pay for that information. 
There is one fresh statement Google brainfarted out recently:
"Google: Email Users Can't Legitimately Expect Privacy When Emailing Someone On Gmail "

Not sharing all the resources needed and then complaining that the app offers a "degraded experience" is a bit crazy of Google. I hope Google tells their side of the story so we can can see the full picture. Or they should just make the app themselves... That would work. Heh

Its about time anti-trust laws hit the cyberspace. In other words you have a monopoly over video streaming service you have to make it available to everybody and every platform, you have a monopoly on email service you have to make it available to everybody to every platform and with the same experience accross the board. Same should go to Google, MS, Apple, etc.
As of right now Google could easily pull all their official YouTube apps and make it Android exclussive and Apple already is doing something like that with iTunes. 

You reap what you sew. I am just happy I lived to see the day when companies are doing to Microsoft what they did to everyone else in the market for so long. :-)

MS should update Windows to include an ad blocker (that alsk blocks googles text ads). Make it so that it also offers to automatically install an ad blocker on any popular browser one might later install too. Then watch google squirm. I mean, I would reckon that 80%+ of googles advertisement revenue is generated through ads on windows computers. Hit google back where it hurts. Cite "a move to protect our customers privacy on our computer" or something like that.

This plus a 1000. MS could easily put unbearable pressure on Google thru simple system and browser updates that would give users warning about their data  and privacy being at risk for any Google service they use.  Google would soon find out the bitch of the truth that MS owns the desktop.  

It appears to be a banner week for Google.  They start it by acknowledging in legal depositions that gmail users do not have a reasonable expectation to email privacy (as in Google violations not NSA). Now it looks like they will end it by re-engaging in the anti-competitive practices that had them put on notice by the courts last year.

HTML5 is just not up to the job.  Google are demanding an inferior experience if they are demanding that.  That is anticompetitive.  There is a reason apps exist.
Started moving my Google App accounts to Microsoft today... they finally pushed me over the edge.  All the changes to gmail, adding promotion tabs etc. just add to the desire to leave.
Once a Google evangelist, now a Google antagonist.

How long will Microsoft keep their sissy-attitude? Jesus Christ, you have a legal team...USE IT!

Lame... Even in Chrome on desktop, YouTube does not run fully in HTML5. All videos with ads are shown in Flash. So clearly an impossible task for Microsoft to provide an app without  "degraded experience" 

You know what i jsut did. I just changed my default search engine from Google to Bing. I can't believe i did that - i NEVER care about companies (i.e. i'm not loyal to any) but this behaviour made me think twice about using any of google's services.
Good job Google, you were my default search engine for >10 years!! (previous was altavista), thnaks for making me make the switch to bing.

So, Google gives Microsoft "permission" to finally have a proper YouTube app only to pull the rug out from under them to make them look bad.

... just block all Google services on all windows platforms and leave them with their shitty android devices...

Google is really starting to piss me off but all the news this year don't bode well for Windows. It's those small standard basic things that are scaring people off, when you take into consideration everything it looks bad for this platforms future.

Once again Google is being both anti-competitive and anti-consumer. Maybe Larry Ellison was correct.

You know, I used to love Google because they were the company that supported all platforms. Windows, Mac, Linux....they were there. What happened?

This only solidifies my decision to get out of the iOS and google ecosystems and into windows and wp. I'm deleting my google accounts ASAP.