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Latest Windows Phone data shows slow GDR2 release, possible 'phablet' and more

The GDR2 update from Microsoft is slowly (but surely) rolling out to consumers across the world. That said, how many of us have actually received the update? AdDuplex decided to run a quick test with the data accumulated in their monthly report. The results show that it's a slow process, but other miscellaneous details are also included so let's jump straight in.

AdDuplex GDR2

It's clear to see with the above chart how the update process is progressing. Just 3 percent of 1,009 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK are installed on Windows Phone 8 hardware running the latest version of the OS - including handsets that ship with the update pre-installed (Lumia 925, Lumia 625, Lumia 1020 and possibly the Samsung ATIV S Neo). Microsoft has some way to go but it's early days in the month of August.

Have you had the GDR2 update on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments along with which device you own.


Don't support 512MB RAM? Your loss.

AdDuplex RAM

This is certainly an interesting piece of information for developers to take note of. The above chart shows there being more 512MB hardware than devices sporting 1GB of RAM. If you're not supporting the former amount, or don't intend to do so when launching an app, you could well be losing out on more than 50 market of the above market (obviously this does not represent the entire ecosystem).


Nokia Lumia 520 continuing to steamroll

AdDuplex France

The Lumia 520 is a special Windows Phone. It has been able to grow fairly rapidly in multiple markets, as was covered in previous AdDuplex reports. We can see in the above chart the handset overtaking the HTC 8S as the most popular device in France, but also effectively doubling its lead at the same time within a two-month period.


India warming to Nokia's Lumia 720

AdDuplex India

India has been covered numerous times due to the incredible growth of the Lumia 520. The most affordable Lumia Windows Phone isn't the only handset highlighted as the Lumia 720 has taken second place with 14 percent, surpassing the Lumia 620. The device was on just 12 percent last month and the surge has been pinned on the larger display (4.3-inches).

There's speculation the Lumia 625 with its 4.7-inch display should do well in this market when available. To finish off this report, here are some interesting codenames that were spotted:

  • Nokia RM-955 – Covered in the June report, this device is appearing more times, possibly hinting at an impending release. To reiterate this is something of higher end variety (with WXGA screen) and most of the hits are coming from China, so it could end up being a regional variant of the 92x or 1020.
  • Nokia RM-937 – Sports a ScaleFactor of 150. High-end Nokia handsets so far have WXGA screens (ScaleFactor of 160) and Samsung and HTC use 720p screens (SF 150). AdDuplex notes this ScaleFactor of 150 probably make sense on a 1080p device with a larger screen. Possibly the highly anticipated phablet? It’s running WP version 8.0.10492.
  • Nokia RM-927 – Same as the RM-937 but running on the Verizon network.
  • Nokia RM-940 – And again, ScaleFactor of 150, but running on AT&T.
  • Samsung SGH-I187 – Brace yourselves. It's something new from Samsung. ScaleFactor of 150. Running on AT&T. Could be just a version of ATIV S for AT&T, but could well be something more than that.

Be sure to check out the full report over on AdDuplex when published tomorrow.


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Latest Windows Phone data shows slow GDR2 release, possible 'phablet' and more



Just waiting for ATT to approves the release. What taking them so long for exclusive 920 to get this update.

Especially when you consider this is supposed to have hero phone status with AT&T. That should have guaranteed it top priority.

ATT are a$$ holes I thought I would wake up and see gdr2 waiting on me to update still nothing and all the little countries and Verizon 928 got there's like wtf we should have been getting it before 928 people who just got their phones I'm really getting to hate ATT more and more every month I will switch to Verizon eventually im close to the edge.

You guys got the 920 right at launch while the rest of the "little countries" got theirs a month or more later. So yeah who cares if some got the update a bit earlier sheesh.

The point isn't that the other countries got the update. Europeans have unlocked phones and always get updates faster. The point is why is AT&T dragging their feet when this is supposed to be thier hero device.

I suspect it has something to do with the drubbing they took over the 1308 firmware update killing the radio. I'm sure the customer support center wasn't a fun place to be that day. It seems like AT&T has decided to let another group be Nokia/MS ginuea pigs this time...Im betting they'll wait to see if there's any glaring bugs or connectivity issues before releasing, it'll likely be a week or so.

Do you think that the Pro Camera application is THAT good?
Because just GDR2+Amber is nothing and it will come eventually
Remember also thyat Lumia 1020 is initially US only plus ATT only

The Pro Camera app is amazing, I was never a big picture taking guy but this app makes it easy to love taking pictures. Once you try it, you'll use it for most of you picture taking needs. The only place it can't really be used is for taking a quick picture, messing with the settings is were the magic happens.

No GDR2 here...Deutsche Telekom said they released it for the L920, L820 and L625 (though I think they meant L620) but it could take up to TWO weeks to show up...why? No idea...
So, yeah, "slow" is too fast of a word to describe the process. Slug-ish is more appropriate.  

I'm not a Telekom client, I got my Lumia 920 with their branding because of the grey tiles, so I'm dependent on their updates. But I normally expect speed and efficiency from Germany. 

The Telekom recently produced a shitstorm by virtue of introducing data caps on their online service.
That's why my first reaction was to joke about their speed. Telekom is currently known as "Drosselkom", from "drosseln" ("To throttle") in Germany.

Just got the update today, and looks like many people in Sweden did.
920, unbranded on Telia

If it doesn't pop up on your screen then look for it. That's what I did on the 810 and now in waiting on gdr3

We got it on our 810 too. Surprised me to see it show up after tmobile EOLed the phone. Glad they did right by us.

interesting.... maybe Nokia has some contracts with t-mobile and other carriers for pushing out every update they throw @ them, only thing carriers are allowed to do is to test updates.

I don't know if you see any changes in your battery charge.  But this update has improved my battery life like crazy.

Vietnamese users (Lumia 920) startred to receive the update last night (Vietnam time), but most of them are still struggling because they are not able to update after the phone has finished downloading.

Slower than a snail sliming up a window in salty air. Still no update for my Nokia Lumia 920 on EE in the UK. Says alot about the UKs biggest network if countries like India and Denmark have started rolling out the update and the UK hasn't. Should spend less money on adverts with Kevin Bacon and more on providing a better service to customers who pay £60 a month for a contract that's 2 years long on a device that is classed as "old".

What do you mean by "countries like India" what you have so special in you that you should hlget the update first? Man India is one of the largest phone markets in the world, we should get the updates before you, we buy unlocked phones not carrier subsidized like you people and probably pay more than you do! Got it mate! Next time think before you ink!!

He didn't mean anything bad, it's just the other storage issue is really bad, so GDR2 should have been a priority update.

I get it man! But if he meant that, he should have written that, also everyone around the world is affected by the storage issue, no need to point out countries, we are getting the updates coz we buy unlocked phones, plain and simple :)

Calm down! He didn't say anything bad. Updates are just random - kind of. There are various factors involved. Indian customers do not have the carriers as middlemen, so they will always get updates first - directly from Microsoft and Nokia. Which is always good, and one of the perks of not being tied to carriers and teir crap.

Actually he praised India for pushing out updates so quickly :P Carrier-Frustration is probably the right word here :P

whatever man! he didn't sounded like that, his word were "Says alot about the UKs biggest network if countries like India and Denmark have started rolling out the update and the UK hasn't." it completly sounded like he was comparing the countries!, although he did include the carrier factor but still, and i'm pritty chilled man, i'm just saying :)

Country's like India ?? Just for your info
1. India has 961milion telephone users. Second largest in the world
2.137mil internet users. Third largest in the world.
and if you told this based on political reasons
1. India is 10th largest economy in the world
2. 4th largest defence and army in the world
3. Largest democracy in the world.
and that's all achieved after being a younger republic nation. Now beat that.
sources: search wikipedia

i'm chilled man :) im all about windows!! , and i am a hardcore windows fan, even tried to find ways to install windows 8 on my samsung smart tv lol, im 18 and i waana work for microsoft, its my dream since i was 11 :) and man we are not minority, wp8 uses windows NT kernel, the most used kernel in the world ;) we are in majority :)

Oh man, you Indians are so lucky. Here in Brasil we buy unlocked phones too, just like you guys, but haven't received the update yet ://

That's so Sad.

(I agree with you about your point debating with the European guy, sometimes we have to be a Little agressive defending our nations, just because we're still Emerging nations some people have a wrong opinion about us.)

Sent from my unlocked Lumia 820.

Yeah, but Brasil is boomng and is set to be one of the top four economies in the world....if you play your cards right this time that is. "You guys" didn't take adavantage of the privious opportunities but I think you will this time. Don't do like we Americans....share the wealth!

Nokia 920 with GDR2/Amber. Got it yesterday evening. Went smoothly in 20 minutes.India.Unbranded.Unlocked.

I've created a wpcentral whatsapp group, since we both ate from Jordan we can alert each other with new things, msg me ur number if ur interested to join

Updated yesterday on my Verizon 928.
We finally have group messaging!!
I don't send outbound group texts, but it's super-annoying to be on the receiving end if you don't have group messaging turned on.
Weird things I've noticed so far: 1) It changed my text message ringtone (which was just using one of the built-in ones) and 2) The blue "cobalt" theme seems a tiny bit more "purple-y" now. It could just be my eyes.

Is 'group messaging' something different from 'group text'? I've always had group text on Lumia 920.

It's the same thing. It's enabled on the 920 (on AT&T), but Verizon had it disabled (at least, on the 928). Prior to GDR2, the option wasn't even there to turn it on.

All my colors on my 928 got a little more colorful and less washed out! Ringtones did change a bit but I like them.

Have you tested group text? I turned on after update and it still not working. Verizon support didn't know what to do.

Agreed, all of the changes including group messaging are great.
3) Weird thing fo me at least, my proximity sensor is no longer turning off the screen during calls

Unlocked, unchannelled, retail 920 purchased in Australia hasn't received updates yet. The GDR1 update took several weeks to be released after Telstra's release, so I really hope that this won't be the same with the GDR2/Amber release.
I grew impatient last time and flashed my 920 using the Retail Update software.
The Portico update (previous to the GDR1 - 1314 update), was released the same day as Telstra's release of Portico which was great (and kind of expected).
 Fingers crossed we won't have to wait so long this time round.

Waiting impatiently here. The Nokia support page says 'Coming Soon'. Most everything else, in Canada, says Awaiting Approval'.

Since one and a half week I use GDR2 on my unbranded Ativ S and it brought be some space back from other storage

Good question. I guess maybe gov't approval if the updates in any way affect radio behavior. Really just guessing.
Even though these handsets aren't carrier branded, they are designated for a region I think. My 720 was destined for Hong Kong.

I guess Nokia do some of the own testing on unbranded phones for each model and country. So instead of waiting for carrier approval, you're waiting for approval from some department within Nokia that are responsible for these things.
Just a guess though. Maybe they actually just check with their Magic 8-ball each day if it's a good day to release the update.

Samsung Ativ S "proper" on Bell Mobility in Canada. I've had it since July 4th and the usage rights fox in Xbox Music is alone worth the price of admission! Standby battery life is noticeably improved as well! (it was already pretty stellar, but there's always room for improvement) Data Sense is also useful, but IMO it's something that should've been available to every device on every carrier from day one...

That's amount of different apps they pull info out if. Apps installed in who knows how many phones. 

Hoping this reaches the UK soon, my 920 will welcome the update :)
But im not too fussed wiating either way, ive only had my Lumia 920 for a week, so im still getting used to the new OS after yearson android

I'm loving it, i was a bit uneasy in making the switch at first but a lot of research helped and now after useing the lumia 920 for a few days, its the best thing ive done in a while,
WP8 OS just seems like a huge step up from Android (IMO) despite the lacking marketplace apps, but, it has everything i need so im happy with it, 
My only issue atm is im experiencing some battery draining issues that have apparantly been a long term issue with the lumia devices

Yeah it has, make sure you put on battery saver when your battery is low and set lock screen timeout to 1 or 3 mins. I own a 920 too, nice camera

i have almost everything off to prolong battery life and i always have battery saver on (always have on all devices i own) but still get a fast battery drain, not sure why, its a bit strange, but other than that im loving the lumia and the OS is amazing,

Is a shame so many people slate Windows Phone atm just because "not android or ios"

Check what's running in background and turn off Xbox music sync if you're not going to use it. In the forms there's a article about making the battery lasting longer. Also I've noticed weather apps can kill battery if updating every 5min.

Ive already done all of these suggestions and i still get some odly quick drainage i only sync xbox music + games when i play a game, ive got almost every background task blocked too,
Its seemed to last much better today after i let it completelty drain yesturday, so i was planning on letting it drain out again tonight and see how that goes,
thanks for the tips though :)

Do you have NFC and Bluetooth on?  NFC drains battery power pretty quickly.  I only turn it on when I'm actually going to use it.  I am assuming that you have your email accounts set to manual,  Try the battery sense app, since it alerts you when you are getting a sudden heavy drain usage from something on your phone.

Both are off, i have my emaila ccounts to only update once every 1 day cos i rarely check the on my mobile anyway,
ive searched for battery sense and it doesnt find it in the app market

my lumia 920 is having awesome battery life of about 28hrs i dnt use mobile data but my WiFi is always on, My location set ON, NFC-OFF, Brightness level-LOW, Automatic Adjust-OFF.
This morning i got Amber update and charged my phone after updating and i am having 74% battery left(its 10:38pm here in India)

all you can do is wait for the update, don't use camera much, use bluetooth and NFC only when necessary, and when going out be sure your phone is fully charged and ya i also recommend you to turn off the location. one more thing keep your phone on ringing only(turn off vibration). Hope this may help.

i only ever intend to use the camera heavily when i attend comic con, other than that i wont touch it, i have every thing else off unless i need it on for a few minutes,

ive done pretty much all the above suggestions, so all i can do is hope it gets better, im gonna let it drain tonight and recharge from 0%-100% and hope the update will give some form of help

Got GDR2 on my Swedish unbranded L920, but no update on swedish unbranded L620. If someone updated their swedish L620, please let me know.

I've been on 928 since yesterday about half an hour after you posted that VZW had it available. I manually checked for he update and loaded it right away.

Have downloaded the update on my 920, Norway, Telenor, but can't install due to a error message that says the file can't be opened... :-(

Still waiting for the GDR2 update..l have the Lumia up here in on the Rogers network

Glad to see the Rm-937, 937, and 940 are being tested on Verizon and At&t simultaneously. Maybe Nokia will release them at the same time?

Rocking an unlocked and unbranded Lumia 920 with the latest amber update. Happy..!! :D though i want to see how the battery life is after analysing a week's usage..

HTC 8X on AT&T. Installed yesterday. Meh, I see little-to-no improvements. In fact, my browser speed seems slower now on WiFi or LTE. No FM Radio, no Data Sense.

I'd advise everyone with a wp7 device on att still waiting for a upgrade to grab a 520 like I did getting to experience WP8 before you get your next flagship device is cool plus it's a nice looking phone compared to every other phone at $99 i got a SD card for it and a yellow shell cause black just isn't me

I did the same. Replaced my Lumia 900 with a Lumia 521. Definite step down in build quality and feel, but a step up in usability (even lacking the front facing camera and flash, since I rarely used it). I've gone back to the Lumia 900 on a couple of occasions only for the camera, but that's it. For the price, a great interim device.

I'm now able to scroll down in one motion to phone update with my eye closed!!! Time to give up....I'll just wait for WP central's notice of 920 rollout on at&t.

Looks like this report should be redone after this week, since so many of us got GDR2 yesterday and today (T-Mobile Lumia 521 myself yesterday).
That said, there isn't a whole lot to GDR2 anyway from a user standpoint. DataSense is interesting but useless to everyone that has T-Mobile's regular plan (since it's unlimited). As a test case for how rollouts go it's interesting though.

It's so refreshing to see so many 720 sold in India. It's really a great device. I wonder how many 720s were sold in India say compared to the iPhone 5. IPhones are flop in India so the comparison would be interesting. I think the iPhone is an overrated device and to a layman in India it has no better features than the Lumia 720. I posed this question on reddit why are iPhones any better than a Lumia 720. I've yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

Lumia 720 is the best! But Nokia is taking too long to give up the update for it :( its really frustrating.. And yeah iPhone 5 is a big time flop in India ad far as I know.

I have 2 devices on T-Mobile, the 8X I got at launch, and the 521 I recently picked up for a backup/travel phone (no room for music/videos on the 8x due to lack of expandable storage = no music on the plane). 
Last night I updated the 521 to GDR2.  Went very smoothly, now I have FM radio on it (hopefully 8X supports as well). 
I'm really hoping T-MO's delay on the 8x is because they're trying to nail down WI-FI calling as part of the update, but that's pure speculation.

Hi. I am from India and got the GDR2/Amber update yesterday. No problems at all. The Glance Screen is super. Radio works well. So does Data Sense, very very useful. I have the Lumia 920.

No update for my Lumia 720, I live in India and I bought this phone from United Arab Emirates. Can anyone please tell me if I will get the update from the Indian server or the U.A.E servers?

Got the update on my 928 yesterday evening. Like the glance feature. Seems like gdr2 is causing problems with market and background download, as download had stopped when screen was off and downloading 1mb file took long time via WiFi and I have Comcast thru which I have 30+Mbps download speeds. Or there was a problem with Windows Market yesterday. Will try again now and see if it is better.

Heh... this is pretty brilliant.  The one company with the most doubt about supporting a device got it out first.  Thanks TMO for updating the 810.  Still want that FM radio dammit! 

The more and more I think about it the more I feel tempted to flash instead of waiting and using a 'handicapped' version of GDR2 by AT&T.

I'm still planing on upgrading from my lumia 710 to lumia 925 as soon as I get my income tax money next year on t-mo.

L928 Verizon Chicago. Updated last night. Loving the glance and double tap to wake. My awesome phone just got better :)

Updated to Amber last night on my T-mobile Nokia Lumia 521. I went into settings and manually checked for updates.

T-Mobile USA Lumia 810 here, got the update yesterday, looking good so far....just no FM radio, or LTE, but that's not a problem for me....

LTE was not supposed to be part of GDR2 or Amber.  It was already considered, tested, and dropped by TMO.  We were supposed to get LTE around March, but TMO backpedalled for some reason.  The lack of FM radio is puzzling, but hardly something to get heated over.