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Latest Windows Phone data shows slow GDR2 release, possible 'phablet' and more

The GDR2 update from Microsoft is slowly (but surely) rolling out to consumers across the world. That said, how many of us have actually received the update? AdDuplex decided to run a quick test with the data accumulated in their monthly report. The results show that it's a slow process, but other miscellaneous details are also included so let's jump straight in.

AdDuplex GDR2

It's clear to see with the above chart how the update process is progressing. Just 3 percent of 1,009 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK are installed on Windows Phone 8 hardware running the latest version of the OS - including handsets that ship with the update pre-installed (Lumia 925, Lumia 625, Lumia 1020 and possibly the Samsung ATIV S Neo). Microsoft has some way to go but it's early days in the month of August.

Have you had the GDR2 update on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments along with which device you own.


Don't support 512MB RAM? Your loss.

AdDuplex RAM

This is certainly an interesting piece of information for developers to take note of. The above chart shows there being more 512MB hardware than devices sporting 1GB of RAM. If you're not supporting the former amount, or don't intend to do so when launching an app, you could well be losing out on more than 50 market of the above market (obviously this does not represent the entire ecosystem).


Nokia Lumia 520 continuing to steamroll

AdDuplex France

The Lumia 520 is a special Windows Phone. It has been able to grow fairly rapidly in multiple markets, as was covered in previous AdDuplex reports. We can see in the above chart the handset overtaking the HTC 8S as the most popular device in France, but also effectively doubling its lead at the same time within a two-month period.


India warming to Nokia's Lumia 720

AdDuplex India

India has been covered numerous times due to the incredible growth of the Lumia 520. The most affordable Lumia Windows Phone isn't the only handset highlighted as the Lumia 720 has taken second place with 14 percent, surpassing the Lumia 620. The device was on just 12 percent last month and the surge has been pinned on the larger display (4.3-inches).

There's speculation the Lumia 625 with its 4.7-inch display should do well in this market when available. To finish off this report, here are some interesting codenames that were spotted:

  • Nokia RM-955 – Covered in the June report, this device is appearing more times, possibly hinting at an impending release. To reiterate this is something of higher end variety (with WXGA screen) and most of the hits are coming from China, so it could end up being a regional variant of the 92x or 1020.
  • Nokia RM-937 – Sports a ScaleFactor of 150. High-end Nokia handsets so far have WXGA screens (ScaleFactor of 160) and Samsung and HTC use 720p screens (SF 150). AdDuplex notes this ScaleFactor of 150 probably make sense on a 1080p device with a larger screen. Possibly the highly anticipated phablet? It’s running WP version 8.0.10492.
  • Nokia RM-927 – Same as the RM-937 but running on the Verizon network.
  • Nokia RM-940 – And again, ScaleFactor of 150, but running on AT&T.
  • Samsung SGH-I187 – Brace yourselves. It's something new from Samsung. ScaleFactor of 150. Running on AT&T. Could be just a version of ATIV S for AT&T, but could well be something more than that.

Be sure to check out the full report over on AdDuplex when published tomorrow.


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Latest Windows Phone data shows slow GDR2 release, possible 'phablet' and more



Got amber yesterday. Verizon L928. Love Glance. Colors appear to be more crisp. Love the new camera apps as well. Seems like scrolling is not as fluent now... Will reboot and see what happens.

T-Mobile 810, got it yesterday, no problems. Cleared storage in anticipation of update. I had 1.87gb available at start of update.

Wtf at&t. I'm still waiting on this shit. I seriously dislike at&t. Can't wait for my contract to be over

I still have no frikin idea why the unlocked developer 920 isn't the first to get this update! Its not even locked to a carrier. What's up Nokia?

Because it isn't ready? Especially if devs don't get it... Obviously means it ain't ready. Want an unfinished update? No you'd be pissed and wondering why they didn't wait. Chill

Is it possible to end up with Amber but not GDR2? my 521 now says it is a Lumia Amber but the update size was also only ~250mb

Nokia Phablet please! 5.5" or large would be awesome with a 1080p display. If they get something like that then im definitelty taking advantadge of verizon edge

I guess I will leave AT&T after all. my 4 lines are up for renewal next week, but I doubt that this renewal will happen. Just too much money for too little service...

unbranded 920 in melbourne australia still no update saturday morning guess it wont be long now 

Early days ?? .. It's already 2nd half .. You guys seem to try twisting reality very often .. Come on! ;-)

GDR2 came in on my Samsung ATIV S a few days ago from O2 in the UK. I still believe this is the best Windows phone on the market. Superb device and highly productive.

@martinwtaylor , what changes did u see after updating... i have an ATIV S, updated it. nothing changed, everything is same as before

Nothing at all, Fahad, I believe GDR2 may have some bug fixes but all the enhancements are for devices like the latest Nokias with hi-res cameras and other devices not yet launched.

Got the GDR2 on my L920. It's all great but when swiping it's not as smooth as before. And the Pro Cam crashes when I take a picture while zoomed in. Anyone else having these issues?

If  720p phones are using ScaleFactor of 150 like 
"Samsung and HTC use 720p screens (SF 150) "
Why would people guess the  new RM937 will have 1080p for same SF 150?

i updated my Samsung ATIV S (unlocked) earlier this month... but noticed no change in Firmware still the same... no data sense... no FM Radio.... not even "other storage" issue resolved, just dont know where that update went.... any one help please 

When is lumia 820 in India going to get the update?? is too slow at releasing d updates..its approved still takng time to release it

I'm on Tmobile usa and I'm installing the update as we speak. Go Tmo! Lumia 521
By the way, the update is already about 1 hour in, still looks like it has a long way to go in the installation process. Major internal overhaul? I hope they solve the "Other" memory storage issue, which has alreaday taken 3 gb on my 8gb device lol. wtf.

After the 1st hasn't move ahead..when is the update for other phone coming up??..its just showing coming soon for lumia 820 india

Sooooooooo fucking slow! Why the fuck can't they release it worldwide simultaneously?

Brag so much on ads but take forever to release a MINOR update. Spend more time speeding up the updates and fuck off with the ads