Tile Me! gets coveted GIF animation feature for social network sharing

Tile Me! animated GIF

We’ve covered Tile Me! a few times in the last few weeks as the simple idea as transformed into a more feature rich application. For those who aren’t familiar, Tile Me! allows the creation of a JPG or PNG image that replicates the Me Tile on Windows Phone. The idea is to then use that image for your profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to give your photo a little Windows Phone flare.

Now, the $0.99 version of the app has another notch under its belt: GIF animation. Quite a few people wanted a non-static Windows Phone image and now with version 2.5 on the Store, users can generate an in-motion photo of themselves, replicating their Me Tile. While GIF support for profile images is limited to certain networks, for posting to blogs and forums, the animated version adds a neat twist to the application.

Other features of the $0.99 version include high resolution output (1000x1000 pixels), PNG format support and SkyDrive integration, while the free version shoots out a basic JPEG image along with custom text.

Tile Me! is a clever app and useful for showing your Windows Phone support. The $0.99 version is a drop in the bucket for what has turned out to be a surprisingly feature rich idea and we encourage you to download either option.

You can pick up Tile Me! Free here and the paid, version 2.5 with GIF and PNG support of Tile Me! here.

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Tile Me! gets coveted GIF animation feature for social network sharing


Twitter did a while ago, but unfortunately they removed that feature. But you can still use the GIF animations on other places (your blog/website for example).

I will try to submit an update asap so you can create lower quality gifs (less than 700kb) which can be uploaded on Twitter with this trick.

Hello everyone. Thanks for the feature Daniel. I am the developer of the app. If you have any questions or suggestions just drop a comment here. Note: The GIF support is currently available on the WP8 version only. I am still working on the WP7 GIF support.

I am not sure. I only use Facebook and Twitter (which recently removed gif animations :( ). I only added this feature because it was the second most requested one.

High Resolution?
If it doesn't support the Full versions 34/38 Mpx of the Lumia 1020 (and the panoramas)
then it's NOT "high" resolution
Otherwise ok

Bought it straight away now the developer has spent the time to implement GIF animations, that's going to have been a lot of work well worth the money :)

I previously judged this app as "an inutility" (because it didn't allow you to do anything more you can do in a minute with paint), but now with the animated gif it makes sense.
Nice one!

Keep up the great work ErtaySh :) and i've bought it, liking the GIF add on shame its been removed from facebook and twitter.. can't wait to use it on WLM :)

Keep up the great work! I admittedly haven't bought or tried it yet (just saw it as a cool fan-made app), but with some of these features you're adding I'm starting to have second thoughts and may just have to buy it!

A workaround for Twitter has been mentioned.  How about Facebook?  Any way to make a .gif tile animate on Facebook?

I hate how the image renders white on red. When uploaded to Facebook, it looks even more crappy, due to FB themselves. Any help here?

Did you manage to solve it? If not follow these steps:
1. If your GIF is larger than 700kb, go to www.gifreducer.com and reduce the size of the gif to less than 700kb.
2. Go to www.twitter.com/welcome/profile and upload your GIF there and then click Done. (it only works if you upload your image from that url)
3. Wait 1-2 min and it should be updated on your profile. If it is not, do the 2nd step again.

Just bought it. Probably never use it but will gladly support developers who build apps and actually take the time to listen and respond to their audience.

I really want my animated tile to work with twitter. It crashes Twitter in almost every browser (Firefox seems to work) but the gif is static :( Please help

I know this is off topic..but my me tile doesn't update..as in..it doesn't show the image that i have set on my hotmail and fb acc..instead it keeps showing an older image..that once was my display picture..can anybody help me with this.?? How do i get it to show the current image..??

Sir it's Trick, Still Working Until now?

cause i try and not Working again.

Please Anybody whos still Work Help me