Nokia's "Bandit" 6-inch phablet will reportedly debut by the end of the year

Nokia "Bandit" 6-inch phablet being tested by AT&T

The Verge is reporting that sources have told them that Nokia will be releasing a phone with a 6-inch screen by the end of the year. The device, which is currently being tested by AT&T under the moniker "Bandit," will be the first Windows Phone-powered phablet, a device that bridges the gap between a phone and a tablet. Back in July, we saw a leaked photo of a 6-inch digitizer for such a device, so this isn't completely shocking, but some more details have been revealed.

According to the report, the "Bandit" will sport 1080p resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and at least a 20 mega-pixel rear camera. The body of the device will allegedly have a hump on the back, like the Lumia 1020, to make room for the high-end camera.

Microsoft has added new features to Windows Phone 8, to be found in the GDR 3 update, that are specifically made to accommodate devices with 1080p resolution. There will be an extra column of tiles on the start screen, a rotation lock for screen orientation, and a driving mode feature.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to a Windows Phone 8 phablet?

Source: The Verge


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Nokia "Bandit" 6-inch phablet being tested by AT&T



I don't need that much on a mobile device. But there's nothing wrong with giving others such option.

I'll be happy when expansion slots are standard and I don't have to worry about asinine storage limits. I will drop Windows Phone before I purchase another flagship model without expandable storage.

Yes❕ I would be very pleased with 128gb of storage... Although I'm sure 64gb would finally be enough... My 920 only has 5gb of storage left, and I could probably add another 10gb if I had the room... Everyone's needs are different, and streaming content isn't as reliable, fast, or instant as having it on your device.. Plus, with limited data plans streaming just is not practical.. The cloud is good for pictures, and video's, but if you are the one who can rack up 20gb of music, and who wants to have a few 1gb games then 32gb isn't nearly enough... A modern high end smartphone should have at least 32gb of storage with more storage options available for those who don't mind paying the extra money for it... What's wrong with that❔

I'll be more pleased when they add removable storage to their high end ranged. Then they can created all the 16 and 32 GB phones they want.

I agree but 6 inch is above the sweet spot in my opinion...don't think it fits my pockets...
So I hope for a high end device around the 4.8 / 5 inch

My 7" Android tabs have always fit in at least my back pocket perfectly. So, 6" sounds spot on IMO.

what kind of pockets are these? I can't imagine going any bigger than the 925 - definitely a sweet spot right there in terms of being able to hold a phone

haha... those are huge pockets now how would one hold it and use it as a phone when a)your bluetooth headset dies and b)your handsfree kit's internal wire is shot pieces lol c)the conversation is private and loud speaker is not an option.... One of my cousins was using the note (held against her head) while she was on the phone (she had her hair over the device), my initial reaction was what the hell happened to you! when I walked into the room lol.

I do admit that they look a little silly when talking with them like a "normal" phone. But I hardly if ever talk on my phone using it's microphone and speaker anyways. I'm almost always either using a bluetooth hands free speaker in the car, speaker phone when in private, or my mic'd headphones. Honestly, I hate holding a phone to my ear no matter what size it is. Even on my work phone I use a headset because I can't stand holding onto the handset.

@Mike Rowestoft. Agree just took my Titan out of the box and still love it, even thought i have the 920.

I am still using my Titan with 7.8.  I just refused to go down in screen size.  I was hoping for something in the 5.5" range, but I'm cool with a 6" screen.  I will definitely get me one of these Bandits.

When diagnoal size of a device increase, they should afford making it thinner because they can spread all components freely, unless they need room for a bigger battery of course.

I actually think 32GB is enough, but I would like to see them allow SD cards for people that need to expand beyond 32GB.  Fact of the matter is, most users will never use more than 32GB, and Nokia needs to keep the devices cost competitive.  Part of keeping costs down is limiting the number of SKU's since each SKU requires extra costs in manufacturing, stocking, and handeling.  Maybe they could provide 64/128GB SKU's as online only options and a cheap way to grab headlines.

The grand scheme of everything is that a SD card slot to expand memory isn't that costly. If a customer is already spending on a high end device I don't think they would mind 5 dollars more lol. (or whatever the cost) I for one wish my 920 had a slot as my 32gb is pretty much full. An no its not from music.

I might not have written my post clearly.  I'm for putting in SD card slots, since like you say, they are relatively cheap to implement.  I'm against 64/128GB internal memory configuration because of the cost implications I mentioned.

yes, also microsd card slot. Also have the ability to play videos purchased from Microsoft's

Waiting for it... Not a huge fan of phablets, but this one looks great. Till there, still considering an upgrade of my 930 with a 1020.

Internet: The only place where a typo can generate a lot of spam.

inb4: 920, it was a typo: the 2 - look at that! - is, I shit you not, RIGHT BESIDE the 3!

I'm sure it will look great, it's Nokia after all, but to say it looks great already when all we can see is the supposed screen is calling it a bit early.
Really can't decide myself if I want to go this big on a phone.

Release it on all US carriers.. that would be end of it and stagger the releases if needed to replenish stocks.

what is wrong with you.. go to and keep checking.. it is under test or coming soon.. it is not like you are a priority.. that they should stop all the work and address your concern.. They need to increase their volumn.. If you cannot wait.. go get a HTC handset where you can be sure it will not get anything from the basic stuff from MS and also late.

Certainly interesting to see these new devices from the point of view of when it's time to upgrade.

That's what she said. Saying that, I can't help but laugh when I see people with phablets up to their ear. Not for me.

4.5 is the sweet spot for me, I can use my L920 with one hand, type with one hand as well since its pretty light and slim. I'm not being sarcastic lol, even my 4 year old nephews and nieces have no issues playing games via kids corner.

well thats true but you should see the looks I get from the ladies when I pull it out my pants, eye bulging wow.

I'm interested in this, maybe not as a phone necessarily, but as a travel accessory for short trips, it could displace my laptop...

I hope the camera is an updated version of the 41MP cam, and I agree we need at least 64 GB on the device. It can be 32 with a MicroSD slot or 64 without, but I'm constantly hitting the storage wall on my 920, and I don't even use XBox Video (which I would like to some day) or podcasts anymore.  Yes I use Spotify, Nokia Music and XBox Music, but I really need more space as I take alot of pictures and videos of my family.  We just need more capacity.

Why not on Verizon? What is with the exclusives sigh. Love the idea of this phablet. So now we know Microsoft did not have 1080p support in wp8. Glad to see Microsoft is slowly getting their act together.

I'm sure Verizon was told of this device when they were offered the 928, but as with the first batch of wp7devices, they decided to hold off on the higher end devices.

No longer a fan of these exclusives on att, the US is their smallest market with the most biased reps, worst carrier partner and a consumer base totally immersed in apple and google. Why not launch in European countries where they actually have significant market share? When you announce quarterly sales numbers of only 500,000 after all they hype and promotion its time to rethink this att exclusivity bs.

Not a fan of exclusives, but Nokia has to continue getting revenue to recover and apparently, ATT is the only one offering cash while others use low market share to hold Nokia over a barrell like Apple does carriers

Ehem... every device that launched as an a&t 'exclusive' in the U.S. was available world wide. The term at&t exclusive means nothing outside the U.S.

The real exclusives are the L928 and the L51. Both were developed specifically for U.S. carriers only, but they are also just variants of existing devices.

I agree but Nokia isn't in the position to make any rules. Nor does it have clout when it comes to the US market. People are finally finding about the Lumia brand or as they like to say "Lumina" ¬_¬

A Phablet with Windows Phone is pretty close to an RT. It should have lots of memory and a full Office Suite so it will become a serious tool for Road Warriers and Gamers alike.

Once the metro versions of Word, PPoint, OneNote & Excel are ready, I don't see too much difficulty in having them on big-screen Windows Phone as well.

let me kick you back into reality, the Metro versions will be not on par with RT/W8 Office and will be Free to download from the Store, Metro versions of the Office Apps could be feature rich in like 2-4 years, but not sooner.

I've been saying since RT launched, they should enable cell calls on it and use RT for phanlets.

Engagdet reported that windows phone is getting Xbox video before end of the year. Take that as you will....

I'm with you on this. An enlarged 925 would be the way to go. If its going to be that big of screen it at least needs to be thin as possible. 925 feels awesome in hand.

Wow I hope T-Mobile gets a variant of this Masterpiece. Please let it be available with a minimum of 64GB.

AT&T devices work on T-Mobile network if the phone is unlocked. The problem is that, depending on your location, you can only get Edge on T-Mobile. There will be people selling unlocking codes for this phablet within a week of release.

NO THANKS!!!!! I'll never use a att phone again on T-Mobile unless it's Pentaband. Plus it takes forever to get unlock codes for att phones. Rogers 920 came pentaband and unlocked. I think there was at least a 6 month wait for att.

It took about a week for unlocking codes for the 520 to be sold online. So I don't know what you mean. But I agree that buying a device already unlocked from Canada/Europe is a better option.

AT&T is already giving out unlock codes for the 1020 so getting the phone unlocked shouldn't be an issue. At least where i live and i know everywhere else T-mobile is launching their LTE, they're using the same frequencies as AT&T (my mom gets LTE on my old Lumia 900 in Boston on T-mo's network). I might be purchasing one of these from the MS store (too bad I just got a 925 after my 8X broke) and throwing assure on it because T-mo insurance wouldn't cover an AT&T phone.

You should wait for the Rogers 1020. It'll probably be Pentaband like the 920. That way you'll get all T-Mobile frequencies. You'll have alot better coverage that just their LTE areas.

Same here.  I messed around with the 1020 and it's nice but not different enough from my 920 to make it worth it, especially when you know the 1080p phones are coming.  I don't take too many photos so this to me would be a side-grade.  I'll hold off for whatever this bigger phone ends up being.

Not interested in such a large screened device personally, but glad they are bringing this out to market!  The Note series currently has a stranglehold on the phablet market.  

If I can afford it & it is as slim as possible, I'm in as with integrated office & SkyDrive ( name), I practically do all of my work from my phone.

No. I think phablets are just stupid. Either produce a smartphone with ergonomic sizes or tablet. Hybrids mas as much sence as trying to cross a cat and a dog.

Also, another hump in the back? On a "phablet"? That ought to be a great idea when one wants to put it down on a flat surface...

Good thing they don't have fools like you in charge. Samsung has proved that millions want phablets. 
I'm excited to buy this phablet. Can finally move off of Android. 

Good for you. Now you can have your dinner laying on a tray instead of your floor!
Meanwhile, phablets keep being ridiculous.

Smartphone sizes go up and down. It's just a fad. However, there are certain limits of normality. "phablets" surpass them.

I honestly can't wait for the next couple of years, when people will be questioning "what was I thinking, carrying that dinner tray around?!"

Read what you just wrote:

Smartphone sizes go up and down. It's just a fad. However, there are certain limits of normality. "phablets" surpass them.

Who wrote the "limits to normality"? You?

Think what you want, I just don't see why you'd rather now allow people to have a phablet. What's it to you, anyways? 

Please point me where in my comment did I said I wanted to prohibit or prevent people from having dinner trays.

Lol!  With Nokia putting so much thought into their designs, aesthetically and ergonomically, I just don't see a 6" phone coming from them.
This is a rumor, though; the real product will probably be closer to 5".

Anything that TheV says is true, doesn't happen. They said that their sources confirmed that instagram will launch with WP8, then they said insta will launch with 1020, then they said it will launch with GDR3, then they said instagram app is already finished, waiting for WP 8.1 launch. TheV is just playing a rumor game. And look at the image closely, its fake. PhotoShop around the edges.

I hope Nokia won't execulde wireless charging from this just like the 1020. Also, please add more storage. 32GB is just not enough. 64 or 128 is better.

I've been waiting for a wp8 phablet. If the specs are right, I'll consider selling my 1020 for this. A lot of things have to be right in order for me to jump ship from the 1020. We shall see.

This sounds like the one I have been waiting for. Hope it comes to Europe at the same time, and gets a minimum of 64gb.
The camera sounds more than adequate. Bring it on, sooner rather than later!

From now on , anything that has to do with AT&T doesn't have my money and support.Stupid they are, I went to buy a 520 and they want me to activate it. That's why I flashed my 920 with the Amber European Rom. They really doesn't help the platform to grow.My local store have the 1020 in the back and with little promotion throughout the store. Those carrier exclusive and attitude from AT&T are going to kill the platform. From now on international phones for me with MVNO or T mobile sims. Really don't care about if it picks LTE or not.

Too big for me, but I'm glad to see devices like this running WP8. It helps to broaden the selection of devices for users.

I really wish they don't create this device, it looks very geeky while all lumias look pretty cool. Doesn't match the level of hip introduce by other lumias. But I think Nokia will focus on Bluetooth accessories alot when it cones to their phablets.

I, for one, don't recall ever seeing the device... If you're talking about the shot in this article, that is of a prototype faceplate.

This is it.... Evolving toward the elimination of multiple electronic devices with a reasonable enjoyment experience.

I also find 6 inch devices to be more masculine. The smaller devices are for the tiny hand dudes, or females.

There's nothing inherently more masculine about larger phones. And nothing less masculine about having smaller hands. This phone won't fit well in the pockets of the most manly men I know. Unless by masculine you meant overweight with XL pants.

"I also find 6 inch devices to be more masculine. The smaller devices are for the tiny hand dudes, or females."
Or perhaps 6 inch devices are great for those trying to overcompensate for that 'little, tiny member'.

Damn, I'm tired of camera humps... It better be 41mp.  The 925 has a camera hump for no reason and it is annoying.

I can just imagine how busy the background task list is going to be with all those live tiles...though add a stylus and update OneNote and you have an AMAZING focus towards students and business users, even if it is huge

Even with large hands reaching all corners on a 6" device might difficult. Some of the larger android devices have keyboards that snap to the right or left so typing isn't bad.

Hmm, mayne time to sell the 920 and start saving. I would love a huge phone, but like many said many times, how much memory and any SD card slot? This might be THE phone.

I won't buy another Windows Phone until I see at least 16gb on-board + 32gb SD card support or 8gb on-board and 32gb card support and be able to install apps/games in SD card:)

This is great news, looking forward to Windows Phone phablets! I know what I want/getting for Christmas!!

I have a phone, I want a (Surface Pro) tablet. Not really feeling the "in between" thing much. But to each his own.
And I really wish people would stop using that word... it's corny.

Might make me change from the 1020. Hopefully they do have a large camera in it. Sounds like a winner!

This is great news! I personally, wouldn't want a phone that big, but I know a lot of friends that love their Notes and would go to Windows Phone if they had bigger ones.

I really am looking forward to this phablet my 4.5 Lumia is too small for me.  However, 6" is "stretching it" (pun intended) for a phablet.   Sometimes I use a Note II for testing at work and I think 5.5" is perfect for one handed use..  (Basketball palmer here)  Beyond that, I will really need to evaluate if I am comfortable with two handed use..

OMG....just bought my 1020. They are going to put me in the poor house trying to keep up with all these cool gotta have one gadgets!

I had the 920 prior to 1020 and it looked like it just came off the showroom floor. I take fanatical care of my Gadgets. Lol

So I have 3 options now:
1- Get the Lumia 1020
2- Wait for the Lumia Bandit
3- Stick with my Lumia 520 and wait for what lies beyond the Bandit !

the verge say that it will have polycarbonate body, but what about the metal phablet case image leaked.......

I won't by RT or iPad or Android. Too small and useless for actual work. Too big to put in pocket. Since I don't use mobile phone too much for calling, I would seriously consider Nokia phablet - small tablet and phone, all in one!

I don't get it.:). Tablets are too small and therefore useless for actual work.   You don't use a mobile phone for calling.  So you want a smaller tablet that is even more useless for you mixed with a phone you will never use?

Windows RT would be the way to go with this device, assuming RT supports cell service. That would be epic. Throw in an HDMI out port and I'll instantly be first in line to pick one up.

Please lord may the battery last longer than this 920...  I would love to have a fully charged phone at 8am and not have to charge it by 5pm. I hope this screen is energy efficient.

Please make a variant for Verizon too.. Verizon edge is going to start on the 25th and dammit I want this! 

You mean too big for you.. That's like saying a 3.6 inch device is to small.. Some people might like the smaller devices... You should be saying that this is cool, and it's great that WP is getting more options to please more people, and be competitive..

I fail to see what the "you get what you pay for" has to do with anything. Regardless of what tier of data you have on AT&T service you pay for you have the same reception. Everywhere I have lived in the US has had shitty service from ATT. Rural Kentucky to obscenely large Florida cities. None of them have been good. ATT isn't worth their cost. That is why they are widely regarded as the worst carrier in the US.