Angry Birds gets bumped to v1.1, gains new levels

Just the other day we pointed out (or were moaning about) how Angry Birds was missing about 105 levels from the v1.0 release. That's due to our port being based on an older release (v1.4.2) whereas the iPhone and Android are on v1.6.1. Basically Rovio is known to frequently update the app on the other platforms, adding new levels and making the financial investment (if there was one) quite lasting--in fact it's one of the reasons people keep playing the darn game.

Good new for us is that v1.1 of Angry Birds is now live and now features 225 levels, up from the previous 135. What that translates to is the addition of Episodes 10 and 11, which were previously locked with a "coming soon" on them. This translates to the "Ham 'em High" or section 5 in the game. In addition, as can be seen by the lead pic, the design of the game has changed a bit too, but nothing that should get anyone upset.

Hey, for $2.99 and after being out for a few weeks, kudos to Rovio/MSG for pushing this update just as many of us were finishing those 135 previous levels. Hopefully we'll continue to see this trend with this game as it progresses.

If you're one of those who haven't bought it yet, you can try it out here in the Marketplace. See our review here. Thanks, Damien H., for the heads up!


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Angry Birds gets bumped to v1.1, gains new levels


Ah yeah I doubted there would be but I figured XBLA started off at 200 then they let DLC push it to 300 max so I'm still crossing my fingers that MS decide to give WP7 DLC achievements haha :D

Not sure about speed, didn't have a problem before though...Trial version = Full version minus license. You download the full version with the trial, when you buy it, it just unlocks it--so they're one and the same.

It gets updated = YesIt receives new playable levels (other then the first twenty or so) = No.Bummer.

Goto Angry birds in the Market, hit the back button, click on the Angry Birds again. This should force a version check.

I didn't see the update in the marketplace. I went to angry birds' page on the marketplace, and there was an "update" button at the page...The scrolling is not that smooth on current version: I was wondering if it was better on this version.