Nokia Lumia 925 strutting one's stuff in latest Enrique Iglesias music video

The Nokia Lumia 925 has been featured in the latest music video from Enrique Iglesias, "Turn The Night Up." The Windows Phone first appears at the 00:18 marker and can be spotted throughout the rather interesting video, including use of the default camera app.

Nokia has been aggressive when it comes to product placement and Lumia marketing in the media. The Man of Steel movie is a perfect example of this. It's positive to see the manufacturer getting its latest flagships included.

If you've not yet tried out the Lumia 925, be sure to check out our full review of the product for more details and our thoughts on whether or not it's worth the investment. So what are you waiting for? Turn the night up - we can't have the night on low now, can we?

Source: YouTube; thanks, Nishy, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 925 strutting one's stuff in latest Enrique Iglesias music video


Waiting for the 925 to come to AT&T this fall... and also waiting to see what else Nokia releases this fall when it's time to renew my contract. :)

+ agree 
What will happen first: Amber update for my 920 or a 925 (or similar) phone being released on at&t?

This is good exposure for WP. In another note though... Que paso con Enrique? He used to have very good songs in Spanish and (early) English but now... Things change man... Its a good beat but that video is on drugs... jejeje

I can't believe I made my ears bleed just to see the phone...lol
Anyway, to spare others the pain, the phone shows up clearly at 2:36 (you clearly see the Nokia logo as well as the Windows one) and then again at 2:44.
This is the first video clip that clearly shows the phone actually. So, good. All they need is to get more artists to use the phones in their music videos and perhaps the idea that "Nokia is out" can go away sooner than expected.

Now excuse me while I'll go cleanse my ears with some Wagner.

You mean like when guys had huge hair and more makeup than woman (and sometimes prettier than them too)?

Lolwut? Are you talking about emo/scene kids? Cause you cant be talking about punk rock or black metal; yeah they wear makeup but those people have nothing pretty about them.

Emo? Punk? Black metal? Uh, no, no, and no. Check out vids from popular hairbands of the late 80s... Poison, Whitesnake, to name a couple.

I recently saw Minnie Driver using a light blue Windows Phone on her episode of Who Do You Think You Are UK. I don't know what model it was.

WOW steady on now windows phones will soon be getting as common as iphones!  i don't want to be common i'd like to stay elite!