Nokia product codenames reveal little in latest leak

Lumia 620 Lead

Evleaks, the Twitter account that has been behind Windows Phone hardware leaks in the past, has now fired out numerous codenames that are reported to be hints at future handsets from Nokia. These codenames include the "Bandit," which is billed as a 6-inch 'phablet'. While this leak doesn't reveal much, it's handy to have them jotted down somewhere for future reference, should further details eventually emerge.

Evleaks Nokia Codenames

Nokia has moved from its original slow renewal period to releasing new hardware every other month. We've only recently witnessed the Lumia 625, Lumia 925, Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020 enter the consumer markets, but already we're seeing hints are devices on the horizon. What will be interesting is how Nokia plans to further offer variation in its product line-up. As well as a 'phablet', could we also see a tablet running Windows 8?It's a possibility.

It's obvious the future will hold more Windows Phone releases (as well as possible Asha products) and we'll expect to see some more details come to light as the year closes. Be sure to keep a watchful eye open for Bandit, Lanai, Orion, Pegasus, Rivendell, Shorty and Siruis.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks); thanks, halamadrid, for the tip!


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Nokia product codenames reveal little in latest leak


C'mon Daniel we know you have info on some of these devices lol tell us your secrets mainly just if one is coming to T-Mobile

They need to put all 7 devices on Verizon, all seven on ATT, all seven on Sprint, and all seven on T-Mobile.. Then do the same thing all around the globe... Would WP market share surpass iOS by 2015 if they did this❔

I have NO idea what you're talking about. I highly doubt anyone but you knows what you're talking about ;P

Bandit - 6" tablet
Lanai - Lumia 10xx series
Orion - Lumia 9xx series
Pegasus - Lumia 8xx series
Rivendell - Lumia 7xx series
Shorty - Lumia 6xx series
Siruis - Lumia 5xx series
No room for a full-size tablet if that's all of them.

Remember that those can be Asha devices as well. That's were Nokia after all gets its money  and sells in tens of millions every quarter.
Some have hinted that Shorty and Sirius to be Asha devices. 

Now let's guess what can we expect this year ? Next in line are Lumia 8xx and 7xx (or 5xx) in September with another additional device introduction at the end of the year (December/January). The Shorty nickname is probably 6xx or 5xx.

id beg to differ.
Siruis, Pegasus, Orion
Bandit, Shorty
Rivendell, Lanai
i predict the constellations will be asha, nicknames will be Lumia, and locations will be Tablets.

Bandit - 6" tablet
Lanai - Lumia 9xx series
Orion - Lumia 8xx series
Pegasus - Lumia 7xx series
Rivendell - Lumia 6xx series
Shorty - Lumia 5xx series
Siruis - Lumia 10xx series
Only because of this "Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sirius

excuse me sir but where i come from we from we pronounce our E's and our R's :D SisTER giRL (undercover brother) :D

it was just a joke man. was making a reference to the undercover brother movie. :( thanks for ruining my fun.

i know its downright funny man. i may have messed up the joke but geez he could have just known what i meant :(.

If they codename an inferior device as "Rivendell", I'm gonna punch someone at Nokia in the face! With a codename like that, it better be the Lumia 930.

Daniel can you give me some kind of personal alert if you ever find that Sprint and Nokia have anything coming? Lol

you aren't the only one waiting on that alert, I really really wish some investifative journalism could go on about the Sprint and Nokia rift 

Hopefully one of those is a thinner lumia. The 920 is great but I would love to see a Lumia with the 920 design that's below 10 mm thickness. Still love the design of my 925 though :)

Sure, but siruis means nothing. You can try to make it "siruiksi", but the meaning disappears there. 

Except it's "SirUIs" and not Sirius (and Sirius could be from Harry Potter since they also took Rivendell from LotR)

maybe shorty going to be a high end targeting people who prefer high end with small screen.
happy to see nokia on wp camp :)

New phone every month, but new hardware when? I mean, how do you know you bought the FLAGSHIP? I like lumia, i have a 800, but i'm waiting for the next generation. 1020 its not for me even if it is the next generation, only by camera. So, any tips on the next generation?

Quick release is fine, especially when in a expanding market (Nokia WP vs. everyone else).
But I wonder if it is down the same path as HTC, who at the time released new phones so quickly, it became confusing for consumers.
It may also inadverdently make some wait for the next grand new thing. 

I just want my Lumia Phablet with,,
1080p, QCore, HDMI I/O, Wireless Charging built in, High MP Camera with OIS, SS touch, IR transmitter, 3500mha battery, 2gb ram, and at least 64gb of internal storage, or 32gb with expandable storage up to 128gb... I can dream... Also, a photovoltaic screen would be a nice innovative feature for Nokia to include.. How about some colored carbon fiber casing's for these things.. Carbon fiber can come in almost any color, and is strong and light weight.. IOW,,, I don't give a dam how much the thing cost, just give it to me already❕

At the pace the updates are rolling out...I'm gonna get the Amber with one of this future devices, if any of them is a worthy upgrade from my 820.The months it takes them to roll out such a minor update is ridiculous...

Can we take votes for what the next one will be called, after these? I vote Bellatrix.
There's already been a Luna (headset), so there's a precedent. :P

RIVENDELL. You have opened the floodgates, I cannot stop myself!

lumia for elves!

lumia with new moss green shell?

lumia with wood? lolz

lumia with sauron's aka NSA's evil all-seeing eye?

maybe they'd get Liv to endorse it

the best reception evar in middle earth

gollum's voice will replace tellme voice. You have message do you wants to reads it or ignorzzzz. my precious

Nokia Orion.
The father of Chuck presents you with this awesome phone.  Instructions below.
1. start the phone and a parade of images flashes by
2. assimilate the intersect data
3. phone for agents?