Xbox One struts its stuff at Microsoft Stores; kept safe behind some Smart Glass

Microsoft has started teasing and showing off the next-generation of video game consoles at its stores across the US. The Xbox One is shown in the above video to be sat comfortably, being fed grapes, behind some Smart Glass (you saw what I just did there, right? I'll show myself out). Not quite ready to be unleashed to consumers until November this year, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the console in all its glory at your local.

As well as the "big black box," Microsoft has also bundled the Kinect sensor and new controller to boot. Unfortunately, should you not reside near a Microsoft Store (or happen to be outside the country), you'll not be able to touch the glass and imagine battling the covenant on another Halo ring. Luckily, there's not that long of a wait to endure until we'll be able to pick the next-gen console up - unless you live in the countries where the console is delayed for 2014.

Source: YouTube, via: The Verge


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Xbox One struts its stuff at Microsoft Stores; kept safe behind some Smart Glass


Here you go, a medal of your accomplishment, this day will forever be known as the day you were first to comment. Good luck with the fame.

Music videos ARE included with Xbox Music pass. They always have been. I use this feature several times a week.
I doubt they will remove this feature with Xbox One.

saw it the other day in my local store @Puerto Rico. It looks sexy and powerfull. Still dont know why people say that it looks like a VCR though....

Because the majority of people who say it looks like a VCR are 13 year olds who have never actually seen a VCR in real life.

I don't know. I'm sure it looks much nicer up close, but in the headline photo, at that distance, it does kinda look like a VCR.

Yep. Sony fanboys are just like that. And i do have a PS3, im just a gamer and if i can afford both of them i'll get them in a heart beat (PS4 & XboxOne) . But right know, XboxOne it is!!

Growing up...  I wish the VCRs I had looked like that ..  heheh...    They started looking a little bit better right before they became DVD.  :)   I DO think it looks like a current-gen DVR though.   Which it kind of is... with all it's TV prowess and Game-DVR abilities.

Saw the Xbox One and the Makerbot 3D printer at the Microsoft Schaumburg Illinois store. They are sweet.

I think this is absolute genius marketing. Those units are most certainly empty shells but just to have one sitting there will bring antisipation.

If you're in the Orlando area, its up in display at the Florida mall ..the associates were nice to let me take pics without the glass surrounding the console ..its does not look like a VCR when you look close (I have a VCR from '97) ..also that controller is DANGEROUSLY light, felt like I was holding nothing ..I put my 920 on 1 hand & the controller on the other, the 920 actually weights more :o

Funny thing a tourist came in & asked the associate "how much for the console" in Portuguese lol

I liked the color scheme, thought most would say it looks boring because of it's shape of a box ..but its attractive. I just made an instagram with 6tag & posted pics of it @thas_wolverine ..check them there

Teasing and showings seems to be necessary. Here (Germany) the Xbox One ist still available for preorder and delivery at first day of release. The first PS4's seem to be sold out already. Delivery date if ordered today: february 2014.
Anybody seen the Xbox in real life already? Does it really look like a vcr? Or is the design better than people say?

I saw it on Sunday, most definitely does not look like a VCR. Best description I can make is it looks like the Xbox 360 slim (sorry, I know that doesn't help much).

I'm sticking with the 360. MS have royally shafted themselves with the backwards and forwards marketing of the xboxone. If they can turn off draconian measures at the flick of a switch, they can turn them on again just as easily. I don't mind paying for gold as I've always had it. It does miff me slightly that the ps4 does get to use online capabilities without paying a subscription.. Ala Netflix and others. My live is up in Nov, so we'll see what other turnarounds MS has done by then to try and shift all its xboxone stock.

No they can't turn them on that easily.
The DRM is gone which was awesome :(.. now you need to buy digital to get the expirence they had in mind for both digital and discs but at least Region lock is gone as well.

Thnx for the sneaky humor Rich. I love when you all can add the little fun touches. Xbox behind some kind of smartglass. ROFL.. Plz more!