Rogers begins rolling out Amber and GDR2 for Nokia Lumia 920 owners

We’re getting reports from users that Nokia and Rogers have thrown the switch on the anticipated Amber and GDR2 OS update for the Lumia 920. Much like other carriers, Rogers was in the process of certifying the release and now it has gone live. Indeed, checking Nokia’s update page we can see Rogers is now listed as “Available”.

Windows Phone 8 OS build 10327 and higher is also known as GDR2 and brings along with it FM radio support, fixes for Xbox Music, Other storage fix and other minor improvements. Amber is the name for Nokia’s accompanying firmware and it allows new camera features, Glance and flip to silence, to name a few new additions.

Users can check for the over-the-air update by heading into their Settings > Phone Update and check for the update there. Thanks, leviathan18 and Tim L., for the heads up


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Rogers begins rolling out Amber and GDR2 for Nokia Lumia 920 owners


For guys using unlock Rogers on Telus using internet sharing.
I updated my unlock rogers phone on telus and sharing internet stoppped working. I manage to get it going by switching to another service using Nokia's access point, then back to telus. You need to download access point if you don't have it. Now my sharing internet works...phew. I had major problem trying to get internet sharing going some time back.

Finally, Amber arrives to my 920 in Malaysia. I have not installed it yet since it requires a wifi connection to start downloading. Need to wait to go to my office to download.Anyway, I am happy it's already arrived to my phone.

I have successfully updated my L920 to GDR2 w/Amber... Phone had appeared to lock up, but a couple of resets and all is good!

Got my Amber love!

Waiting for update.  What's taking forever, I'm worried that I'll never get it.  Rogers unlocked phone on wind.

August 31st, no AT&T amber update. VERY disappointed in AT&T! They could have at least let us know if they will or will not be allowing the update.

Just got the Lumia Amber Update from EE (Orange) on my Lumia 820, and it does have Data Sense; just in case anyone is still concerned about that feature being omitted.
I notice the Nokia website is still showing the EE 820 update as 'Coming Soon'...but, clearly, that is out of date, now.